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  1. Almost there.... That all for today, thanks for watching!
  2. It's good to know, thank you. If I stuck at some building step, i will yeal for help!!
  3. Good after noon fellow modelers, I've made one entry in this GB, but, why only one? So, bravely, as I'am not , I 've decided to start another one Bf109, this time, Zvezda is a producer. Aside from very poor and shallow panel lines, Zvezda's kit si exeptional. Cokpit is almost finish... Thanks for watching!
  4. Hello all, summer heat isn't exactly the right time for model builders. Anyway, i' ve made some progress on this Gustav. Next station, priming... i hope. Cheers...
  5. Hello all, my first entry in any group build on BM. Hope I'm gona make it.. to finish this model.
  6. Thank you, i am glad that you liked. There is a different betwen Eduard and Sh, in Eduard SE there is no resin parts, so fit in the canopy was good. There it is ,no mistery,in the midle ,here is a photo... Ha ha, yes, as I look from that perpective, you are right...
  7. My latest work. Canopy broke, anyway,i left it the way it is. Any suggestions or criticisms are welcome, Thanks for watching.
  8. My latest work, since i usualy do airplanes ,same scale, this is not my "ordinary" job. Every comment and critique is helpful.Thanks for watching.
  9. YES, all big markings except tail are airbrushed, so you are right about that. Thank you all for a kind words.
  10. Great model to build... Thanks for watching.
  11. This project is on hold for some time. But, the answer to your question, it is very difficult to fit everything right , the resin cockpit floor you should grid to the thickness of the micron (when the floor becomes transparent), then you try to thick plastic of nose whel bay (again, till it get almost transparent)... and even than ...it's hard to fit it in nose part of the fuselage. I hope i helped you, because i couldn't help myself.
  12. Well,in this part i didn‚t take any participation,in fact, Eduard did that, in decal productaion and decal design.I didn't research. Now, after i photographed my model ,I did aplied some glue on the front wheel in the right position. Thank you.
  13. My first work in this, New Year, I hope that you like it.
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