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  1. Turns out I had them saved as a bookmark, http://3dhistory.de/wordpress/warship-drawings-warship-blue-prints-warship-plans/french-battleship-drawingsplan-sets-newest-first/french-battle-ship-dunkerque-as-build-1935/
  2. Hi Jeff, I seem to recall stumbling across plans for Dunkerque when I was looking for images of Strasbourg, if I can refund them I'll save them, they were open source, other navies seem very unworried about sharing historic plans unlike the RN that looks it all away and charges the earth for them,
  3. Hi All, I've been a little tardy in updates on the builds of late, partially because life has been distracting and partially because much of what little has been done wouldn't really notice, Partially by way of overall update here is the treaty project in its totallity, thought the odd photo of progress would be a good marker of the passage of time, Graf Spee is 70% done i think, Dunkerque finished of course and Strasbourg catching up, the others well.......time will tell Started getting paint on the uppers though which is making her look better, showing off her shapes and curves, the chosen colour is actually American - its US32, No46 Neutral Outside Grey 1945 from colourcoats. Finding exact shades for French ships is im informed pretty much impossible due to the loss of records but it was described as being a light grey with a slight blue tint sp i think this fits the bill nicely. As will all colourcoats it sprays on very well the only issue being the colour - i find it nearly impossible to work out where I'm exactly spraying with light grey and white! As ever is dries very matt which has both advantages and disadvantages. The deck set included masks so they were used and the rest will stay in place until she has been satin coated etc, i did remember that the bollards were white with a black cap this time. On Dunky i got it the wrong way around, painting white is always a pain though. I was once again to heavy handed woith the bruch paint though and got bleed on the deck near the hangar opening, Hopefully a plane half out will obscure it enough. Painting the decks - Humbrol 123 - its proving a pain and after a good bit of thinking ive realised why. When i did Dunkerque she was brush painted in satins from humbrol, the next result being that if i got a darker deck colour on a bulkhead a quick wipe quickly corrected it, with Strasbourg though the paint is quite matt and being much mich lighter that isn't working. Ultimately its my carelessness and poor planning that has caused the issue so there's going to be a lot of touch up. After A LOT of swearing i got the support columns in place for the two decks, the lower ones are replacements as hobbyboss's didn't fit right, Hopefully more of an update later along with a bit more in her history Ive been reading, the French navy was much busier in the early war than they are given credit for really, Quick question - any one any experience of a spare parts service with hobbyboss, i mangled the etch catapult for her and could do with a replacement, the closest i can find is an IJ catapult which might work but im hoping i could get another from hobbyboss, Thanks for stopping in Sam p.s. the gloire project is on hold due to trumpeter announcing a late war version of the class that would be an awful lot easier to adapt so mulling over that at present,
  4. Bugger, she'd be an easier conversion to Gloire than my Marseillaise, That said Trumpeter would need to look at adjusting the price a bit,
  5. Just doing. Spot of reading around her, they were quite small even for light cruisers, great looking ship though,
  6. I've actually just got my hands on a copy of it via another member of the group, its going to be very helpful I think,
  7. That's brilliant, thanks Richard, appreciate the help, from reading through that sounds very doable but my build is likely a little too far through, without undoing some tricky work on the funnel, nowt for it but I'll just have to buy another and build both of them,
  8. Hi All, As some know I'm part way through building Academys Graf Spee in 1/350. It occured to me that Admiral Scheer and Lutzow get very neglected in this scale but a conversion should surely be possible. I know there are some differences on the hill dimensions but in 1/350 they are negligible. I'm specifically considering adapting to Admiral Scheer post her 1940 refit where she lost the pogoda structure and had a pole mast instead. I may be too far through to now do that but though it's worth looking into. Lutzow would be really different and as I've got the artwox deck on that's certainly not possible. I've a copy of 'Pocket battleships of the Deutschland class' which describes the major changes but gives nothing much in wider detail or any kind of deck/platform plans of Scheer, I'm having difficulty finding any kind of plans or deyailed info on her post refit, So my questions are: 1, Any one know a good place to find further info on Admiral Scheer 2, Have any of you attempted this conversion 3, Even if you've not got references are you aware of any other changes outside of the forward superstructure? Thanks in advance Sam
  9. Be very curious to hear what you think to the medium, she's on my list too but the price and it being a print have held me off hitting purchase so far,
  10. Looking great Jon, Wouldn't it of been a treat to of seen one of these in full flight,
  11. Daft as it soundsnid never realised how odd she'd look hull wise as well,
  12. Those scales would seem an odd choice given trumpeters 1/200+1/700 and Tamiyas 1/700, so one can hope
  13. It does look very much like a nelson class funnel, at a push it could be Warspite but the shape of the superstructure behind has to be Nelson or Rodney, I'll confess I've been checking their Facebook feed ever since
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