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  1. Ive used epoxy on a similar project, worked well, well the epoxy did, the project didn't lol,
  2. some very impressive stuff going on there, I'd agree the funnels are the feature of the, good job yours are looking very good so far,
  3. My condolences on the passing of your dad, hope your finding some solace in the hobby,
  4. Thats disappointing from Pontos, Ive looked at their set for the 1/350 Revel Bismarck as she's in the stash but tis rather pricey, you'd hope for top dollar you'd get top service, meant to say that Arado looks very nice btw,
  5. Love the photo, if my eyes don't deceive me I spy 4 of the Type 45's there at present, talk about eggs in a basket lol
  6. Apologies progress has been very sparing/slow but I've been trying to work out how to go about getting ti done rather than bit here and there when i could do it more quickly if a little bit of coordination came in. So with a view to that i figure get all the little bits built as far as possible to allow 'mass painting t occur - which by brush isnt quick, the replacement barrels for the secondary guns came out well, couldnt have been mor easy to line up at they come with resin mounts. Apologies the photo isn't great, this in turn led to the turrets and I found th
  7. Yes they've been promising Rodney for a while, the LHS in Gloucester has started showing it on their website as coming soon so I don't know if it will finally be appearing but I hold little hope
  8. As they're on the gallery deck Id go with galleries else why call it the gallery deck - but that said the navy seemed to call things whatever they fancied at the time so........
  9. Thanks for the replies both, last question I should have said I'd be using with a brush, any tips tricks with applying it or is it generally idiot proof?
  10. Okay thanks, given how long it takes me to build that shouldn't be a problem lol
  11. Looking very tidy, Which green did you go for with the planes in the end?
  12. Hi all, Quick question, will Windsor and Newton's Galeria Matt varnish be okay over Humbrol enamels ? Thanks
  13. I had the same kit about the same age, a present as well, I made a mash of it and never finished, sold it on eBay a while back as I lack the patience to do what your doing, looks like your on the way to making something that'll be quite a stand out example,
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