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  1. They do look like a very odd way to do the props, almost like they've made them complicated just to up the parts count, some of the printed ones look very impressive,
  2. Funny looking beast really but not without her charms, I may have to try a sub sometime I think. How have you found the zvesda kits? Any reason you don't tend to finish them? I've built their dreadnought and found it generally good apart from a couple of joins on the superstructure,
  3. Outstanding, the weathering looks spot on, just enough, love the additional details you added, She's a handsome ship for sure, cruiser meets cruise liner with the triple funnel, Looking forward to seeing HMS Berwick
  4. I shall follow with interest
  5. Hi all Apologies that there's been no updates of yet, life has been lifey and so time has been limited and with what time I've had I've not really made any substantial progress. The build has become frustrating so I'm gonna put it to one side for a couple more weeks and then come back to it, hopefully a couple of weeks on something different will spark some enthusiasm for this one again, Sam
  6. That's a very kind offer thank you, I'll drop you a direct message, Sam
  7. Hi all, Thanks for replies, handy to know that they were actually all the same beam wise Maurice, iang - four on the go at the same time that's a challenge, interesting idea about the hood hull idea, The problem with all these ideas is they're easy to have but hard to follow through, I'm trying to get hold of the profile warship editions that cover HMS Furious, did find them on evil bay but in Canada and I'm always apprehensive about buying from abroad, Sam
  8. Hi All, As much as I'm currently working on something which life has forced a short stall to of late, it doesn't stop me planning future things. So I've always thought HMS Furious and her half sisters were interesting looking carriers following their conversion. From looking at a lot of photographs and some dimensions I've wondered about using other kits as a base. From the look of the bow profile and comparing dimensions the hull doesn't actually look that dissimilar to HMS Repulse, granted bulges' are different but the dimensions are nearly spot aside the draught. I
  9. So I've managed to make a bit of progress, I've got a few of the major bits painted and have tried a dry fit to see how things line up, there are certainly some issues, bits are crooked that shouldn't be but nothing major really. I did this largely as the deck details are driving me potty. Its interesting that as she takes shape you can clearly see some design ques that carried on into the designs for German ships in the thirties. I've changed tone for the trim line to black and I think it sets things off a lot better even if it may or may not be historically accurate. I'm hoping when I finall
  10. We've all done it, lol, your build looks good, how are you finding the Eduard photo etch?
  11. Very very impressive, makes me want a Tirpitz now though
  12. Well following a week of getting no real time at all I managed to get a bit done, it seems at the moment i am forever just masking bits of deck and painting tiny parts and so cant really see a lot of progress, I'm hoping they all start coming together and it becomes more noticeable. In an effort to have something that I can see is clear progress I got the distinctive red on the rear funnel. I'm going to get hols of some photo etch ladders to run up the side as the plastic detail isn't great and got swallowed by the paint, Hopefully a bit more
  13. I found an artwox deck nowt but a pain, I wish you better luck, that's a lovely red you've mixed up, I shall be following this with curiosity as POW of KGV are on a list of maybe's when I finish my current build,
  14. Yes it did go with a thud, the Germans made em string though, joking aside I think had it of had a clipper style bow it might of done a bit of damage to the point. On a related note, who knew that purgatory came in the form of a warehouse selling Swedish flat pack furniture, best bit was I came away empty handed, still what can you do
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