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  1. That's a really great build of an interesting looking ship
  2. To be fair I'm not the best at explaining things, we're on the same wavelength re the wood deck, having had a think I plan to use a small rectangular bit of sheet to make it look intentional, Hoping to get a bit of paint on the hangars for each of them this weekend, Sam
  3. Little bit on the flight deck, the wooden deck includes a 'tramway' for the the cradle launch system, it does however create an issue as it fits with the kit not the eduard set. You'll see the kit has longer catapults, the wooden deck stops at the same point so I need to suss that one out. Also been a bit dim and stick the tramways on without sorting the remaining plastic part of the catapult out so that will be more fiddly now. Bit of progress on the underside of the forward deck, this was a real faff so beware my mistakes all ye who use the same aftermarket stuff. The fit of the eduard stuff is very good, however as its one sheet folded to make the main plate to which the supports are added its fiddly. When yuo try and apply any pressure to the underside to glue the supports in places, it deforms a little, the square section that goes over the underside of the catapult trays then prevents the middle of the support 'girder' from contacting the plate and so won't stick. I realised this after taking 30 mins to try and do the first six. The last six took five mins as I put a pair of rulers under the upper side of he deck and that prevented any play from occurring. This likely makes no sense but i mention it as it was a pain that didn't need to be a pain and hope to prevent someone else the headache. There's more to go on here yet but this is where its at, Last issue is the davits for the boat decks, they-re one sides and being flat brass are so thin when held in place and viewed anyway other than the front don't look very good, not sure what best to do with them really, maybe just try and use something else but coming up stumps on what. s-boat
  4. Not just me then, IMO academy looks better proportioned than rhe trumpy kit albeit with tradeoffs, Yours is coming along nicely
  5. Jon, how were the seams on the superstructure, I've knocked some of mine up and found several will want bit of attention, wasn't sure if that was my kit or more of a manufacturing issue,
  6. Dmitry, can I just echo the words of others and say thanks for taking the time to upload these, I'd love to visit Russia one day so the museum has just gone on the list of things to visit if in that area, Curious that the modern ships are all green below the waterline, I'll have to remember that when I come to my Udaloy kit, Sam
  7. Very small update, been working on both of them, Taiho's platforms are slowly progressing, I'm waiting on some bits to come in the post to speed it up a bit though. finished off the hanger wells using a bit of l'arsenals perforated beams, so they're ready to prime, One advantage to her is from what I can see everything above the water line was painted the same shade of grey, deck, bulkhead, fitting, all the same so that does simplify things. If that isn't the case please do let me know, Also been finishing off the boat deck on Zeppelin as well just using spare bits from the redundant plastic parts in the kit and spare photoetch, the davits and cable reels will go on post painting so this is essentially ready to prime and paint along with the hangars now. More later hopefully Sam
  8. Couldn't agree more....there's the anatomy book on her, couldn't be easier
  9. Great looking build, photo etch work is very clean and nicely executed, look forward to seeing your type 45 in the future,
  10. Were it Furious they could put me down for one for sure, regardless of price....there's always the spare kidney, That said VFs kits don't seem to hold their value second hand so if I could ne patient....but I doubt I could be,
  11. I shall be following on for sure Jon, as you know I've this one in the cupboard as well but with different etch, she's a while a way on my build list though so i look forward to living vicariously through your build log, Sam
  12. WoW influence would seem likely given Veryfires releases of their Montana class etc as they feature in the game as the 'aspire to/best of best' ships to get
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