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  1. I'd echo beefy, that or spare from other kits, I'm part way through a Dunkerque build on the forum, must say it's gone together pretty easily so far, the one bit that hasn't was the support columns under one deck on the forward superstructure, the kit supplied parts have no leeway at all/are slightly short which was exacerbated when I trimmed them slightly shorter and they of course didn't then fit, aside that she's been great so far, the master barrels are good, they do also do some resin AA guns but I've not decided if I'm brave enough to get them yet,
  2. I shall follow with interest, Zara is in my list of add to the stash to know day build, although I've been banned from any further purchases until I finish something
  3. 150 prices.....chuff me, it's turned out very nicely though,
  4. Nicely done, she's an odd looking ship really but has a charm to her for sure, nicely finished in the seascape,
  5. Very very nicely finished, the sea scape is also really nice,
  6. I did wonder if I was living dangerously, that said I'm getting to a point where flipping the hull over isn't going to be as easy so like most things I was in two minds, it's got two chances so time will tell I guess, I shall pray to the gods of scale middling lol
  7. I do think that props and anchors on makes it feel like you've made progress;
  8. Daft as it sounds I didn't even think of doijg it more than once to darken it, I do wonder about myself at times, Thanks
  9. I must say I do like your whole approach Jeff, - there's not a model of this subject .. no problem I'll just make one - I've a couple of ideas myself but ought to clear some things on the list first ... When I do get around to scratch building bits though I may need to borrow some of that no worries approach, Sam
  10. Thanks Rob, I did a few but wasn't sure, think I'll do the rest, I'm going to have to have another go at pulling out the lines running along the hull, I'm not sure what they were, don't think they were degaussing cables, either way I'd like to get them to stand out more when finished,
  11. I must say that looks quite the kit, they seem to of put a lot of thought into how it will go together and giving the modeller an idea of the inner layout, areas we wouldn't normally see or worry about. That said its an odd way they've out it together at the same time. Your build is looking like its off to a good start, Also do I spy ICM's Markgraf in the background?
  12. That crane is looking just a little bit fantastic!
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