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  1. great first ship build, well done hope to see many more
  2. well done, great job on a old kit, looking forward to seeing your dreadnought build
  3. really looking good mate tempted to ask to ask santa for one
  4. also got this one in my stash. keep getting it out to start it then changing my mind so will watch this build with interest
  5. hi mate coming along nicely must have a patience of a saint with all that photo-etch as for deck colour look on sovereign hobbies site, its in colourcoats sea m13 russian deck red they also do the russian surface grey colours too hope this helps
  6. hi you have made a old kit look fantastic great job
  7. hi always fancied building one of these, so looking forward to following this build as for decks, always found it easier to paint it first then start attaching deck fittings
  8. hi

    always fancied building one these, so look forward to following this build,

    as for decks i'v always found it easier to paint the decks first, as its a bit cramped 

    painting round all the deck fittings later on

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