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  1. heloman1

    DWI Wellington Airfix 1/72

    Congratulations Ali, great finish, I like the camo fade/blend very realistic. Colin
  2. Hi Massimo, good news you found the ROTORcraft fus plug, what a silly price!!! I you would like to save some cash, cut the fuselage aft of the cabin windows on the panel line and then at the joint of the tail cone. The dimension is 21 mm but should be 27mm. When i made the master, I made up a block of styrene sheet using 1 and 2mm sheet laminated to get 27mm then attahached the fus and tailcone to the black and then say and carved away until I got back to both halves. the bottom of the fus and tailcone are flat so easy to line up. I think you may have cut too larger hole for the cabin door window but then again? Any other help you need with the Wessex, just shout. I used to work on them, long ago... Colin
  3. Good to hear Crisp, anything to show us yet? Colin
  4. Buccaneer is looking good Massimo. Don't forget the ROTORCraft fuselage plug for the Wessx, otherwise it's going to look horribly short, 6mm or seventeen inches. Far too much to let slide, when you have done so much to all the other aircraft in your mega build. Colin
  5. heloman1

    Clearing the "Shelf of Doom"

    Keep at it wally, the Dove is a lovelty subject. I'm sure you can turn it into a thing of beautly... Colin
  6. Hi Chris, Shame Mark can't/won't come to the party. the billing had the promise of a great double build. I know he has the skill , I've seen it in his bike build here on BM. Pity re the PC 10 decals, I don't know them but I'm sure the idea to use them is/was justified. Shame on you Mark, if you happen to read this. Colin
  7. So Chris, party time over the festive season? Has your mate been arrested and is not allowed sharp instruments, model paints or camera/phone to plot his progress? Colin
  8. Also underwhelmed, a Buccaneer! Not a chopper to be seen, shame. Colin
  9. heloman1

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Nice work with the vortex generators, very fiddly! Personally, I would have used K&S (or similar) brass shimstock. Nice and this and sturdy. Colin
  10. heloman1

    1/72 Italeri Wessex HAR2

    Looking good Andy, good to see you have the to IMO the most useful Wessex references. Colin
  11. Great looking finish Tony, great progress too. Colin
  12. heloman1

    1/72 Sea Venom FAW. 21 CMR

    Great build Justin. Colin
  13. heloman1

    1/72 Italeri Wessex HAR2

    Hi Andy, just found your build thread, I'm in, Glad to hear you will be using the ROTORcraft fus insert, it wil make all the difference to the look. When Freightdog took over some of the masters, I was promised a few plugs, nothing yet. I may just make my own! I do like the towing arm, just the ticket. Colin
  14. heloman1

    Sea Harrier FRS1, Kinetic 1/48

    I was looking at these images on my phone, now I have found your build thread I see see your build a lot better. Great progress, you got me hooked. Colin