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  1. I understand what you are saying but I'd have rather seen a popular subject that has not yet been kitted or an old one no longer available. A Westland Scout/Wasp. Sikorsky S-62, S-55... Colin
  2. I didn't know about this helo, it wasn't mentioned in my go to reference. I found it via Google and like the above, I don't see much scope in sales. At the equivalent of nearly fifty UK Pounds. I'll look elsewhere! Surely this manufacturer could have found a far more popular subject? Colin
  3. Oh dear, what a mess you have had to start out with. However, I'm sure you are going to make the best of it. Colin
  4. A Wessex, a Whirlwind for my Wessex... Unless it's another Whirlwind! Colin
  5. Stop it, you're making me hungry and I've just had breakfast... Colin
  6. Wow Bill, what a selection of resin, looks nice enough to eat. Oooopps, that's the popcorn. I'm in in do like navy patrol bombers. Colin
  7. Once I've re-formed the canopy glazing and masked all the clear parts I'll be getting some paint on her. Dark Gull Grey with black codes etc. Not much colour on this one. Then find the unit logo for a suitable base. Thanks for looking in. Colin
  8. Excellent work, congratulations... Colin
  9. Ok, another helo build and one kit I've been wanting to build for some time. The challenge was offered a couple of years ago at IPMS Cape Peninsula Nationals. The build was due to be presented at the Nationals this year in George, Western Cape. Well, due to the current state with the virus, that was cancelled. So now the challenge has gone online. The Gallery kit is a little gem, well detailed even down to the engine. The box art... Sorry no sprue shots, I's started the build without taking any. I'm sure they are available elsewhere. So, progress so far,
  10. Well, little progress over the last few weeks, other builds getting in the way! I've buttoned up the fuselage but forgot to paint the back of the crew seat webbing in the cabin. So, I'll have to do that through the gunners window. The doghouse is not primes and ready for installation. I added some more detail to the drop /auxiliary fuel tanks. I should have installed the chin glazing before closing trhe fus, but forgot. I've carved off the locating tabs and will push it in form the outside. I've finished reshaping the rotorblade flaps and added some detail to the roots and the M
  11. Good news, why stick to a plan when you can make it up. Just like saying, never do today, that which you can safely put off until tomorrow! I'm not a big fan of epoxy, we used to get Aradite here but now only get the local Pratley stuff. It never seems to quite harden 100%! There two part putty is quite good and has rapid set time. Another product we can get is Epidermix again a two part epoxy good for making small moulds but takes an age to set! I'm quite sure you are going to make an excellent job of it. Colin
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