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  1. Ooops, sorry I came a little late to the party. I'm sure a green Houchin would have been around. Being a grubber, it was a piece of wizzadry to me...
  2. It's an easy mistake and you weren't the first. The two blade on the port side re rolled over before they are folded. This allow the leading edge of each blade to sit in the packets. A daily occurrence for me for over three years. Colin
  3. Would my Bell Huey STGB not have stood a chance to get on the calendar? Just curious. Colin
  4. Excellent build and result. For me and purely a personal thought, the red doesn't 'pop' enough, it should be bright red/orange. Then, if you can, please reverse the main rotorblades on the port side. You have the trailing edges sitting in the support pockets, where it should be the leading edge. Sorry, I'm an ex Wessex grubber. Thanks for sharing your build. Colin the Wessex nut PS. I have added these comments purely as an aid to anyone else building a Wessex.
  5. Stunning build and end result, be justifiably proud. Congratulations. Colin Ex Gannet grubber.
  6. I think I might like to stick my oar in the water with this GB. I think I have an untouched Wessex or maybe a Gannet that could both be dressed with ancient Model decals. Colin The Wessex nut.
  7. Good find and a neat rescue. Only scheme for a Brit Phantom is EDSG and White... I'm not sure about the green Houchin (?), I only ever saw yellow but then I was a grubber not a greenie! Then it does say RAF on the instruction sheet. Colin
  8. Sounds good Martin. I'm thinking, I need to make a start on getting to grips with soldering. I need the seat frame for a Wessex HAS MK3! If those people across the pond call it soddering, do they send sodders to war? Colin
  9. Excellent detail work going on here. Regarding glaring gaps in type releases, we still don't have a good S-55/H-19/Westland Whirlwind. The very old Revell '50's release is really not up to it. I hear a rumour there is one from AMP (?) in Europe due maybe this year. Having built their Bristol Sycamore, I'll reserve my judgement! Then look at Kitty Hawk with their Kaman SH-2F Seasprite, it can't be built as an accurate version! Colin
  10. The lifeboat, is a little work of art all on it's own. I'm sure you were cross eyed... Good luck with you next vac-forming adventure. Colin
  11. Poor show from Airfix on the engine cover. The vent covers on top really should have been separate parts. When I made the engine cover for the SA Navy Super Lynx (Scaleworx) I did as good as I could. So much so that Lynx 7 (long time gone AWOL) who was making Wildcat masters I gave him the engine cover. If you don't like rivets, don't look at the Revell 32nd scale Lynx kit it is devoid of any. I think I used four sheets and I modelled it with the engine covers off! Colin
  12. Hi Mike, no, it's a good think helicopters are skinned from the aft forwards, no but jointed plating ( not all). It allows for the skin plates to be riveted on the frames, adding strength. The HAS Mk7 and HAR Mk9's are going to be the hardest to accomplish. The cabin floor was raised 4 inches to regain fuel capacity after the torpedo bay was added. Then the droop of the tail boom, something happened to the fillet piece, something I haven/t been able to fathom so far.! The Warpaint and SAM drawings will help you best here. I have a large Whirlwind reference collection, so if you need, please don't hesitate to ask. Considering the kit was released in the 1950's and the world wide use of the type, it seems inconceivable that it hasn't been revisited! Colin
  13. Hi Mike, I'm thinking in the early days of Navy Whirlwinds, Trainer Yellow was the only Yellow in used. The brighter Golden Yellow then took over. I'm building an HAR Mk2 for my Wessex family collection and reckon Tamiya TS-47 Chrome Yellow look about right, the Camel Yellow is to Orangy. Are you using the old Revell S-55 kit for your builds? Have you noticed how the panels overlap from the tail going forward. Great detail from Revell. Colin
  14. Looking good, it's somewhere I was wanting to go with my build. Agreed, Yellow is a pig to spray, I need to respray mine with a better undercoat of white. Once I have my current builds out of the way, I think I need to revisit the build. Colin
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