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  1. That is looking rather splendid, I like your tenacity. Colin
  2. Looking good. Good luck with the puppy, my ladies one is just a year old, chews everything in site!!! Pics of my F-35, when I fathom my new photo host. Photobucket doesn'y like me anymore!!! Colin
  3. Hope you are the mend Alan, no modelling must be a driving you barmy!!!
  4. Neat work, it looks like a good kit, I must invest in one. My first 'ride' in a chopper as a young Air Cadet in the UK. Three and a half hours out of Ballykeppy NI. Colin
  5. Congratulations Shellie, stunning result. Colin
  6. Interesting choice of build subject here. I'm liking what you have done so far, I'll be following with interest. I see EXFAAWAFU has posted soem info already, he's the go to Sea King man around here. If you look around there is an 849 cab build of mine where I did an easy little build of the rear cabin seats. Colin
  7. Looking good Dan, I do like your treamant of the cabin floor. Colin
  8. Thanks for your comments I managed to build the Fujimi kit in about three hours! I think it is meant to be a Snap-fit kit aimed at younger modellers! Well I battled with it the closing tabs wouldn't slot together, so I ended up cutting them off and gluing the kit together. I've shut the geat dooors and left the missile bay open. I'll depict it in flight with the 'Sidewinder' at launch. I too will ad red/blue low vis roundes. I like your efforts on masking, don't think I'm going to bother! Colin
  9. Looking good bro, tedium with the rollcage!!! However it has to be correct or as close as you can get it! Colin
  10. Just found your double build, interesting. I built Airifix's Harrier GR 7/8 a while back, (last of the Sea Harriers) what a delight. The F-35 dosen't light my fire, are the zigzag marking after market? I may just finish mine in What if 899 NAS markings! Colin PS. just answered my own question, I have the Fujimi kit!
  11. Comimg together nicely, I do like the vice, very nifty. Colin
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