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  1. Plenty going on there Heather, looks like you are enjoying yourself? The Frogs had some pretty looking planes and a few dragons... Colin
  2. Wow John, looking at that 'Big Lifter, thanks for posting the images. I've a had a yearning to build one for a while. I have an old ESCI Huey which could become the guineypig! Colin
  3. Bill I think we may have to turn you into a rivet counter. I would have never spotted that grilll. Nice to see your progress. Sorry I've been away for a while... Colin
  4. Good man Terry, as an ex Junglie and having served on 845 NAS (1965/66) when we still had Sand and Spinach, I can only agree. Colin
  5. Hi Neil, could you not have shimmed the wing root? Colin
  6. Moses, you are a wizzard (man with pointy hart who can perform miricales). The old Fujimi kit is not the best around but I think you are making the best of it... Colin
  7. Neil, you are a wizzard, sometime you have to show us your pointy hat! Your work is there dogs... Colin
  8. Why is it so many of you guys, work on to of your keyboard!!! Mines is nowhere near my modelling area!!!
  9. Hi Martin, just catching up with you build, excellent work on the hoist/winch. Hope things are looking up for you? Colin
  10. Excellent work Dermot, I have one in my collection form an old modelling freind who passed on a few years back. I still have an ID Models offering somewhere in the stash. I mastered the bucks for it but just never got around to building it. I'll follow your build with interest. Colin
  11. Just catching up with your build Neil, excellent work with the canopy, I do like the astrodome. The bombbay is exquisite. Stick with it... Colin
  12. I like your reasoning behind the build and the way you have tackled it. The flap, intake and exhaust work is excellent. Maybe a toned down Sundowners tail flash? Colin
  13. Excellent work Jonners, I do like a man who is prepared to stick his neck out to build something he wants but is not available. Everything was so boxy in those days. Imagine the excitement when some designed returned from a continental holiday with a set of French curves. No more using pennies, halfpennies and farthings for radii! The shackles of the British aircraft designers new no bounds! STIC... Colin
  14. Looking good Martin, hope you are in better spirits? I'm working on a couple of builds at present, that i'd like to post but have no access to a photo hosting site. So images backing up in my camera. Colin
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