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  1. Hi Bill, I'm doing a Westlands conversion. H-34 kit into the prototype. Hence the panel fills, just got to add the new engine intake to the front. I originally made a conversion, when I started ROTORcraft but used the old Revell kit (what a horror). The Italeri kit is much better but still not perfect! Only able to do more on my return. Colin
  2. heloman1

    Ford Transit Mk.2 LWB Van Conversion

    Looking good Mark, I too was having problems with Photobucket and am also using Postimages, what a dream, so easy to use... Colin
  3. Wow Bill, that's a lot of filling and some serious filling... Colin
  4. Good evening Lee. Would have been good to look at this piece of reference. I've been using the images I can find on the intergoogle. Lots of good images even of the Mk2's. Just a matter of scaling thinkgs/refering to locations within the fuselage. Colin
  5. Ok guys, I managed a little airbrush work last week, the engine platform the cockpit and the main rotorblades. From the kit instrustions, the engine deck appears to be matt black, which seems a little hard to belive, so I'll be doing some dry brushing with silver tints. The MRB's may need some attention to the leading edges with an anti abrasion coating. Ok, as mentioned in the Wessex prototype build thread, I'm out of here until the end of the month. we need some sun to tide us over hte southern winter. So Portugal and Spain until the end of the month. Chat soon Colin
  6. Sorry Crisp, didn't read the post correctly, yes to the grubbers operating the palouste but you know bombheads, they want to play with everyhting and know it all... There was as always a job overlap as the grubbers had the largest workload, the other trades were 'encouraged' to help out. Colin
  7. Deffinitely Brown surcoats for grubber, red with black stripe for bombheads, yellow for chockheads, green for greeies and then there are pinkies!!! Not forgeting the bagers, the ships company crews on the flightdeck, white surcoats with a black strip. They were responsible for getting fuel to the cabs and assisting at the cats. Colin
  8. Ok guys, I'm back hopefully. I've registered with Postimages and got a folder/account. So all being well. here is where I'm at wth the H-34/Wessex prototype... So the bottom two images show the nose with it's blanked off engine cooling air outlets blamked off. I used the PE part for the top (large) piece and the two on the side which overlap the side outlets were covered with masking tape to make patterns and then covered with plasticard. The clamshell doors exhaust port was backed with plasticard and then filled with Tamiya putty (is there nothing better?). The landing light was removed and filled again with plasticar as were the two horizontall intake grill opening. The oil cooler on the fus, underside was also filler. Now, I have to fashion radius rod legs for the undercarriage as the H-34 come with the wide stance A frame u/c. Ok, guys, I'm out of here until the end of the month. My lady and I are off to Spain and Portugal for three weeks on Thursday. MotoGP tickets for the Barcelona GP. The rest, sightseeing and lots of good food and wine... Cheers for now. Colin
  9. I have a couple of the very old Frog Wesssex, in some sort of disassembly/stalled projects. Yes, I still rate it as a good model and Italeri really should have got the dimension of the fuselage correct. Colin
  10. OK guys, once I can get some images posted, I'll show you the direction this build will be taking. As I have a Gallery H-34 kit which is far superior tot he Italeri kit, I'll be building the Italeri kit as the Wessex prototype. XL722 in it's EDSG over Sky scheme. That will give me an added option into what wil become a whole family of Wessex models. Well, that is if I get my head around buildigna crab cab! Suffice it to say, as of this morning, the nose of the Italeri H-34 has been modified to that which XL722 sported. Thanks Martin and Bill for your image hosting input, muchly appreciated. Colin
  11. Think I'll give it a go, who did you go with and can I copy over my PB images? Colin
  12. Is it easy to move my PB images? Many thanks Martin, I was hoping not to have to move! It seems as though I might not be able to avoid it.
  13. Photobucket is still giving me uphill. Yes Bill, still with PB but after three days of no access, I'm getting a little more that peed off!!! Colin
  14. Wow Bill, the palouste looks amazing, congrats. What colour are you using for the fuselage? Should it not be RAF BG? Colin