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  1. Hi Martin, good to see you back on the Cans, hope you continue to improve... Mussy pea curry, sounds like the start of National Diarhea Week, starts Monday, until to Friday!!! Colin
  2. Sorry for the lack of progress on this build. After a trip to Cape Town and a visit to the model railway shop. I came home with two sets of points and some other detail parts. So the week was spent on that. Anyway, as they say, 'normal service will be resumed'. Colin
  3. Sorry for the lack of progress, I haven't abandoned you all or the build. After a trip to Cape Town, my model railway build got in the way last week. Two sets of points (switches) and a platform later. Normal service will resume shortly as they say... Colin
  4. Looks good, but I think you may have the early and not long used fit there. The ref I have is a lot more complicated. Bootneck Mike has sme good images plus I have a Wessex manual illustration but need dimensions. It's not going to be an easy build!!!
  5. Anyway Alan, what I wanted to say before being interrupted by the above, was. Great work with the metal finish and the matching exhausts. Congratulations. Colin
  6. Don't know what you might have started However an understanding based on alcohol consumption would get you very far with a bunch of matelots. Get drunk (p****d) fist fight abut it next then sort t over breakfast. All good mate afterwards... Great inter service banter. Colin
  7. RAF rules, don't make me laugh! When did the crabs think they could write a set of rules for uckers and remember them? Sorry, that's like saying, 'Sarge, did you bring the high tea?' Waffy at best... Colin
  8. Yes Bill but no counters and very devious rules... Somewhat like rugby without a referee...
  9. Hi Crisp, I'm with you on that RAF rules, where are the crabs going to find an Uckers set in a five star hotel. Sorry that isn't going to happen. I need to point out hat it was a Fishhead game long before the Wafus got involved. Long, too long since I played the game but yes I was involved in an 'up board' decision. That aside, we may well have lost a lot of the BM members in Jackspeak. Colin
  10. Hi Bill, sorry to dissapoint but there will only be one Mk2 in the collection. If I do another crab cab, it might be the Royal Flight one. I have the HAS Mk3 to consider after these two. That requires a full interior build, all that sonar gear! I was thinking, just this am, exactly how much shelf/display space the entire build will occupy. Colin
  11. Ooooh, I'm interested, beer and popcorn at the ready... Colin
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