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  1. Being fixated by the Wessex, I don't know how I could have missed it the first time around!!! Colin
  2. Good work gong on hear, I have too many other builds on the go to start my kit! Re the interior, I have a surgeon friend up In Johannesburg, who took me into the operating theatre and used a scope to take photos of mine. I'll see if I can find then. They looked rather realistic. Colin
  3. Net work... The Demon certainly was an odd looking craft! Colin
  4. Degrees C, that lasted through yesterday. Today, we have wet and misty!
  5. I have the Gallery H-34, yes it's 'nice' but no (IMO) better than the Italeri kit. I'm building my fifth Wessex that is, one at present. If memory serves me, the Gallery fuselage is slightly wider than the Italeri Wessex 5 kit. My suggestion would be to spend your time detailing./correcting the Italeri Wessex kit. A couple of years back, there was a Wessex GB here on BM. Have a look there for mine and Hendie's build. There is lots of info there. Colin
  6. Me too, spent many a day fitting and removing them!
  7. Nice choice Mike, I'll follow with interest. Colin PS, Thanks again for the tail wheel break info, invaluable.
  8. Looking good. We've had a late flurry of hot weather, yesterday and again today in the low30's. Nice! Colin
  9. A very neat build, congratulations. Colin
  10. This looks a nice little kit, I wasn't aware of them. I'll be watching... Colin
  11. Hi, I think, I'm getting bogged down in the detail additions and corrections, Better pull finger before I run out of time!!! Anyway, I've buttoned up the fuselage halves, I forgot to add the transmission platform/cabin roof part, so had to split the upper fus, joint and pry it apart to get it in!!! So, here is where I'm at... I'm working in the cockpit at present and reworked the crew seats, unfortunately the image was blurred, so until next time... Colin
  12. OK, I used the tailwheel as a start point to make some drawings/sketches as there aren't any real drawing just what Mike has given. I've cut some parts in thin plastic-card which I feel may be a tad flimsy. I may have to resort to thin brass sheet! I need to take update images but that may only be tomorrow. Coli
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