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  1. Hello fellow helo modellers. I haven't abandoned this build, it just found it's way back onto the Shelf of Doom! Yesterday, I shot some correct colour on it. I had originally painted OD, then found ref to Dark Gull Grey. That done, this morning it has had a coat of Future. Images to follow... Colin
  2. I understand entirely, no point in bashing your head against the wall. It is after all a hobby and to be enjoyed. Yes re the Bf 109. Colin
  3. I was just about to write, nice save an the paintwork and then saw your last post. OUCH!!! If I may and you haven't totally abandoned the build. I think you may have missed something re the panel lines, I think and I'm open to correction, that the skin panels met on the top and bottom of the fuselage, so there should be a join line. I do hope the kit hasn't beaten you? Colin
  4. Wow Tony, a great result with the tail pylon print. My gast is well and truly flabbered! Colin
  5. Wow, Reini that was a speedy build! I like it a lot, got to be my favourite WWII fighter aircraft. Congratulations. Colin
  6. Regarding your paper mask for the armour panels. Have you thought of using masking tape instead of paper to arrive at a pattern. Laid directly into the model, it should give you a more accurate design. Or try copying the instruction drawings side view and then scale it to fit the model. Just my thoughts. Colin
  7. Hi David, good luck with whatever turns up. I've enjoyed your build so far. I'm sure you will return to it in due course. Colin
  8. Another of Alan's masterclass builds. I've only just found the build and chomped my way through all four pages. I do like the door cards and of course the engine with the return spring on the carb (did you spot that Mark?). The 3D printer has been busy. I have two van/bus models, a T2 from Hasegawa I've been turning into a hot rod, chopped roof etc. Also a T3 into a Luftwaffe runabout. As an aside. I fondly remember my T3, which only had 40k on the clock when I purchased her an 1/4m k when I sold her, all for the cost of a clutch ( normal expenses) a fuel pump, cheap Italian piece. The front breaks wee the best at 183k I had ground the pads to the disks and the squeal was getting a little too loud, so yes, I replaced them. A great vehicle. Popcorn already half finished... Colin
  9. An interesting subject, a friend of mine in Johannesburg quite a few years ago, produced a kit in1/48th. It may have been under the I&E label or TC Models. At the time, I had a little interest in the subject or would have picked up a copy. Thanks for starting this post/thread/build. I'll follow with interest. Colin
  10. Hi, I saw that but it is currently out of stock at Hannant's. Many thanks, I think I may need it unless I can find seem very fine fishing trace wire.
  11. I'm liking the level of detail you have gone to, very convincing. Just my thoughts, just place the aircraft slightly off line, it might just look more realistic. Colin
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