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  1. Wow Tom, it's huge but looking very good indeed. Please thank your daughter for offering to show it off so well! Colin
  2. Excellent work with the window surrounds Alan. Looking at the windscreen, I didn't have any problems that I can remember with by build last year. I'll check one of my other kits and maybe vac-form new ones! The wheels really are shocking!!! Colin
  3. An interesting start, I'm a big A-7 fan. I'll follow your build. Colin
  4. Iwik, congratulations on the Cobra build. The differing shade of OD look really good. The darker tail looks like a replacement. As you say, 1/48th scale is being ignore. Some kit bashing between the old Monogram S and one of the Fujimi kits might be a way to go. Colin
  5. Hi Bill, welcome. The Scout kit is sadly showing it's age, we need a modern replacement. Hope A Model are listening! Colin Hi Andrew, thanks, we need a new Scout kit!!! Colin
  6. After some work yesterday, removing the overscale strakes on the rear fuselage and tail-boom, replacing then with .4mm stretched sprue. This is where I am today. Enjoy... Colin
  7. My title block says, gilding the lily. The Scout is quite an old kit and some of the detail is iffy or overscale. So I took some time to remove the strengthening strakes which adorn the outside of the rear fuselage and tail-boom. To replace it, I need .4mm rod but had nothing in my stash, so I have to resort to stretching sprue. There is some rubbish plastic being used by various kit manufacturers so it too a while until I achieved a decent pile with which to work. Anyway after a lot of work yesterday afternoon, here is where I a m at present. I also reworked the rear cabin bulkhead and the transmission/engine deck. Enjoy... Colin
  8. Thanks for the welcome, I've posted my opening pics. Colin
  9. I'm a little late coming to the party. I only found the GB by accident on Sunday morning and with lots of old Airfix stock in my stash, I knew I had something that would fit the title. The Airifx Scout has been around since the mid 1970's,maybe even long. The instruction sheet has no release date. Whilst serving aboard HMS Bulwark, our squadron 845 NAS had a Wasp on charge. At RMAS Sembewang, Singapore, we had a detachment of Army Air Corps with a few Scouts that share our line. Anyway, all the parts for the kit had been detached from the sprue, this to lessen the amount of space my then meagre stash would take up in our allotted allowance for furniture etc, prior to our move to South Africa. Anyway, I digress... Here are the parts I found on Monday... The decals are almost unusable, so I've found replacements in my stash. Colin
  10. Ouch with the u/c. Before you buy another, look for the Nichimo kit (might be another manufacturer). I think you'll find less problems! Colin
  11. I'm hopefully entering this build into the Less than a Tenner GB, elsewhere. Anyway, the kit dates from the early 1970's and the level of detail is to be polite, soft! Lots of oversized rivets, which will need to be removed. Then the fuselage/tailboom strengthening strakes are oversized. Before I left the UK back in 1980, I didn't have a lot of space in our moving package. So, I chopped parts off the sprue on a lot of the kits I brought to SA. Yesterday, I found the bag with three Scouts all separated from the sprue. Grimm looking decals and only one instruction sheet (bag closure). So, here are the parts, the bag top and decals. The main decals are all but unusable, so I have found replacements from my decal stash. X-tra Decal etc. More soon... Colin
  12. A great choice Ted, never heard of Diopark before, an interesting subject. Colin
  13. I'm late to the party, hope I can still take part. I plan an Airfix 1/72nd Westland Scout AH1. Purchased way back in the late 1970's so definitely under/less than a Tenner. Colin
  14. Excellent work, I like the way you have tackled the rear decking and the wing tape, also the cabin framework. An AOP 9 would make another great build. Colin
  15. Nah Bill, the crabs weren't into 'aircraft husbandry' as we in the RN were. An easy job to keep the pins from corroding! The fishplate was another story, it's hidden under the crewman's seat. So out of sight... Colin
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