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  1. Coming together nicely, Re the dress makers pins, if you check out the beading shops (crap booking to) they have all sorts of goodies that can be used on bike builds. Colin
  2. I've had success with Tamiya TS-13 Clear, it's lacquer based so a thin coat fist, Neil above said and then build up. Colin
  3. Another interesting build project Neil. I like the way you are tackling the 'odd' dimensions and the Herc cowlings will look the part. As for an FM kit, I've built one (H-22 Banana), never again!!! Still busy with the bike builds this side. Popcorn and front row seat... Colin
  4. Saw the collection on my phone over the weekend. Congratulations Tony, stunning tribute mate. Colin
  5. Remember Dan Gurney's invention, the Gurney flap. Colin
  6. Good news mate, I lost my wife to it five years ago. She put up a valiant battle but it beat her! My build is sidelined at present. Colin
  7. Excellent work, following on from Neil's build, I watch with interest. I like the idea of the diorama. Colin
  8. Inaccurate poorly detail and ill fitting, Martin I thought the kit was Italeri and not Heller. Heller, French for Italeri! Ha,ha,ha... I have to admit, I have only built one ship since I came back to modelling and that was the Airfix Amazon class frigate, kit as HMS Antelope, which my bros in law was the navigator on. Then only as the kit came with a minuscule Lynx helo, so why wouldn't I? Interesting build Martin. Colin
  9. Superb result Neil, I think the weathering may be as you say slightly underdone but it looks impressive and a quick build for you! Congratulations. Colin
  10. Excellent work with the splatter Niel, looking suitable dirty... Colin
  11. Never be put off by another modellers build. Take from it and try to build the best you can. We each have our own skills and limits. Colin
  12. Hi Matt, I think you misunderstood me re masking the joint line, I meant on the nose. Would save you a lot of sanding. Re the fine, I use Tippex in a bottle with the ball point applicator. Squeeze and follow the lines, give it time to dry then sand across the panel line. Colin
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