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  1. Looks like a good model for a couple of weekends easy building? Colin
  2. Count me in but I'll have to come back to you with my choice. I'll need to dig deep!!! Colin
  3. Looks like an interesting subject, I fancy an FAA cab if I can find the kit. I'll pull up a chair... Heather, is that your article in issue 4 of the IPMS UK magazine? If so well done. Colin
  4. WW II is not normally my area of interest but this one grabbed my attention. Looking very good so far, I'll tag along. Colin
  5. Great start and some very neat work. The cockpit and seats look very convincing. I'll follow your build with interest. Colin
  6. I believe, that this is a nice kit. I had one but gave it to a friend who is into tractors but couldn't afford the kit. Be careful when you get to the front where the bonnet hinges. I'll follow your build with interest. Colin
  7. Hi Malc, I've just found your Bentley build, I'm normally found in the aircraft section. Your renders are exquisite but as an ex aircraft mech, your wire locking leaves a lot to be desired. The locking wire should transit from the one side of one nut to the opposite side of it's opposite number almost a figure of eight. I think you might have to draw and print a wire locking tool! (ha). There is lots of enthusiastic input from the crowd, which I think is helping you. As an ex industrial modelmaker, I'll follow your build with interest. Colin
  8. Going back to my efforts on re-spoking, here are the three rims from the BMW combination. I made a jig to help align the rim and hub. I used a stainless steel pool brush as a source for the spokes. Looking at where I have got to, I don't know why I haven't finished the build, I've done the hard part! The two bike rims are on the left, with the combo rim still in the jig. Some 3D printed rivets might be good to represent the spoke heads and small diameter ali tube for the nipples. Hope this is of help to all you bike modellers. Colin
  9. Neat work with the new turbine nose Bill. Powerful files you have there. Colin
  10. Glad you found the sump part. If you were going to use an elastic band for the 'chain', that would be an HD build and we all know you can't mention HD and motorcycle in the same sentence! Yes the re-spoking is tedious, maybe why I stalled on the build. I need a month where I'm all but incapacitated or housebound! I've built five of the newer Italeri kits, Rossi's Honda and five Ducati's. Looking at the Italeri kit rim, I think this might have been the reason I started re-spoking the BMW. It bears no resemblance to the real item! Looks like a great museum to visit. Where in the UK is it? I might be making a visit next year. Colin
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