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  1. Great Typhoon I always think they look better with bombs. Rocket armement seems to be the one most modeled. Great to see the Bombs have the correct colour bands Great Job
  2. A silver Hurricane did exist. I took this at Duxford when the Historic Aircraft Collection was undergoing a repaint in the 1990s Your interpretation of the metal and fabric looks spot on.
  3. The Video is really interesting revealing the weathering on a host of Navy aircraft. Loved the exhaust stains and matt sections on the engine cowl of the corsairs and the forward gun turret arrangement on the catalina
  4. I would use different shades of wood stain to simulate top camouflage and lighter underwing colours and dark stain for props exhaust and then varnish to a high gloss finnish
  5. Outstanding model and finish ( wish my 1/72 version was that good) of one of THE phantoms that took part in one of the greatest dogfights certainly of the vietnam war and possibly of all time between Cunnigham and Driscoll in the phantom and I think it was Maj Toon a top VNAF ace in a Migig 17 and I am certain the take home lessons are still being taught today.
  6. Great job Love the TSR 2, the kit is not the easiest to build, your looks superb
  7. Hi Currently mid build of the Trumpeter Su27b in Ukrainian Digital Camouflage. I had heard that the there were accuracy issues with the nose and Quickboost had a more accurate replacement nose cone I looked but could not find comparative images of the Kit and Quickboost Nose Cones I took the plunge and thought I would share what I found. Here are the two kit Nose Cones and the Quickboost one centre. the one on the left is for the Su27b I agree that the quickboost nose is a better shape and slightly longer. It also slightly thicker making the purchase worth while. n.b. I had sawn off about 6mm off the nose cone plug as it was going to foul the cockpit tub) This has meant that I have had to increase the diameter of the Nose by adding a shim so that the the Nose Cone fits with out having to sand it to shape ( Not a nice thing to do with resin) I hope anyone interested finds this usefull
  8. I had a similar problem with Humbrol Clear Matt but found Humbrol Clear Satin to give a much better scale matt effect. The closeness of the airbrush I think is something that may explain it, but also think Humbrol have over cooked the formula of Clear Matt. I agree that Humbrol Clear Matt does give a very heavy weathered effect (dusty or dessert environment) but that's only usefull if you know its going to do that and can plan it into your build. My solution was to polish the model with a nail buffing stick and recoat with Humbrol Clear Satin which worked ok.
  9. I did not know Ron, but I have built many of those kits in the last 50 years. I am sure Ron like me got enjoyment from every one.
  10. Hi I have just started to build the new Airfix 1/72 Me 262 and the Academy 1/72 Me 262 In common with my recent theme builds I am building the aircraft of the highest scoring pilots who flew that type. So the top three Me 262A-1a pilots were according to Aircraft of the Aces - German Jet Aces of World War Two by Hugh Morgan & John Weal were: Kurt Welter 20+ jet victories flying Me262B-1a (two seater night fighter and the subject of another build) Heinz Bar 16 jet victories The Academy kit enables you build both his Me 262A-1a Red 13 and the rocket assisted Me262C-1a V 186 which is my first choice to build Franz Schall 12 jest victories However for my second choice ( the airfix kit) I have a dilemma as I would like to build an aircraft that Adolf Galland flew as he was instrumental in the development of the Me 262 and did score 7 jet victories with JV44 that he commanded (representing the elite of the remaining experten in the last months of the war) The Academy kit includes a full set of R4M underwing air to air rockets which Adolf Galland recalls using and will be easy to add to the airfix kit The difficulty is there is so much confusion over the aircraft he actually flew ( let alone the colour scheme) He is widely credited whilst with JV44 flying White 3 although this is far from certain. The Academy kit contains markings showing his rank <- # - and the mickey mouse emblem that adorned all his aircraft. Its very believable that the pilots of JV 44 had their own aircraft markings like Heinze Barr Red 13 but in reality flew whatever was available. Does any one have any further information on the markings for Adolf Gallands Me 262 I would like to do <-#- but would be happier with a bit of confirmation. Ill put pics & comments of the builds, both kits have strengths and weakness but are not straightforward builds Thanks
  11. Really Nice build, love the displaced controls and the wheels which look just like they have been running in a dusty environment. I thought the underside of the upper the wing should be silver or possibly half white and black like the lower surface.
  12. Yes I see the rigging wires of some of the cables do curve in a bit. I hadn't thought of predrilling the holes at an angle which I think would work well Thank you
  13. As for the rigging, Airfix include a clear diagram of where each cable is to go. There are lots of tips on rigging on the internet but this is what I did. It has encouraged me to do more biplanes ( Airfix Swordfish in Toranto colours or Revel Hawker Fury ) I used 0.5mm ( but a 0.25mm might be better) drill in a pinvice to pre drill all the attachment points. For the top and lower wing this meant drilling all the way through the wing. I started with the bottom wing threading the nylon through the holes one at a time and securing them with a tiny drop of thin super glue that is sucked into hole by capillary action. When that has set I thread the nylon into the corresponding hole in the upper wing and whilst holding the thread taught apply a drop of thin super glue and keep holding the nylon thread taught until the glue has set. When you have completed the rigging excess thread is trimmed away with a very sharp blade and any remaining holes filled with a filler or thickish paint I used Humbrol No 1 primer. It then just takes a quick sand to remove excess filler and then you can paint as needed. My advice is to do one cable at a time and not to rush making carefull note where each cable is going befor comitting to glueing I found that the fit of the top wing to the struts on the lower wing was fiddly and not perfectly aligned. Rigging I seem to think strengthens the model but makes dusting impossible.
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