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  1. The best model I have seen on here this year I love how you have done the barrier mesh
  2. I like that, weathering spot on exhaust staining sweeping down perfectly and oil staining underneath too. Ilike the stand as well. The finnish is just the right amount of matt and the dark earth / Green is the right tint and contrast ( what paints did you use) As I said Really like it
  3. Just WOW Ill stick to 1/72 never would have the patience to do this level of detail
  4. HI did you use the high dynamic Range setting for your pictures. I love the weathering effects but the range of contrast is too low for a straight jpg
  5. Really Great to see Weapons done right with the same amount of effort , detail & weathering put into them as is put into the carrying aircraft ( which I love as well). Sidewinders are lovely as are the GBUs.
  6. Great Typhoon I always think they look better with bombs. Rocket armement seems to be the one most modeled. Great to see the Bombs have the correct colour bands Great Job
  7. A silver Hurricane did exist. I took this at Duxford when the Historic Aircraft Collection was undergoing a repaint in the 1990s Your interpretation of the metal and fabric looks spot on.
  8. The Video is really interesting revealing the weathering on a host of Navy aircraft. Loved the exhaust stains and matt sections on the engine cowl of the corsairs and the forward gun turret arrangement on the catalina
  9. I would use different shades of wood stain to simulate top camouflage and lighter underwing colours and dark stain for props exhaust and then varnish to a high gloss finnish
  10. Outstanding model and finish ( wish my 1/72 version was that good) of one of THE phantoms that took part in one of the greatest dogfights certainly of the vietnam war and possibly of all time between Cunnigham and Driscoll in the phantom and I think it was Maj Toon a top VNAF ace in a Migig 17 and I am certain the take home lessons are still being taught today.
  11. Great job Love the TSR 2, the kit is not the easiest to build, your looks superb
  12. Hi Currently mid build of the Trumpeter Su27b in Ukrainian Digital Camouflage. I had heard that the there were accuracy issues with the nose and Quickboost had a more accurate replacement nose cone I looked but could not find comparative images of the Kit and Quickboost Nose Cones I took the plunge and thought I would share what I found. Here are the two kit Nose Cones and the Quickboost one centre. the one on the left is for the Su27b I agree that the quickboost nose is a better shape and slightly longer. It also slightly thicker making the purchase worth while. n.b. I had sawn off about 6mm off the nose cone plug as it was going to foul the cockpit tub) This has meant that I have had to increase the diameter of the Nose by adding a shim so that the the Nose Cone fits with out having to sand it to shape ( Not a nice thing to do with resin) I hope anyone interested finds this usefull
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