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  1. slippers

    'Codger' R I P

    Extremely sad news. His posts were frequent and giving in terms of knowledge or acclaim. R.I.P.
  2. Nice work. I have the 89 version stashed. I really appreciate the extra touches that Hasagawa kits have. The overall finish might be just below Tamiya but the attention to details is higher, for me.
  3. Thanks for your kind words (the out of alignment silencer really rankles me). The decals are this set, from Reji. https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=49192&language=en Generally okay but a few had lighter patches and a sort of furry finish. The Top Studio gear was just the exhaust kit (springs, end plates, mounting plate, tips) and a fair few nut and bolt ends. I've stocked up on quite a lot for my next kits: clutch, gear linkage, footpegs etc. Your kit will be one of those YZRs in my post. The naked one is actually the Abe 99 kit, but there's also an Abe 01 kit (same as the Biaggi kit). Check the front brake calipers, you'll see they are different for each YZR. Good luck with your build. I'll hope to see it here.
  4. Thank you to all for your complimentary comments. Finished another Biaggi bike last year - 01 YZR. Unfortunately, the red has bled through the white decals now. This is still awaiting decals. I'm hoping to print some myself to end up with Noriyuki Haga's wildcard YZR entry for Suzuka in 98. Nori finished third (second until the final chicane) and Max won on the subject bike of this thread.
  5. Cheers all for the kind comments. It's done. Tamiya Honda NSR 500 - Max Biaggi 1998
  6. This was the Tamiya 99 kit which - just like their 98 kit - is actually based on the 97 bike. Quite annoying that the water manifold; ECU and silencers are wrong. I did cut the silencers down as much as I dared but they're still too long, and this led to the top silencer on the side being skew-whiff. My first build using some Top Studio extras. Fairly pleased but still much improvement to be had.
  7. Yep. Max did the gentleman's set on his debut at Suzuka: pole position; fastest lap; race win. Was very close to winning the title but for a contentious decision in the Catalan GP.
  8. First post so please be gentle. I'm making this in Max Biaggi's form. Fairings were covered in LP9 Clear today so I should be ready to decal and cover that lovely V4 up in a few days.
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