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  1. Barring the decals - which would probably be buggered - there's no difference between the two. I would say those two kits are based on the 96 - 97 bikes. I can't remember all of the details but the main one is that the silencers are too big as unleaded fuel was used in 98 leading to shorter ones. Think that the water pump and engine management box are also older styles than the 98 (I've got both kits). A bit disappointing but maybe Honda weren't happy having the newer technology pored over by Tamiya! Some job with that masking. Rather you than me! I've got a set of 95 decals from museum collection for when I attempt mine. Good job that those Repsol Honda liveries barely changed through the years.
  2. Your bravery in going back and amended parts that you've already done a lot of work to is, well, admirable. I myself use the old lit firework adage: never go back to it!
  3. Lovely stuff. Very well done on a pristine finish. It was a shame that Tamada couldn't make the adaptation to Michelin, as he was a real fly in the ointment on Bridgestone. I was a fan. I have one these beautiful liveries to look forward to.
  4. Oval pistons, no less. A shame that the oval wasn't reliable enough to race long-term. Good that Honda put the technology to use in this limited and exquisite road version. Looking forward to gamblor916's clean and crisp build, as per usual.
  5. It's impressive that you're brave enough to glue all of those painted parts together! Looks mint.
  6. I can heartily recommend : Hana-bi Dolls Sonatine A Scene at the Sea But his most accessible film is Zaitochi. Sorry for taking this off track, but I can't pass up the chance to mention his masterpieces (IMHO, of course)!
  7. Kudos for including my favourite director in your outstanding project! The world is full of surprises. 'Beat' Takeshi actually had a serious scooter accident that left him with trademark facial twitches in his acting roles.
  8. Lovely result there. I can certainly appreciate all of the extra work that you've done. Bravo! Seeing McCoy smoking the rear of that bike was quite a sight. Who would've thought that a rider could jump from 125s and do that?
  9. Nice to see that exquisite piece of exotica here. Great job for your first bike build. I'm still building up my confidence before tackling mine. The sound in the flesh of one of these is just heaven. If you haven't seen it, here's a recently-retired racer giving an original bike some welly at the TT - before it goes pop.
  10. Cheers, mate. Just thought I'd highlight one of the main issues I had with this kit, for anyone that's got it stashed. These wraparound parts on the side fairing. I know that I'm preaching to the converted, and that you're better skilled than me, but please avoid any pressure on these parts. I snapped one when sanding and the other when removing masking tape. I then proceeded to snap the repairs around five times - requiring repainting each time. The fit is so snug that no strengthening can be used on the inside. And, as you can clearly see, any deviation from the original angle results in a bloody gap. Fortunately, this style was only in play for the 02 bike, so every other RC211V kit has the updated fairing. (Thank Christ, as I've got a few stashed)
  11. I'm assuming those are just your creation? Although I would love to see it emblazoned on a real-life entrant.
  12. No place for the BeerLao decals?
  13. Thanks very much, chaps. I had to step away from it quite a few times and actually started and finished one (RGV), then started another whilst sporadically going back to this. The, seemingly, endless setbacks took their toll on me!
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