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  1. Thanks very much for that. I'd never come across that site before.
  2. Thanks also for that one. You might like this set of pics then, although 06. https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/valentino-rossis-2006-yamaha-yzr-m1-photos/
  3. What a great link. Thanks for sharing. I'm certainly following this build as, despite building one years ago, I have one of these with a Renaissance upgrade set and Rossi / Abe decals.
  4. This is going to be interesting. I wonder why Tamiya have never made a 1/6 racing bike? I'd love to have a go at one.
  5. Really nice finish. Very well done. Has anyone used that Panigale kit with the aftermarket racing decals? I believe that there have been decal sets for Checa and Davies. I've held off as I'm wary of there being discrepancies that would be beyond my ability to find scratch solutions to. I
  6. Nice job. Bold of Honda to make an oval piston production bike (very limited numbers) after the ambitious race experiment didn't go to plan in the early 80s. There's a cutaway engine in the Honda Collection Hall at Motegi. Eight valves per cylinder!
  7. Cheers. I hope that you have - or have already built - the Tamiya NS from 83 and the NSR from 84 ( upside-down fuel tank)? Both with Spencer's numbers as the flagship. Thanks. The original decals were pristine, even after 34 years, but I ballsed up the placement of one on the front fairing. This knocked everything else that was due to go below it out of line. Upshot was that I sourced the Studio27 set; which meant that I didn't have to scavenge my leftover decals - and another kit - for Spencer's bits and bobs. They clearly look better than the originals! You're too kind. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as mean on display as it's facing its future self from 89; which, imo, puts it to shame in terms of appearance.
  8. Scandalous that Tamiya omitted Freddie Spencer's decals from this kit. Shame on them. Alright, he hardly rode the thing, but that wasn't his fault (taken out in the first race of 86). His exploits in 85 - winning both the 250 and 500cc championships - surely should have given buyers of this kit the choice of giving him the No. 1.
  9. Managed to glean this piece of knowledge from the vehicle section of the forum. I haven't got satin but will mix Tamiya LP Matt and Semi gloss clear to make some. Hopefully it'll go OK.
  10. Very useful for me to know this. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the tips, rob. I did use an old plastic cup to help fill the frame and swing arm of an RC211V. I can't say for sure that I would have thought of that if not for your recommendation.
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