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  1. Glad to see release is near. I dont even like the Tomcat but I will get one. It does look nice. Amaru in Lima
  2. It was deemed probably too complex for a limited run mould.
  3. ArenĀ“t the props and spinner the same as used by the He-177? there could be second life for -at least- part of your set as replacement for the Special Hobby kit. Just an opinion Best wishes Amaru in Lima
  4. Question: Can I build the Egyptian Beagle from the Bobcat current release? TIA Amaru in Lima
  5. Got my H-20 yesterday. A bit overengineered for my taste but still happy to have a new rendition of this plane after so many years. One complaint so far: bombardier nose gun position, unfortunately, will need a replacement from Koster or Squadron, as it is far too "bulged" for an H-16/H-22 series. It just doesn't look "right". Amaru in Lima
  6. I still have concerns regarding the bombardier gun position. Nevertheless, I already ordered one and, if it comes to the worse, I hope my Koster nose gun clear part fits. Regards A.
  7. More WIP, this time instrument panels https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2015679801813303&id=134774536570515 Thanks Amaru
  8. Yes, decals are being up-scaled from our 1/48 sets (including some corrections/updates). Options, however, will be a little more limited. Probably only a single set instead of two. It WILL include Peruvian, Argentinian, Israeli, Chilean and Pakistani versions. Regards Amaru in Lima
  9. Some news: 1/32 Mirage 50EV/50M was dropped due to the low response for our 1/48 set, unfortunately. All other conversions are in the finishing stages and will be available around summer 2019, most likely during the 2019 IPMS Nationals. Here some WIP shots: Thanks for looking! Amaru
  10. Amazing job so far on a most difficult build. I am planning to give green light to the one in my stash but I have, first, to get a replacement for the bombardier and dorsal turret clear parts, smashed during delivery. Congrats! Amaru in Peru
  11. I am pleased to announce the next products in the Antarki Models resin line: 1/32 Pantera / COAM conversion 1/32 Mirage 5P/P3/P4/BA/MA/ELKAN conversion 1/32 Mirage 5F/Dagger/Nesher/ROSE III conversion 1/32 Mirage 50EV/50M conversion 1/32 Mirage 50C/PA2/PA3 conversion 1/48 Mirage 5MA/ELKAN 1/48 ? ww2 assault plane conversion 1/48 ? ww2 fighter-bomber conversion Stay tuned! Amaru in Peru
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