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  1. Next from us is the Ju-88G-7 conversion in 1/48 (for DML) and 1/72 (Hasegawa), including new engines, props, nose, instruments and even pilot armored seat. As for the Arados, scimitar wings and turboprops are some of the goodies on their way. Regards, Amaru in Lima
  2. Thank you!! I only have so much time!!! But other interesting Dornier 335 conversions are indeed on the pipeline, but first we will fancy you with some Junkers and Arados...
  3. Released! South American Hunters, 1/48 scale decal sheet for Chilean and Peruvian air force Hunters. Designe for Airfix F.4 and F.6 kits. $18 Dollars plus p&p. For the moment we are taking orders from our FB fan page or via private message. https://web.facebook.com/VespaModelKits Thanks for looking! Amaru in Lima
  4. No need to panic about this IMHO, as this was expected to happen for a long time. However, I will give it 10+ years till the price of this kind of printers made it available to the average modeller. Regards, Amaru in Lima
  5. Vespa Models Su-17/22M3K "Export engine" conversion set. Available summer 2021. WIP of some of the major components. More info in : https://web.facebook.com/VespaModelKits/photos/a.336172434432480/540537320662656 Thanks for looking Amaru in Peru
  6. Set is ready for production, only a minor detail missing: inclusion of metal radar antennas and supports (which will increase the price in about $5) Let me hear your opinions, all will be considered, Follow us in Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/p/COAdATRLrYN/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link and Facebook: http:// https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=512334306816291&id=108517467197979 Thanks for looking! Amaru
  7. looks better than their Mirage, so ordered!!
  8. give all of them to me, as ICM Junkers are - to me- a poor effort, unlike other of their releases.
  9. Continuing with our announced 1/32 and 1/48 Latin American Invaders decals, here are two of the three Chilean Air Force paint options available on the sets. Follow us in instagram and in fb https://fb.me/VespaModelKits for more updates and upcomming announcements.
  10. Latin American Invaders, upcoming new decal set from Vespa Models. Designed for ICM´s new A/B-26 Invader in 1/48 scale. Includes markings for: 3 El Salvador AF 1 Honduras AF 1 Cuban aircraft 2 Peruvian aircraft 2 Chilean aircraft https://www.instagram.com/p/CBzcUR8p0bP/?igshid=zg3yieu0q1io&fbclid=IwAR3YbFQinhmCycoYTgX44U_3LNmEL51J_nDZiRFzu5fmeFVigGu6_LvxSAc
  11. More https://www.facebook.com/108517467197979/posts/263700001679724/
  12. Bring the M, K and K-2, please (with a harder plastic, if possible...) Amaru in Peru
  13. Nice, but just a note for that Peruvian H75: control surfaces are not white but yellow zinc cromate, while paint scheme is worn out Dark Green and Dark Earth over Sky Grey. Regards Amaru - Quarantined - in Lima
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