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  1. To resume the information: Delta wing with thrust control system. Thrust control system with suport of control surfaces next to the nozzle. Delta wing reduces cross section! Good combination by idea. Maybe it works out! Happy modelling
  2. This is a great thing. When we have more details, we will see what it is. The real interesting feature is the RAM surface. Sonce it is prone to extrem climate situations. That means for the northern airfields a real challange! This is what I am interested in! Happy modelling
  3. Hallo This is very interesting. Actually I wonder. Since I am astonished about this high radiation on the Atar engine. I know from several cases of cancer from maintenance personel in the IAF. Also about cancer from tank prrsonel in the IDF. I will try to get a more precise information on jet engines from manufactures. Next week I will try. Happy modelling
  4. My finished MIG-31. The AMK kit is actually a nice kit. Well designed. In some points, here we have to notice a culmination of flaws in the instruction. This could easily be solved. Main points of critics: · The nose gear strut. To make the insert with the lower part, is not shown. · The order of assembling is sometimes impossible. · Inverted placing of parts is possible, not marked to care for. Or an idiot pin with hole could help easily! · In the design process of injection moulded parts less care was used to prevent ejection marks on highly visible areas. · When rectangle pins are used on small parts, most do not fit at all. No matter, which part. The use of Bregnun stencils is a challenge. Some numbers are not there in right amount or some are due to typing error hardly to identify. Panel lines on the instruction do not match with AMK in most areas. This kit is a challenge. I stumbled into two of the pitfalls listed myself. Happy modelling
  5. Hallo Now my MIG 31 is finished. Some pictures show you the nozzle. Here I used Tamiya weathering sets, mostly D to get the colors right. The missiles were quite good. Happy modelling
  6. I am not sure. Read the book! Here you find the initial data only. Happy modelling
  7. You are doing perfect! Tell me about your clear resin experiment more in detail about the process and result please! Happ ymodelling
  8. Hallo Before you start: Get this book and read. The Armed Rovers: Beauforts and Beaufighters Over the Mediterranean by Roy Conyers Nesbit (Paperback, 2002) Happy modelling
  9. For your 31: HB? The front gear is so do I hope ok. At AMK a nightmere. Happy modelling
  10. Looks quite good. In WIP you can see my MIG 31! I would suggest you, masks from New Ware. For painting seals, as on all Russian a/c. Happy modelling
  11. Hallo As you may see now, the main paint job is done. Detail work with the brush is ahead. Even little spraying still ahead. All parts are done and painted. For detail work I assume it will take me this weekend, at least tomorrow. The stencils ahead from Begemot are really a lot. I asume it will take me one week long to place them all! The stencils from the kit vs. Begemot, there is just an extremely big difference in detail and number. Well, so will see how it will work out. Happy modelling
  12. Hello It's really funny and dreadful. Here we should leave the church in the village. And just talk about the basic. The development and the task of the F-35. The aircraft was almost finished after a very long time. Since the time required for the development was not exactly short, the costs have become very high. Too high. The USA cannot bear these costs, so one tries to distribute it a little among friends. The fact that the purpose of developing the F-35 was to attack, of course, with a bit of advertising and good PR, turns into defense. The essential thing about such ultra-modern complex systems is that the development time is so long that the antidote has already been developed by the time it is used for the first time. No matter which system. The fragmentary information about each new weapon system is well enough to develop exactly the right countermeasures to face a real baptism of fire. This information, in turn, is necessary to inform customers on the world market about the new product. So that they then become paying customers. The recent past with Corona has shown that many heads of state in the world are not exactly smart, responsible and trustworthy. That is why I consider such weapons to be dangerous, even in the possession of Switzerland. Too close to my front door. Happy modelling
  13. Oh, I noticed your leading edge on the tail antennas: The black protective area I miss. On pictures I saw it on all. Or do you have a distinctive model without? Hapoy modelling & nice doing. Great job!
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