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  1. Hallo My request to the modelling community: Does anybody have or know some sources of an encounter of a particular British bomber (type, call sign, squadron) in a night bombing raid in 1943 to 1945 with an a/c from JG 300, 301 or 302 or any Sturmstaffel? Why? First of all, I am going to start in near future a series of Bf-109 and Fw-190 in 1/48 to build. I have the chance to change markings, because of masks and decals in reserve. I would prefer to build an a/c with some punctual history behind. In this matter, the navigation in night interception is for me the most remarkable quality of any aircrew. Let me know! Thanks in forward. Happy Modelling
  2. Hallo This kit I built straight from the box. Nice kit, and quite straight to build. What I do wonder most of all: The parts are so small and so fine mold, that the quality gap of kit parts between aircraft and vehicle is so big. Why is it? Since with this quality standard of vehicle plastic parts we could omit most resin in aircraft kits? Even the best aircraft kits do not reach this level!!!???? Happy modelling
  3. Looks good! The exhaust strains on the engine: The a/c looks to have some hours. The engine exhaust delivers lots of strains. Myself, I also tend to keep the a/c quite clean. Perfect!
  4. Hallo, your Spitfire: Just to ask: Do you fly an a/c by yourself? Well, why do I ask? You painted your cockpit so beautiful! I really do not assume at all, that the weathering inside was in real time that much! It would confuse the pilot to a very high degree. If you go to such a detail: Consider reading lamps and all kind of deviation placards! Standard deviation and a/c individual deviations. If you have no clue, so let me know! Smart weathering shows a model much better, so do I think after being 3 decades a front line modeler with many exhibitions behind. It is a hint, not more. Actually I build it also, some time ago. My error typing: IXc and not XIc. Consider the assembly! Happy modelling
  5. German Air Force in WWII Development and requirements • The conditions for planning an air force were not good. There was no distinct plan for war. No strategic plan, just a tactic plan for 1939. All campaigns with exception Poland and France were planned at short notice. According to the current situation, campaigns that were not sheduled and unintended, but set on fire by Italy, or because the conditions in one country changed, like in Great Britain: Duke of Windsor and Chamberlain got lost. And so it made the Battle of Britain necessary, or the grain deliveries to continental Europe were suddenly stopped in May 1941 by US emergency laws, and triggered the Russian campaign immediately. The Russian story in German warfare has to be seen under the condition of 1920 events, when Russia wanted to invade Germany after Poland and in 1923 a revolutionary try once more. • An interesting aspect is the design of long range aircrafts. As Fw 200 and Ju 86 as well as the He 116 and Ju 90. Their origin was the northern silk road to Japan. This was aborted due to the outbreak of war. • So it happened that e.g. some types that no longer seemed necessary were taken out of production and jigs destroyed. After the Battle of Britain Hs 123, Bf 110 were taken out of production. Exactly these types were missing in large numbers in Russia afterwards. Production was restarted on one type Bf 110. • Many types could only be developed specifically depending on the current situation. At the end of development, however, a variant was often already absurd. • In this way, demands were maintained even though they were already outdated. The ability to dive was dogma since the success of the Stuka. • It was also absurd that no attention was paid to the real situation at the airfields of intervention. Missing hangar space at advanced airfields in Russia for example could not give a chance for maintenance of a He 177. Or other advanced technology, never suited for the conditions in Russia. • New technologies, such as flying wings from Horton and jet engines, then lacked capacities because they generally capacities lost in planning chaos and manufacturing chaos. • New types were introduced as intercepter, with some or no success: Ta 152, Me 163, He 162, He 219. Today we can just think about such a dark time and be greatful to live in amore peacful time. In contrast, the relatively constant doctrine of aerial warfare in Britain. To consider also a relatively constant supply line for raw materials from all over the world. From today's perspective, this has to be critically examined, especially in the bomber command. From today's perspective, it's good that the war has ended. However, the suffering it caused will accompany us like a shadow forever. But I do consider, that the effort of the Bomber Command saved Germany from the drop of the American nuclear bomb. I would be delighted if you would give me your opinion?
  6. Good day Today I want to tell you about an area that is difficult to imagine unless you have experienced it consciously. This area dominates us at all times and in every matter. Knowledge transformation. You may get knowledge from outside that you have not developed yourselves and therefore you do not understand. Now it may be that you learn to understand this external knowledge over time and then you may develop it further, or never understand it and you can only live from the fruit as long as it is edible. I myself have worked with and in such a system for 20 years. Our system supplier was a multinational corporation with well over 10,000 employees and huge capital. I only fully understood the program system he developed after about 3 years. But understood so that I understood the mindset of this group. I could read their minds and develop further. I knew all the weak points and was able to write better than they themselves. So I was given more responsibility in many small steps. Up to the point when I was able to supervise entire devices myself in terms of programming. After some time, I was responsible for the entire system in development. This burden of absolute responsibility pushed me hard on my shoulders. I wore them and defended them against illogical attacks. Even from the COE. As a small five-strong company, we managed a multinational company. Of course, in an upright and correct sense. We have an analog development in aircraft design and development. Please take only a few countries: Germany, USA, Israel and Japan. We are leaving out China. It does not play a role in this particular view. Here again we focus only on the USA (GB) and Germany. After World War II, many of the leading heads of aeronautical research lived in Germany. Outstanding developments were largely made there. Outstanding criteria were the lack of resources and the ingenuity. Key people from this very field were 'invited' to the USA or asked to come. In order to be understood here, I was lucky enough to be taught by some of these people as students and pupils in Europe. I also had the opportunity to be taught by a teacher who worked as a young technician with exactly these Germans in the same company in the United States. Now comes the important statement: The highest doctrine among these German scientists was to answer their American superiors only those questions which they asked! Roger? Not more. The Americans never found out what they did not see or ask or have overseen. The Germans did not tell them anything voluntary. The lack of respect for American superiors was the driving force. Victory through mass and mass production. With this very doctrine, you can destroy any system in the world. That is the secret of why development looks like it is today. Just a matter of time. In contrast, the British version. My best university teacher went to the UK. Working there was exactly the opposite of the US. That was the integration of German scientists and the sharing of common knowledge. Respect played a major role in this. British achievements in World War II were highly recognized by German scientists. Look at today's developments from this point of view. I want to end this series. I hope that I have not insulted anyone with this article; it corresponds exactly to the oral narratives of the scientists working at the time. Happy modelling
  7. Thank you! My thought: Axle of tension wheel to glue at the end of assembly. Other question: Between too tight and too sloppy: How to guess what is correct? Any idea? Happy modelling
  8. Hallo Now thhis truck & trailer is finished. They existed in early war years, used to transport Panzer I and Panzer II. Small tanks and other vehicles, like Sd.Kfz.7 as maximum. The build was tricky, by an instruction full of flaws. Correction and help, so look at my Work in Progress: So, I do think, if you have this kit at home, you can build it. Happy modelling
  9. Hallo The DH 89 is to my opinion a wonderful a/c. Just to fly in the blue. I had several occasions to see it and to fly it. A wonderful kit is now available. It is 1/32. The 1/48 kit from Isra.. was to me not to build, because of the kit design. Here on the opposite, this is a remarkable contribution. DH 89 Dragon Rapide in 1/32 is now available. DH 89 kit This kits are just highly recommend. Since WNW is dead, so this company has also nice 1/32 old timers. Happy modelling
  10. dov

    F-35A Crash

    Nice comment. Of course, there are many expensive systems. For my understanding: This project of F-35 of design, building and operation causes worldwide gigantic costs. The summary of these costs I had in mind. In present day, an additional burden to CV-19 economy costs. The system may kill itself, by being too expensive. The fighting morale to kill beyond vision is very dangerous. You never can be sure whom you may hit. Nobody can be sure. We are today permanently controlling other countries and societies by UAV and satellites. It all causes headache. I closely watched the most successful nation of the world in military matters since 1967. The military system becomes one day too big. Too sophisticated. Today you run out of operators. The people cannot bear this burden for too long. Money is one matter, but the smart people who must operate this system are not anymore by hand in sufficient numbers. It is a self-killing project. Beside the wisdom of all the matters, what happen in other countries beclouds your vision. Finally, you stuck in too much data to analyze. Present day: Take an electronic pod on the F-15 and you lose a big part of your flying envelope. You restrict your abilities and enhance others. The military industry is to my opinion on the dead end. Exhausted. The dominant problems we should solve on earth are overseen. No one can today conquer a country an enrich himself. To occupy a country is no success either. Wars today are dirty wars. Civil wars. Fueled by idealists who want to create a better world, by neglecting the right to exist for both sides. Even the enemy. This is a pity. This intolerance is the biggest danger in today civilized world.
  11. Hallo again The Faun L 900 truck. The kit started quite logic. But quite fast the first question came up. At point 1.4 Differential with double noticing A9 again on the next side. But the absolute clue is the suspension: All 3 numbers are mixed up. From 15 to 17. · Unloaded 17 · Neutral 15 · Heavy 16 It is not so easy to mix up all 3 numbers that way, that no repetition with a former number comes up. Now another issue is the exhaust system. Of about 80mm distance, there is no fixation at the frame. About 2,5m in reality. Happy modelling
  12. Hallo again Now I finished the plastic work. All parts are used. I got now along with the instruction. This instruction is a shame. You have the QR code on several places in the instruction. They lead you to an unsafe website. Such a website I never use. If a company is constantly improving their products, so look at Zukei Mura. All instructions are online available too. And all mistakes or flaws are constantly corrected in this instructions. I did so several years ago with the Raiden. I had to write a blog for a Japanese website. WE corrected as well the plastic parts of the kit as well the etched parts. This is an example for a positive cooperation of producer and modelling community. Now, in my yesterday’s blog I told you about troubles with my front cranks. Look at the photos today, and you see that after installation of the suspension equipment you can install them. The rear axle: The bottom pins you can install after you installed the axle. In addition, this is misleading in the instruction. The parts for the lifting device at the rear axle are all wrong numbered. The holes at the fender are at 0.6 or 0.8mm. This remark is also not here. Well, in summary, I had to remove lips at front area of the frame, to get the ramps right done. Well, do not relay on the instruction. It causes headache. I hope I made life easier, when you look at my photos. The finished trailer I show you later on ready for inspection. Together with the Faun truck. Happy modelling
  13. Hallo again This trailer is actually nothing special. I thought it will be just an easy build. Far away. The instruction is the most annoying paper I saw until today. From multiple numbering starting. Some parts are shown in a way, they do not look like at all. So you start looking for missing parts. You may drill one hole, 5 are possible, 5 marks to make a hole, but you do not know which one. Wrong instruction, concerning the position of hammerheads for the front ramp configuration. In the instruction 45° and look at the close up of the finished ramp! On and on… I tried to get in contact with DasWerk. The person told me, he built several trailers and all are fine. To my question about the wrong instruction, came no reply. In communication, if you ask a question, and somebody tells you stuff you never asked, hands off. I have to build the Faun truck too, but I prefer Takom or ReyField or Dragon or anything else. Look at my guide, I do this particular for every member of the forum, so that you can avoid any misery with kits from DasWerk. Happy modelling
  14. Well, II am doing right now the Sd.Anh.115 The instruction is full of missleading numbers. It seems now, hard to locate this parts now. Can anybody help? Happy modelling
  15. Hallo again This is my Kettenkrad from DAS WERK. Actually it was a challenge to build the smallest vehicle on track. Beside my tanks and half tracks. It was not so complicated. Most headache caused the instruction. After corresponding with the team of DAS WERK yesterday, they told me the instruction is already revised. Fine. Other instructions like for the FAUN and SdAnh are not. Be carefully when reading them and cross check the plausibility. Not more to say. Happy modelling
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