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  1. Well @Corsairfoxfouruncle, I would suggest it. Happy modelling
  2. Black Total black! Awful! Really, if you sit in this cockpit and consider night flying! Happy modelling
  3. Hallo Some steps further now. All models are sprayed with a grey primer color. Then I went on the V4 and sprayed it RLM 63. The color I used was Mr. Gunze 332 and added some white to match the tint with the color chart. Here I sprayed the model all over. Used some paint with more white and highly diluted to get some highlighted panels. Just a little bit to see. A taste. This will be a new aircraft. Now I spray the markings with Montex masks. As you see the wrong paint scheme from the Airfix kit for the Japanese Emil. This will be 74/75/76 than. Well, so far today. Happy modelling My V4 now My DORA My Japanese EMIL
  4. Wow! Speachles. Perfect. Great model, you must have energy and joy. Otherwise you never start such a model in such a quality! Happy modelling
  5. Wonderful build! Nice done! Congretulation! One suggestion: Build two models with folded wings! One folded and one unfolded. Looks better. Saw this in some works in Japan. Like Intruder, two models, Corsair two models. Always same squadron, different marking. Happy modelling
  6. Hallo @Troy Smith, I got yesterday the book about Spanish eagles. My surprise: Ex V-4, later on Trautloff's aircraft: The pitot installation. Did not know, that it was sidward at the fuselage on the right side of cockpit. This was a surprise! Anyway, the photos are an excellent record of flying there in this time! Happy modelling
  7. As you see I completed my first Me 109 from CA. It will become the V4. The second one was an quick intermediate build an Airfix Emil 3 for Japan. The last one from CA is a D version, the white 2 as on the box seen. The kits from CA have a rudimentary resin. Awful. The cockpit is nothing to be proud of. Improvement ahead. Well, tomorrow the paint job of interior of my D version will be done, and assembling, gluing, filling and polishing. Next week the major paint jobs are on. Happy modelling
  8. So I decided to make my white 2 overall 70! It us also a contrast to all others. Thank you @SafetyDad! Happy modelling
  9. This info about the Japanese Emil is superb! My next issue is the 109 for the Luftwaffe, where I intend to make one in an overall RLM 70 paint. I prepared my first D-IALY to get a RLM 63 paint overall from CA My Japanese Emil to get 74/75/76 from Airfix And my White 2 from 1 / JG137 1939 in overall RLM 70 like https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109D/ZG2/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109D1-1.ZG2-White-2-Polish-campaign-Sep-1939-Jet-Prop-0A.html What do you think about? Happy modelling
  10. I will get the book at Friday. @Troy Smith, this is a wonderful delighting. I built so many 109, twenty years back, many wrong, to less knowledge. Now, I want to make all of them more accurate. B.T.W. Japanes Emils? Airfix kit A82012 has concerning to photo reference a wrong paint sheme. As I see it: 61, 62, 63 in the earlx mottle style. But no photo from top view for wings. Well, maybe someone can help. Happy modelling
  11. After many of Coroszy models, my contratulation! I admire your job. Beautiful! Excellent. Happy modelling
  12. Oh,Oh @Sea Venom, please read it, mybe too late.... I assume you are mislead. Early Messerschmitts and aircraft in the years of 1935 to 1940 are not in accordance with the later RLM certification rules. Some color you refer did not even exist. So please read my posts. Happy modelling
  13. My idea is: RLM 61 is Mr. Gunze 131 RLM 62 is Mr. Gunze 303 RLM 63 is Mr. Gunze 332 Any better suggestion? Happy modelling
  14. Hallo Because of my projects, I need your help: The color scheme. After looking at pictures in some good books and consulting Ullmann’s book, I had to resume that the use of RLM 61, 62 and 63 are the proper colors. Not at all to use RLM 02. The Spanish aircrafts of the civil war are also in RLM 63. So do I think. The Japanese Emil, as flown from Stöhr, are also in 61 and 62. The mottled camo scheme as it was used during A, B, C and D series are they in 63 as basic and 61 and 62 mottled? Need your opinion and your knowledge! Happy modelling
  15. Hallo Scale 48 only now! This is now a series of Messerschmitt 109. I will start with the A version as prototype. Now after a half year with modelling tanks, I wanted to switch back to my roots. Many years ago, I built my last CA kit. So I started after breakfast and after cleaning my workbench. As I said, I started in the morning. I cut all resin parts with my US cutter. Anyone, who does not know about this tool: https://www.amazon.com/Honda-Cutters-ZO-41-ultrasonic-cutter/dp/B00KCAKZ7G This tool is the best invention after resin parts in modelling appeared. No breaking of crispy parts anymore. On th other hand, when I need a saw, I take my Japanese saw. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10101375 So, with this comfortable tools, working is easy and clean. Afterward I took out all plastic parts and cleaned them, I went on the first assembly process. The wings with wheel bay. Of course, some thinning and additional grinding is necessary. As with CA kit is usual. I got them easily together and glued them. Then I checked the slats, and with some fitting work for increasing the holes for the levers, it was done. Gap filling at the outer ends of the wing with CA glue. Getting the molded lights off, since they will be replaced by glass. The cockpit is straight forward. The resin parts fit, without wall thinning! So far it was done. Time was left and I took out all etched parts and film. My spraying will be with Montex masks. Just part of it. So far for today. Next week more! Happy modelling
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