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  1. The operational use: Camera were installed and taken away from outside only. The area you describe is a protection of a jalusie like window. The airfields in Russia are mostly of poor condition and consider the climate! Heating was also a matter! Happy modelling
  2. The area of the hook rope catching area pure metal. Steel I asume. Titanium was not in use that time. Some wear and loss of paint is logic too! Happy modelling
  3. Hallo Now, I went some steps further, and some back. I had to notice that my gear box from Reskit does not fit with the bulkhead from the kit. The inclination of the gear box does not go conform to reality. The gear box center mounting leads the gear box in the vertical direction! The gear box mounting by itself with the supports in the back and sideward is quite brittle and quite filigree and I thought about getting in trouble with the finished model and the heavy rotor. So I built the drive deck from the kit. And after that I had to recognize all the missing detail. Oh which evil! Today I thought over and over of using the Blackdog parts. I changed the resin part a little bit in the wayward form and outline in the front of it. Well, it worked not well, but reasonable. So I had to accept to cut off all the top hatches, to have an open tourer. On Monday I will have to do some cleaning of the resin part and to cut all the covers. Well, the interior bench from the cargo is also to do. Than spraying interior and the resin parts. Much hand brushing is necessary. Happy modelling
  4. Hallo Thank you all for your nice comments. Despite this, I constantly want to improve the quality of my models. Each model is a challenge. The Mig-25 was a heavy challenge, since I searched for photos, not from the scrap yard, from operative aircraft. Operative aircraft from military operators. Color photos were not at my disposal. Happy modelling
  5. Hallo Thank you all for your nice comments. Despite this, I constantly want to improve the quality of my models. Each model is a challenge. Happy modelling
  6. Hallo Now at the beginning, my resin parts from Blackdog. A joy, when looking just a fast look. If you go into detail, oh my goodness! All bent in the forward section and so thin, that the light shines through already. To use it, I would have to eliminate the front step. It should be all level after the head cushion. If I would do this, I would have a film and all would fall apart. It is a shame. Maybe I can use the engine. Do not know, because the support legs are broken too! I prefer less detail but accuracy to install the whole conversion part. To give my dog a little joy, I put some goodies in the Reskit box. She liked it a lot! Now, let’s rest the bad thing. I progressed on all etched parts. Interior is finished, seat belts are done & also the back seat cushion in scratch. Exterior is also finished, as far as it is not outside the fuselage, and cargo cabin is also finished. Now I will focus on the engine compartment. Maybe I can use the resin engines. The rotor gear box I have already in resin anyway. After this is done, I will check it all over and think about spraying so far. Happy modelling
  7. Hallo Now today was resin day. All resin parts from my rotor kit from Reskit are done. It was a very delicate cutting. Many tiny crispy parts from a 3D print set. With my tools as US-cutter and Japanese saw an easy job actually. Some grinding and some drilling. Now I got the assembly so far, to decide what I really want to do. Waiting for Blackdog resin kit or a mixture of resin kits or to work with kit parts. I was doing from 08:00 to 14:00. Happy modelling
  8. Hallo Today I started at 13.00 and finished at 15.30 right now. I proceed in detailing the cargo room. With etched parts and some plastic parts too. On the other hand, I finished the cockpit equipment with etched parts & scratch & plastic parts. Now I have to do the seat belts and cushion. And I will start with the resin gear box and rotor. I hope to get my resin parts from Black dog on Friday. To decide how to proceed. Happy modelling
  9. @Mike, the Mi-35 is also in the pipeline. The Yak-130 and a lot of Su-27 derivates. 30, 33, 34, 35 Happy modelling
  10. Hallo This is the start of my Mi-24. All you see is the job from 08:00 until 15:45 this day. First of all I had to get a picture of this kit. How do parts fit, what is the overall design and how about handling. Well, after that closing up process, I got to the etched parts and made many cross switches between instruction from Zvezda to Eduard. In my mind I had to place two sets from etched parts in. Cockpit interior and cargo interior. With both in mind to check what makes sense, and what to leave out. Actually the instruction from Eduard surprised me until this hour. No flaw noticed and as you see all parts fit. The instruments at this set are much better from production as all seen before. However, I proceed that way, that I install prepainted etched parts before spraying. I mask them and this works well. So I can hide the gluing margin or leftover. · For tomorrow I have left some interior for the WO, still to finish and some electronic boxes from unpainted fret. · And to finish the big rear bulkhead from the cargo room. · The back seat cushion I will probably create by scratch. The next challenge is my resin rotor. Here I have to be careful. Since I am not sure if I will use the resin engine installation from Black Dog which I get by the end of this week. The rotor I think I will use in every case from the Reskit. The gear box from Reskit or Black Dog? This question I will decide at weekend. Happy modelling
  11. Hallo @exdraken, the cockpit, to my information, was that color. Analogy to Mig-31. Color pics from the Mig-25 RBT I have none. Do you have any reliable information from an Russian RBT? Happy modelling
  12. Where and when was your a/c flown? This is the first question to you before you can get a reply! Happy modelling
  13. Hallo This is my 1/48 scale Su-25 from Zvezda. I used the Quintas cockpit decals and the masks from NewWare. The probes are from Master. In all, it was a nice built. I did one Su-25 UB from KP, but I had to give up due to poor resin parts in the Master series. So it was a happy building now this kit. The parts are well designed and the instruction is quite logic. Have a look: Happy modelling
  14. Hallo This is my 1/48 scale Mig-25 from ICM. I used Eduard etched parts for interior. Also I used the Reskit exhaust nozzle and the masks from NewWare. The ladder is from LD in 3D print. The gear is from Dream Model. Well in all it was a nice built. The instruction was fine and with the Mig-31 already done, it was a nice built. Somehow also relaxing. The legs for the gear are in much more detail as SEC gears usually are. The price is, the legs are a bit softer. The Reskit nozzle was easy to build and to install. The Eduard parts also no great hazard. The masks from NewWare are simple the best I have. No matter which a/c. The spraying was done with Gunze C, CX and MC, M and SM colors. Well, so have a look: Happy modelling
  15. The Albacore in Yeoville, has as far as I remember the rigging bare flat metall. It was an aircraft for day ops. About night ops, we can guess. No pic will show you this, since there is shade anyway. Happy modelling
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