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  1. dov

    Red Baron D VII

    If anbybody is interested in the flying life of Richthofen, so I suggest to read his book. Richthofen as author. And to try to build of all the a/c he flew with. As crew and pilot. It is a huge interesting amount of. Kits are available for some!
  2. With oil after painting and gloss varnish. Take a sponge. Little part for cleaning dishes or a soft brush. And pation to let it dry, if it fits. One week! Do not touch before! Happy Modelling
  3. Well, the F-35 is our cathedral. The mankind started to build cathedrals to worship. On the way they learned math, geometry and learned to act as a group. They all, from king to peasant had to give money. It was a peaceful way to develop culture. After WW1 it changed to engineering totally. Even the space flight is our cathedral. You should see the F-35 only from this side. All western oriented countries give their money to big brother Uncle Sam. And he is doing to build a cathedral. We can worship, never to fly it. See it that way. All other perspectives are a nowhere.
  4. Blue and brown. http://www.hyperscale.com/2012/galleries/p51disrael32rw_1.htm It may help!
  5. Well. In principle, every modeler comes into contact with Eduard. Logically, if you use products often, you come across a lot of mistakes, flaws, quality and other things. After more than 25 years of experience with them, I can say from today's perspective that they make an effort. Look, you have a broken part. Well, it doesn't matter if it's missing or broken, you bought the kit somewhere. If that is the case, then it is reasonable to proceed in such a way that the orders can also be traced. The order history on online-shops is necessary. Send them a screen shot. Broken or missing p
  6. Yes, the storage of the models has been an issue since my first model. But basically, where there is a will, there is also a way. When models from the first few days no longer seemed beautiful to me personally, they were put on my list of gifts. I gave presents to many children, school friends of my children. Later when I built two or three versions, I gave gifts to friends and acquaintances from the aviation. Some strangers became aware of this through exhibits. They contacted me and wanted to buy models. Never for money. Giving gifts or flying hours. That's how I kept it to this day. At
  7. Well, the secret of success: No TV. Very demanding job. By our self, organizing exhibitions about aviation history. Together to international exhibitions. My wife is also a modeler. She always has many ideas and finds every new stuff for modelling. Together to the airshows and museums and flying with old machines. Shared love for modelling. That's it.
  8. dov

    BAE Hawk canopy

    look at my post. You find one Harrier!
  9. dov

    Cockpit glass

    The thing is, after spending hundreds of days in hangars or on airports, for hobby or military bases, I had to notice that nearly every cockpit has some tint. Some strong, some less. Some easy to notice, some hard to find out. Depending on angle of your position and the sun. In a museum usually it is easy to be overlooked. On the other hand, we have the seal. Today few masks producers handle this subject. Like New Ware and Montex. No other company I know. In reality, the seals are sometimes so strong determining the outlook of an a/c. So, to ignore it looks awful and toy like. Take a
  10. Nice model! For next time one suggestion: The propeller blades are actually very flat. They are grind down by use, depending on flying hours, when dust is grinding them. The other quite flat area is the leading edge of the wing and tail, and the exhaust area also. All dependend on flying hours! Happy modelling
  11. Great build! Congratulation! Happy Modelling
  12. Hallo Here I found the link to the database of all my models, back the last 25 years. My models Happy modelling
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