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  1. Hallo It is sprayed. Also the walkway, the red line and insignia. During next days are stenceling and final assembly intended. Happy modelling
  2. Hallo BTW, @Dads203, can you also put the canopy in the open position without force? Here I have 2 left over canopies. Front inner lip: 14,3 mm Reare inner lip: 13,5 mm At the position of rear frame Since my first P-51 was just kit's plastic. I had the same trouble. Only in the closed position was a smal force neccesary. Open position like in real, a nightmere. My 1/32 P-51 from ZM had different canopies for open and closed position. Happy modelling
  3. Hallo @Dads203, tell me please: The inner width of your canopy. Does it fit without force? Since no canopy I had, even with plain fusselage did so. In closed position the force was less, but necessary. In open position with end of canopy down as it should be, the force is really heavy. With plain fusselage! Which canopy part you used actually? Let me know! Since I think I have a tptal differnt kit. I tried it on two fuselages, which I will build soon. Happy modelling
  4. It is a first tiny step. Thank you. Generally I look less for modelling books. Modelling questions arrise of course. Due to painting or color questions. Generally I asume that production guidelines may have changed during years. I know the difference of production from the T-34 modelling. Happy modelling
  5. Hallo I intend to build in near future some aircraft from operation Barbarossa onward to 1945. So, my first question which books you may suggest to read? I ordered some kits already in 48 scale. Pe-2 and Il-2. Some fighter too. The kits I reley on are Zvedzda, Tamiya ( Il-2), and one from ICM. This field is a white spot in my modelling life. Therefore open for any advice. Happy modelling
  6. Hallo Now all plastik parts are done. Assembled aircraft, gaps filled. Polishing tomorrow. Maybe I will close the front panels. Not sure yet. Happy modelling
  7. Hallo Now, the airfarme is closed and wings installed. One major fit issue: The very front, where some assymetric half round pins must be reduced to the same sice as on the other side. Than it snaps and fits! I added weight, which should be enough. I did not notice any major fit issue until now. First dry fit in the morning: Then it all went straight: Happy modelling
  8. Hallo Now some progress. I assembled everythin possible, so that it will not interfere during final completition. The etched parts, so that the edges and glueing will be invisible. I have to mask the print on etched parts. I did not assemble the switches, knobs, levers etc. Many of them are red and silver color anyway. Bell green, in C340 is the main color. Now: Eduard tried to re-design the trim unit of the P-39. Eduard propses the handweel to be installed on the inner side wall of the trim unit, so that the pilot can not handle it! The kit trim-unit is correct! I used the kit parts for the trim unit and kit's instruction, which is correct! The knob of the shutter, will be improofed with CA! Some fuselage panels are closed.The radio on both sides. The engine on the r5ight side. Wings polished up to 8000. Happy modelling
  9. Hallo Now some photos: The first thing I did was the wing. The panels are closed. So CA was used for filling all gaps. I will polish them now up to 8000. The Eduard etched parts are an irony. Because you have no chance to fix the seat! Holes are closed by etched floor. Eduard seat has a nowhere werte to put it. The plastic frame in the kit is fixed on the seat. Not at the bulkhead. So, where to put the etched seat? Since I could not solve this mental exercise, I drilled holes in the etchef floor, according to kit's floor and used thje plastic seat. I build up lots of the interior. Whenever possible, I glued them. Finally I have many sub-assembly groups now. The etched interior is now to do and afterward spraying and assembling. Happy modelling
  10. Oh, the best of ALL is Tamiya. The Eduard / Acadamy: Eduard downgraded the instruction to that point of frustration. The kit needs lot of grinding. Eduard has some geometrical problems (since years) with trigonometric functions. So the headrest for the L version you can forget! Grinding: So much, that I got a real pain in my left hand! This is the absolut LIMIT, so I was really happy when I finished my last of the 4. Since I model a lot, the quanity of harsh handwork, by pressing and holding I must limit! Tamiya is a joy! Happy modelling
  11. Hallo I had to notice, that the P-39 is an aircraft, with a total different weathering pattern. No corosion highly visible. Pictures from Rusia show that the paint is on! What did Bell make different to all other companies on surface treatment? Maybe experts know the answer? Happy modelling
  12. Hallo Now I build the Kitty Hawk Aircobra P-39. P-39Q-5-BE 1st AE, 30th GvIAP, 6th IAK flown by Filatov 1945 https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/P-39/USSR/pages/42-20414-Bell-P-39Q-Airacobra-30GvIAP-180IAD-Silver-93-on-Belorussian-front-1945-02.html My choice was to build a model with some weathering in opposition with my P-51 series. My astonishment was big, when I had to realize that is not at all so. The surfaces of the P-39 show no indication of corrosion like the F-4U or other aircraft. The special Bell green on all interior surfaces is perfect, which is approx. like a modern Russian tank green. The build of this model with Eduard etched parts is like a comic. I can just wonder and lough. Why? There are flaws like you can never exceed. The proven four-eye principle. It was just understood a little differently. The first 2 eyes make a mistake, the other two eyes remain closed. That's exactly the joke, it runs through the entire model from front to back and it really doesn't leave anything out. You might think it's a carnival model. So, I will stay in the humor mode, when talking about this WIP. I think it is much better so. With all my experience we can easily and healthy overcome all the flaws with humor. I have enough experience to cope with this. So, next time you will get photos. Plastic and etched parts. Northing sprayed yet. So far,…. Happy modelling
  13. Hallo This project is on a short halt, since some more kits will be added. By the way, I did a side step now on the P-39 in 1/32 from KH. Just to breath a different air and to refresh my brain. Happy modelling
  14. Hallo Good news! The replacement for my broken clear front part arrived today. So, the P-38 will be finished after my present project P-39 inj 1/32 from KH is done! Happy modelling
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