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  1. dov

    F4U-1 birdcage Corsair

    My F4U-1 Maybe you have some ideas! Happy Modelling Dov
  2. dov

    F4U-1 birdcage Corsair

    Wow! Great pictures. I built all of this models, except the F7 Tigercat. Well, my Birdcage will get a moderate weathering. The coating for my a/c will be: 1. Metal 2. Red / Pink Minium Primer 3. Top Coat So my weathered areas will have a red surrounding! Thank you all!
  3. Hallo Well, now I did the entire cockpit from the Tamiya kit. The first photo shows you, where the Brasin set is wrong. The radius from the front bulkhead does not match with the center part of the fuselage. Here the radius is too big and this causes the upper sidewall on each side to be about 2 … 2,5mm too high. It would be above the kit fuselage. Painting and Barracuda stencils I added. The worst thing is the missing counter for ammunition. I vandalized my Brasin parts. This I cut out from Eduard Brasin, which I did not install. Actually, it is all fine now. Three remarks to the Tamiya kit: · I miss the ammunition counter · I miss the throttle in the off position (open canopy on ground) · The oxygen hose and equipment This are the major and visible flaws of the kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy modelling
  4. dov

    F4U-1 birdcage Corsair

    Hallo This is a good thing. For me it was absolute new, the fact the US companies used red Minium primer. For this event: Any Birdcage should have the weathering with redish surface and metall underneath! Like a Zero! Do you have any photos of weathered Birdcages ? From 1943 ? Happy Modelling Dov
  5. Hallo It is a pleasure to see this model. I am building it right now. Did you get informed about the Minium red primer of this early Corsair? Would like to ask. The Birdcage restoration project shows you all. The actually worn Birdcage must have been simmilar to the Zero with red primer shown, underneath metall. Would like to hear about your opinion! Happy Modelling Dov
  6. Hallo Now the showdown on the cockpit of the Corsair is done. The sidewalls do not fit with the firewall and the center tube. Sidewalls are too big in size. Look at the last two photos! Any further trimming destroys the interior! Any further step must be in vain, except I have a rich uncle, who would buy me three additional Tamiya kits. The Eduard website shows us just the 3D render and not a real brasin part at all. Therefore, it may fit in theory. No more words to this subject. I did not use until this step any kit parts, since I am too careful with Eduard quality. Happy modelling
  7. Hallo Now all the resin parts are clear-cut out. To achieve this I used two special tools. The UV hyper cut and Japanese saw. Conservative tools, as finger saw, I do not use anymore. Because of accuracy and most important of all: To prevent dust from resin. The Japanese saw creates about 1/5th of this dust, and need 1/5th of energy due to the design. The UV tool no dust at all. It is my margin to the health of my family! Happy Modelling
  8. Hello My intention to build the Corsair of Tamiya in 1/32, I delayed a very long time. The reason was that I have a BIGSIN from Eduard. My experience in installing such Brasin components is almost entirely negative to this day. Take the cockpit as an example. Nobody could tell me that it fits or not. A modeler has written a book about it, where the secrets for some money may be explained. The manufacturer has made no test of fit accuracy of Brasin components in the Tamiya kit. This is what the Eduard Helpdesk has told me. After you could even read in this forum, my funny experiences with Brasin Eduard (weapons), I am curious if I can finish the kit then or if I have to throw it away. In the WWW, I have found no one, except the author of the said mysterious book. That is the starting position. · Kit: F4U-1 Tamiya · Eduard 63302 BIGSIN cockpit, engine, wheels · Eduard F4U-1 exterior · SAC Gear · Barracuda Cals cockpit stencils and placards · HGW wet transfrers · Montex Maxi Masks mm32146 Well, if anybody can give me a hint concerning the Brasin items, please let me know. Happy modelling
  9. Hallo The way as you do it seems good. The result shows me exactly this too. Carry on this way. Happy modelling
  10. Hallo again Now my Atalef is finished. To the comment: You do know the cyclic sticks are in backward? As far as I saw it on photos, the sticks are in the correct position. Well, the assembling is not so difficult. At the last stage, when putting on the antennas you have to take considerable car, for checking the right position and the correct sequence. Otherwise, you cannot hold it anymore on the jig. The decals from Wingman are a disappointment. Because they stick to the outmost on the carrier paper. To move them on the model is in many occasions simply not possible. Therefore, I lost the rear decals and the numbering. The numbering I took it from a Gloster Gladiator from Roden, which I had in my left over box. The final assembly is tricky. I did it in a fine hour of tranquility. My verdict: Not at all for an inexperienced modeler. It should not be your first helicopter. I look for a good kit in 48 for a Bell 206. Does anybody have one? Let me know. Now I will do some tanks and halftracks. Just to breathe a fresh air in modelling. My Gotha and 0/400 from WNW will then be ready. Happy modelling
  11. Atalef Hallo again. This is my 4th helicopter to build. The kit is from Kitty Hawk Dauphine II and the conversion is from Wingman. The colors from Gunze are quite simple: All over is C308 and the blue C392. This blue is new for sowjet a/c like Sukhoi. The equipment for this helicopter is something else. It is equipped for search and rescue ops. Here it is very important to have the Wingman conversion. In this conversion set you find a huge amount of resin parts. They are very tiny and so I recommend to use a US cutter and a Japanese saw. I got them all out without any loss or damage. You will find links to these tools on my posts already. If you need any more information, so let me know. The build is straight forward. My way on helicopter building is, to add all glazing to the very end of the build. It is impossible to avoid the dust. And also impossible is to clean them all afterwards. Well, until next time. Happy modelling Pictures of the original: ATALEF walkaround
  12. Hallo The fit was quite good. If you grasp the pattern, where and how the injection parts are done, you know where to look at. In geometry fit is quite good. Read carefully the instruction, and think about it, if it makes sense or not. Many equal parts are numbered as different ones and the same number parts are different! The gear: Front and rear are written as the same, so check it out! Analogy is in the kit of the SA.365F/AS.565SA Dauphin II. The part one is such a manner! Main rotor shaft housing has to be reoriented concerning the base plate! Happy modelling
  13. Hallo again This is my 3rd helicopter. After hundreds of aircrafts. I changed basically my modelling for this issue: 1. I use the new Tamiya glue EXTRA THIN. Why? · It works much faster. It glues rapidly! · It does not harm my color. I use Gunze C colors. · I can glue more tiny parts, as with the common Tamiya glue. · I save a lot of CA glue. · In this built only the etched parts are glued with CA. Nothing else! 2. I do not cement all glazing before the helicopter is fully assembled and sprayed. Also the final clear varnish is sprayed. Some antennas I assemble after the glazing is assembled. 3. The grinding process is kept to an absolute minimum, to keep surface details unharmed. Well, in this case I opted for the IAF UH-1D, but I left it out, because of the camouflage. At the top I used the etched part from Eduard, and I can not mask it at all. The US Army version from Vietnam is absolute not my favor, but I had no other by hand. Happy modelling
  14. Hallo This is my first helicopter. I built it straight from the box. The fit is sometimes not so good. Actually, the installation of the wings before spraying was not a good idea. At my second helicopter, the AH-64D, I installed the engines later on. Therefore, you may prevent an uneven surface. It was a nice build. Happy modelling
  15. Hallo This is my Saraf. Kit from Hasegawa with Aires cockpit. The instruction for this kit is a nightmare. Guess…The wing installation on the left side is actually not possible, without cutting the plastic through. Without my own photos, the outcome would have been a disaster. The cockpit glass was glued after finishing all! The Aires cockpit does not match the Saraf. Detail work had to be done! The decals for the step on the right side is purely wrong. Too short! This is my second helicopter. Happy modelling
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