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  1. Hallo again Now I continued. I used the Mr. Hobby SM201, 202, 204 and 205. The shades I used are Titan, Stainless, and Silver. With these colors, you get a good-looking surface and you may prevent Alclad. All the missiles are finished. The AIM-7 too. They will get the red RBF flag including pin. Also the gear and all over the a/c. All small metal surfaces I finished. Also the nose cone. Well, next days painting will continue! Happy modelling
  2. dov


    Hallo again · If an lineage can be drawn, it's between the F16 and the Lavi My statement is: No, because it is to my knowledge, that it is the wing which makes an a/c and not the fuselage. Just in short terms. Is apparently the same, but not in reality by facts. · Comparison Typhoon with the F-104 It was just done in the fact of media presence. That is all. · The J10 is out there with 2 different intake designs, one is similar to the LAVI concept it seems, one is a diverter-less, some say F-35 derived/inspired design. Correct. The new design according to F-35 minimizes drag and radar cross section. Happy modelling
  3. dov


    Hallo The twin-engined BAE EAP and the Lavi both had their maiden flight in 1986. The technology at this time available found their way to the Lavi, Rafale and Grippen. But the design documents were sold to China. The result is the J-10. Very close in appearance to the EF. The apportion of the Lavi project I see different to Graham. Since Israel made so much contribution to get along with Soviet radar technology and did so much in the development in other weapon technologies, my point of view is very different. Uncle Sam did not have anything like the Lavi in shelf, but Uncle Sam forced Israel to buy a secondary weapon. Ignoring the actual security situation. This is the point, which is overseen. Happy modelling
  4. dov


    Hallo Today I want to make some remarks on the famous Eurofighter. This aircraft is the famous newspaper a/c, since headlines are a constant accompany in this a/c life. It is comparable with the public life of the F-104 Starfighter. Anyway, the history of its design dates back to the 1980s to Israel. The Lavi was born. I was eyewitness of her maiden flight. This outstanding fighter. The US prohibited any further development or production to Israel. The US acted and acts the same way as the Catholic Church in the Middle Age. To prohibit knowledge to the common people. So, the drawings and calculation were sold to China. Their derivate was the Chengdu J-10. This a/c has a very familiar shape to the Eurofighter. Here I show you my model. The photos from the Lavi I made during a visit at Hazerim. Here ends the story of the Lavi and the melting design to the EF. In between just the J-10. Only one component of the EF is superior. This is the power plant. It is very well explained in a book (just for insiders to read!). The book is from K. Bauerfeind; Steuerung und Regelung der Turbotriebwerke. This book tells you all about the shortcomings in the F-100 power plant family too. As conclusion I can formulate that each nation may have good designs and a/c. Some are more capable as others. Some pay money to silence their opponent, but they are not better, just short sighted! Note: The air intake of the J-10 is more sophisticated as the EF. The weapon load of Python 3 missile! Happy modelling
  5. Hallo again Last days I was busy with my nozzles and the weapons only. As you see, missiles, adapters, and launchers are done. The stenceling of the pylons are for tomorrow. These missiles are from Eduard and ResKit. They really need all your attention, if you want a good result. Preparations for setting the Remove before Flight labels are done, now on all parts. I want to get them all on the correct position. It is a challenge, but I want to take it. Happy modelling
  6. Hallo again Now I continued. With the Cockpit and fuselage assembling front & rear. Well, after that I tried a new colour, I bought recently in Japan: Mr. Hobby SM201, 202, 204 and 205 on the fuselage of the Lockheed S-3 Viking in 72. The shades from rear to front is Titan, Stainless, Gold and Silver. With these colors, you get a good-looking surface and you may prevent Alclad. Therefore, I will do it. All the missiles are lots of painting, but they need much more treatment. Even the other small parts like the gear and so on. They will keep me busy for the next days. Happy modelling
  7. dov


    Sukhoi Su-57 Su-57 from Wiki in English This aircraft I can call the best a/c ever built. After getting details of this a/c and getting through all the properties, this is an accumulation of all refinements of today’s aero-design. Beside the aero-design, the jet propulsion belongs also to the latest developments. The electronic, avionic and weapon technology fulfills every desire you may have today. Why is this development such a glory? Well, the way up to the sky is not a straight one. Very bumpy with many setbacks. The Russians learned. Each design can become a good design, if you are under really very hard pressure. Otherwise, you will not create a good design. It would be a low compromise. If you have a strong need, a shortage on materials, everything like this can push you forward. After all the decades from th1960s on until today, the jet fighter development all over the world went in an interesting way. After collecting the knowledge of supersonic flight, and the creation of fighters, which can fly them, some nations learned their lessons, and some not. Some nations thought, with money you can buy everything, but wisdom and intelligence you cannot buy in the supermarket or at the black market. Wisdom takes time to grow. Decades and generations. The design of every aircraft tells us a story about the people behind. The people who ordered it and the people who designed it. Such a thing cannot lie. It is. It is a fact. It talks to us more, as somebody may like it. So, do the F-35 and the Su-57 talk to us. Happy modelling I was in the design field for decades. I got the clue, to read from designs and programs, the same way, as people in Bletchley Park read the keys of the Enigma. In my work, it took us (office of 5 people) two decades to overrun a worldwide company with thousands of specialists.
  8. Hallo again First about the AIRES cockpit: The cockpit is too short. At the rear end should be am edge from horizontal to vertical surface. If you install the cockpit like this, you have in the front a huge displacement, which result is, that the glare shield overlaps the edge of the front cockpit window. This never can happen, because for free ejecting room! So, I decided to get the mistake to the rear. All small parts from missiles to gear and cockpit got a white surfacer treatment. To make painting easier. Now I will proceed in all weapons, cockpit etc. As group by group, I will finish all them during next days. The nozzle too, is prepared. The FOD’s also. The a/c I may paint in two separate parts as you saw on the jig. I assume that doing so, is much easier. The cockpit I can install from the rear after spraying. The small joint area I would have to get over once more. Happy modelling
  9. Hallo again So far, weapons, launcher, pylons and apapters: All in exact position with metal pins and holes on the opposite part. The covers on the fuselage for AOA and pitot tube also. The missiles are not satifying. Maybe I will replace them by Reskit and Brasin. Happy modelling
  10. This is my version for carrying the ELTA L-8222 pod.
  11. Hallo again Now the lights are on. This was the very important step for my wings and rudders. It all went well. After that, I made the final fit for the cockpit. All well. Yesterday I put wings on, and after gluing, I put CA in major holes. After that I used Surfacer 1000. Now today the rudders are also in position. The next step is getting along with weapon load and configuration of pylons and adaptors for launchers and my ECM pod. Well, as you see on photos, I try got get my model close to a real Baz. Happy modelling
  12. dov

    IAF Pictures

    Hallo 72modeller. this are not my photos. It is one of the best aircraft photographer in Israel. I know his work, and I thought, maybe somebody else has interest in it. Aircrafts are usually modelled much too clean. IAF a/c are heavily used, and modelling them, should be like usually people are weathering tanks. I want to give new ideas for modelling this way. See, as I model tanks fresh from the workshop in contrast to battlefield worn down tanks. Take some idea, or joy of flying, and joy for modelling. Happy modelling
  13. dov

    IAF Pictures

    Hallo Anybody interested in modern aircrafts? So go and have a look. Take time.... The MOST WONDERFUL PICTURES of Israeli Aircrafts Happy modelling
  14. Hallo again Now today’s progress was actually hard working with lots of dust and chips. · I did a plate at the intake, to prevent the FOD to fall in the model during installation. · I sprayed the intake area. · At the rear, I put some styrene at the tail boom, for my tailerons from resin. · I glued the top and bottom fuselage half together. · With CA, all major gaps I filled. · I took the wing and cut out for moved ailerons. · I glued the wings. · Again all major gaps I filled with CA. · Weapons: Here I did some improvements. The launcher for the Python I replaced from Zukei Mura Phantom left over. They are the LAU 7. · I took Sidewinders also from Zukei Mura left overs. LAU 128 with adapter from resin I added. · All covers for AOA, pitot, and wheels I cut out from resin. · The tail top pods I had to remove and replaced them symmetrically by styrene. · First sanding all over the fuselage including 2nd step CA at gaps. · First sanding run over the wings including 2nd step CA at gaps. · Holes for my tailerons I had to drill Ø 2,5 mm. · Cut out for lights at the wing tip and inner wing. For the lights by itself I will take some left overs from AIRES. Happy modelling
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