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  1. Hallo again In summary a nice model, a real challenge. A good kit from WNW, with some surprises included. My last WNW model. I choose spraying the camouflage, to prevent working with decals. You never know, if there are troubles with decals, it is too late. I learned my lessons already. Never trust any instruction! At the very end, surprise, surprise! How to install the gun? Because the holding D18 prevents rotating! It is so foolish. The cramped front position with the bombs vertically, no space left, and the gun looks tangential outboard! The kit part D18 is a flaw. The lower door, is actually closed by a spring. And as I read in Flight International after capture, no gun position was there either. The bomb installation opens questions, but no suitable answer in the instruction. So I left my outboard bombs at home! Well, dear modeler, never trust any instruction and be prepared for real astonishment. It is like an ambush! Stay ready to improve, and you may win! If you like crossword puzzle, so take WNW instruction, they are a puzzle. For rigging: Everything is written in my post, to create the same rigging as I did on this AEG! Happy modelling
  2. dov


    Just about rigging Today I use my tubes or sleeves, for getting the rigging fixed. Therefore I use a material which I can counter thread. Twice the diameter of the filament must have space in the inner diameter of the tubes. Look at my model! This is the easiest way to get round. You may also see on the forum a wonderful built AEG from WNW. But the rigging is the most dangerous way, this modeler went on. It is like climbing without a rope. I prefer the save way, like flying with a radar beam for homing. If you do this all, you may not know any further and some step. Please ask, if you do not understand it. I want to give you a save path for WW1 a/c modelling. Happy modelling I work now without knots. Roland CII late without knots (dark) Roland CII early is with knots (bright)
  3. dov

    WW1 Flight International

    Hallo again Are you interested in Flight International Magazine pdf download: https://archive.org/details/Flight_International_Magazine?&sort=date&page=2 Enjoy it! Happy Modelling
  4. Hallo again This is my Albatros in 1/32: Happy modelling
  5. Hallo again This is my Roland D.VIb in 1/32: Happy modelling
  6. Hallo again This is my Pfalz D.XII in 1/32 Happy modelling
  7. Hallo again Here is my LVG C.VI in 1/32 Happy modelling
  8. Hallo again: Here please is my DFW C.V in 1/32: Happy modelling
  9. Hallo again With self designed strut support plates. A new idea. Happy modelling
  10. Hallo again Some better pictures: Happy modelling
  11. Hallo again, some more pictures: Happy modelling
  12. Some better pictures: Happy modelling
  13. Hallo Some pictures are gone. So I give you better ones: Happy modelling
  14. Hallo Some pictures are gone, since I had a little mess! So please: Happy modelling
  15. Hallo This is my Roland CII late. In contrast to the Roland CII early, it is much more colorful. My Roland CII early, you will find here. Beside this, I did two major changes. · The rigging without knots · The airscrew, now laminated. Well, I hope you enjoy it. Happy modelling
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