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  1. Border Model releases the kit in 32 with full interior. Happy modelling
  2. Quintas has 3D printed interior. You know this company? They have everything. One Chines company sells it alteady. Maybe it was Meng, or any known comp. Happy modelling
  3. It is really perfect what you do Sophie. You are not alone, as a woman. My wife is eager for modelling too over 25 years. She is Ruth on the forum. She is better than I. Wellcome onboard. ......archaeologist who specialises in WWII..... This makes me curious! Happy modelling
  4. Hallo This is my Panzer 38(t) Ausführung B as Commander vehicle. The kit from HB in scale 1/35 is with full interior. The track chains I took from Friul. It is to my opinion the best way to achieve a good setting of the track chain. On the other positive side is the easy closing the chain. Here I prevent damage on the finished or almost finished model. Well, that is it. Have a look on it. Always open for suggestions and critics. Happy modelling
  5. We had the same question three times. No specific answer we got. The logic and tales I followed. Standard: British interior green. SOE flights in nighttime: Black, if there are still parts of bright color. Prevent gloss! Medium flat! This is memorizing all photos and all real Lizzies seen. Happy modelling
  6. Trumpeter 01652 Su-34 Fullback fighter-bomber is an early version. The box art shows you exactly an early version. Why do you claim a late version? You say: full of errors and shortcomings. How do you know? If you can not differ between an early and late version? If you have no clue about this aircraft, so what? Did you read Airwingmodels critics of the Su-34 in 1/48? I suppose so. You criticize the same things. The language on this forum is full of dirty low level words! Disgusting such critics! This is China bashing 100%. The Model world is tolerant, beside the exact model. Tolerant for flaws. We must be, otherwise we all would become psychic. I had to learn it also! So stay straight! What do you want? If you buy a kit and see the boxart so you will have seen that there are no fillets between the ECM pods and leading edge of the wing. This is the early version. If you want to have a clue on the Su-27 family before starting modelling, so buy the book from Gordon https://www.amazon.de/Sukhoi-27-30-33-34/dp/1910809187 and please read it! If you refer to GWH kits: Have you ever built an F-15 from them? The wing leading edge and air intake are simple a sin! Awful really! Your request on the landing gear doors of the MIG-31: Did you contact them? I did it already. They do answer. Maybe it takes some time. It really works. If you buy a F-16 kit, do you know which block number the model will represent? Honestly, do you know it? I say no, not at all. No matter which version, the block number you may probably not know at all. I just watch a sort of anti-China mood all over. But, if we would not have all the China based companies, what would we have? Yes, we would have companies in the former Eastern Europe and Russian world. Yes, the western world is quite a low key player. You mention prices: A price must be fair. We tend today and yesterday also to get everything for nothing. This can not work and will not work. Happy modelling
  7. On all my photos of flying aircraft from 2000 to 2010 I checked the Tempest (stationary in Hendon & Duxford) , Sea Furry and Hurricane and some others. No one had rivets on the control surfaces. Tail control surfaces of the Sea Furry are smooth Tail control surfaces of the Tempest are smooth Tail control surfaces of the Hurricane are smooth Even je rivet queen the Avanger in the FAA museum is quite smooth! I know it from riveting on a real Trojan, that rivets are almost 1 mm out of surface. If you want it in scale: Consider in 1/24 0,1mm on the model is 2,4 mm in reality. In 1/48 4,8 mm in reality. This is a special point of interest, but does seldom meet reality. In AFV tanks, yes here it is necessary on a Lee or Grant! Save energy, safe your pocket. Happy modelling
  8. To drake 122 regarding Su-34: Here you must differ which version of production you want. It is an early production 34. There was no APU. There was no wing fillet for ECM. I notice on complaints in general a sort of China bashing. If you are so firm on the 34 you may know the earlier versions too. The radom of Academy Su-27 is also incorrect! I got the correction. I built F-16 for the IAF years ago. Had to notice that all well recomended companies had flaws in their kits. ALL! I bought tons of resin but actually I reduced my accuracy not to become fed up! Happy modelling
  9. Mig-31 AMK kit is no straight way either. Instruction: Mainly superb, in some sections absolute missleading. You may end up in a nowhere. Some parts can only be dry fitted once! No chance to get them out once more. Front gear! Look at my WIP! Center rear part bottom. Gear bay installation some parts it is better to leave out and install later. Very tricky! Cockpit dry fit perfect, when sprayd installation of seats and accutataors difficult! On and on. Read my WIP! Happy modelling
  10. To correct: ACES off course
  11. Here are the asses and the type list, as far as I have in my books: Godwin Brumowski 42 kills Julius Arigig 32 kills Ing. Benno Ritter von Fernbrugg 31 kills Frank Linke-Craford 29 kills The aircraft industry at this time is hard to describe: In Germany just a like merry go round to create excess of money. Ernst Heinkel wrote in detail about this field and specuially about the cooperation with Castiglioni in his book. Camillo Castiglioni was the absolute champion in this field together with Fokker. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Camillo_Castiglioni Aviatik Berg D.I. produced by the company Thöne & Fiala in Vienna Aviatik Berg C.I. produced by W.K.F. also in Vienna Loyd C.V. also produced by W.K.F. W.K.F. D.I. a sleek new design analogy to Albatros Brandenburg B.I. Brandenburg C.I. Brandenburg G.I. Ufag C.I. Brandenburg D.I. type KD kit was started by Wingnut & Cooperstate Albatros D.III. Oef Albatros D.II. produced by Öffag Öffag C.II. Loyd C.II. Aviatik 30 Aviatik B.II. Phönix D.I. Phönix D.II. Phönix 20 Phönix C.I. Albatros B.I. Lohner B. VII. Lohner B.II. Lohner L I hope you may get along now. Greetings from Vienna Happy modelling
  12. Just to mention: It is not a matter of scale! The distortion is in proportion to the original always the same! Please look at some paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. On the other side to postcards painted by Adolf Hitler. In his postcards the shades are always wrong. He had no clue about geometry. It simple hurts the eye, on the other side the paintings of Lonardo and Michelangilo it is a pleasure a warmth, what an art is like. Leonarddo's paintings are much better, because he understood more about vision of the edge or border of the object. https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/whats-on/leonardo-s-legacy-francesco-melzi-and-the-leonardeschi https://www.wikiart.org/de/leonardo-da-vinci opposite: https://historyofyesterday.com/how-michelangelo-ended-up-in-the-school-of-athens-painting-of-raphael-639c658d0d5a negative opposite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paintings_by_Adolf_Hitler Second: This causes at most decal sheets the errors when placing decals and stencils. Worse on camo shemes! Think about it! Happy modelling
  13. Look, in next days I will check my library. One of my friends, who made a book about it passed away a year before. Anyway I can refresh some chanels in the modelling circle in Vienna. You may specify what you want. The top score Bromowsky ( not correct spelled now) is the most researched one. My sugestion! By the way: He taught H.J. Marseille as flying instructor. I am just generating your appetite for this. More at or after weekend.
  14. Hallo Much research was done here in Austria to this topic. The journals and books about it are mostly German. The camouflage in this theater is quite a challenge. I am not sure if the kits are good researched. Happy modelling
  15. Here is to mention an other point for modellers. Mostly forgotten objects in aircraft are curtain. I started some times ago a thread about it! Im every cockpit to see, Ju 88 and so on... Happy modelling
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