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  1. Nice job Keith, probably will be seeing this Tuesday evening
  2. kev67

    Heller B.707

    They also do Lufthansa decals
  3. kev67

    Heller B.707

  4. kev67

    1/72 Airfix Wellington IC

    Congratulations on a superb looking Wimpy, I have this kit in my small stash, I will probably not put in to much of the interior in, as it can be hardly seen.
  5. I must admit I admire your builds greatly, each one a delight to look at
  6. I did the old Esci kit many years ago, and found that a very easy build, I know its not the most accurate, but looks like a Dakota, one day I could build the Airfix one as it looks more like one, especially the nose
  7. Very nice model, the Airfix Dakota looks very good, although I know the deep trench panel lines are not to many peoples liking. I have a photo of my dad when he was in the Paras, with the Dakota behind, would love to know the colour scheme of it, I believe it was taken before Operation Longstop in 1947 I believe
  8. Just watched this on my computer, good programme, it was quite funny when James May mentioned about blurring the youngsters face at the front of the Airfix unveiling, so they can get a girlfriend later on in life, made me chuckle
  9. I have this kit to build, with some of the replacement resin stuff, the Fisher resin is very good
  10. Building mine at at the moment, I don't want to sound a rivet counter, but I think the nose looks to pointy, I have tried to round mine off a bit, also adding various bits like door hinges and door gutter and elevator hinges, plus the odd air vents that are missing here and there, but overall a nice kit, I also added some seats in mine to spruce it up a bit, I did also notice the injection plug at the bottom which needed filling, there also appears to be a cooling vent I presume above the engines which is not on the kit
  11. kev67

    This years big push

    Cheers Andy, I will be there hopefully on the Saturday, hopefully catch up then
  12. This should be good when finished, always love a vac form, I always thought about trying to acquire one of these beasts and having a go and building one, but I hate rigging model aircraft
  13. Very nice build, one of my favourite helicopters, I believe the Airfix kit is a very good interpretation and is also worth building
  14. kev67

    This years big push

    Every single one a great model Andy