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  1. I think you are showing the future for this hobby, what ultimately will happen is more and more will be able to create their own models, especially if you have the knowledge to do it that is
  2. Hi Bit more of an update on the BPK 1/72 737 800, I have now attached the centre fuselage section to the body, my personal preference though would of been to have this as one piece rather than two as it can been a pain to get rid of the join in the middle, I used some plastic tabs to give a better join. Fixing the lower part created a bit of a fit issue but I think that was more to my lack of modelling skills than the model itself as it required a bit of filler to blend everything in and some sanding in places, but worked out OK in the end, the engines mounts to both wings were also fixed
  3. Models always look good primed, as you know most of the hard modelling graft is done and it’s now onto the painting stage, my personal choice in primer is Tamiya fine primer, especially grey as it is also very robust and polishes up great, I only use their white for large white areas although I also use the Tamiya gloss through my airbrush to give it a satin look to finish it off as well rather than the Halfords white, which to me looks to glossy in 1/72, but every one has their own preference, and I know Toms expertises will come out looking great in the end, the down side though to Tamiya s
  4. Very nice indeed, anyone who can finish a Mach2 kit and make them look extremely presentable deserves a medal
  5. Excellent build, I really like the Camouflage scheme
  6. Great choice these Dynavector kits are great, I was informed that the chap who done these was a member of our club for a while before he moved back to Japan, some of the members helped him with the vac form process
  7. Great model and extremely well painted, I have seen various photos of really weathered Defiants with the older camouflage coming through the black
  8. I bought a bundle of these transfers back in the early eighties and still have them, some of them look really well printed, and probably still useable
  9. The main fuselage is now firmly glued together and all the joins sanded smooth, I have also added the vertical tail which was a perfect fit and required no filler, I have also attached the glazed cockpit, which did require a fair amount of sanding to get a good smooth surface, but this might be down to me rather than how the kit is, I did have a bit of trouble also with the passenger windows, as I found it had a step that required quite a bit of scrapping back and sanding to make everything blend into the body, I did lose a bit of detail especially on the nose, but will add these later on in t
  10. Cheers Tom, Hannants is still the cheapest I have seen, BPK are going to bring out a KLM version so probably best to wait for that as the scheme looks really good, I have fitted the clear passenger windows, but they are a pain to fit flush with the fuselage, and required a lot of scrapping and sanding back of the clear plastic, I think if I ever do this kit again I will remove most of the plastic where the windows fit and just leave some for strength if you know what I mean The part where I cut the extra window out looks a mess really, as I only noticed this extra window after I had adde
  11. Nice build Tom, were you able to get to your dads and spray this then
  12. Another brilliant build to add to your stash
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