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  1. Great result of a kit that you hardly see being finished, nice to have something different as well
  2. That is looking really good, first Broplan model I hopefully will see completed
  3. Excellent build, anyone who can finish a Mach 2 kit off, and do a good job of it, I take my hat off to you
  4. Don't get too down about Airfix though, as they do some great kits, such as the new Buccaneer and the Wellington, there has been a lot said about quality control though and the plastic, in my personal opinion I wish Airfix would bring everything back to the UK, including the manufacturing of the moulds, but that's only because I am in favour of backing British industry which has simply died especially in engineering terms. Anyway try making a Mach 2 kit, you will wish you hadn't
  5. Looking excellent, I found with Broplan kits their vacforms seems very thin, yours might be different but compared to other ones such as Airways and Rareplane which seems to use thicker plastic
  6. Best 1/72 Pucara I have seen so far made up, these kits go for silly money on ebay now, had both the Special Hobby and Airfix one in my stash, but sold both of them
  7. Good choice, I also built this kit when I was a kid but that was about 1979, not a bad model if my memory serves me right
  8. WOW, that is a great looking Airfix Lancaster, regarding the kit itself, I think the main problem is the production process, as the kit is designed in the UK using CAD, then the moulds are manufactured in China then the plastic is extruded in India, although I don't think every kit is moulded in India as some are done in the UK I believe, but it does cast some doubts about QA how the manufacturing is process, obviously for cheapness and to get as much profit from the kit
  9. I see Mach 2 have released the DC-8 in different forms as seen on the Hannants web site, obviously this would of been Didiers release at Telford this year https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/GP110IBA?result-token=sMk5N https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/GP110USN?result-token=sMk5N
  10. Can't recall the Huey at Telford but I might be wrong, there was a Lynx at the show in 2012 though
  11. Blimey, sorry to hear about the flood and the damage it caused to the models you made, I know how you must feel although nothing on this scale, I was packing my 1/72 Vickers Vanguard to go to a model show last year when a gust of wind picked the whole box up and flipped it out and causing to much damage for me to fix, but although I was very deflated as the model took me a year to complete, I think I realised that there are more important things in life than the model that was damaged.
  12. I have just seen this on the Hannants web site, how did I miss this one, love the RAF camo with the two toned Brown and black underneath with the white roof, the one that Airfix did all those years ago
  13. very nice indeed, first time in ages I have seen someone do the invasion stripes how they should be and not straight and neat
  14. Cracking stuff, very impressed, I have dabbled a bit in 3D design using Rhino, but nothing to this degree, always wanted to try and do something similar to yours, but I think it just comes down to having the time, patience and getting the knowledge on using the software to its best ability, and I lack all 3 at the moment
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