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  1. Not the best photo, but is an original one taken by my mums father, I believe in the 1930's and showing the Graf Zepplin I imagine flying over somewhere in the UK, probably near London
  2. Nice show as always, never one of the busy shows, so numbers were similar to previous years I think, weather was terrible
  3. Great stuff I have acquired the Mars 2 printer, have not done anything with it apart from test pieces to get the settings correct in Chitubox. I always have found Tamiya fine grey primer works very well
  4. I grabbed the Vibrator by accident. No complaints, wanted one of these too are you sure the vibrator was for you
  5. Pete you have done a great job on the Amodel kit, you don't see many made up, but I guess they are no shake and bake kits
  6. Lovely build, you have done a great job and the finished model looks superb
  7. I don’t really like the stynelerez primer, I always use Tamiya grey fine primer
  8. I would imagine you have the famous sink mark in the centre section of the wing underneath
  9. It is a nice kit, and builds quite easily, I did not find any problems, just allow plenty of weight in the front
  10. Excellent build, really nice paint camo, these Pucaras were hastily painted over the natural metal, some still showed this more in certain areas
  11. Cheers Fritag, my eye site is not as good as it was, thats my excuse
  12. Cheers, as a Amodel kit it went together very well, although had the noted sink mark underneath that was easy to fill, the Sea Devon name I believe was given to the Navy version and is no different really than the Devon and Dove variants
  13. The Rareplanes one is still a good representation and I think has the right nose which is a little more stubby This one I built about 11 years ago now, and still my favourite model and aircraft, although I did not use the right grey as it should be a light aircraft grey
  14. I have started mine several months ago it’s not an easy kit but has lovely recessed panel lines and seems very accurate, the only draw back is the clear windows that need some work to get right
  15. I used white decal cut to thin strips, although I think they could of been a bit thinner for the frames
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