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  1. Looks excellent what you have done, don’t forget about the periscope above the cockpit, it will be only be a small dot I know in 1/144 https://www.airliners.net/photo/British-United-Airways-BUA/Vickers-VC10-Srs1103/1612066 standard VC10 but I imagine they were on the supers
  2. One thing I did not know is that the tail assembly was made in France by Sud-Aviation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKayqKmyGes
  3. When I was a teenager I converted the old Airfix Heron into a Devon, with quite good results for me at the time
  4. Sad news, that Tony who owned the AJ Aviation passed away, some might remember the shop as the Aviation Hobby shop in West Drayton, I used to frequent the shop when I was a youngster over 40 years ago, remembering the stacks of models piled high, I believe the shop will close for good in 2 months time
  5. WOW, each model you do is more impressive than the last, you seem to have a keen interest in Vickers aircraft, have you ever been to Brooklands museum in Weybridge home to Vickers aircraft, I know it is probably a bit of a distance especially living in Slovenia though
  6. H Andy How are you, another excellent build and finish, the Roden kit looks superb, and seems an accurate kit, although 1/144 is not my scale as you know
  7. WOW, you have done a great job on such a huge kit, I had this kit a couple of years ago that I had won in a competition, but thought that I would never build it because of the size, so sold it in the end
  8. Stunning build, I think if you photographed the model outside with natural light and a scenic background with blue sky, you would not tell that this was a model, but the actual aircraft
  9. Excellent build, this must of been in one of the modelling magazines, can't remember which one though, maybe Airfix mag
  10. Lovely work, nice to see old school model making at its best
  11. It would be nice to have a 800 series Viscount, Densil does some great stuff, but I am not a fan of resin parts on his kits, I would much prefer his kits have vacform Fuselage and wings, and the engines and other smaller stuff in resin
  12. The actual aircraft was thin at the base and then tapered up larger at the top of the vertical tail, so you have tried to correct something that was OK anyway
  13. When my nan was alive, she used to tell about the bombs being dropped around Walsall where she lived from Zepplins during the first world war, I think they might of been targeting the gas works
  14. Hi Pete If you do get the Casa 212, from my build experience, I would make sure that plenty of tabs are cemented on the inside of the fuselage edges especially underneath as there no locating pins, as this is the weak part of the kit, apart from that it goes together really well
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