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  1. When doing your own masking it is best to put the Tamiya tape larger than the area you are trying to mask and using either a fine black pen or even a cocktail stick run this around the edge of the window, then remove the tape and cut out using a scalpel, then you can replace it back into the desired area, you easily trim off bits if its to big, but you don't need to use a scalpel blade directly onto the clear plastic
  2. Looks fantastic Tom, much better than their VC10 attempt
  3. I often asked Airfix at Telford if they would do a Devon/Dove either in 1/72 or 1/48, as the aircraft served all over the world in military and civil roles, but I suppose as it does not fire missiles or drop bombs it would not sell very well
  4. Lovely build, hopefully I will get mine done soon
  5. Thanks, I have seen that photo, can't really tell if they go along the top of the fuselage as well though, and are they just yellow dots
  6. If you can do your own masks, probably save you some pounds, but the pre-cut ones are generally good, most modellers I have seen spray the interior colour first on the outside, although with 1/72 spraying on the primer when you have positioned the masks is good enough, I always tend to run a clear varnish such as Johnsons Klear around the edge of the mask before painting or spraying as this prevents paint creep underneath the mask
  7. I am at the painting stage of doing the Zvezda's excellent Hercules model, I am opting for the matt mid stone/ dark earth camo pattern, without the white roof, my question is, are the walkways on the wings a faded colour such as with the Gloss version and did it have yellow dots or something along the walking area on the wings/fuselage, as I don't seem to find any photos showing this, any help would be useful
  8. Very nice build, the trick with flags is to put the decals on baking foil, and trim it to size, that way you can bend it in different directions as though it is being blown in the wind
  9. P38 is just a car body filler, I am sure there is an equivalent to it in USA
  10. You have done a brilliant job on the Aeroclub kit, it builds into a great model, Aeroclub made a mistake though as there was only one exhaust on the engine on the outer side, really was a mucky engine indeed.
  11. You have a great job, nice to see more Devon/Dove getting built, I also have this kit, it is a lot easier to build than the Rareplanes kit, but as mentioned the nose on the Amodel kit is a bit pointy, regarding the asymmetrical tail, the early Devons, Doves had both tail plans the same, I think looking at your second colour photo yours is OK, it really depends on the airframe you want to build, and if its been modified or not
  12. I was more talking about the thin stripes on the wings really, silvering usually occurs if the decals are not applied to a gloss paint surface though
  13. I have two of these plus I’ve just ordered the Viking, I will probably do the Flixton one as I have plenty of photos of that particular aircraft, I will at some stage go to Brooklands again as they have a Viking and the guys their are full of info in Vickers aircraft
  14. Paint or spray the stencils on, if you can remove the old stencil decals that is, I normally put fine tamiya tape down where the stencils are, then use that as a guide before putting wider tamiya tape down, at least that way you know you have it in the correct position, and also run some Klear on the edge to prevent paint creep
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