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  1. Luckily there are loads of photos on line as G-ARVF is at Hermeskeil air museum in Germany, although in United Arab Emirate colours but you can see the configuration of the aircraft
  2. To be honest depending on what VC10 you are doing the wing shape looks OK, but depends on what VC10 you depict and whether it had the wing chord extension or not https://www.vc10.net/Data/vickers_vc10_type_designations.html If you are doing 1101 G-ARVM I believe this did not have the wing chord extension, but my experience with the VC10 is with the 1103 (ex BUA), hopefully bzn20 can clarify this, but again you need to know which one you are planning to build Also 1101 had a full chord outboard wing fences fitted https://www.vc10.net/Technical/wing_shapes.html
  3. Yes, the one that is at Brooklands, but only the body survives sadly
  4. At least the windows look like they line up unlike the Comet Didier done last year
  5. Could you put a picture of the wing from above. Did BA use Standard VC10's I might be wrong but I thought they were super VC10's
  6. I think modellers need to know the pit falls of the Mach 2 kit, after all it is £80 and a lot of money to anyone, if a modeller is prepared to buy one and is not bothered about accuracy that is fine, Alan is in no way in competition with Mach2 as he is only probably going to sell a very small amount next year some time, but at least it will be more accurate
  7. Hi Neil, good to see you at Telford, the Halifax is looking great with all the extra detail you are adding to a pig of a kit Kev
  8. My model I built was based on that aircraft, spent hours and hours looking at it and taking photos, I am no professional modeller, but even I tried to correct the Vacform Airways kit into something a bit more accurate to the eye, I only wish Didier would of asked people who were in the know as like yourself for information, after all he is asking people for £80 for his rendition on the most gorgeous civil/military plane that graced our skies, and he has done it no justice. Airfix have a policy of asking the experts before they bring out a kit, such as there new Vulcan. To be honest I am disappointed but hey hoy its a Mach pooh kit as they say, if people want to spend their money that is fine, but how many Mach 2 kits do you really see at shows, I saw one Argosy at Telford which looked very good to be honest, but most will spend there days sitting in the loft gathering dust, or half built never to see the finish line. or even dumped in the bin
  9. Firstly I would like to say, we now have an injection 1/72 VC10 at long last, my first impressions are similar to ho590hm, but to me the most obvious corrections needed if you are totally bothered that is as some modellers might feel it looks like a VC10 which I have no problem with, but if you wish to alter things there are some glaring issues, such as the Nose looks totally wrong, the leading edge on the vertical tail is not pointy enough at the base and half way up, where then it becomes more curved, there should be more of an angle on the engine mount at the front and straight at the back, quite evident when you look at photos, also the main undercarriage should be angled back not straight as the kit is, there probably is other things but these were my first impressions when I saw the kit on Saturday, by the way Alan at Icelandic models VC10 has the correct nose and tail in my opinion, but says he will not release it because on the Mach 2 kit. Maybe I'm being cynical but I spent to much time scouring over the VC10 at Brooklands not to notice certain things, and it is my favourite aircraft after all
  10. kev67

    Telford 2019

    And not just the nose, I looked at Alans Icelandic models VC10, he has given his model a lot better character presentation of the nose, also his vertical tail is better as it shows the front trailing edge how it is pointy at the bottom but is more rounded at the top, the engine pylons should have a angle at the front and slope back straight at the back, I also don't think there is enough bulge underneath where the wings meet the fuselage. Alan did not want to release his VC10 as Mach 2 have released theirs, but he could easily do a correction set. Anyway at least Mach 2 release kits that people want, I only wish he could spend more time on research into the subject and look at photos of the real thing
  11. kev67

    Telford 2019

    all I can say really, lots of people with these under their arms being conned out of £80, will be very good for loft insulation
  12. kev67

    Telford 2019

    I hear the cat has been let out of the bag regarding Airfiix’s new release let’s say it’s a V shape and dropped bombs on Port Stanley airfield and not 1/48 scale lol
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