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  1. Very nice, I made the same kit some 40 odd years ago, if I remember it went together quite well, had those horrible rivets though, but was still enjoyable until my sister broke it lol
  2. I have a Cameo Silhouette cutter, they are really good for cutting masks such as serial numbers and letters and insignia, but they have there limitations on how fine they can cut because of the size of blade, and my own experience to try and cut something as fine as the MDC, the material would probably fold up onto the blade with all those intricate lines
  3. Looking very good Tom as always, down in Cornwall at the moment, watching a Navy Merlin doing some hovering practise over the sea
  4. I have built the Welshmodels kit and have the BPK 737, in my honest opinion the BPK has more detail, and also has clear plastic for the passenger windows and window masks, the Welsh kit needs these cutting out unless you use decals, there is some question on the accuracy on the nose and tail fin on the BPK, but to me it looks like a 737 Anyway this BPK up coming release of the 737 800 http://bigplaneskits.com/boxart-for-737-800-1-72/
  5. Very nice build, one of our club members did the camouflage version last year, the old kit scrubs up really well
  6. As far a I know, no one has produced a 1/48 scale DH Heron, although Magna did a 1/48 DH Devon/Dove
  7. WOW, certainly some dedication put in on this model, I think another award winning model coming up
  8. You are doing a great job, can't wait to see it finished, how are you going to do the windows, clear acetate may be
  9. The Airways VC10, is pretty good as the fuselage and wingspan is about right, the biggest problem is the step underneath the fuselage where the wings join as there is none, and a certain amount of milliput is required, also the vertical tail at the front is to fat, there other things, but to be fair it looks like a VC10 once built
  10. Love what you have done, I had to do a similar full interior on my Vanguard as the windows are quite large, but I think this is much better with the extra detail you have added
  11. Very nice rendition of a classic Airfix kit, I had one of these, and the mouldings at the time with all the rivets looked really good, as the rivets were not over done, I can't comment on the fit, as I sold mine
  12. Nice result on the HP Victor, I done the Airfix Valiant, and used aftermarket intakes, but in the end although it solved some of the problem it also created another problem, and a lot of sanding was required to get everything smooth to the wing section, I used Tamiya white, polished with fine polishing cloths then airbrushed over using Tamiya white gloss to give an overall smooth look
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