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  1. Had this kit when it came out, although I never built it I remember it was very nicely moulded, I have done the Airfix FRS1 which is not that bad although has its inaccuracies mentioned in other forums.
  2. Terrific build, I always liked this era of British surface ships especially from the Falklands conflict, I would imagine most if not all the military ships that took part have been scrapped or serving in a foreign navy, would be keen to know of any survivors from that conflict, I know Hermes was sold to the Indian Navy, but just looked it up and was scrapped in 2021 Looked up a list of ships that took part on Wikipedia, looks like HMS Ambuscade will be preserved and based in Glasgow as a museum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Ambuscade_(F172)
  3. I would imagine this will be completed for the Nationals
  4. I know these have taken you a long time to finish, but in the end they are worth it, especially to recreate a 1/72 model that looks more like 1/32 scale model
  5. What an interesting model, and lovely looking aircraft, right up my street of interest
  6. Welcome, I lived in Santa Ponsa for a short while but that was over 23 years ago
  7. Coming along great Tom, I am sure it will be still standing when you come back, anyway enjoy your holiday skiing
  8. Did your printed parts print OK, as always believed that they should be angled to at least 30-40 degrees or there about to get a good print
  9. Make sure you change the asymmetric horizontal tail surface, which featured on most Dove's and Devon's, I believe only early ones had symmetric tail surface, but always best to check which one you are building
  10. Do you spray it on in layers, as I always have trouble getting a smooth gloss finish when spraying, just wondering what technique you use
  11. Very nice, I am seeing these more flying into RAF Northolt in an all grey scheme, not sure if they are military or civil though, but you can certainly hear them before you see them
  12. It came out really well, I can understand where you are coming from, I have had models that I was glad to get done and out of the way
  13. Good to see this progressing again, saw one of these built up at Telford last year but the 1/48 scale version, looked very nice as well
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