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  1. Wasn't happy with the colors so started mixing myself. Noticed the nose had a lighter shade but this isn't the right one!
  2. Most major construction is done only the wing is still loose and primered it to check the seams.
  3. Hercules is completely closed now and started primering to check the seams so time to look at the right color to use. Got 2 different decal sets and both say a different color so went looking a little bit further I found some more different colors. These 5 are mentioned; I'm thinking about using MRP-38 or MRP-247 at the moment.
  4. Hi, Yes saw it. It is a recent addition and they don't look very hard to make but I think I don't put it on the build as I don't think they will stay on it after it is picked up a couple of times.
  5. Was my initial thought but they seem to be using a different system nowadays. Unfortunately not a lot will be seen when this one will be finished.
  6. Hi, Had some time and made some progress. Fuselage is closed, cockpit windows glued and outboard engines glued on. Wing isn't glued on but fits very good! Some nose weight (added a little bit more under the cockpit floor.
  7. Hi, Started the Zvezda C-130H kit a week ago and it is a great kit. Used the Eduard PE set for the interior and will be using one for the exterior aswell. Will be using the Dutch Decal decals to make it a Dutch Hercules from 336 Sqn. The kit; The decals; Cockpit done with some PE; A lot of this won't be seen again; Fuselage closed and wings on for the size (huge!)
  8. Hi Bill, I used MR Paint for the outside and a combination Revell aqua and Vallejo Model Air for the inside.
  9. Kit; HobbyBoss A-6E Decals; OOB Mask; Eduard PE; Eduard Build thread;
  10. And it is done; Will make some better pictures for the gallery soon.
  11. Decalling and wash done. Hope to get this one finished this weekend!
  12. Nice choice building a Kuwaiti one and some good progress aswell.
  13. Decalling is done. Wash is next.
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