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  1. This one is on hold due to decal troubles. The blue and red on the tail are showing through the decal so a new one is ordered and some of the other decals (like the serial) have a very strange sort of silvering.
  2. Some time ago but managed to airbrush the F-16. Firstly the special coloured tail; Then the engine as part of that part is fuselage Then on to the greys; And then unmasking; Next gloss coat and decals.
  3. Yes they did have some in storage back then (still some nowadays) but I doubt they were in any flying condition. Been in the caverns in 2006 and they looked non flyable at that time as were the MiG-21's.
  4. Albania is a member of NATO since 2009 but you are right, they didn't fly the MiG-17 at that time. Maybe one of the GB mods can move or delete this thread.
  5. While waiting for masks for the F-16 I started on this one. Cockpit is done and ready to go into the fuselage. The 3D printed seat I won't be using as it is too big to fit in the cockpit.
  6. Now let's hope they'll do them in 1/144 aswell.
  7. Some more progress. Seat is done; And some sub assemblies;
  8. Nice start! Looking forward seeing both of them being build.
  9. Hi all. Another entry to this GB this time a Dutch F-16A from 314 Sqn. The kit; The decals i will be using; First start with the cockpit, long time ago I didn't use any aftermarket;
  10. Since this is a faily new kit I made some inbox pictures; Sprue 1; Detail; Sprue 2; Detail; Clear sprue; Decals, PE and mask; 3D printed parts and Red Fox parts; Instruction booklet; Markings; And the aftermarket decals I will be using;
  11. Hi all, Will be joining this GB with the AMMO 1/48 MiG-17F kit. I will be using the premium edition kit that has some extra's (instrument panel, masks and some 3d printed pieces). The kit; The decals;
  12. Stefan, About the flags; They don't mean you'd have to build your model from that country Hope this helps. Greetings Lex
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