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  1. Build this kit last month, one of the best kits I build in a long time and a real pleasure to build. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  2. Well done Paul, she's looking very nice. Looking forward in seeing this one turning green.
  3. Thanks guys! They do build quite nice! Some painting done; Before; After;
  4. Some more work done on the Tomcat; Fuselage is primed and black around the cockpit; Wings and stabilizers are painted;
  5. Hi Pete, Here is a list https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/usa/f-15.html
  6. Will join this GB. Wanted to do a SP F-4G but haven't got one in the stash so will deceide between a 1/144 RAF VC-10 or an 1/48 USN A-6E.
  7. maybe this one https://www.aviationmegastore.com/lockheed-c130-hercules-no-decals-back-in-stock-14524b-minicraft-14524b-vliegtuig-modelbouw/product/?action=prodinfo&art=170760
  8. Hi, thanks! I used MR paint on this one and for the yellow I mixed some Revell aqua.
  9. Thanks, removed the smaller seam today;
  10. Those nose gear doors are standard on TF-104G's and are in the box so no cutting needed
  11. Some more wprk done mainly on the underside. Had a look at the canopy and need some advice. There is a seam on it and part of it needs to be there but not sure if part of the seam needs to be removed. Anybody?
  12. Forgot to update this thread and take some pictures but there sure is some progres being made. Cockpit closed; Rear fuselage closed. Front fuselage, wings and stabilizers aren't glued yet. It is a big plane!
  13. You can never have enough Starfighters If you buy the Kinetic (T)F-104 kit you get a fuselage for a F-104G and one for a TF-104G. Maybe that will be of interest if you still got the wings. If you need some more things like seats I build about 8 Starfighters so I can help you with some parts like the seat.
  14. Nice choice! Craig is right. Biggest difference is the tail, the rest can be fixed with some aftermarket or from other boxes.
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