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  1. Nice one Dave! Will be starting the 1/48 Rafale C today. What color are you going to use for the intakes? Not sure what color to use on them. Are you using MRP paint for this one?
  2. Kit; 1/48 Tamiya F-16C/N Interior; Quinta Studio 3D decals Decals; Afterburner decals 64th Agressors Extras; Eduard mask and master pitot link;
  3. And this one is done! Tamiya F-16 kits are a joy to build and so this was an easy build, some errors which were my own fault. Thanks mods for organizing this GB.
  4. Decalling done, gloss coat on so time for wash;
  5. If the lines were 1 color I would have tried that but with the different colors I don't think I can do that. With some cutting and some other decals I managed to finish the lines; Next update in 2 weeks.
  6. Probably a bit late but I didn't use any nose weight in my Tamiya builds. About the seam on the back, I usually have some troubles there aswell in making it seamless without the sanding.
  7. The nose was a big pita when I build this kit aswell. Always a great time when a kit gets its first coat of paint!
  8. Wow nice one! Always liked the look of those Israeli F-16's. Well done.
  9. Started the decalling. A lot of work because of the different colors used for the black and grey but I think somebody made a fault when drawing the camo pattern.... Unfortunately there are no reserve white decals so will have to find some other way to get the white lines and stencils.
  10. Did some unmasking today and the gloss coat went on;
  11. Today the black paint arrived so it was finally time for the last color; And a little bit of unmasking; And
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