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  1. Had some more painting done today, second coat of paint went on;
  2. Not as much time on the bench as i hoped but some progress is made
  3. Slow start but finally some progress;
  4. Thansk guys the Quinta sets are really great. I usually don't follow the manual when it comes to the inlet and build it as one iso front and back part.
  5. Cockpit done with the Quinta Studio set;
  6. I used a standard latex from the DIY shop. Color used is chalk white.
  7. This one is done with the latex paint. You pour it in and leave it for a short while and pour it out again.
  8. First work done on this one. Removed the cockpit detail for the Quinta Studio set. And the one thing I don't like to do, remove the intake seams. It looks like there still is a seam but in real life it is way less visible.
  9. Hi all, will be joinig this GB with the 1/48 Tamiya F-16 and will be building it as a 64th AGRS F-16. Will be using this box; The aftermarket parts; The decals;
  10. And this one is done. An easy build which was done fairly quick.
  11. Kit; Kinetic 1/48 M346 Decals; OOB Paint; MR Paint Link to thread;
  12. Decalling and weathering done;
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