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    1/72 WW2 armour from D-day onwards.

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  1. One that Dick Dasteredley and Muttley (Catch the pigeon cartoon) would be proud of ........ or ........ how not to follow a kits instructions !
  2. Like something from a Walt Disney cartoon !
  3. Yorkshire man

    Roden kits in processing

    Roden has announced the following on their website :- kit no. 732 WWI B Type Bus "Ole Bill", 738 Vomag 8 LR Lkw and 739 LGOC B Type Bus.
  4. Yorkshire man

    Miles M.52 Scratchbuild 1/48

    Well we have the flying wing from the US and we had the flying engine !
  5. It was written and produced by Roberta Leigh, first broadcast in 1963.
  6. Just out of interest how many remember this ........
  7. You are very welcome, takes me back to when my dad bought me the original kit (early 60's) , just love the rocket booster sounds. ( Hope they recovered the sled's afterwards otherwise there must be one hell of pile of them over that hill !)
  8. Yorkshire man

    The FOUR wise men

    I must now hop it ...
  9. Yorkshire man

    BIG X's 1/72 PSC Panzer IV ausf H - another pair...

    Nice spray work there, still got a load in base colour to cammo up yet, when I get the confidence to do it ( will practice on a spare mule first) (oh that sounds perverted)!! Which reminds me .......
  10. Yorkshire man

    The FOUR wise men

    but take the tablets
  11. Yorkshire man

    Meng Models Colour Chart

    If you airbrush then you need 17ml Desert Tan 686 Vallejo Model Air 71.122, sorry cannot help you regarding Humbrol.
  12. Yorkshire man

    The FOUR wise men

    frogs legs
  13. Yorkshire man

    Big ideas about a big wing

    Now if I can just reach that bit in the corner, it will be ideal for ................
  14. Yorkshire man

    Fire Extinguishers: US Bomber Support Set

    Could be red , Randolph Labs Military WW2 extinguisher