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  1. Good soak in bleach will remove enamel paint, usually overnight in a suitable container. Just rinse under warm water afterwards and dry with paper towel,any stubborn bits can be removed with a toothpick or suitable item.
  2. I think Capt Tom would be proud of us!
  3. Typical southerner, wait till we send down Nora Batty !
  4. I usually keep spares if it is of a good quality, other wise it goes in the bin. The usual problem is then finding the bit you kept !
  5. Don't know who's more scary..... Putin or the Doctor, wouldn't like to meet him in an unlit operating theatre !
  6. I went in Busby's only once browsing the record department.
  7. As a Bradfordian, I too remember the model kits etc on the top floor in Carters (sports gear on the ground floor, diecast cars, model railways etc on the middle floor) and looking at the built kits in the windows in the entrance opposite Brown & Muffs department store.
  8. So this is where the toilet rolls have gone !
  9. Don't think they'd sell much of this now a days if it came down your street........
  10. Here's a link to the instructions if you have still not received them...... https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Type-B-Bus-LGOC.html
  11. This is because of the short attention span of most US citizens* (although it seems to have spread here too, judging by a few programmes shown here). *P.S .not meant as an insult by the way.
  12. Turned the telly on and advert for Cushelle toilet tissue is on, talk about trying to rub it in !
  13. I use Vallejo 887 (was called brown/violet now renamed US Olive Drab), great for brush painters.
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