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  1. Lovely collection - the Scimitar and Sea Vixen can’t have been easy builds!! Pat
  2. Very nice deterrent force you have there. Hope you have somewhere safer to keep them than the floor!!! Pat
  3. That was precisely my reaction when I read your comment!!! I gave up when I realised I had no idea how deep in the cowling the resin engine was supposed to be mounted nor any discernible way of mounting the undercarriage in the gear bay. Oh and I managed to glue two lower wing halves together - however, I’m prepared to take the blame for that one!!
  4. Having consigned the AZ FM-2 50% done to the shelf of doom, I may well buy the Arma one so I can work out where the hell all the bits on the AZ kit are supposed to go.
  5. Tony - are you able to recreate the measurement my Pa took of the Yeovilton aircraft on your Warpaint plans and see if they match? On the plan view if you mark the forward most point of the rudder by reference to the side view and then measure the distance between that point and the point where boom and wingroot meet on the outer side of the boom that should be it. Pat
  6. That looks fantastic. Sorry to hear it did not go into auto-rotate when it took flight! Tempting to finish the job with a size 10 when that happens but you must be pleased you didn’t! Pat
  7. Superb job on both the Whirlwinds. What orange did you use for Protectors aircraft? Pat
  8. Nice one Fred - although I can’t help but notice there are quite a number of potential schemes still to be added to the collection!! Which kits are your others? pat
  9. Was there an airshow nearby ? I saw a Skyvan accompanying the Wessex that displayed at this year's Yeovilton Air Day after the show. Looked to be a silvery or light grey colour. Pat
  10. Nice job and good to see the finished product! Strange looking beast - they changed the cockpit to something more conventional I think? Pat
  11. Thanks Andy - I think 60 is 30 just viewed from the other side of the protractor!! Pat
  12. Was trying without success to decide if there is any logic to when the USN/ USMC used code letters with the 45 degree cut offs vs the 60 degree cut offs on post-war aircraft and would be grateful for any insight from BM'ers. I had assumed the USN always used the 60 deg letters but have found lots of pics where it looks like 45 deg letters as used by the USAF are in evidence, and sometimes a mix of both on the same aircraft. And forgive the real idiot boy question - are code letters on USN aircraft are black rather than Insignia Blue? Pat
  13. That is looking very nice!! Grey and white one next ? Pat
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