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  1. The finish looks pretty good to me - where you have troublesome gaps that have been filled and the finish is less than perfect if you rescribe a panel line through those areas (you need to use a filler that won’t flake - scrap spruce or Milliput say) the eye will be drawn to the panel line and not any slight roughness around it. Pat
  2. Fantastic looking Lanc and love the diorama as well! Pat
  3. Looks like a practice bomb carrier to me. Pat
  4. Fantastic looking Viking - bet doing all those leading edges was fun!! Pat
  5. I think there is a preserved aircraft in this scheme that has the white intakes but thanks for pointing out this is not the case on period ones. But otherwise very nice model - are they the Xtradecal decals? pat
  6. Another amazing model Massimo - the work on the wing fold is a work of art in itself!!! Pat
  7. Superb job on the Wessex - I was going to ask if you had reshaped the nose (which looks like it has melted in the Italeri kit!) and can see from the WIP that you did and it looks excellent. Pat
  8. That’s the first one of these I’ve seen built!! You’ve done a great job on a less than stellar kit. I think the only other option is the Air Graphics conversion of the old Airfix Lynx. Pat
  9. Superb Seaking and as others have said, the pics could be of the real thing!! How long did it take you to build? Pat
  10. Lovely collection - the Scimitar and Sea Vixen can’t have been easy builds!! Pat
  11. Very nice deterrent force you have there. Hope you have somewhere safer to keep them than the floor!!! Pat
  12. That was precisely my reaction when I read your comment!!! I gave up when I realised I had no idea how deep in the cowling the resin engine was supposed to be mounted nor any discernible way of mounting the undercarriage in the gear bay. Oh and I managed to glue two lower wing halves together - however, I’m prepared to take the blame for that one!!
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