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  1. This is my take on what is really a rather nice little Airfix kit of the Seasprite and still the only option (for the twin engine version) in 1/72. I think this kit was produced just before one of the several Airfix bankruptcies in the 80's (when it was owned by Palitoy?). I don't think Airfix produced any new tools up to this standard for quite some time afterwards. sprite6 The kit goes together very nicely and the only modifications were some scratchbuilt mirrors to replace the clunky kit one, and some modification of the landing gear as most aircraft seem to have the landi
  2. I'm not sure why but the AEW version of the Gannet has always been one of my favourite aicraft and I was very pleased when Sword came up with the first injection moulded version of the AEW3 in 1/72. gann4 This version of the kit came with a resin radar operators bay which was a very nice addition although makes avoiding tail sitting very tricky - mine is stuffed full of ball bearings and there is even tungsten putty in the spinner and it only just remains on its wheels. gann2 by pat cauthery, on Flickr The fit of the kit is relativey good for a
  3. Very nice Merlin - having made this kit I’m surprised you thought the fit was good - I don’t think you can have built it right Pat
  4. Very nice Demon - how did you find the Mission Models paint? I tried it and found that without the polyurethane additive it just rubbed off with a damp cloth and with the additive it clogged the airbrush!! Pat
  5. Very nice Demon - not sure I’ve seen the Sword kit built up yet. Will need to bring mine to the top of the stash! Pat
  6. I had better crack on with the Hasegawa F-14A to join the pride! It has more bits than the other three put together though!
  7. Superb model Tony - the Sunderland is an aircraft I have always had a soft spot for ( had one dangling from the ceiling as a kid). However, does yours have depth charge racks that move in and out??!!! Pat
  8. Lovely job Fred - inclined to agree on the Fujimi vs Airfix Phantom as well. Pat
  9. You can get generic white British letter decals from Hannants to sort out the “VL”. One thing I have learned through much practice is that there is no modelling disaster that cannot be fixed!!
  10. Love it!! - you got a 1/72 Ferrari 308 to go with it? Pat
  11. Not a great pic and not a Sea King but you get the idea! Sycamerl
  12. The Yellow Bird Phantom is my favourite and yours looks great. I have lost count of the times I have screwed up a critical decal and had to buy replacements so you’re in good company!! I’m pretty sure I have a spare yellow bird if you are really stuck. Pat
  13. If you want me to knock up a pic of you mowing the lawn to show her let me know!! Thanks for all the comments guys - the Sycamore does have a bit of a “soviet” look to it I agree. Interesting to read about Hafner’s idea for designing the shape of the fuselage to counteract the rotor torque rather than using a tail rotor. Wonder if that would have worked in practice.
  14. Another one from me, this time the vintage Hasegawa kit of the F9F-8 Cougar. This was an old boxing from Collectakit with knackered decals so I decided to find a Cougar in a scheme that I could paint myself and then use generic or home printed decals for the markings. coug8 Kit is fairly simple but very easy to put together as you would expect from 80s era Hasegawa. I needed a blob of Milliput to round off the nosecone as the kit one has an indentation to fit a nose probe. The Hase kit of the Grumman Panther has rather over-prominent cannon barrels in the nose - for the Couga
  15. Great job on that - all the wheels on the floor as well!! Pat
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