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  1. Looks great Tony - how is the Academy kit in general to build ? Have long planned an RAF Ventura with the rather rueful looking duck on the side (Hells a Poppin’?). Pat
  2. Luminous stripe decals available from these guys - good service as well. https://tinwizard.de/shop/ pat
  3. Looks superb Ced - did you trim the rotor blades in the end? Seeing yours gives me the kick I need to pick mine up again! Pat
  4. I was planning on using a curved bit of acetate sanded to shape for the roof windows and then painting the canopy frame - I didn’t think the size of the LF roof windows bore much resemblance to the real ones. Pat
  5. That’s the ones Ced!! If you have a look at pics of the Dragonfly with folded blades you can see that the LF ones look way too wide. I think the blade length is fine though. Pat
  6. If you are building this with the metal blades I had my Dad measure the chord of the blades of the FAAMs Dragonfly - they scaled out at 5.7mm in 72nd which is quite a bit narrower than the LF kit metal blades (I think they are about 9mm wide). Did you get the two halves of the tail to join up ? I ended up sawing off one of the tail booms in order to get them to join without that enormous step!!! Pat
  7. indeed I meant ZF562!!! Pat
  8. Just wondered if anyone might have any pics of Coventry’s Lynx ZF562 when she was onboard round about 1999-2000. Looks like she might have spotted Jessica Rabbit style noseart but not seen a decent pic. Pat
  9. Very nice pair of Harriers - shot of them together perhaps??!! Pat
  10. My take on the Trumpeter 1/72 kit of this beast of a recce bird. Main points from the build were the addition of vertical spreaders made from sprue to make sure that the rear fuselage does not have a valley running down its spine, and a little reshaping of the tail to correct it to the later vs early shape. It was also worth studying pics of the real aircraft being modelled as there seem to be some differences in avionics fits between aircraft (i.e. some have more protrusions at the rear end than others!). vig8 vig7 Decals came from a Wolfpak Decals sheet showing a colourful
  11. Yes very nice Hellcat - how was the Eduard kit to put together ? Have heard good things about it. Pat
  12. This is my take on what is really a rather nice little Airfix kit of the Seasprite and still the only option (for the twin engine version) in 1/72. I think this kit was produced just before one of the several Airfix bankruptcies in the 80's (when it was owned by Palitoy?). I don't think Airfix produced any new tools up to this standard for quite some time afterwards. sprite6 The kit goes together very nicely and the only modifications were some scratchbuilt mirrors to replace the clunky kit one, and some modification of the landing gear as most aircraft seem to have the landi
  13. I'm not sure why but the AEW version of the Gannet has always been one of my favourite aicraft and I was very pleased when Sword came up with the first injection moulded version of the AEW3 in 1/72. gann4 This version of the kit came with a resin radar operators bay which was a very nice addition although makes avoiding tail sitting very tricky - mine is stuffed full of ball bearings and there is even tungsten putty in the spinner and it only just remains on its wheels. gann2 by pat cauthery, on Flickr The fit of the kit is relativey good for a
  14. Very nice Merlin - having made this kit I’m surprised you thought the fit was good - I don’t think you can have built it right Pat
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