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  1. Just finished the B-727/100, Stretched VEB 1/100 to version 200, home made decals
  2. Sad story about YU-AHT https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19720126-0
  3. This model of B-767 I started a few years ago, now finished it in these Corona days
  4. Here is my Dc-9 just finished, model I started to build 5-6 years ago
  5. Just finished ex YU Aviogenex Tu-134 All markings are painted with home made masks except national flags which are the decals Sorry for bad photos
  6. Daco 1/144 B-737/300 Aviolet (Airserbia) painted with home made masks. with A-319 Airserbia
  7. I am glad that you like my models of Orao! length of model is 40cm This 25101 Orao is the prototype of J-22 with afterburners. On 22 November 1984, Orao 25101 piloted by test pilot Marjan Jelen broke the sound barrier in a shallow dive over Batajnica air base, becoming the first Yugoslav-designed aircraft to exceed Mach 1. The aircraft is incapable of breaking the sound barrier in level flight, so it is classified as subsonic.
  8. Here are just finished two my wooden desk top models of J-22 Orao, ex Yugoslavia markings
  9. @ Low flyer the blue color is mix of black Mr.color gx2 & blue Gunze Mr.color gx5
  10. in my opinion, I think it is better to use AKAN colors or Hu127 with Hu31 than MM colors for Mig-29
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