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  1. ‘fraid not. Even “the mighty ‘ood” is on a go slow. I’ve just got a new car and I’m still trying to figure out what all the buttons do. Jon
  2. I had a look for this, wow, stunning, but out of my league. Perhaps with your experience............? Jon
  3. I’ve got one of those (plastic) the gods only know why I keep all the bits, as you so rightly say, it never contains what I need. Oh yeah, the more I see of your build the more I am in awe of your skills and patience. And the more I realise that I will NEVER build a wooden ship. Mind you, I said that about 1/700.......and look what I’m doing now. Jon
  4. I think one problem was the moulding, old models, when compared to current standards are a bit basic. But I will return once ‘ood is launched, be nice to do something bigger. Hope you had a good time away, I’ve been a bit distracted lately, as am in the process of buying a new car. No crew yet, I take it ? Jon
  5. Hmmm. Maybe. But WHAT ARE YOU ASKING ? Building The Mighty ‘ood at this scale is bad enough.....but smaller ship ? Please......have a little thought for my ancient eyes.
  6. I know what you mean. But then I put a ‘sea base’ on and we’re back to 1/350 size. Hey ho. Jon
  7. That is looking stunning, excellent paint job and those railings !!! I wish I could mine so neat. Jon
  8. Also, well worth a wander around this Maritime section, both WIP and RFI. There are some superb builders here. Jon
  9. I forgot to mention. When attaching any small thin parts whether they be metal, PE or resin. If there is no hole for where they go, drill a VERY shallow one. It will give a much more stable fitting. Jon
  10. Marcello. That does look a nice kit. I’ve built a couple of resin ships, but never in 1/700, and have found them a joy to build. Trim the flash with a sharp blade, I doubt I need to mention, take your time. Give all the parts a gentle wash in warm soapy water and then a good rinse and leave to dry a day or so. Be wary of water being trapped in small nocks and crannies. You might not see it, but the paint will find it. What paint are you using, if acrylic, you’ll need a good primer base. If enamel, primer might not be so critical. Perhaps do a test on the flat underside of the hull and then do a tape test. Mount the hull on a temporary base, that way you don’t have to handle it during assembly. With regards glue......I use three. 5 minute Epoxy two part for larger pieces and perhaps the white metal. CA and an acrylic glue for PE etc. The problem with resin/white metal components, is the glue doesn’t melt the two pieces you are joining, like plastic, so the join is only as strong as the areas that touch. With regards sanding. I use the same sticks or emery as I do with plastic. Wet&Dry is favourable with water as it keeps the dust down, which can be harmful to breathe. I hope this is of use and would love to see this taking shape. Jon
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