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  1. I have a photo that is supposed to be on board Hermione, showing a single barrelled Oerlikon, and the shield looks to be very similar. Pity the parts have to come from NZ, it makes the postage more than the parts, don’t think the old credit card can manage that. And anyway, I only need 5, so buying 24 is a bit excessive. Jon
  2. Jamie. If I’m going to try to convert my Naiad kit to represent Hermione, which I believe had a refit, are these the Oerlikons I would need ? Jon
  3. So possibly, no ship name or HMS if he was yet to be assigned to a ship ? Jon
  4. It does have that ‘feel‘ Jon
  5. Faraway


    Greetings and welcome. Best forum for modelling. Jon
  6. Really. I had not realised, it would be nice to have them reproduced by a current manufacturer, but bigger scale and dare I say, internal detail.
  7. Bitzer. That’s very kind of you, I remember my father building the Monitor, back in the 60’s. So I couldn’t really resist them. Jon
  8. I've found these photos. He is in the group shot, which would appear to be HMS Hermione and family tradition has it, that only his sister Mo could find him. NEATE, ARTHUR JOHN (18), Telegraphist (no. D/JX 163670), HMS Hermione, Royal Navy, †16/06/1942, Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Neate, of Wraxall, Bristol.
  9. This twin pack of models dates from the 1960's. Not sure if the colours are accurate, but I don't supposed it matters too much. Some of the joins on Virginia were a bit uneven, but if I'd sanded them too much, I'd have lost the rivet detail. Jon
  10. Both finished, as always I'll post some more photos in RFI. Jon
  11. Being a complete novice here, what am I looking for in the two photos ? Jon
  12. @Our Ned Thanks for this info. looks like I’ll be searching the web for a while. Jon
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