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  1. I have a WNW Sopwith Camel BR1 sitting in its box, I’ll pluck up the courage some time soon.
  2. Just finished this WNW Junkers D1. Part to part fit is as everyone says PERFECT. It was a joy to build, and half a bottle of Micro Sol later, I got the decals to follow (almost) the corrugations.
  3. Finishing the D1 tomorrow, or at least that’s the plan. Decals in place, just need to give it a final spray of varnish. Not sure yet as to matt or silk. I’ll post in ‘ready for inspection’ WNW kits are good, bit pricey, so very rewarding. The D1 is an ugly bugger.
  4. I think you are right. There are two other propellers, that don’t fit this aircraft.
  5. Just coming to the end of building the Junkers D1 and I’m finding parts on the spru, that don’t appear in the instructions. There is even a service pistol. Anyone know why these parts are there, is it a strange quirk of WNW. I admit I’ve never built one before. Jon
  6. This was my first attempt at rigging, a fiddle and I learnt a lot. With LOTS more to learn. One invaluable lesson I did learn, don’t use your finger as a support behind the component you are drilling, when using a 0.3mm drill. Ouch.
  7. Nearly done. Last bit of tidying up and fitting decals.
  8. Lovely build, excellent finish. It's a great kit to build. Jon
  9. Brilliant. I struggle to see 1/32, you’ve better eyes than me.
  10. Lovely build. You’re a braver man than I, to attempt that rigging.
  11. Looking good, nice Camo painting. How did you do it ?I’ve been trying to get a Hurricane kit for ages, they are thin on the ground.
  12. Faraway


    Andy. Welcome. This is a good place if you get stuck, lots of helpful and knowledgeable people. If you’re after a really good build, try the Tamiya P38 Lightning, lovely kit to build with lots of detail. Jon
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