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  1. Faraway

    Modelling magazine

    I didn’t know that, I will investigate. Jon
  2. Faraway

    Modelling magazine

    John. Sorry I’m a bit vague, but I never really know what I’ll build next, or what I might buy for the stash. I finished a WW1 fighter and then, as you know, built the modern MRAP. I just build what I like the look of, as long as it’s not too expensive. Jon
  3. Faraway

    Modelling magazine

    I will look out for it, thanks. Jon
  4. Faraway

    Modelling magazine

    Just looked at Fine Scale Modeller. You might be onto something there. Jon
  5. Faraway

    Modelling magazine

    Just general news I guess, what’s happening in the kit world. Who’s making what, when and how good is it, so kit and producer reviews. I will have a go at making most things, never quite know what will take my fancy next.
  6. Faraway

    Modelling magazine

    Does anyone have any recommendations for modelling magazines ? Either online or real paper. Jon
  7. A splendid example, well done. I have the Thunder Models example of this in 1/35, but am unable to start the build as I’m missing a sprue. Hopefully the shop where I bought it, are getting me the missing sprue soon. Jon
  8. Jenny. Welcome. For all your kit building questions and needs, you are in the right place. Whatever you want to know, someone here will know. What are thinking of building ? Jon
  9. Faraway

    Thunder Models

    I’ve just bought a Thunder Models kit, Scammell Recovery Tractor, only to discover that one of the sprues is missing. I contacted the shop where I bought it and they are going to try and get me a replacement sprue. I also heard from a fellow modeller, that he also had the same problem with a Thunder Model kit. So I started wondering how widespread is the problem of missing parts/sprues in kits, can’t say I’ve ever had it happen before. What are your experiences with this problem ? Also, I can no longer find Thunder Models online, their website appears to have vanished, is was there last week. Jon.
  10. Faraway


    A very warm welcome. This is the place to have all your questions, answered. Anything you want to know, just ask away. Jon
  11. Mine is a Thunder Models kit. Interestingly, I am now unable to get onto the Thunder Models website. I contacted the shop where I bought the kit, and they are going to contact their supplier and hopefully get me the missing Sprue. Jon
  12. Maybe, quality control not so good ? Jon
  13. Well, I was going to start it, but ‘Sprue B’ is missing. So until I get a replacement, it stays unstarted. Jon
  14. I have the Husky, but might do something a bit older ? http://www.thundermodel.com/scammell_sv2s_instructions.pdf
  15. You’re very kind. Thanks for putting up with me.
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