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  1. A couple of railings fitted, not my greatest but as always with these photos, they look better when viewed normally.
  2. I agree. Although it will create more work, it’ll be more robust. And I do have some tapered brass, just need to see if they are suitable. Jon
  3. I think you’ve earned a sit down in a darkened room, with something cold and vaguely alcoholic. In the words of the song...... “it can only get better” Jon
  4. Finally, I feel I'm making progress and she is starting to look like a ship. When I started I was quite glad there were only two colours, ColourCoats US08 (5N Navy Blue) for the Hull and Superstructure and US10 (1942 Revised Deck Blue 20B) for the deck, now I'm not so sure. It is quite dull, just two shades of grey, well blue really. I don't think I'll moan about Dazzle Camo again despite the fiddle of masking. Not sure if the interior of the bridge is correct, but I've added Lino Brown to the deck and painted the walls white. Hedgehog painted ready to fit. It has been slow going so far, as I have to keep jumping from PE instructions to kit instructions to see what goes where as a plastic part and how the PE replaces it. But now the ship is looking like a ship, I feel more encouraged. I've also added some Bob's Buckles ready for when I do some rigging, not sure if I'm going to use the plastic kit mast as it's VERY bendy and would be much better in brass. Jon
  5. I know what you mean, sometimes the fiddling seems to go on for ever, and no progress seems to be happening. Those two do look good though. Jon
  6. @robgizlu I seem to recall you mentioned somewhere, can’t remember where, that you wished there were Oerlikons with vertical barrels. https://blackcatmodels.eu/en/us-navy/382-20mm-oerlikon-gun-elevation-80-x8.html Jon
  7. I do prefer to make British vessels, but I find my resolve tends to waver as there are so many interesting ‘little’ ships, which I prefer to the great big battle ships. I don’t know, but these ‘little’ ships seem to have more character ?
  8. New. https://blackcatmodels.eu/en/us-navy/377-landing-craft-support-large-lcsl.html Jon
  9. If you’re interested, here’s my stalled build of a Shipyard paper/card kit. Which, I hope to return to soon. Jon
  10. Rob. I’m very tempted with one of the LCT’s and create a beach landing diorama. That should push my creativity to the limit. Jon
  11. And now for something completely different. Just added this to my stash, I'm a sucker for Black Cat Models
  12. I've been fiddling away with lots of little bits of brass, these are the three components for the DC Arbors. Two pieces of PE and a short (2mm) piece of 0.5mm brass wire. Which go on here like this. Not my finest work with PE, but they are a bit small and seen from a distance they do improve, honest. There should be about double the amount, but these 8 were struggle enough for me. So my apologies to the purists amongst you, but this is the limit of my skill. Anyway, once painted they won't be so obviously amateur. Also fitted here are the handrails, ladders, doors, and fire hose. Not sure what the grey plastic bit is. Just got to do the other side, then I can paint the whole thing and fix it to the deck. Jon
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