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  1. I've been very lax in supplying photos, sorry. So, here is the centre superstructure in place. Just need to add the safety nets around the gun platform, but that will be later as they stick out a ways and if I put them on now, sure as eggs is eggs, I'll knock 'em off. Now, the next two photos are a question for you all. Which wire do I use as aerials ? Or do I buy a different diameter ? The thin one is 0.15mm and the thicker is 0.5. I think I need something in between, what says you ? Jon
  2. I will. But it could be a while. Jon
  3. I know I am. Nothing is ever quite right, in my experience it’s knowing when to stop fiddling. Jon
  4. Bit of work on the guns today. Both by Veteran Models via Startling Models. It's only by looking at this photo, of the 'Kryton' turret, that I see a bit of glue overflow, might need to trim and repaint. That PE was SSSOOO thin. Jon Just need to paint these barrels black. And finally, the exhaust stack.
  5. @curiouslysophie don’t make me laugh. If this is an example of your work, as @fightersweep says. I’ll take up knitting. Those aircraft look stunning, I used to really struggle with bare metal finish, you have mastered it. Beware of starting to build ships, I did a while ago and haven’t build an Aircraft or AFV since. A warm welcome, from a not so warm West Country. I look forward to following your work. Jon
  6. Looking at that Vallejo link, makes me realise how talented some people are. I don’t think I could ever produce something like that. And as for @thekz water over the bows effect, well, that is hugely impressive.
  7. the water cascading from the bows is stunning, squint your eyes and apply a tiny amount of imagination and you can see the water move. The solder work on the PE is excellent, well done. All in all, an outstanding piece of work. Jon
  8. Been a bit side tracked for the past few days. We have decided to decorate the lounge, remove carpet and replace with a laminate floor AND have a wood burning stove fitted. So our local tradesmen are making money out of me. As a result, shipbuilding has taken a back seat, but now dates are set and deposits paid. I'm back, for a while. Until I have to empty THREE book cases, that is. Didn't realise I had SO many books Anyway. Progress so far. I've painted the bridge windows with a metallic black, they sort of look ok. I've dry fitted the forward superstructure and weapons. Jon
  9. Welcome. You’ll like it here, no pressure from any one. And if you want to know something, then someone here will know. Jon
  10. Sam. Many thanks for that, I’ll go for a light grey. You can’t see much through the open door, so I don’t think the shade is too critical. Jon
  11. Now, THAT is some seriously excellent PE work.
  12. Back from a wet and windy Yorkshire. So will be back to the old shipbuilding and will post some more progress piccys later. Does anyone know what colour the interior of the helicopter hanger is ? Jon
  13. Looking good. The things we do that will eventually disappear. I think you are right about leaving it, or perhaps a light coat of white ? What colour would it have been, tween decks ? Jon
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