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  1. Greetings from a wet and windy west country. Fore, 3" gun and aft, 5" gun and two 20mm Oerlikons, gun decks finished and fitted to the deck. I'm glad I bought the BlackCat Models 3D guns, they are far better than the kit parts, and compliment the PE nicely. Things are going to get fiddly soon, as I've got to attach the derricks to the king posts and then rig with cables. Anyway, here is todays progress. Jon
  2. Sam. I have no idea when I'll start. There are others waiting in the stash, I honestly never know which I'll start next, until I sit down at my bench. I will take a couple of days break when I finish Jeremiah. Then decide. Jon
  3. Admin. What’s the roundel supposed to signify on the profile picture ? Jon
  4. Sam. I’m so glad you’re doing this build, I will be using it as a guide when I do mine. Although the more I read of yours, the more I’m thinking of delaying my attempt. Jon
  5. I’ve mulling over weathering, as you do, rust shouldn’t be a problem. But I’m thinking of adding an algae stain to the water line, only I don’t know how. I’d be grateful for any tips in how to achieve this. Jon
  6. Good afternoon. Bit cooler today. First a comparison between the kit 20mm Oerlikon (on the right ) and the Black Cat Models 3D printed offering, you've got love 3D printing. And now the bridge is very nearly done, just two more lifeboats and that is that, although I do dislike closeup photos, don't they just show all the shoddy work ?
  7. Cheers beefy. It doesn’t feel like I am, got to leave me bench by 2pm, or I start to cook. Rain tomorrow, maybe, so hopefully it’ll be cooler. It’s an interesting build, might be looking for other merchant ships. Jon
  8. The wheelhouse proper is in the cabin below, behind the three rectangular windows. I imagine, the one on top was for docking ? Jon
  9. Finally, been able to get back to my workbench. I put the PE into the lifeboats and then realised that I was going to present them with a tarpaulin cover, never mind it's good practice. Bit of tissue paper, followed by a dab of paint and bingo. I might even get away without weathering them. So, next I've finally fitted all the PE to the bridge/superstructure, still some plastic bits to fit but now ready for painting. That leaning bit that looks like it has caught a 15" shell, up front is not actually fixed yet, it covers the ships wheel and will be painted separately. Next we have the bridge/superstructure in all its grey glory, as I said still a few bits (ventilators etc) to fit. You remember that leaning piece of PE ? Well here it is, now ready to fit over the the raised bit of deck with the wheel on. And finally the three King Posts, now ready to go onto their little cabins and then to the deck. That's it for now, but progress is being made. I have to say I don't think I've ever had to bend so much brass for such small area. Jon
  10. I’ve got a plain wood floor and pieces STILL go missing. I reckon there is a small corner of the space time continuum, that is full of plastic and PE components.
  11. I have been bending and sticking more brass, and will post some photos, perhaps later. But have had to retreat from my work room due to excessive heat. But it looks like the weather is cooling down, in the next day or so. I’ll be back. Jon
  12. My guess would be the top rail would be wood. Jon
  13. Good Morning. Hot here, so not the best weather for building tiny components. I don't think I have EVER bend and shaped SSSSOOOO much brass on a model before. Sometimes I wish I'd never started, but it is sort of satisfying in a strange way. I also don't think I've put so much brass onto such a small part. This bridge/superstructure only measures 2"x3". And there are still many pieces to fit yet and my favourite ....... RAILINGS . It will look infinitely better when it's painted. But not until all the brass is fitted. So, a few more piccy's. Jon
  14. I’ve put a bit of rust on the hull and will do the same to the superstructure, not sure how much. Hopefully I’ll know when to stop. Jon
  15. It's a bit hot here, so work has been a bit slow. So, I've finished the masts, or I think more accurately they are called King Posts (correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway they were a right fiddle, with lots of brass, but once sprayed they should look ok. Jon Those bits that sticking out and look like wheels are, I think, blocks for the cables which attach to the crane arms. So when I come to rig said arms, these little wheels will be squeezed closed over the cables. I hope. Next are the deck houses that the King Posts (?) sit on. That's it for now, off to drink cold wine in the shade. Be back soon. Jon
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