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  1. Thanks for the kind words Erwin. I'm glad this thread has been helpful to all modellers that love Bristol's Beaufort. Airfix deserve to be congratulated for taking the gamble and releasing this very much neglected subject. It's a great little kit and you will love building it. Cheers.. Dave
  2. Great to hear you’ve finally got your mitts on one of these great kits Chris. Whilst we were all talking bomb bay doors earlier in this thread, I also agree that Airfix have made a good attempt at recreating these bi-folding doors, however they don’t do themselves any favours by telling you to paint the insides Grey Green like the other internal parts. Having studied the many photos provided, I still believe that these doors do not hinge into the outside doors that neatly so will press on with my attempt which shows these as ‘almost’ tucked in. Cheers and look forward to seeing you
  3. Morning Pat @JOCKNEY.. I’d say we have a new member wishing to join our Matchbox GB. Welcome aboard @Joecool, you may need to get used to this forum in order to post correctly, however once you do you’ll have a great time. Cheers and regards.. Dave.
  4. You’re too right @AdrianMF, I really shouldn’t complain about anything, it’s all very minor and I should just enjoy and savour the fact we now have a brand new Beaufort kit! Cheers.. Dave
  5. That’s just gorgeous Julian, very well modelled. I had no idea our Otters had orange upper wings, looks even better with that splash of bright colour on. I must get one of these kits, two thumbs up from me mate. Cheers.. Dave
  6. Delayed update - Priming and Engines done Again, apologies for the late update to this WIP, but I’m back on the horse now so hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from now on (famous last words right!). Now the nose glazing did cause me a few issues and to be honest I’m still not happy with how it sits. The canopy part seems a smidge high and narrow, but that might be just down to my sloppy application. Overall, its only minor so I’ll press on and just get this finished. Here’s a few photos of my recent progress. Grey Green paint was applied over the clear parts and then
  7. You’ve mastered this excellent new tool kit. Well done, that’s turned out brilliantly and once again the canopy framing and internal details are faithfully reproduced. Cheers and very well modelled (again).. Dave
  8. And yet although we’d like to call ourselves a progressive nation, men wearing kilts / skirts is still frowned upon!
  9. These are looking brilliant Tony and I do apologise for my lack of WIP progress on mine. I’ve had a couple of weeks of additional work and other family commitments, but rest assured I’ll post something up in the next few days. In the meantime, you can all marvel at Tony’s excellent work, as always he is doing a fantastic job. Cheers.. Dave
  10. That would be brilliant. We’ll look forward to sizing you up for a Cork Hat, I love XXXX T-shirt, loud board shorts and a comfortable pair of thongs... (for your feet, not the underwear type!). Cheers.. Dave
  11. That looks fantastic and thanks for posting a link via the other thread. You’ve done an excellent job with this kit and she looks brilliant. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  12. Alas... I think I've found a good alternative! Just purchased the SEAC set of AK Real Color paints and am happy to say that their Dark Earth #RC287 is an extremely close (if not) identical match to the original Gunze H72 Dark Earth. AK's Dark Green is quite interesting and I'm not sure I'll use this all too often as it's quite rich and has a lot of green in it (apologies for lack of proper colour description). As a bonus, this set also includes Azure Blue and is another colour I've been quite frustrated with over the years. AK's Azure looks good to my eye and I'll be using it until somet
  13. Fully engrossed in my Beaufort build at the moment and really ought to go back to that Matchbox Wimpy when thats finished. I’m taking a fancy to some lesser known RAAF types at the moment, so let’s see what I eventually settle on when it’s time to start a GB WIP thread. Cheers.. Dave
  14. As always Tony, each of your updates illustrate great progress and I do like how both of these Beauforts are coming along. I think leaving off the nose glazing for later is a good option and something to possibly consider on the next build. I'm visualising the SEAC Beaufort finished... and reckon this will look really lovely in those colours and roundels. It pays to have a large decal bank, doesn't it? Cheers.. Dave
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