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  1. Rabbit Leader

    Heller GB for 2020 at 18 and growing

    That's great to hear. I have not come across these new reissues as yet, however if you say that they're as good as that I'll be keen to add a few more Heller kits before this GB rolls in. I'd love to see some images of these new decals. Cheers.. Dave
  2. Rabbit Leader

    Hannover CL111a

    Two thumbs up from me as well Steve.. That's turned out lovely and good to see this one done. Cheers.. Dave
  3. Rabbit Leader

    AW Whitley MkV ready for ops

    That's just a thing of beauty and so very well photographed. I love everything about it. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave.
  4. Rabbit Leader

    "Cloud, Cold and Contrails" - RAF Boeing Fortress 1

    Build whatever you fancy Pat. Mine will be a No. 90 Sqn bomber, however there's a large range of colours and schemes that these Fortresses wore during their brief period of service with No.2 Group. You know that Xtradecals produce a sheet of British B-17's and B-24's "Yanks with Roundels - Part 5" . There's three Fortress 1's included, the CC verision will need some Antenna masts (possibly from an Airfix Whitley?). I'll look forward to seeing your build as well. Cheers.. Dave
  5. Rabbit Leader

    Airfix product announcement at Telford 2018

    I do hope your right, however with a recent resin Conversion set only released a few years ago, I’d say that a Lincoln (or MR.1 Neptune) are probably not on Airfix’s drawing board. There must be some type of agreement between the mainstream manufacturers and the AM industry to ensure they’re not blown out of the water, so for this reason I’d say a Lincoln is still a long way off. Cheers.. Dave
  6. That's come up lovely Brad, nice and clean and what appears to be a canopy masking nightmare - however you've won that battle. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  7. Rabbit Leader

    Airfix product announcement at Telford 2018

    A Halibag!! - finally after 14 pages of nonsence, something that actually makes sense! .. which therefore means it probably won't happen either? Cheers.. Dave
  8. Rabbit Leader

    New Airfix Vulcan Soonish

    Never heard of them, must be their Asian distributor?
  9. Rabbit Leader

    "Cloud, Cold and Contrails" - RAF Boeing Fortress 1

    Steve @stevehnz, here you go. The MAM mag is Aug 2007. Cheers.. Dave
  10. Rabbit Leader

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Well if it's going to go to an 'unofficial' vote, then @JWM's 307 is leading 2-0. It would be great to see this one included. Cheers.. Dave
  11. Rabbit Leader

    Flying Fortress Mk111

    Thanks for providing the link and correcting my misquoted error. I knew there was something not quite right with the position of the radome, so glad you've added this before the STGB actually starts. I would hate to give anyone the bum steer! Cheers.. Dave.
  12. Rabbit Leader

    Frog Squad Model Kits GB 1/6 to 22/9/2019

    Nice get @John D.C. Masters, they are lovely. I drive past the original 'Southern Cross' each day I go to work. Hard to believe that this historic Pacific crossing took place just over 90 years ago. Cheers.. should be lots of fun. Dave
  13. Rabbit Leader

    Heller GB for 2020 at 18 and growing

    AFAIK, the rules for 'Classic' GB's has slightly changed. Due to the popularity of the recently completed Matchbox and Airfix Classic GB's the decision was made to automatically(?) allow one slot per year for a vintage type GB. This would be extended to four months and not subjected to the end of year poll. The Frog Squad GB has already been slotted in for a 01 June 2019 start and by the way this Heller thread is going it would seem to suggest that this will be the 'Classic' manufacture that will take up a similar slot for 2020. I was not sure if we still needed the minimum number of 30, however casting my mind back to when the Frog GB got up, I'm now thinking that this is still the case. Cheers.. Dave
  14. Rabbit Leader

    Heller GB for 2020 at 18 and growing

    Just asking, how many do we need to officially book this ‘Classic GB’ in for 2020. Enzo mentioned that he is happy to set one slot aside for these types of GB’s each year but I’m not sure if a minimum still applies. I’m sure you’ll still get over 30 either way. Cheers.. Dave
  15. Rabbit Leader

    "Cloud, Cold and Contrails" - RAF Boeing Fortress 1

    Thanks @stevehnz, nice of you to pop on by. It’ll be (if finished?) my largest build for quite some time and makes a big change from all those single engined jobs I’ve been doing of late. Wish me luck!! Cheers.. Dave