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  1. Wow… that does look beautiful in every way possible. That custom decal sheet is also very impressive, I must get on to those chaps to see what they can do for me. Looking forward to the final results. Cheers.. Dave
  2. Which is exactly why I think the total opposite. I fully understand Kotare taking a ‘safe bet’ with a fully detailed Spitfire Mk.1, however why follow it up with another Bf 109 type (seen it before) kit? 1/32 appears to be the new 1/48 so with excellent Spitfires, Lancasters, Whirlwinds, Mosquito’s etc.. on the market another beautiful British aircraft new to this scale is certainly something to celebrate. Cheers and best of luck Kotare… Dave
  3. Jeff, I think the issue is the hot Tamiya Lacquer Spray Clear, rather than the Humbrol Enamel paint underneath (although you did state you had problems with this). Many years ago I read something that has stuck with me forever and that easily described what types of paint / thinner mediums should or can be applied over the other and in what preferred order. Put simply it goes something like this: Lacquer paints are the hardest (Hottest) paint mediums so apply these types of paints first (I still use a good lacquer based primer like Mr. Surfacer). Enamels can be applied over the Lacquer without risking any adverse reaction. Acrylics can be applied over Enamels (as well as Lacquers) without risking any adverse reaction. Applying these paint mediums in the opposite way (.i.e. Acrylics, then Enamels, then Lacquers) ‘may’ cause some type of chemical reaction and I believe this is what’s happened in your case. I always try to stick to one paint medium as much as possible during any single build, although have used all three mediums before without encountering any issues. My latest trend is to use Lacquer paints for the top colours and clear coat with acrylics, however once the clear coat is applied I wont go anywhere near enamels or lacquers for fear of reaction. Now I’m sure many of us have had success mixing and matching many different types of paints, but following this simple rule should limit your reaction issues and convert a Sad Jeff into a happier Jeff. Cheers and best of luck.. Dave
  4. Excellent work V.P, that B-17 has sure turned out very nice indeed. Glad you pushed yourself to finish this one as it looks fantastic all completed. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave (and I will update that link too!).
  5. Great job Job, I’ve always liked the Matchbox F4U-4 and that one has turned out a treat. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  6. I missed this great build first time around so glad it’s come around for a second helping. That’s just drop dead gorgeous and very inspirational to all owners of this lovely Hunter kit. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  7. Yes and that linked photo is taken from the wrong angle to show the true contours of the front of that cannon blister. What’s shown on the sprue shots on the previous page look nothing like I’ve ever seen, the fronts of the new kits blisters being quite square and not curved enough / at all. Airfix have hired a young chap by the name of Luke as their dedicated researcher to (among other things) iron out some of these small issues that have been creeping into their later kit mouldings. Hopefully he is also a member of BM and can share some thoughts with us here. No one forking out 100 pounds wants to spend another ten on a resin correction set. I’m hoping Airfix issue a corrected sprue for their Mosquito XVI gaffs, but doubt we’ll ever see one in time. Cheers.. Dave
  8. As mentioned above, I don’t recall seeing any Spitfire with those square fronted wide cannon blister panels. I would be happy for someone to confirm / deny these ever existed and am hoping this is not another ‘scanned’ error from a restored example. Cheers.. Dave (who’s hoping I’m wrong).
  9. I was gonna say “photos or it never happened”, however I think you’ve more than made up for it in these last few posts. Certainly something not exactly common, however that’s what probably made this whole project so appealing. Keep going (and sanding!!). Cheers.. Dave
  10. Beautifully finished and presented. This completed Morris, Gun and Jeep kit now completes at least one example of Matchbox's Orange range AFV kits within this GB gallery. Well done you and to all that have contributed. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  11. Well done Dave, this clean and crisp build looks really wonderful and is an excellent and fitting conclusion to your terrific input into this Matchbox Group Build. Thanks for your great participation and support over the last few months which has enabled us to tick off a number of Matchbox kits that I had thought would never see the light of day. Cheers and regards.. Dave
  12. Just getting back to this thread so apologies for these late comments. This Corvette looks so good in those painted colours and it will be so impressive once finished. Although still keen to acquire one of these, I somehow think I lack the stamina required to see it through to any conclusion. Your efforts are to be most certainly rewarded. Cheers.. Dave
  13. Just catching up on this great thread again and there’s some excellent progress going on. Your Phantom and all those home brew resin bits are just fantastic. Great work! Cheers.. Dave
  14. Well yes and no. At my current bench time average, it will probably take me another six months to complete my builds, but seriously I think its time to wrap up this grand show and move on to other things. Cheers.. Dave
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