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  1. Rabbit Leader


    Should we be graced with new tooled 1/72 Bucc kits in the near future, surely you deserve to be the first to have a crack at one of the first production runs. That’s a lovely collection and is a great reward for what must have been a mountain of invested time and energy. Cheers.. Dave (who is now reconsidering selling his Matchbox kit!)
  2. I agree, takes a fair bit of courage to complete one of these within a GB timeline, however you’ve succeeded big time. This Camel is a real work of art and it shows off your excellent modelling skills superbly. Cheers. Dave
  3. Rabbit Leader

    Hawker Hurricane Mk1 R4118

    Very well done Ian... I’ve got a daughter like you, always looks like she’ll be late but somehow managers to pull herself together just in time. The Hurricane has really turned out lovely. One again, so good to see this late splurge of GB entires added to the gallery. Cheers.. Dave
  4. Well done John. Everyone loves a Canberra and especially so when it’s built so well.. glad you got this one over the line. Cheers.. Dave
  5. Rabbit Leader

    Gladiator in Norway

    This Gladiator has really turned out wonderfully well. You should be proud of your efforts. Thanks for sharing all your ups and downs during this quickish build however it’s always nice when it finishes on a big ‘Up’. Overall a lovely momento to the RAF and the Norwegian campaign. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  6. Rabbit Leader

    1/72 Airfix P-40B Tomahawk

    Nice to see these kits getting finished this weekend. Your Tomahawk looks great and you’ve done a great overall job. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  7. Rabbit Leader

    A stripy Meatbox

    I must apologise for completely missing this WIP Enzo. I’ve only noticed it in the GB gallery and it looks just fabulous. Lovely paint job and a really effective, clean finish. Cheers.. Dave
  8. Rabbit Leader

    Hasegawa Hurricane Mkii

    That last threesome image deserves to be a gallery photo Steve... Love it! Actually I love all of them. Cheers.. Dave.
  9. She’s tuned out wonderfully well Steve - as if it wouldn’t! I do agree, the DFS really suits the Hurri. Very well modelled. Cheers.. Dave
  10. Rabbit Leader

    The Royal Air Force Centenary GB Chat

    C'mon chaps - Big push!! I now count 31 completed models in the GB Gallery and it would be so nice to see a few more. Robert's list above mentioned 89 builds going on, so that leaves a fair few to hopefully get over the finish line before this weekend is out. Washing the car, taking the kids to the park or the missus out for Dinner can surely wait until next weekend! Cheers.. Dave (now relieved that he's just posted into the GB Gallery!)
  11. Rabbit Leader

    Royal Air Force Centenary Gallery

    No. 452 (RAAF) Squadron Spitfires Airfix Mk.IIa - P7973 - flown by Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Tamiya Mk.Vb - W3821 'Pemba III' - flown by Raymond 'Throttle' Thorrold-Smith Here is my contribution to the Royal Air Force Centenary Group Build. Titled the 'Colonial Contribution' its a small memento to honour the thousands of servicemen and women who mostly volunteered to join the RAF from all parts of the Commonwealth. No. 452 Squadron was initially equipped with Mk.IIa's, which were soon replaced by Spitfire Vb's during the latter half of 1941. During it's approximate 12 months of European active duty, 452 was to become one of the most successful Channel Front units and boasted a fine collection of leaders and an eclectic bunch of jovial characters. I'm sure this lot drank their fair share of brown ale as well, so on that note ..... here's a big Cheers from me - now where's that XXXX? Oh - the WIP thread is here. Kind regards.. Dave
  12. Final WIP Update! Here's a few better photos taken with my son's camera. There's more pics of both Spits and a small presentation board in the GB Gallery. Special thanks to @Robert Stuart for being an encouraging host and of course Enzo for putting these GB's together in the first place - so much fun. It was nice to honour just a small sample of the large 'Colonial Contribution' that took part in the European theatre of operations during WW2. Tragically both Keith Truscott and Raymond Thorrold-Smith were to die during early 1943, a sad fate which befell many fine serviceman during this turbulent period. Cheers and thanks for following, commenting or just casually browsing over the last few months .. Dave
  13. Rabbit Leader

    Would people really pay that for a Wingnuts Jasta 5 set?

    I agree with the theory of waiting until life’s just perfect before cracking open some rare or expensive kits, however we should also be mindful that we probably have a ‘modelling sweet spot’ where ones skills tends to slowly diminish as we all get older. The trick is knowing when this period is? My 1/24 Typhoon is one such kit that springs to mind, so when that actually gets built is anyone’s guess. It will though at some stage - probably when I think my skills are better then what they actually are! Cheers.. Dave
  14. It's so nice to know that after all these years of putting up with either old kits or having to modify certain others a nice new and accurate early Wellington is now easily available. This now joins the same manufacturers Whitley so we all hope what's the next early war twin engined bomber that should follow. Once again Tony you have built a beautiful example of a new tooled kit. This does more for sales than anything else I know and even though I was always going to get one, after seeing this finish I'll probably get one a lot sooner. Judging by most comments above, I just hope that Airfix have produced enough for the strong demand that has been generated. Thanks for posting these superb photos of your great build. Cheers. Dave.
  15. Your previous B-25 Mitchell builds inspired me to open my wallet and theres no doubt that this Wellington will have a similar effect in the weeks to come. It's so good to see this finished and equally better to hear it endorsed so well buy a modeller who builds so many. Thanks Tony. Cheers.. Dave