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  1. Nice application of white there H, however looks nothing like the Hurricane paint plan below!! Cheers. Dave.
  2. Update #10 Well two out of the three have hit the decal stage. The Vb is not far off, however needs the camo pattern masked and Dark Green applied, I might consign that as tomorrow nights chore. Anyway, the Airfix kits are progressing nicely. In the lower photo Truscotts Mk.IIa is on the left and an early 19 Squadron Mk.I on the right. Those large Type A’s sure brighten up the drab top colours don’t they? Need to start bringing all these home as I’d like to get involved in the MTO GB and the Classic Airfix GB is only a week away!! Cheers.. Dave
  3. Seems like a large dose of ‘modellers recovery’ needs to be applied with these two - unfortunately Tony. How disheartening having come so far to be let down by a poorly produced set of decals. I’m sure you will make the best of this bad situation and your rectification efforts so far are very convincing. Keep at it mate and let’s hope a useable set of decals (and an apology) are not that far away. Cheers.. Dave.
  4. That’s looking just lovely Tony. I also like the Type B’s on top of the wings and think the replacement codes may look a little better than those already applied. I’ll also throw in another plug for David Muir’s superb SCM book - a real work of art and a must for any P-51 lover. Cheers.. Dave
  5. Rabbit Leader

    Tamiya 1/48 Meteor F1.

    Cracking job on the Meteor Steve.. Looks good from every angle and the last atmospheric photo is quite well done. Cheers.. Dave.
  6. Dennis has got a good point there. I’m just catching up on all your updates and this dilemma is not one that I was expecting to see. That’s a real shame however should / will promt the decal manufacturer to sit up and take notice. I was even contemplating purchasing a set myself, however held off for lack of a reliably available Spit Vc. These images will also stop me from clicking the ‘Buy now’ button. Cheers and heres to a swift recovery Tony. Dave.
  7. Having had the pleasure of using some Xtradecals only yesterday on my 19 Sqd Spitfire. Mk.1, I share your pain. They did not perform the best and seem a little off in size. Ill post my progress shortly, however this Spit is still looking quite handsome. Cheers.. Dave
  8. Those decals really suit this kit and this little beauty is looking exceptionally good. Seems like in a few days all these MTO builds will be finished and gallery-ied. I look forward to seeing them displayed, however will miss the regular updates and WIP photos. No doubt at your prolific pace you’ll soon bless us with some other exciting modelling theme for all of us to marvel at! Cheers.. Dave.
  9. @tonyot, Although my French is limited to a rude word involving three people, I think I might have cracked your serial dilemma?? Whilst looking for my old Airfix Blenheim decals I noticed that the FF serial was a Blenheim starting with the letter ‘Z’. Now if you search Z7779 you will come up with a few references for a FF Blenheim!! I know it’s not absolute confirmation, however my initial guess was that it’s a typo error and what was in your book was only one letter or number off. Hope this helps and the Blenheim is looking very pleasing to the eye at the moment. I’m going to buy one tomorrow. Cheers.. Dave
  10. Well said Tony - all it for the common good. Your builds have inspired me to take a wider look at all allied operations and the MTO theatre has many worthy participants to consider in modelling form. Cheers.. Dave
  11. All good Tony. Thanks for the additional info regarding the colour of the crosses. It all adds up to help make a better and more accurate model. Cheers and looking forward to the next instalment... Dave
  12. Rabbit Leader

    1/72 Valom Fokker FVIIb/3m "Southern Cross"

    Quite like all that extra stuff - although I agree you will hardly see it, the whole research behind it makes the project so much more enjoyable. Good going. Cheers.. Dave
  13. The 607 scheme was also included in the now OOP 1/72 kit. I’ll have to get around to building mine but do agree that the 1/48 re-release is a good choice for 2018. Cheers.. Dave
  14. Rabbit Leader

    Hello from Brisbane

    I think Jimmy’s on the mall is still there, however may have changed with all the Queen Street refurbishments. The Brekky Creek pub is a Brisbane institution and will long remain as a great meeting place and the best Steaks around - although both your waste line and wallet will feel it!! Worldmodeller has a nice ring to it, however I’m a bit old school and if it wasn’t for the likes of Airfix, Matchbox, Scale Models magazine, Scale Aircraft modelling, Modeldecal etc.. I probably wouldn’t know what scale modelling was all about. Cheers... Dave
  15. Is this what you’re after Steve? See this edition of Airfix Workbench and keep scrolling down to the end. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/exclusive-workbench-wimpy-update Cheers.. Dave