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  1. Good point @Johnson, I agree it’s probably a crime to crack it open, however I’ll see how I feel when I decide what to build. This GB did motivate me to indulge in this purchase, so I kinda figure I’ll never build it otherwise, so perhaps why not! Yes, Japan is the other side of the world for you, but a ‘short’ nine hour flight from Brisbane… and I just happen to work for an airline as well! Cheers.. Dave
  2. Just holidaying with family in Tokyo and a great tip by Andy @Red Dot, helped me navigate my way to a great second hand model store in Akiharbara called Leonardo LG. Tip #1 - Take plenty of money Tip #2 - Leave the family behind and go on your own! Anyway, the amount of kits, decals and books is just amazing, I (and I’m sure most of you) could spend half a day there and still not see it all. A little more air cond at the back of the store wouldn’t hurt either, however it’s a lot of fun and a must see if you’re ever down this way. Among my small initial purchase was this little baby… Frog, Aussie decals, lovely box art, in great condition and (as is everything in Japan) sealed in plastic to make it feel nice and new! Even my daughter said.. “Buy it Dad!”. I might even crack it open especially for this GB, we’ll see. Sayōnara.. Dave
  3. Thanks Andy, I’ll try out some of the other stores and see how I go. Cheers and having fun.. Dave.
  4. Just holidaying in Tokyo with the family at the moment with a few days still spare. I probably visited the best model shop in my life at Leonardo’s LG in Akiharbara, so thanks for the tip Andy @Red Dot. As the clan was in tow, I had to keep my visit fairly brief, but will hopefully do a solo return when it gets a little quieter. Also felt like a kid in a candy shop at Yodobashi, the back wall of modelling tools and accessories was just totally awesome. Unfortunately, the chap at the counter refused to sell me the set of Tamiya polishing compounds as were deemed ‘flammable’ and thus, unable to be transported by air. This annoyed me a bit, however he wasn’t going to budge so I had to leave them behind. The prices were amazing cheap in comparison to what we pay for things in Australia. I would say we’re being fleeced somewhere in the order of 60 - 75% more for the same items, it honestly makes you feel a bit annoyed with what we pay, then having the privilege of usually adding postage to it as well! Cheers.. Dave
  5. Nice to hear from you Tom @Bongabill and I've forgotten about this thread that you've now just resurrected after five long years! My parents ended up staying in Melbourne, however I was the only one to move to Brisbane once I hit the dizzy heights of 21 years of age. I'd be interested to know anything about this particular voyage, especially ports of call and associated dates thereof. That would help me slowly piece together a small part of their immigration story. You've also just reminded me that I still haven't added an SS Oriana model to my stash since I was looking into this topic back then. Cheers and kind regards.. Dave
  6. They both look fantastic, very well modelled. As someone who normally only looks at aircraft models, I’ve naturally taken an interest here as my daughter is (hopefully) awaiting a letter of offer to join the RAN from 2024. Fingers crossed she’ll get in an my interest in all things nautical will increase as a result. Cheers.. Dave
  7. Nice progress Mike and adding the extra bits of detail will never harm an old kit. I also think you’ll find Xtradecal paints are mainly gloss, so no vigorous stirring of that paint will result in a Matt finish! Cheers.. Dave
  8. I’ve decided that the stash is way too large to request model kits for Xmas this year, so will instead try to steer the family down the Wingleader book path. Mind you I’m not including a local swap meet this Sunday and a trip to the Tokyo model stores when we leave for Japan this Monday, so the stash may very well increase before that magical December day rolls by. Now I didn’t want to start a Xmas Wishlist within this thread… however the enthusiastic posts above may have led me there! Cheers and apologies.. Dave
  9. I noticed that when building my folded wing Sea Fury as well.
  10. Nice progress Mike and good to see you’ve taken the opportunity to keep busy whilst the rest of the family is out. Whenever that rare occurrence happens at my place, I tend to waste it on anything else other than modelling!
  11. @Adrian Hills, perhaps members can go to Scalemates and filter the search bar for ‘Frog’. There’s more filtering options to the right of the page so you can reduce this list further to remove some other 1990 era kits that are also manufactured by a Chinese company called ‘Frog’. In order to retain some semblance of sanity and increase my bench time, I’ve decided to not do a Build list for this GB. I’m afraid these lists become way too time consuming and only leads to modelling burn out. I’ll just play the role of happy ‘opposing clock’ co-host who can hopefully contribute to the GB gallery at least once. Cheers.. Dave
  12. The Miles Master would be great, as that's another kit I have stashed. Cheers.. Dave
  13. All good Jean, what's a Classic kit GB without a little Banter! Should be lots of fun and we look forward to your Frog Tiffy build. Cheers.. Dave
  14. That could almost be the theme for the GB … Frog kit… ‘and why not’? We’ll gladly look forward to your Twin Spur and Blenheim builds. Cheers.. Dave
  15. Yes @Mr T, yours turned out brilliantly as well, however have to admit I totally forgot to take a second look at your thread whilst building mine - believe me that’s a sign of old age rather than ignorance as you made some handy improvements to yours that I could have used as reference. Cheers, thanks for the kind words and hope to see you in the next Frog GB.. Dave
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