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  1. Excellent choice Pat, believe it or not I just received a copy of one of these kits myself... looks to be a lovely kit. I won’t build mine as yet, although might get tempted after seeing yours being assembled. Good luck with this one. Cheers.. Dave
  2. Great going Chris, nice to see another MiG being built here. Funnily enough I saw a Black Box version of this same kit at my LHS today, however not knowing too much about 21’s left it on the shelf. I’ll look forward to see this being built. Cheers, welcome and best of luck.. Dave
  3. Ha... glad to see I’m not the only one Steve, I’ve done the same with a Matchbox Halifax and still can’t quite work out why I did it. You’re right about these simpler builds, I can’t place my finger on it either, however they’re still lots of fun. Cheers.. Dave
  4. Why not show your hand early Ray.. C’mon let’s see what you’ve got!
  5. That’s right the Great Wall of Wales... those kittens must be the size of Lions by now Pat!!
  6. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Try not to flood the surface as they do spray quite easily. Rest assured, they are quite forgiving. Cheers and good luck.. Dave
  7. If anyone is that desperate, you could always jump on a plane and flyover to this part of the world. Remember we lot are 10 hours ahead of your time so you might be able to put one in the Gallery before any of the UK modelling family wake up!! Oh.. forgot about COVID.. not exactly easy to get on a plane these days, plus you’ll be in quarantine for two weeks when you get here, best to stay put I think. Cheers.. Dave
  8. Now that’s different! I suppose you could always do a Pakistani F-6 (Not sure what the differences are) and paint it in some upper surface green colour. Will follow on as I’ve thought about acquiring one of these in he past. Cheers and best of luck.. Dave
  9. Nice choice Pete.. nothing wrong with silver and a couple of nice Type ‘D’ roundels to jazz it up a bit! You’re obviously not using AK’s Extreme metals range of paints. They have a Flat Aluminium which I’ll be trying out on my Fw 56 build. I have faith it will do the job nicely. Cheers.. Dave
  10. Yes Pete, was about to comment on the other two of your GB threads when my iPad died! On the phone now, however I’ll get to those a little later. Cheers.. Dave
  11. I knew you wouldn't be too far Pete! Thanks for showing your hand and I do conquer, very happy to see another one of these big beasties on here. I’m sure you'll find something else to build after this one is done, surely you can’t limit yourself to just one! Cheers.. Dave
  12. As lovely as expected Ray.. thanks for the camouflage masking tip, that’s another one to try. Yes - give me hard edges any day! Cheers.. Dave
  13. ... these Classic GB’s always get extended, your five GB hosts will be well and truly burnt out by then!
  14. .... and at four kits... Jean the magnificent will need to teach Mavis the Mongoose the classic art of Plastic Scale Modelling!
  15. So does that mean this Bus is in??
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