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  1. O look... a Qantas V-Jet! (excuse the poor quality image).
  2. 1965 - so the Beatles really hit their straps with the release of ‘Help’ and ‘Rubber Soul’, Dylan goes Electric and the TSR-2 gets mercifully scrapped. What else happened in 65 Pat?? Cheers.. Dave
  3. Looks as if someone likes his Lightning’s and judging my that great collection certainly knows his craft. Although I’m not one for whiffery, those quirky conversions are really great and very eye catching. Well done and it would appear another Build List update will be required shortly. I’ll let the weekend finish for everyone, then see what’s been done. Cheers.. Dave
  4. I’ll second that, I think you still owe us a few, Steve!
  5. I liken this situation to going to the pound to buy one puppy, then coming home with two after not wanting to split the brother / sister pair! Well done Bob, they will make a lovely couple of builds. Cheers.. Dave
  6. Thanks Bob, the ‘Case Wing ‘ was my query and your explanation and excellent images go along way to expanding my little known knowledge on this aircraft. That’s my learning for the day.. no more room for anymore I’m afraid, however I’m still trying to calculate the innings total of 67 by ten English batsman... that’s not a very high average per ‘average batsman’ is it? Cheers and thanks.. Dave
  7. Impressive Arnold, that’s looking very rocket like. That AM decal sheet looks really nice as well. Cheers.. Dave
  8. Honestly how good has this GB been and this latest gallery entry is a true testament of the fantastic quality of modelling on show. This Spitfire and V1 set is just awesome, the final photos are so atmospheric you can almost hear that Griffon purr and the flying bomb menacingly buzzing by. Cheers and wonderful modelling.. Dave
  9. Great seeing this thread resurrected Mike. Your sticking to a workable plan for your proposed GB completions, something that I should have followed myself! Cheers and enjoy the research as much as the build.. Dave
  10. Nice photos Rob, looks like you’ve been fond of weapons since you were a young takka! I hope your still not sleeping alongside that pistol... what does the Missus say about that nasty habit? Cheers.. Dave
  11. Precisely... You just can’t script this stuff, but England are yet to bat so the pendulum may swing yet again! Cheers.. Dave
  12. Before I get swamped by the expected weekend completion rush, here's a quick update to correct things a bit. These GB's always unearth a plastic classic gem or two, so lets show our appreciation to @CliffB and his excellent Short Sealand. That's just beautiful! @Andre B has decided that although it's getting late, he cannot sustain his desire to build and complete another Sea Fury. Good luck Andre and thanks for joining. and @Retired Bob has unearthed an unopened 20 year old treasure chest and unveiled a large collection of forgotten Frog Kits. With a bit of prompting, the F-102 Delta Dagger has been chosen as another late GB entry. Nice find Bob, better than finding a dusty bag of gold sovereigns in my book! Cheers and all the best for the weekend's GB activities. Build Tally Total Builds = 151 / Total Subjects = 107 / Gallery Entries = 54 / Completion Ratio = 35.8 %
  13. Thanks for the link VP, I’ll read it when I get the chance later today. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t as I’m turning 50 next year and pretty much well overdue for a new car. Our local General Motors affiliate (Holden) will be bringing out Camaros to Australia next year, so reading something like this will only sway me to raid the piggy bank (read mortgage offset) and pester Mrs RL into getting me one! Now the chances of this are pretty slim, however you never know your luck. Cheers.. Dave
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