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  1. Who needs after markers resin cockpits hey Greg?? Thats all looking great and I love this type of scratch modelling which debunks some myths that this hobby is getting way too expensive! Love it mate. Cheers.. Dave
  2. Great to see this PK-121 Warthog kit being added and am delighted to say we are all making a significant dent into building Matchbox's entire and extensive back catalogue - well done everyone! This is another one of those 'should I buy one because it's not been done yet' types of models, so I'm really glad to see it here as you have saved me quite a bit of money. No doubt I'll consider spending it on something else. Great call Steve! Cheers, welcome aboard and best of luck.. Dave
  3. Having never built a Motorcycle kit before, this thread is most educational. She's looking great so far. Cheers.. Dave
  4. So sorry to hear about these issues Heather, that's a bit devastating however like most things in life hopefully recoverable. We all know how thick Matchbox kit transparencies can be, however if you take to them with wet n' dry and then the various grades of micro-mesh you will improve their clarity to a more acceptable level. There's quite a bit of work involved however you will end up with parts that fit your model and clear canopies to highlight your good work. Best to sleep on it, then decide what to do. Cheers and best of luck... Dave
  5. Well done Mick, I try to avoid Wagon Wheels and Mars Bars these days however do share your analogy about things being smaller these days - like most of our shorts sizes! I'm honestly and pleasantly surprised how good some of these non aircraft sprues look. I am so used to your typical Matchbox aviation themed kits, however these cars and many AFV vehicles seem to offer more detail and finer approach to their kit design. Of special note are those minute sprue gates, something that modern day manufacturers still struggle with. We look forward to following this lovely looking build. Cheers, welcome aboard and best of luck.. Dave
  6. Yes... another gap filled with a kit not already nominated. Great call John, although I do share your sentiment that this P-40 was not the best example of this famous subject at its time of release. Still it's all Matchbox kit and you've got to love that Revell era box art with John Waddy's famous mount. Cheers. welcome aboard and best of luck.. Dave
  7. You're so right Ian, you hardly see these being built save for a Classic kit GB such as this one. It might be basic, however that's where the imagination kicks in so you are free to embellish your very own unique Buckeye however way you wish. That's where all the fun starts! Cheers, welcome aboard and best of luck.. Dave
  8. Great addition @825 and yet another hole filled within the Build List - see I knew all that hard work would come to good use! I like the idea of painting up stuff prior to the GB to stay within the 25% ruling, although I tend to have the opposite approach by trying to assemble as much as possible prior to splashing on paint. The parts in this Revell rebox still look rather crisp, so that's a good testament to the Matchbox tool makers of the day. Cheers, welcome aboard and best of luck.. Dave
  9. Nice to see this WIP thread up and running @klr and we very much look forward to watching this kit come together during this ever growing GB. Now I don't recall having this kit myself, however do remember my friend showing me one partially painted up. He had painted the wheels Gloss Black and I knew way back then that tyres should really be painted grey. I often think about this kit whenever I build something myself and the tyres don't quite look right.! Cheers, welcome aboard and best of luck.. Dave
  10. That's great news Dave, after your excellent Puma AFV build we dearly look forward to seeing your Fury and Gladiator here too. No worries about the rigging aspect, it took me two frustrating hours and many attempts to attach two wires on my Wimpy build the other week... I am in total awe of modellers who seemingly do this with their eyes shut! Such a shame about the missing Canberra canopy James, between the Frog / Airfix and Matchbox B(I)8's and PR.9 kits, surely someone must have a spare? We will certainly accept your late Matchbox Canberra and any (or both) of the two car kits will fill large holes within this section of the Build List. I'll jot you down for the Phantom, however is your Canberra now 'off the list'? Cheers lads... Dave
  11. Nice start Dennis and your are free to embellish your Havoc with whatever artwork you are happy with. Cheers.. Dave
  12. Although I painted my cockpit all grey green, I'm pretty sure Tempest cockpits were mainly painted black with small segments of grey-green side walls. Cheers.. Dave
  13. Holy Heck (not my first choice of words!) that's looking so much better with every post you put up Mark. This is gearing up to be a major piece of excellent work. Fabulous job so far. Cheers.. Dave
  14. These Matchbox Armour kits are all going together rather quickly and rather nicely. I can see why they are so popular and why Revell keep reissuing them. Cheers.. Dave
  15. That's looking great mate.. You and me both haven't built enough Matchbox armour, I might need to borrow that glue wand of yours however! Cheers.. Dave
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