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  1. Now listen here Kushan, the first thing you need to do is remove any negative thoughts about your own modelling abilities and just join in on all the fun. You will find modellers of all skill levels that happily participate in these Group Builds and it’s all the encouragement and well wishes that usually get you through to the finishing stage. Most of these Classic GB’s have so many entries that we don’t end it all with a competitive poll to declare one winner. The way we look at it, any Classic kit that’s finished and entered into the gallery is a winner so it all ends in smiles. Each kit that we produce should hopefully be better than the last so please join in and enjoy what these great GB’s are all about. Cheers.. Dave
  2. These Matchbox era NF Meteors are real putty monsters aren’t they. Look good once finished though I bet. Cheers.. Dave.
  3. It’s a shame that life has this fascinating way of interfering with modelling projects! Never mind, just do your best and see how far you get. Post it up as a RFI when it’s all done and dusted. Cheers.. Dave
  4. Thanks Nigel, I normally don’t mind spending some coin on good books, however thats a little steep even by my reckoning. I’ll keep searching and as you say, you never know your luck. For some reason I have a feeling someone close to me may have imported or distributed these series of books a few years ago, so I’m hopeful that something might turn up. Cheers.. Dave
  5. At this stage no, however I'll hopefully be fairly active when the Classic Heller GB rolls around next October. Cheers and thanks for the kind words as well.. Dave
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows how to get a copy of a book titled - "Canberra in Southern African Service"? From what I can see it was published around 1998 and is now well and truly OOS. Judging by the asking price of some used copies, it's obviously a collectors item. I recall seeing a heap of copies for sale at a local Brisbane model show, however (stupidly) flicked through a copy and walked on. I'm particularly interested in the Rhodesian section and would be curious to know if anyone out there has a copy or knows where I could lay my hands on one. Cheers and regards.. Dave
  7. Kits always look better with decals on and this F4 is so elegant in those smart No.4 Squadrons bars. Nicely done! Cheers.. Dave
  8. Well done Paul. An excellent contribution to this GB from start to finish. This Mig-21 really have turned out wonderfully well, so thanks for taking part and displaying your great modelling skills on here. Cheers.. Dave
  9. Nice going Mike. Hopefully she’ll come together rather quickly. Cheers.. Dave
  10. Friends of hours were lucky enough to jag a LHR-JFK trip on some type of airline staff travel deal. It was still very expensive, however was a bucket list item that they were happy to tick off. Your build looks to be going well Giorgio, and I do concur about all this issues one has with building in white plastic! Cheers.. Dave
  11. Ahem... back to the more serious stuff you lot!!.. any update to the GB polls there Rich (or should that read Snr Constable Rich these days!). Cheers.. Dave
  12. The improvements, corrections and repairs are all super impressive Cliff, well done. So how’d go at Telford, did you pick up any gems or bargains? Cheers.. Dave
  13. Looking like a nicer shaped Banshee I reckon! Good going Pete. Cheers.. Dave
  14. That’s looks lovely Greg, those blue roundels really pop out don’t they. Looks great. Cheers.. Dave
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