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  1. Many thanks for that photograph @airjiml2, I’ve not come across that one and it shows up many details. Cheers and good thread chaps.. Dave
  2. Many thanks for the excellent description and documentation Peter. That really does answer my query and puts to bed any thoughts I previously had that the Nene rear fuselage was bulkier. Cheers and regards.. Dave
  3. That’s just beautiful Gaz, very well modelled - looks a real treat. Shame to read your comments on the Eduard decals, I’ve got the Royal Box version and specifically bought this for the colour schemes included. It would be a real shame if these decals are useless and would have me thinking twice about investing so much money on another Eduard kit again. Cheers.. Dave
  4. I’d say it would be perfectly acceptable to square off this kits wingtips and call it a FB.5. To my knowledge (apart from the wingtips) the FB.5 incorporated a ‘stronger’ wing which allowed it to carry underwing stores. I’ll bet money that when the sprues are eventually shown, the base wing parts will be cut at the tips and the squared wingtip parts provided on the clear sprue. Although I’m happy with this initial kit version, fingers crossed we should be able to make an F.3 and FB.5 version straight OOB with this first release. Cheers.. Dave Edit - re-reading the question,
  5. My observations (which may not be correct) suggest that although the Australian F.30 and FB.31 Vampires still retained the original wing root intakes of the British versions, the engine compartment back from the rear of the cockpit ‘may’ have been slightly more bulbous in appearance and wider and shorter overall at the Nene engined exhaust (similar to the French Mistral). As we know the French modified the wing root intakes, whilst the Australians incorporated the (at first) upper, than lower ‘Elephant ear’ scoops. I’m still not convinced if I’m just seeing things, however the exh
  6. Congratulations on a very fine build Pat. She’s turned out lovely and would have to be a cabinet stand-out. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  7. Great work so far Ray. May I suggest you get onto Jays Models (from NZ) and source a few sheets of their finer mesh. I modified the very old Matchbox kit a few years ago and was quite happy how it turned out. Cheers.. Dave
  8. Interesting and quite timely to be building a Tiger AW. Seems like the Army have had enough of these as just the other day we announced that they will be getting replaced by a fleet of 30 or so Apache’s. Cheers.. Dave
  9. I just love these Hornet Ball videos... what a Day Job! I do like the No. 75 Sqn pilots checkerboard scarf, that was a nice nod to the squadrons history I thought. Cheers and thanks Ray.. Dave
  10. I second a return to the Squadron series of decals. It would be interesting to hear what Xtradecals sell most, a decal sheet with multiples of the same subject or those ‘themed’ sheets with one of two options for multiple aircraft subjects. If we are going down the Squadron suggestion theme again, can I ask for No.45 Sqn. RAF... thats after @wombat gets his 11 Sqn ones I suppose. Cheers.. Dave
  11. I’m a bit late looking at this thread Dennis, however glad that Ray has pointed out the difference in Kittyhawk version for those Goofy decals. I’ve used plenty of Ventura decals in the past and rate them highly. I also love these Hasegawa series of 1/72 Kittyyhawks, which are way more accurate than Academy’s overblown examples and about 1/3 the cost of the recent Special Hobby kits. To be fair, its a little basic in the cockpit and wheel welll areas, however a good starting point to greater things. Cheers and best of luck.. Dave
  12. Who doesn’t love this great Airfix Vampire? Good luck H, its a good kit, builds up nicely and will look great in those Kiwi markings. Cheers... Dave
  13. A great choice of kit Greg and the family dedication you’ve just mentioned is quite touching. This Corsair kit is another 1/48 Tamiya classic and builds up extremely well. I’m sure you will do a great job and look forward to keeping track of your progress. Cheers and best of luck.. Dave.
  14. Good luck with this very special build @Rafwaffe. This is a particular subject that has also been on my modelling radar for a long time, firstly because it has a family connection with my good BM mate @stevehnz and secondly because I partially share the same surname as it’s pilot. Like most Aussie / Kiwi relationships, there would have been a good dose of friendly nationalistic banter, however when it comes down to rolling up ones sleeves and getting the job done, an Anzac combination will always be hard to beat. Cheers and best of luck with this very appropriate GB build.. Dave
  15. Will be good to see this being built Pat. I’ve built and got the Matchbox Buffalo and do believe this little Airfix rendition builds up nicely as well. Cheers and good luck.. Dave
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