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  1. Agree, glad it's been sparred from the 'round file'! She's come up a treat and I've one stashed which will hopefully be built in the same scheme one day. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  2. I agree Tony and seems to match the text caption in Jefford's book.. "... by this time (13 Sep 1939) the aircraft had been temporarily repainted in a desert camouflage scheme. The code letters appear to have been applied in the same two contrasting colours, Dark Earth on the locally applied tan and vice versa". ... Any idea what Squadron the 2nd Blenheim in your photo collection is from? I quite like that. Cheers.. Dave
  3. Excellent subject matter Tony and I'm sure this build will set the tone for many future builds thereafter. Besides the Light Earth (and might I suggest 'pink'?) camouflage shade, the colour of the code letter 'W" appears to be different between the the two sets of Xtradacals sheets that this aircraft is represented in. The initial sheet shows the 'W' in Dark Earth, whilst the latest sheet has the 'W' in dull red? So hard to know which one is correct, however a good study of the B&W photo that appears in Jefford's 'Flying Camels' seems to indicate that it's similar to the camouflage colour. Now whether this is Dark Earth or even Dark Green is another question which is hard to answer. Cheers and will watch on with interest... Dave
  4. The basic SH Vampire kit has always had the longer FB.9 intake as an 'extra' part on the sprues, so there's no need for an additional resin part. Cheers. Dave
  5. Looks like a really nice package and IMO (save for type of plastic) it would be difficult to see what any other manufacturer could provide in 1/72 scale. From initial impressions it looks like two types of spinners with quite large prop blade cut-outs (?) and only the large wheel hub tyres offered, which were not fitted to the earliest Series 1 aircraft. This later feature is a little surprising considering Airfix actually provide four wheel parts on the one sprue? Besides that, I quite like what I see here. Cheers.. Dave
  6. Guilty as charged Davey .... thanks to the new Airfix Vulcan and a Shorts Skyvan for the up and coming High Wings GB. My Blenheim is still chugging along, so an update will be made shortly. Cheers.. Dave
  7. Nice going Davey, that’s looking great. Cheers.. Dave
  8. Really coming up nicely and it’ll look completely different again once you take the canopy and nose glazing masks off. Did you not see any evidence of the stencil markings that Airfix provide? That would be a few more decals to use. Cheers.. Dave
  9. Looks great and as well worn as your cutting mat! The model deserves a better backdrop to highlight the excellent result. Cheers.. Dave
  10. Great to see this kit out and available for purchase. Now I'd love to do a BM WIP (ala Beaufort) for this new kit, however they'll be plenty built and presented by the time I lay my hands on one. Cheers and happy Chippy building.. Dave
  11. That is some build Tony, the Buckmaster has turned out wonderfully well, excellent stuff. ..... and what can I say about that No. 45 'Flying Camels' collection.... Wow!!! absolutely break-taking and a collection that you should be immensely proud of. Cheers and huge congratulations.. Dave
  12. Any love for AK Real colour paints? I’m still not quite sure if they are enamels or (more likely) solvent based like Tamiya, however they seem to have a large range of colours and are no more expensive than other brands - all be it, mail order for me. Cheers.. Dave
  13. From what I can see from the sprue photos, an FB.5 with squared off wingtips should be possible from the parts provided within this initial release. There may be some small 'local' differences between a J28 and French type however the overall shape is all there. Cheers.. Dave
  14. Colin, My initial thoughts are that your compressor's pressure may be set too high, although this may be due to the paint being too think so a high pressure is required for any paint to spray out. Airbrushing takes time to master and you know when you get there when it all 'feels' right, so try thinning the paint and reducing the pressure a little. Paints behave differently as well. what brand of paint and thinners are you using? Cheers.. Dave
  15. To set the record straight XXXX was named after an industry beer strength measurement (i.e. 4x), however being a local I do agree with the other 'taste' and 'spelling' analogies mentioned above! Cheers.. Dave
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