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  1. .. so that’s the trick? Might down a couple of schooners before I tackle that Meteor NF.11 canopy!
  2. Thanks for proposing this GB Dennis, it should be a hoot, however I do suggest we add a slight twist to the rules whenever we get there. In stereo-typical Aussie form, I propose all GB participants take part in a "Beer O-Clock" Zoom session before we take to our dedicated builds for the evening (or morning depending on time zones). This should produce a few interesting subjects and might even propel me to finish off a GB entry or two! I'm in with Bell's on! Cheers.. Dave
  3. Well my British to Aussie build ratio is about 2:1, so odds on I’ll honour that. Actually I might make a start to this GB entry today as my Lanc build Is depressing me each time I look at it. Cheers.. Dave
  4. Nice to see this again V.P, hopefully you’ll make it in some fashion. I’m going backwards quickly with mine, however it will get finished one day, whether I grow to like it is another matter! Cheers.. Dave
  5. Looks like Steve’s painted himself into an Aussie corner as the Mk.21 was only ever used by the RAAF. Rich and I are off to the pub anyway, so we can keep the gloves down for a good while yet! Cheers.. Dave
  6. Lovely work all round. That’s turned out beautifully and top marks for getting both a convincing black finish and that kill frost colouring. Love it! Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  7. That’s really beautiful Cliff. The painting and masking looks perfect and the overall package is very impressive. It’s been fun watching this exacting replica come to life. Cheers and very well modelled.. Dave
  8. Ha... actually Steve, I know I’ve got both Meteor NF sheets so these Mirage decals should be in my vast decal bank somewhere... now where’s that Heller Mirage?? I know I’ve got one of these as well. Cheers.. Dave
  9. That’s gorgeous... I love bright bold subjects so this ticks all the boxes, plus it’s a Mirage, possibly the most beautiful jet ever produced. Which Modeldecal sheet are these decals from? I only discovered the other day I had Belgium CF-100 decals so I might even have this set too. Cheers and well modelled.. Dave
  10. +1 for AK’s metals. It’s made NMF finishes more than possible for this modeller. Cheers.. Dave
  11. All good Pat, as I said there’s always room for more and we all get caught up with ‘life’ in between GB hosting duties. Let’s see what happens, I might be all GB burned out by then anyway? Cheers.. Dave
  12. As GB hosting goes, we can always use with some help. Now @vppelt68 and I have kinda got a deal going that should either or both Boeing / Douglas GB’s get up we will share the host / co-host duties, however I’m sure we can find room for a co-co hosting role... and to be honest I couldn’t think of a better modelling mate. We also need someone with an odd sense of humour so I reckon it’s a go-er. Cheers and thanks.. Dave
  13. Thanks Martin, that sounds great.. you're #23 We all love a Scooter Steve, you're in at #24 Sounds likes you've got many to choose from Pat, you're my #25. Thanks guys... just the five more names to see this one battle it out with all the others Cheers.. Dave
  14. Anything below 20 degress C, is way too cool for us! Mrs. RL and the two spawning Wifi suckers can't stop complaining about it, although for some reason can't work out that another layer of clothing may actually do the trick? Just got one more day at work to slog through, then I'll do my best to make a final push to the finish line prior to 31 May. Let's see what transpires? Cheers.. Dave
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