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  1. LN-KEH

    Airfix 2020

    There is an original Ju 52/3m at Gardermoen, so if they didn`t Lidar it at the same time as the He 111 - they can do it too. Most Ju 52/3m in museums are French or Spanish built, the one at Gardermoen is German built and restored after staying in a lake since 1940 - a time capsule. I have seen the abomination in Sinsheim and my first thought was to get hold of a fire axe to destroy it - we have two proper Ju 88s under restoration in Norway and another in Berlin, A small British museum has a Ju 88a1 cockpit originating from Norway as well.
  2. LN-KEH

    Airfix 2020

    And it is available in kit form for scanning in an Airfix-friendly museum two hours flying time from London: https://www.flysam.no/utstillingen/flyene/junkers-ju-88a-1/ Definitely an A1 with the single MG for defense
  3. Hei, S & M models had a resin Vickers Viking, it has ben out of stock for a while. http://sandmmodels.co.uk/product/vickers-viking/ An Airbus 330 tanker is of interest to North European modellers since a number is on order for a combined unit,
  4. LN-KEH

    Airfix 2020

    In my opinion, Airfix is only likely to kit something flown by British units or their possible opponents and preferably multiple versions possible. After the weak sales of the Nimrod, they will probably avoid modern maritime aircraft. If the cooperation with Academy on 1:35 tanks spills over to 1:72 aircraft we could see their B-29 issued as a Washington as well as the Catalina in RAF markings I would be very happy to see a good stretched C-130J and Curtiss C-46 Commando,
  5. Hei, Hannants stocks Eastern Express, however the DASH-8 400s are still not in their catalogue. https://www.hannants.co.uk/manufacturer/eastern-express/products?product_type_id=1821&search_direction=asc&scale_id=957
  6. Vingtor has reprinted decals for Norwegian CF-104s and included markings for LN-STF, the civilian registered flying Starfighter. http://www.vingtor.net
  7. My guess - a complete set of King Jan Sobielski and his Winged Hussars figures...
  8. Could Begemot consider including markings for the PE 2FT under restoration in Norway? Also a good selection of cockpit pictures in the links below: http://www.toredgarolsen.net/petlyprosjekt.htm https://blhf.org/Petlyakov-PE-2-FT http://www.vhu.cz/vhu-ziskal-jedinecny-exemplar-prosluleho-sovetskeho-bombarderu-pe-2/
  9. Will there be separate boxings for non-Soviet users like Italy, Spain and Romania?
  10. Would it be possible to build a civilian passenger plane from this without having to shave off too many sensors and hard points?
  11. LN-KEH

    Airfix 2020

    Hei, Is there really a Mosquito on display in Telford or should it be Cosford or Duxford where I believe there are Mosquito T35s?
  12. I fully support this - it fits with the other trainers released by Airfix and it has been in service with many other countries as well besides the UK. They can probably release a new variant every year, but they need to be clever when it comes to getting the variants right.
  13. So what versions of the Lysander will they release? I can think of British army-coop of 1940 with light bombs and messages bags for use over France. Finland army-coop of WW2. Target tug over Britain and Canada British air-sea rescue Special duties flight - the most interesting version in my opinion Other users: Irish Air Corps (six Mk II) Turkish Air Force (36 Mk II) Portuguese Air Force (eight Mk IIIA) USAAF (25), Indian Air Force (22), Egyptian Air Force(20)
  14. No SAS decals? https://www.youtube.com/embed/DAZ-IDhhe8s
  15. With Moson Model Show taking place on 27-28th April could it be an opportunity to get a few Sunderlands fresh from the mould. The price of the kit is one thing, and then you have the resin and p/e extras that double the total...
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