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  1. Possibly for creating an emergency lightweight fighter like the Caudron 714 - then we are definitely talking about a what if French AF 1941.
  2. I have one of the large scale resin kits of this beauty by Fisher Models and Pattern, When looking at it, I am impressed both by the original aircraft and the kit iteself.
  3. Must have seen the smoke from the engines on the boxart and jumped to conclusions. They will probably also target MiGs and Sukhois for the same reason.
  4. I would rather think of the Polikarpov I-15 Chato as the flat nose - and the right size for Eduard kits in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale. And with the option of a large number of variants possible with Russian, Finish, Chinese and Spanish civil war markings. Only competition being ICM kits, so there is room for another series of I-15/153 kits. I think Eduard will leave the Hurricanes to their friends in Arma - maybe doing a few boxings for them,
  5. There is probably a market for the Mig-25 P of Viktor Belenko in Japan - for the rest of us, it is just another defection story. Back to the MiG 23/27 family; it is really large and diverse - even more than the MiG 25s.
  6. Are you thinking of Clear Prop or Modelsvit - the link is for a Clear Prop planned release? Regardless, I am happy to see an extended family of MiG 23/27s from ICM, they will have to make some clever designing to get all the variants.
  7. Hannants has sold out the first production run, so there is certainly a demand for little known aesthetically challenged aircraft in 1/72.
  8. The kits I have from them, reminds me of Sword plastic - it is easy to work with and holds the details pretty well.
  9. Kora is about to release an 1/72 Rikugun Ki-93 limited run injection moulded kit in four versions. The prototype which flew once and three what-if or Japan-46 versions. Complete plastic kit from new moulds with clear canopy and decals retailing at 66€ for a twin-engined fighter.
  10. In my opinion; AZ/KP quality is rather uneven, some kits are well detailed and easy to build, while others are devoid of details and badly moulded. Merlin quality was consistently going downhill over the years - but their Cierva C.30 was decent.
  11. Mine have also arrived (SAS and Spantax), the eBay seller had repackaged them into a stronger cardboard box with the original rather flimsy boxes at the bottom, so everything arrived in good shape. Initial impressions match what David H writes above, detailed and well moulded kits of a true narrow-body. I might want to replace the SAS decals if LN-decals becomes available.
  12. It is quite pricy - costing more than the C-130 kit that I want to have it tow...
  13. Maybe Arma can scale up their Hurricane series to 1/48
  14. They can be in the same boxing as the Norwegian "Vingtor"
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