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  1. Well, the kit ones probably scale out to be the size of drain pipes Tim
  2. Fishbed

    Hello from Oxfordshire

    Hello from Harwell (well Rutherford, so I assume the same site?). Tim
  3. Fishbed

    Abingdon IPMS Show 2018

    Here you go - Antics Avid reader Aerobilia Paul Davis Colin Levy RAF DEC Jackhill models Mainly Military The A J Model Shop Mr Models Oxon Plastic Fantasic S & M Models Along with 14 clubs Tim
  4. Fishbed

    Abingdon IPMS Show 2018

    The annual Abingdon IPMS show will be held on Saturday 29th September 2018. Details in the posters below. Let me know if you have any questions. Tim
  5. Fishbed

    FV432 "Bulldog"

    Plastic from the kit. seam lines take a bit of care to tidy up, but not to bad. Tim
  6. Fishbed

    FV432 "Bulldog"

    You could buy this and the "normal" version, put the interior from the normal into the bulldog and just do a closed up normal? Tad expensive though Tim
  7. Fishbed

    FV432 "Bulldog"

    Thanks for the reply, very useful as my knowledge of this area is rather lacking. Tim
  8. This was one of those builds where things just didn't go right. I even managed to loose the exhaust somehow. Just replaced it with some plastic tube bent to about the right shape. Could do with a figure to go with it, but not found one yet. Did Bronco ever bring out their modern British figures? Tim
  9. Fishbed

    Manston Harrier

    Oh, that's sad. well executed though Tim
  10. Fishbed

    Sea Fury (yes another one!)

    Thanks for the comments all. Rick, yes the problem with the cowling has been discussed here. A quick search will show the conversations. There is a resin replacement if you need one. Tim
  11. Fishbed

    Beriev Be-12 1\72 ModelSvit

    makes me want to go and build one, damn-it.
  12. Well it had to be done. Everyone else has one. Don't you? Have to fish out the typhoon and tempest out the roof sometime for a family portrait. Just need a MkII tempest and I'd be a very happy camper. Enough has been said about the Airfix Sea Fury, so I wont repeat details. I enlarged the cowling by putting a 15 thou plastic card shim on each side. That just about makes it fit. I added a gun sight from an Eduard Spitfire that I had spare (not that you can really see it). The decals are from an AeroMaster sheet as I wanted one with the black and white stripes. The photos show a couple of areas I need to touch up. Oh well. Its not like I have other kits to build Enough waffle, on with the pics. Tim
  13. Fishbed

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Trust you to go for the red light district Tim
  14. Fishbed

    Folland Gnat F1/Ajeet

    I had considered the Yugoslav Gnat. They only had three (or so) for trials, but i haven’t totally ruled it out Tim