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  1. Remember the Comet didn't use the 17lb gun, it was known as the 77mm. It could be the camera angle, but the barrel you have fitted looks a bit long, the 77mm used a shorter version. Same ammunition, but cartridge and breach from the 3" AA gun to make it all fit in the turret. Tim
  2. a squirt of cellulose thinners from the airbrush may have the desired results. If not a good single malt should have the desired anesthetic result you need. Not had a cold in years ..........................
  3. The fumes from the glue pot should sort out the tonsillitis............................ Tim
  4. There is a treasure trove of photos here https://www.scorpion-miniature-models.co.uk/the-falklands-war Along with some very nice conversions if you are into 1/35 Tim
  5. Yes a warning, "enter at your own risk. we take no responsibility ........" and so on. I've campaigned to have one by any post you start Tim
  6. All the colours you need here - http://www.mafva.net/other pages/Starmer camo.htm Tim
  7. The Airfix Whitley VII kit has an extra few bits with the radar aerials and a handful of what could be these very bombs/ depth charges. I may have used mine, but others may have them spare? Tim Tim
  8. A quick update for the show. So far we have 12 traders confirmed, along with 14 clubs stands at the show. The vendors cover books (2 traders); paints, mask, kits (5 traders); decals; 2 second hand traders. Tim
  9. Which was another reason for getting the kit Tim
  10. Thats exactly what I'm planning to do on mine. Oddly same marking to! (but mine from Freightdog). Only got as far as painting the cockpit.
  11. There is something about the brutish looks of the conqueror that has made me want one in the collection for some time. I'm not an expert enough to say if it is 100% correct but it looks the part to me :-) By my standards this was a quick build. There were no issues with the way it went together. The only oddity is that there are no clear lenses for the headlights included, just normal plastic ones. I'll add clear lenses one day. As its so prominent I replace the barrel with one from Aber. I think its designed for the Dragon kit, but it was not hard to make it fit. Painting as done with a very old tin of Humbrol paint from their old Authentic range. One of the marking options from the kit was used, as I found a photo of that tank online. Enough waffle, on to the photos. Tim
  12. Its not to difficult a one to try. Give it a go! Tim
  13. I've had in my mind to do an X-Wing probably since the Star Wars films first came out, way back when I was a teenager! Finally I picked up the Bandai kit at a show a few months ago. For this one I just built the kit out the box to satisfy the itch Now to find a Y-Wing.......... Comments welcome Tim
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