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  1. Its not to difficult a one to try. Give it a go! Tim
  2. I've had in my mind to do an X-Wing probably since the Star Wars films first came out, way back when I was a teenager! Finally I picked up the Bandai kit at a show a few months ago. For this one I just built the kit out the box to satisfy the itch Now to find a Y-Wing.......... Comments welcome Tim
  3. Hi all, After far to long sitting on the shelf of "I'll finish it one day", that day has finally arrived. I did start a WIP, but that never went anywhere. Ho hum. This is the AFV Club centurion kit modified with the Accurate Armour conversion to make it into a Centurion MKI used as part of the Operation Sentry. More I could do, but its better than leaving it on that shelf (box in the corner actually) for another day (or three). I think there should be a repeat of the serial number on the turret, but there you go. I like the look of the tank without the side panels, so went with "Sheila", as there is at least one photo of the tank in this state. Comment welcome. Tim
  4. Another for the slowly growing collection of spitfire marks. This is the Eduard 1/72 VIII kit modified to the VII version. The cockpit door was fixed closed and gaps filled in. A solid bulkhead was added at the rear of the cockpit. The air intake for the pressurisation system was added on the nose. The large carburetor intake in the kit had to be removed, and the hole filled in so the small intake could be used. Those were the main changes as far as I remember. I used the kit canopy as any differences at this scale are (hopefully) not that apparent. The MSG was from Colourcoats and the PRU blue from an old (and sadly nearly empty) tin of humbrol authentic paint. The decals came from a Xtradecal sheet. On to the pics Comments welcome Tim
  5. Ooooo, Good question. As far as I remember it was just the one. Tim
  6. I'm calling this finished. Lots more I could do, but so much in the stash I want to get on with. The kit went together well enough. The tracks were probably the weakest part pf the kit. I did replace the gun barrels with a metal set. RB? not sure now. Not designed for this kit, so a bit of drilling required. Went with Mike Starmers suggestions for the colours, with the top surface being silver grey, rather than the original olive drab. Photos show how dark the olive drab is (where the serial number has not been over painted) compared to the top surface. The paints were from Colourcoats. Tim
  7. I have that very kit creeping towards the top of the build pile. I'll be following with interest........................ Tim
  8. Abingdon IPMS will be holding its annual model show and competition on Saturday 5th October. Club displays; traders; refreshments; free parking. More details to follow. This will be at the usual site - Larkmead School Abingdon Oxon OX14 1BB Show open from 10-16.00 Admission: Adults £3 Child £2 Any questions let me know. Tim
  9. Fishbed

    Ark Royal

    Came across this story on a computing web site. I'm sure others here can validate the authenticity of the claims https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/07/15/who-me/ Tim
  10. Thanks Chewbacca, about what I would have said. I don’t think I have seen a photo of Dragon with the red dragon and the harpoon fit. No doubt now an image will appear ......... Tim
  11. The paints were from the Colourcoats range (M1/M5 I think) - https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/modern-naval-colours Lovely paints to spray, great quality Tim
  12. As this would be my first ship build in over 20 years, I had hoped to pick an easy ship to do. As the type-45 is a fairly clean design, not may aerials etc to get in the way, what could possibly go wrong? Apart from the way Airfix design the kit. Not sure if it was my example or if they all have an interesting fit. Many a happy hour was spent putting bits together and then filling in the gaps. Possibly my inexperience of this type of build meant I did things in the wrong order, who knows. I have added the Atlantic Models etch for a bit of extra detail, and replaced the main gun barrel and turret as those in the kit were lacking in detail just a bit(!). one the 30mm guns I used a length of Albion alloys tubing to replace the kit drainpipes. I've also discovered photographing something this size brings it own challenges. I will do another, if/when the pile of land and air based kits ever dies down. The question is what? Tim
  13. Fishbed

    Airfix 1/35th M3 Stuart

    I had this discusion with him over these colours (but for a Grant) you can see his thunking here - https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/viewtopic.php?f=110741&t=317933&p=1545891&hilit=starmer#p1545891 with silver grey being the top colour in his view. If it was olive drab it would match the unpainted patch where the serial number is (images in link). Must finish the Grant off .......... Tim
  14. Fishbed

    Airfix 1/35th M3 Stuart

    No images on firefox or chrome, sorry. Tim
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