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  1. Coming along nicely Rob. I have this in my stash, so will watch with interest. What is the part number you are missing? Thinking i should check mine. It's a strange looking beast btw. George
  2. What a good idea. I guess it helps to get paint between the links. George
  3. Interesting project Ned. My first car in 1985 was an Opel Kaddett, but it looked a bit different to this George
  4. This was my entry into the recently finished M3/M4 Group build, which I enjoyed and as always have learnt a bit more. Managed to finish the Sherman and the figures in time, but not the base. Anyway, I have finished the base now, nothing special just a Lidl chopping board, Tamiya “stone paving” and some static grass and lawn moss. "This will cheer you up!" is referring to the Commander offering the grumpy Gunner a glug of wine. Thanks for looking, George
  5. I also think it is looking good Matt. Not tried either and maybe a bit late now, but some people use lighter fluid with oils and there is also VMS oil expert. Both are supposed to massively speed up the drying process when using oil paint. George
  6. How did i miss this one? Excellent work all round Stef, can't fault it. George
  7. Fantastic work. Really nice paint work and figures. George
  8. Thanks Ed and Stix for your kind words. I have enjoyed my first GB. Not long until my second, the Canadian GB. Will have to try and be a bit faster as I cut this one a bit close. George
  9. I read/heard somewhere that Semi Gloss is best for pin washes and weathering, as it allows the paint to bite a bit and not just slip on the surface. Would appreciate your thoughts. George
  10. Morning Bertie, If only my painting skills were that good! The goggles are clear parts that came with the kit. George
  11. Some photos of the finished item (without the base). Still need more work on my camera skills. Think the main problem is the lighting, but seem to be getting there ish. George
  12. Tamiya 1/35 M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" with Miniart US Tank Crew. George
  13. Fully agree with Model Mate. You are doing a great job. George
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