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  1. Thanks Tony, but that was the only really decent picture out of about 30 i took George
  2. Thanks Circloy, that answers my question. My next problem is how to make one or two. Thinking coffee stirrers glued together as i dont have any balsa wood. George
  3. Thanks for the advise Chris, I actually have a phone tripod which came with a bluetooth "shutter" button, but have never tried it. Guess i need to dig it out and use it in future. George
  4. Thanks for the tips Tony. Your photos look great, as do the subjects! This is one of my better shots, but more luck than judgement:
  5. While my model making is improving it is being let down by my photos with my smart phone (Samsung Galaxy S9). Just wondering if anybody has some good tips? Appreciate i should probably get a decent camera, but would rather spend the money on models/materials if i can get away with it. I guess another option is a cheap camera? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, George
  6. Thanks Bertie, I also find it is useful for giving the vignette a name, if that makes sense. This one i did last year was called "No you can't keep the cat" George
  7. Hi Dennis, Well I have learnt something there to, railroad ties! We learn something every day. George
  8. Thanks Gents, very helpful. One thing I forgot to ask is, did they cut into the sleepers to mount the tracks or did they bolt them straight onto the sleeper as below? Thanks again, George
  9. I am looking to make a couple of sleepers for a WW2 diorama in 1/35. Having googled the dimensions i came up with this: German railway sleepers measure 16 cm. x 26 cm. x 2.6 m. or 2.7 m. Does that sound right? 16cm x 26cm seems small to me. If you can help i will be much appreciated. Thanks, George
  10. That looks great. Wasn't sure about the texture of the material you have used, but with the glass in place it doesnt notice and looks fantastic! The sign is excellent also. George
  11. Thanks Ed, I know you like your T-34's so that is high praise indeed. George
  12. I did add a bit of gloss on the back of the turret and around the spare fuel drum, but my rubbish photos don't really show it. You can see a bit on the last picture if you look carefully. George
  13. Been on this site for a couple of years now, so i am well overdue doing a WIP. Please don't expect daily updates, as i don't get much time at the workbench. Saying that i will try to do a couple of updates each week. I have no idea why, but i have a love for WW2 Russian armour. Put it this way, my last 2 builds have been T-34's. (I know the correct name is ISU-152, but thought if people want to search for the Tamiya version in the future i should put it as JSU-152). So here she is: I looked into getting a PE set for this, but i am not sure it is really needed. When you look at the PE sets they seem to concentrate on the external fuel drums, fenders and the DShk machine gun. Oh and i am tight! The tow cable is cotton, so that is in the bin and i have brought a meter length of 1mm picture wire from ebay for £2, which should do the job. I have also noticed the external fuel drum handles are molded in a lump, so hoping i can replace them with some PE from the spares box. I am planning to add some stowage, crew and maybe a couple of tank riders as part of a diorama, but nothing in stone as yet. I have got a couple of additions which may come in usefull: This is were we are at the moment. I like to get the mundane bits out of the way first, so the wheels and tracks are cleaned up and i have even built the saggy bits. All being well an update in the next few days. George
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