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  1. Really nice work on both, well done. Might have to add one of these to the wishlist! George
  2. Excellent build with lots of interesting details. Really well done. George
  3. Some lovely builds and the diorama is fantastic also. Can we see more of the diorama please? George
  4. Very interested to see how this turns out Andrew. I see Gecko also do a Daimler Armoured Car Mk I, but it is £60!!! Too much dosh for this small vehicle in my book. George
  5. Hi Keith, a picture of the scheme you mentioned for the Greek Leopard would be helpful if you have one. Also, are you only looking for Leopard paint schemes? George
  6. Really nice! You should post this in "Ready for inspection" so more can appreciate your work. George
  7. Thanks Nenad, Guess we can always find fault in our own work. Very kind Stef. Thanks Ian. Tamiya XF-63. Cheers Blanketyblank. Argh the potatoes. Had them awhile but hard to find a place for them. Think they fit ok on here. Thanks Keith Ha ha, Thanks Lummox. Thanks David. My first proper attempt at a base. Plenty of room for improvement, but a start. Very kind, thanks Tim Much appreciated. Thanks Stix
  8. Hi Ian, I used good old Tamiya XF-63. It looks a bit blue in the photos, but not in reality. George
  9. Followed your build in the WiP and was really impressed. Now with the final details and the cam net it is out of this world! Really well done, I love it. George
  10. Hi Ed, That makes sense. Thanks for the info. George
  11. Hi Bob, thats really helpful and something i will try in the future. Thanks, George
  12. Hi Ed, Do you know why this has 2 different types of wheels? I have the Miniart T-34/85 composite turret 1944 and that suggest on a couple of the painting options to use 1 or 2 different wheels, but on others all the same. Perhaps it represents field repair or am i missing something? George
  13. P 204 (f) AKA a captured French Panhard AMD-35. Over 200 Panhard’s were captured by the Germans in 1940 and used by the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS. I didn’t realise until I built this that the vehicle had dedicated front and rear driving positions. The Kit. I quite like ICM models. They build and fit well, are well priced, are not over engineered and when they come with figures you have great potential for a diorama out of the box. One thing I don’t like is the rubber wheels. Very hard to clean up and nothing seems to stick them. I have tried to depict the v
  14. Hi Bob, I am sure this has been covered before somewhere on BM, but how do you build the wheels and tracks so they are removeable for painting. I would imagine it is hard to get them off without the tracks breaking. Maybe i am missing something? George
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