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  1. Geo1966

    ISU-152 questions

    Thanks Dmitriy, great photos. George
  2. Morning Andrew, Looking fantastic! Which AK primer did you use please, is it the 3rd generation stuff? The only paint i seem to fine sparys well as a primer is Tamiya, so am keen to find an alternative. Thanks, George
  3. Geo1966

    ISU-152 questions

    Ok, thats very helpful thanks. George
  4. Geo1966

    ISU-152 questions

    @Crayons what colour would the cleaning rods be? Were they metal or wood do you know? Thanks, George
  5. Very nice. The figures and horses are excellent. Well done. George
  6. Me too. Does this come with a section of railway track or did i dream that George
  7. Fantastic work Nimrod, I keep seeing extra details the more i look. Love everything about it. Very well done. George
  8. I have seen quite a few pictures of people using a stand which they bolt to the hull of the models they are building. My question is how do i make one please? The cheaper and easier the better. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year to you all. George
  9. I have been using Village Photos which seems ok. Only problem i have is i have not sussed out how to make the pictures smaller, which could be helpful sometimes. George
  10. Hi @simmerit i think the figures look fine. Not all personnel would have been on National service, plus they could be drafted up to the age of 21. George
  11. Turned out really good @GRK well done. What makes it even more impressive is that it is 1/48 and not 1/35! Also enjoyed the WiP which had some good information as how you have got to this stage. Whats next on the list? George
  12. Geo1966

    ISU-152 questions

    I presumed they were barrel cleaning rods, but could well be wrong. George
  13. Geo1966

    ISU-152 questions

    Thanks Crayons and Bozo, excellent information, which is much appreciated. George
  14. Geo1966

    ISU-152 questions

    Thanks Bozo. What was the pump used for? Have you any photos? George
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