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  1. Looks great Ian. Very nice as it is, but will look even better with the stowage and figures. George
  2. Thanks Ed. I am not planning to use him with the Staghound. I have the soldier he came with and an Alpine tank commander i am planning to use. George
  3. Thank Ian. Yeah, perhaps i should have kept quiet Darryl . Think i might be leaving them as they are anyway. I will only make a mess of trying to correct them. I played rugby with Dick Strawbridge in NI, top bloke. George
  4. So, the construction of the hull is complete apart from the PE mud flaps and the mirrors and arms. I will leave these till much later as I am bound to break them off if not. “Where’s the roof, old boy?” The Bronco instructions are far from the best. Some parts seem to just appear on the vehicle, like the PE that is fitted on the front of the mud guards with no indication of how to bend or fit them. Fortunately, the box art came to the rescue in this instance. Since adding the PE to the front of the mudguards, I have realised that they should be longer as per the photo below. I guess I could remove them and use plastic card instead, will maybe sleep on it and see if I still have the urge George
  5. Coming together nicely Peter. You can't beat a Tamiya kit if your Mojo is low IMHO. George
  6. Great work Wayne. As others have said, its really good to see the two versions being built together to highlight the differences. George
  7. Thanks Stef. The original kit is from 2007, so not that old. It is going together well and has sufficient detail to satisfy my needs. Thanks Trevor. Better to spot them now than in the RFI. George
  8. A bit of an update. I have had a lot of visitors (how rude) and loads of rugby to watch on TV, which has hampered my progress a bit. Not all bad, but I do miss the bench. Pretty much got the main lump finished, or thought I had, but have now discovered I have a few more fiddly bits to do on the suspension. Strangely Bronco only provide a PE strap for the spade, the rest of the tools have molded straps. Most of the small details are pretty good (in my opinion). For instance, I don’t think there is any real need to replace the engine hatch handles as they are already pretty thin/to scale. Bit of a note if anybody is considering this kit. The ejector release pin marks are usually out of the way, but sometimes can hamper fitment, so dry fitting (not my forte) is recommended. A nice touch that Bronco provide is a piece to form the headlight protectors. I managed to bent them in the process of fitting them, but it is definitely a help. Anyway, a bit of bending and maneuvering and I think they are ok-ish now. Just noticed i have a gaps under the PE bits below the hatches. Photos can be good at times i guess George
  9. Well done with all that PE Tom. Looks great. George
  10. I brought a camera specially for taking photo of my models, but have never got on with it. I still find i can get better photos with my phone. As Trevor says lighting is very important, i also brought a stand so i can keep my phone still. George
  11. Super clean build as usual Stef Well done getting the engine in. I sometimes get the feeling that nobody has actually done a test build of the kit before manufactures put them on sale. George
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