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  1. The Sd.Kfz.247 Aust.B was a specialised command armoured vehicle used by the Wehrmacht. Armoured modifications were added to the chassis of the Horch 108. Only 58 were produced between 1941-1942. Daimler-Benz was the only manufacturer. The kit. Having only got back into the hobby last year after a long break, I had never heard of ICM 8 months ago. Quite pleasantly surprised, as the model is not over engineered, parts fit well and it was a reasonable price. Only thing I didn’t like was the rubber tires. Nightmare to clean up and won’t stick with anything. I understand if you are makin
  2. Morning Big X, with regard to the Bronco Humber there is no WIP i'm afraid. I do remember fitting the wheels being a nightmare. There is hardly anything to fix them to the axle. Also for the size of the kit it is quite expensive, so go for one of the ones with figures included. It has a full interior and engine, but nothing can be seen, so a fair few bits went in the spares box. George
  3. Heres my attempt at the Bronco Humber: George
  4. When i was in the Mob (1980/90's), if you had to get a new cam net it would arrive as just the net and then you had bags of the cam squares which were a sort of plasticy material, you then attached these randomly to the net with cable ties. Maybe during WW2 they were ready made out of the factorys, but it could have been a job completed in the field.
  5. Loving the Sturmmörserwagen and that Matilda it's fantastic. Not sure what you have to finish on it (Matilda)? Would be well happy if i had produced that!
  6. Now that is a strange looking beast! Never seen one before.
  7. For aerials I use strands from an indoor broom. They are some sort of plastic so glue and paint ok. Don't tell the Mrs though! George
  8. I am currently making the Border Models T-34 76 and its a really nice kit. If you can be patient it is much cheaper to get their kits on eBay from China. George
  9. Photos working now and its looking like a very good and interesting build. George
  10. That is really nice. Excellent modelling!!!
  11. The pictures are not showing. Just links which dont work. Have you deleted the photos from your hosting site maybe? If so you need to leave them on there or it wont work. George
  12. Airfix have recently released a re-box of the Academy kit if you want a cheaper option.
  13. Heres the review of the same kit: The tracks look a nightmare!!!!
  14. Fantastic work Wayne. A question...................When you say "lead Wire" is that Tin lead soldering wire? Also what thickness do you use please? George
  15. Thanks for the info Das Abteilung. Boarder Models actually provide a good bit of history about the trial. Apparently not only was the additional armour not effective against the 75mm armour piercing shells, but it also affected the driving performance of the T-34 due to weight and clogging in soft ground. George
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