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Phil Evans

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  1. Phil Evans

    Takom Chieftain MK 5

    From the dim and distant recesses of my I think the lens over the searchlight was switchable to allow IR or white light operation. Could be (and probably am) wrong about this. Cheers Phil
  2. Phil Evans

    Churchill markings

    Regimental seniority can be a complex subject. I was under the impression that the RHA were the most senior if they had their guns present but that's a distant and vague memory Phil
  3. To add to Tony's offshoot of this thread a version I heard was that it was entirely possible they were hit by friendly fire but almost definitely not deliberately.
  4. DK Decals are intending to release a Mk I/II sheet for Czech squadrons or is it a re-release? Phil
  5. Phil Evans

    Another Wingnut Wings kit sold out

    Sopwith Snipe (early) is now sold out
  6. Phil Evans

    RAF bomb trolley colours

    Thanks everyone. It's given me ideas for when I do the Resupply Set trolleys. As for the Dambusters Upkeep trolley I'll stick with the green. I won't bother with any white or other marking as I can't imagine arming the aircraft being carried out in poor visibility. As they were only used virtually just the once I reckon they would have been pretty much devoid of any changes from when they were made. Cheers Phil
  7. Phil Evans

    Where have all the Centurions gone?

    PMMS has announced the issue of the Shot Kal Gimel, which looks like it has a 105mm gun.
  8. Phil Evans

    RAF bomb trolley colours

    Thanks Graham and Selwyn, I had been wondering if there was anything out of the ordinary with them as they would have been basically one offs. Phil
  9. Phil Evans

    RAF bomb trolley colours

    Thanks Tim, I think I'll go with green. Phil
  10. Phil Evans

    RAF bomb trolley colours

    Hi, I've started the Airfix Dambusters Lancaster and decided to make up the trolley for the Upkeep mine. What puzzles me is what colour should it be. According to the instructions the main part should be Humbrol 33 (black) with the wheels, mine frame part G16 and towbar Humbrol 30 (green). The photo on the back of the box shows it made up and all green, so I'm guessing that the colour callout for the main trolley G19 is a typo.. I would have presumed that the trolley should be green overall until I saw that the vehicles in the RAF Bomber Resupply set are all Humbrol 29 (brown). So should it be green or brown or could it be either? Cheers Phil
  11. Phil Evans

    Help with Curtiss F9C Sparrow Hawk

    Williams Brothers did one in 1/32
  12. Phil Evans

    Chequered SE5a's.....

    Hi Pheon Decals did this as a limited edition set and now have them on pre-order again. They're in 1/32 and the illustration on their website shows what look like Holt flares mounted underneath the rear fuselage. Cheers Phil
  13. Hi Dave, I saw a sheet by VM Decals on the internet for 1/72 NASA T-38s but I don't know what the availability or quality is like. They were printed by Fantasy Printshop
  14. Phil Evans

    RAF Mitchell FR209 post-war markings

    I hope this isn't going to send the discussion off at a tangent. There's photos of another RAF Mitchell with a US serial 43-27774 and described as a VB-25J on Air Britain ABPic. This looks like it might have curtains on the waist windows. One shot looks like it has a 2 star pennant above the fin flash and the caption says used by the RAF Mediterranean/Middle East Communications Squadron
  15. Phil Evans

    RAF Mitchell FR209 post-war markings

    On the Key Publishing Aviation Forum there is a photo of CFE with a Mitchell in the centre of the picture. One of the posts states that it was the personal transport of AVM Sir Roderick Hill