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  1. I enjoyed the Pfalz D.III. I used photo-etch to replace the inspection hatch covers as the detail was a bit soft. The pe was also used for cockpit details.
  2. Thanks Jack, I just thought it would be all streaked like the triplane and then change to all lozenge. Thanks for looking it up, I appreciate it. Regards Phil
  3. Hi, I feel like I should know the answer to this one, but I'm doing the Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VII 32011. I'm wondering why they used 2 different finishes on the early aircraft? If they had lozenge fabric why not cover the whole aircraft as they did later? They used the streaked finish all over the triplane so what made them mix 2 different sources of fabric, clear and printed? I've read the Datafile years ago and can't remember anything about this, but then I'm at that age now. Cheers Phil
  4. RA gunners in the 70s/80s could have electronic headsets that would cut out the noise above a certain level. The Abbott SPG had an induction loop at the back so that the gun numbers there could hear the vehicle intercom when in a firing position. It would give an element of hearing protection even if that wasn't its main purpose. I think Warrior was the first vehicle to have ANR around 1995 Hearing protection was very much ignored for a long time. Tank crews would suffer from the high pitch sound from the GUE.
  5. I don't remember seeing anything about the Royal Class being cancelled either. Eduard don't appear to be issuing many 1/72 releases of any of their kits and this may be a result of the fire at their warehouse which destroyed a lot of stock I believe. Cheers Phil
  6. A few Grants were converted and used mainly for training according to Brian Baxter's book "Breakdown - A history of recovery vehicles in the British Army". It has one photo of a Grant towing a Diamond T and trailer loaded with a Churchill. Brian was a curator at the REME Museum. Cheers Phil
  7. I've had another look at it and I agree with you Dave and I hope that it is a big seller for them. I'll put it down to 2 glasses of wine in the morning affecting my eyesight as it seems clear to me now that you've pointed it out. Cheers Phil
  8. I'm not sure what you are seeing Rabbit Leader but from what I can make out it could be the 1/24 scale Hellcat.
  9. I see that there's pre-orders now on that well-known auction site for around $900 Australian
  10. In a piece of synchronicity, not a minute after posting my response I opened the newsletter from Hannants and CTA (Cut Then Add) decals have a 1/72 sheet for early F-14s and includes AJ-205. Phil
  11. Hi Linus, I can't really help apart from finding 3 photos via google. I put "F-14 AJ-202 VF-142" and it came up with an image of it in the air. If you change the code to AJ-205 and AJ-206 there are images that look as if they were taken at the same time, one has USS America titles on the fin and the other doesn't. HTH Regards Phil
  12. I've managed to answer my own question as I went through the instructions a bit more intently. It's a grease gun on the right side of the cockpit.
  13. Hi, I was checking the sprues as I've got most of the interior and engine together now. I found a few parts that I had missed in the instructions and could identify most of them apart from one, part A22. This is some sort of hand pump, like a truncated version of the fuel tank pressure pump on the right side of the cockpit. Does anyone know what this part represents and if I should use it? It isn't marked as Not Used in the instructions. Cheers Phil
  14. Thanks everyone for such detailed responses. I've passed this onto my mate and I'm sure he'll be as impressed as I am with the depth of knowledge here. Cheers Phil
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