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  1. Hi Ken, Did you make any more progress on this? Phil Evans
  2. Grey Matter Figures did a 1/24 scale Rotol prop and spinner Cheers Phil
  3. That looks really good, I reckon I'll see about getting one. The interior should have been silver paint rather than bare metal. It was that stupid stuff that would rub off on your boots really easily and then be a sod to get off your boots. Cheers Phil
  4. I used the address on the side of the box a couple of times a few years ago. I sent them 3 International Reply Coupons each time (I got them from the post office). There was no acknowledgement but the parts arrived a long time later. I'm not sure if there are such things as International Reply Coupons any more or who told me to use them in the first place. They will need the boxing reference, the sprue letter and the part numbers on that sprue, that's assuming Hasergawa still offer the same service. I hope this is of some use Phil
  5. There are photos of a Sherman ARV (13/18th Hussars?) on a landing craft prior to D Day with a motorbike strapped on. I guess they did it where the mobility of the motorbike was compromised by mud in the case of the Germans or going through deep water in the case of the Allies.
  6. It could be equipped with Oboe or Gee equipment.
  7. International Models Asia have one on their website, but it says to contact them as there are no details or price given.
  8. From the dim and distant recesses of my I think the lens over the searchlight was switchable to allow IR or white light operation. Could be (and probably am) wrong about this. Cheers Phil
  9. Regimental seniority can be a complex subject. I was under the impression that the RHA were the most senior if they had their guns present but that's a distant and vague memory Phil
  10. To add to Tony's offshoot of this thread a version I heard was that it was entirely possible they were hit by friendly fire but almost definitely not deliberately.
  11. DK Decals are intending to release a Mk I/II sheet for Czech squadrons or is it a re-release? Phil
  12. Sopwith Snipe (early) is now sold out
  13. Thanks everyone. It's given me ideas for when I do the Resupply Set trolleys. As for the Dambusters Upkeep trolley I'll stick with the green. I won't bother with any white or other marking as I can't imagine arming the aircraft being carried out in poor visibility. As they were only used virtually just the once I reckon they would have been pretty much devoid of any changes from when they were made. Cheers Phil
  14. PMMS has announced the issue of the Shot Kal Gimel, which looks like it has a 105mm gun.
  15. Thanks Graham and Selwyn, I had been wondering if there was anything out of the ordinary with them as they would have been basically one offs. Phil
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