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  1. Hi, I'm putting together the carpet layer drum assembly itself, as in Stage 26. Should the cardboard parts be fixed to the plastic parts of the drum or left free to rotate around the axle? I'm inclined to fixed as otherwise how would the carpet be deployed? I hope this is clear. Mind you, it took me a day or so to find the cardboard parts. Cheers Phil
  2. The same image is on Flickr and the caption says the 32nd Day Fighter Squadron but with no proof unfortunately
  3. I think you're correct Corsairfoxfouruncle from looking at a slightly clearer image on Pinterest
  4. Hi Tomppa It could be from the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing. Cheers Phil
  5. It was called Green IRR (Infra Red Reflective) back in the Chieftain days. Chieftains were often left outside when they were parked up and this left them in a range of greens from dark to a fairly light colour. The Black IRR would fade in the same fashion down to a Dark Sea Grey shade in some cases. Cheers
  6. REME Electricians would be vehicle electricians and the radio equipment was the responsibility of Radio Mechanics. REME was/is responsible for all of the Army's equipment apart from specialist equipment that was maintained by the corps that operated it with REME input. Thus Engineer plant was maintained by RE Plant Operator Mechanics and Signals specialist equipment and combat net radio equipment was maintained by Royal Signals tradesmen, for example. They would have probably used Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Regulations (EMERs) rather than AESPs which came in around the 8
  7. Hi Ed, There is no mention of it in The Secret Years by Tim Mason, but Boscombe Down did get a P-51F which was going to be the Mustang V. Hope this is of some use Phil
  8. Hi, My tip would be to plan how to do the rigging before you start the model rather than finish the model and try to work it out then. Having said that, you will probably change your plan a bit as you go along, but that's modelling for you. Phil
  9. The radios seem to be UK/VRC 321s and TURF 25W from the photos I've seen online, so they would use an HF antenna base rather than the TUAAM and VHF base. Cheers Phil
  10. Hi, I'm not trying to cause confusion but I thought the Tamiya Camel Yellow was closest to USN Chrome Yellow and the USAAC yellow was less orange. I have seen a model where RAF Golden Yellow was used on a USAAC P-12 Regards Phil
  11. Hi, I'm nearing the completion of the Churchill AVRE Mk. III and wanted to do it as Loch Ness from 82 Sqn on D-Day, but the Mk. IV boxing with the fascine frame has Loch Ness as an option in it. I found a photo of what is meant to be Loch Ness on its side on D-Day (a Mk.IV but no markings visible). Can any one suggest markings for a Mk.III of 82 Sqn, please? Cheers Phil
  12. Hi, I'm building the AFV Club Churchill Mk III AVRE and I want to do it as it would have appeared on D-Day. I read somewhere that the applique armour wouldn't have been fitted on D-Day and wondered if that was correct? Also, I believe that the trackguards would have been fitted complete and not had the middle section nearest the turret missing. I'm not in a rush as I'm currently doing battle with the bolts/rivets on the sides of the hull. Cheers Phil Evans
  13. The O/100 must be close to release as the website has the instructions, colour schemes and detailed photos now.
  14. Phil Evans


    Terry has put up a new kit news update, which is good to see
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