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  2. What have you purchased 9

    Wandered into a shop selling diecasts this morning and spottted a Tamiya 1/32 F-16C Thunderbirds boxing..... I think I must be going mad 'cos I actually thought about it for five minutes before paying the £40 the shopkeeper was asking for it..... Also picked up LS Bede microjet BD5 and BDJ
  3. KLM DC2 Summer 1936

    Still no joy on identifying which DC2. Following Mike's suggestion I have tried the Croydon Airport society again.
  4. A cracker. Can't remember seeing a 1/48 Oxford on here before. A rare bird indeed. Pete
  5. AFV Club Centurion MK 5/1

    I forgot to say, this has to be the UK version. Did AFV Club actually make this as I can't source it anywhere?
  6. A great looking Oxford with a really unusual scheme. Was the aircraft used for training or was it a communications kite? That steamy jungle must have played havoc on the wooden structure. I really 'need' an Oxford (1/72) after the Pavla kit was unceremoniously binned mid-build.
  7. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    The vents are not on the decal sheet
  8. Pair of P-47s

    I'm not going to say what a lovely pair of...! However, they are a superb duo of Juggernauts. Interesting that you prefer the Academy kit. I'm looking for a suitable candidate for a SEAC aircraft so maybe I'll go down the Academy route.
  9. If you use Firefox, there is an addon that gets round the PB bug - i can still see most of your pics!
  10. A terrific build of this venerable kit and a really interesting and unusual paint scheme. Does the Crowood book explain the rationale behind the scheme? Must have got very hot inside there under the Mediterranean sun.
  11. Pair of P-47s

    They both look great - I particularly like the camo one.
  12. Avro Heritage Museum

    Interesting piece, apart from the court fool of course. Antiques Roadtrip and Flog It have been serial visitors to military museums. Flog It has visited Yeovilton three times IIRC and in two of those shows they did extensive pieces on the FAA operations side, as well as the FAA museum. This included an item on the restoration of the FAA Corsair back to it`s original paintwork. All good stuff it were. Cheers, Ian
  13. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    Star Wars? Haven't seen that. Was it a film about the rivalry between Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor?
  14. Pair of P-47s

    Built the ongoing radial engines GB. Revell (camo) and Academy (bare metal) Thunderbolts. Academy seems to have too much rake on the undercarriage but by far the nice kit. Thanks to @warhawk for helping me out with decals WIP here
  15. Great job on that old kit Tony and love the different scheme too
  16. Hi Jean, I don`t think so, I`m going to stick with my CBI, Pacific, Indochina and `nam themes for now, though I love the Texan with the fierce looking camel painted on the nose so you never know. Thanks to Everyone for their great feedback and likes Appreciated
  17. Dornier Do 18-D

    Thanks Benedikt! The limited time remaining for the GB means I'm having to analyze carefully now what needs doing and in which particular sequence.... Thanks for that Simon. I couldn't work without a magnifier now (and wonder in fact how I ever did!) I must confess these days to not knowing my Lady Gargler from my Tailors Sweat with increasing frequency. Am rather partial to Lorde however at present. Bless her. Wot the man says Ced. I've tried that five min stuff - alright as a denture-fixative perhaps* but the Araldite 24hr stuff is the necessary business. https://books.google.ie/books?id=RmR-BgAAQBAJ&pg=PA280&lpg=PA280&dq=de+havilland+epoxy+glue&source=bl&ots=MKQlpdV76j&sig=3ZipTdXii8r1Ta8DWs_B3BAP7BI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwis7M_Cuc_XAhXKDMAKHSpuCAsQ6AEIOTAG#v=onepage&q=de havilland epoxy glue&f=false Also rotors for the Lynx - which I didn't know about... https://books.google.ie/books?id=RmR-BgAAQBAJ&pg=PA278&lpg=PA278&dq=structural+adhesive+joints+in+engineering+lynx+epoxy&source=bl&ots=MKQlpeM09m&sig=oAR9_aCC5p619bhi4ZQ2_8tVHuM&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwin3p_hus_XAhVJC8AKHU6TAXAQ6AEISzAG#v=onepage&q=structural adhesive joints in engineering lynx epoxy&f=false Hendie, Ced: Great links both of you - my thanks! In a b it of a heavy-metal frenzy last evening I found a supplier in Poland for cheap sheets of brass in sub 0.5mm thicknesses plus a very nice gentleman in the Isle of Man who specializes in ship-related supplies and does brass strip at most reasonable rates. As a consequence of the latter website I'm seized with profane urges to build something without wings (Shurely some mistake? -Ed.): or even to add (rotary) wings to it: Shurely some mistake? (Ed.) Morte preparatory jobs done whilst the epoxy in the wings is curing. The stummel are stuck on at last! I'd taken the precaution of marking-out any necessary lines for scribing and other fixtures on them prior to sticking them to the fuselage, in order to make sure that both pieces were marked out symmetrically in relation to each other. Seam lines masked-off and Milliputian magic applied: I figured it best to whip the tape off after 10 minutes whilst the paste was still malleable, due to fears of it causing problems with the tape later on if left until the Milliput was hard: A bit neater than my usual 'badly-buttered toast' approach to such tasks... Other preparations included giving better definition (with scribing tool and scalpel) to the small Ruderausgliech (rudder balance) on the trailing edge of the rudder: The kit moulding for this is good enough to keep, just needing some deeper incision around the edges of it to give a greater sense of being a separate part. There's also another stirrup-like affair that spans the gap between this rudder and the Seitenflosse (fin): As you can see there I've drilled out the elongated holes that the part - called the Ausgleichbugel (balancing/levelling frame/gimbal) fits into on each side of the aircraft. I also wanted to get cracking on sorting out the replacement canopy that I'd vacformed for the aircraft back in the early days of the build. Test-fitting revealed that it in terms of shape it looks fine when seen in context, but as you can see here further trimming was necessary in a few places in order to reconcile it to the cockpit profile: Despite the dust and my fingerprints smeared all over it, I'm quite pleased by the clarity of how that turned out, in terms of what it allows you to see of the cockpit interior through it: Additionally, about 45% of the canopy as you see it there will be cut away to have the windows open and slid back, so even more will be visible at the end: I'd harboured a little trepidation about this part for a while, in terms of being able to fix it securely in place; luckily however there are a number of decent photographs floating around the webs that reveal this aircraft to have quite heavy framing for the glazing - have ein squint at this for example: As you can see for yourselves, that should let me use some plastic strip to give greater security to fixing the canopy in place later on when the fuselage has been closed-up. One last detail finished is to have got the unit emblem tidied up and scaled correctly in Photoshop to use as a decal: In actuality, the swans in that design need to be pointing in the opposite direction (towards the front of the aircraft), so either the graphic I 'borrowed' this from Barry Ketley's Luftwaffe Emblems 1939-45 has been reproduced in the wrong orientation, or else this is the one from the port side, pointing forward correctly... The only photos I've got of aircraft with this unit emblem are all taken from starboard, so was the port one the reverse of a forward-pointing starboard one...? *Please don't anyone, I'm clearly not a dentist.
  18. Gallery

    As per build here:
  19. P-47 Thunderbolt double build

    Done. In’t gallery
  20. Hi Everyone, Just managed to get some photo`s of my very latest effort, which I hope you don`t mind me sharing Special Hobby`s 1/48 Airspeed Oxford built from their `Royal Navy` Boxing Finished in the second marking option from the box to represent an `Oxbox` of the Far East Indies Fleet and based at various locations including: .....Tambaram, India and Puttalam, Katukurunda in Ceylon ( according to the instruction leaflet ) Built 99% OOB with just ignition harness and aerial wires added........ ..although, after establishing that there was no way of seeing them, I did away with the fiddley photo-etched seat mounts and put them on little blocks of wood instead One of the easiest SH kits I`ve ever made with very little filling and sanding involved. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking Cheers Russ
  21. Russian modern armour Images

    T-90M and T-72B3 in the Dirt. Net Photo
  22. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    I believe the argument is that the modeller 'should not' have to add to the cost of what we expect(ed) to be a very well detailed model. At the very least we need an easily obtainable 'Fujimi like' kit. At a minimum, the Fujimi standard is what we expect with the additional Airfix features being a really bonus. I'm sure that what Airfix has on offer will be more than most modellers want/need, however Airfix have raised the bar as far as details go of late and missing items like this has probably come as quite a surprise to some. It will still sell like hotcakes, however something tells me that those unmade Fujimi kits are still going to hold their value for a little while longer. Cheers.. Dave
  23. Buddy Build: Panigale Paul Smart Homage

    Wow Mark, great work with the rims, they look great and now you have a rolling chassis it looks the dogs danglies. Colin
  24. Wow! Having just started I am in awe at the level of detail going on in this model. How are you not dropping every fiddly little part a hundred times over? When I look at threads like these I find these pictures very inspirational.
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