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  2. ICM - programme/catalog 2018

    Thread is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235009670-148-heinkel-he111h-3-by-icm-released-h-6-h-16-variants-in-2018-dan-models-masks/ V.P.
  3. From Failure to Failure

    Bang on with the bottoms Ooher missus, no listen, I mean really no stoppit perlease I infer, of course, on the bottom sides of the two Bristles Nice stuff
  4. 1/72 RCAF Mustang III decal or suitable letter codes sheet

    Given that it's on a Mosquito, that is most definitely not a nice metal finish. It is however a very nice representation of an aluminium-painted predominantly fabric-covered wooden structure.
  5. Cruiser Tank A10.

    There is an in depth review of this kit by Terry Ashley over on PMMS and having read it, I've decided on which option in the kit I'm going to build, and that is option 5. This was one of the first A10's sent to N. Africa in 1940 and is finished in SCC15 with SCC14 disruptive pattern. I chose this one as all the other ones in the kit which are N. Africa based are missing a lot of desert equipment such as sand shields, the fuel can racks at the rear and the auxillary fuel tank sometimes carried on the left hand front track guard. And so first up is the running gear. It's a little complicated, but not too much. The problem is the etched parts. They are approximately .5mm too wide and therefore push the suspension units out of place. With the smaller ones, I trimmed off .5mm from the edge which overcame the problem. Incidentally, the small etch part has lightening holes in it which is incorrect. They should be solid. Bronco corrected this when they issued their Balkans Campaign A10. They also included the missing parts to enable a desert/Balkans tank to be built. The longer etched parts were more difficult. The way that I got around the problem was to grind a recess into the back of part number A1 which allowed the etched part to sit in place without pushing the suspension units out of place. On the back of each part A1, there is a small moulding which is supposed to allow the etched part to click into place. In reality, it just gets in the way, so I removed it. I changed the order of assembly as I found Bronco's instructions awkward. I glued parts A1 and A10 into place and then clicked the assembled units in between. They're supposed to be able to swing freely, but it's too loose and floppy, so I glued them, making sure that all of the axle stubs were on the level to avoid wheels being up in the air. With this one, you can't get away by posing it on uneven ground because of the link and length tracks. All of the wheels have been cleaned up and will be added after painting. This is certainly proving to be a more complicated build than what I'm used to. John.
  6. PS Bill's right, lighter is better, and yes, it's a clear ten from Jonners!
  7. Only slightly too dark, other mere mortals might have accepted that. I think more edge to the decal sounds good, easier to hide I think?

    Can you say anything about later A-26 options that Platz are doing? I'd be particularly interested in French A-26Cs, but there's an obvious requirement for A-26Bs, B-26Ks etc.
  9. I would, or take the cut even closer to the artwork losing as much backing white as possible As for lightening it, I think that would be a huge improvement In 'little scale' a lighter background makes more scale visibility even if we think it might not be 'right'! Wabbit does look very nice too, very high scores for Ced please. It's a 10 from bill 🙌
  10. Britmodellers' X Files

    I you ever get the chance to visit the village of Battle, do so and take advantage of taking a walk around the abbey and its grounds, as they overlook the battlefield where William's army defeated Harold and his. Myself and my wonderful wife did take advantage of both while on holiday in the area. I can honestly say that it was a very strange experience. I have never felt an almost tactile sensation of history before, maybe as some people say if an event is intense enough it can leave a resonance. Anyway if you do go, don't miss the grain stores, very, very atmospheric. My wife could swear we were not alone and I even felt uneasy. All could be dismissed as imagination I suppose until we mentioned the stores to a curator, he informed us that out of all the areas in the Abbey or its grounds, even the staff were reluctant to visit them.
  11. 1/72 Airfix Swift FR. 5

    Perhaps I have been misunderstood, but I meant that a nose for Swift F.2 / F.4 Alleycat on the final site thinner than on a photo the original: Yes, my photo is made a little under a big corner to the horizon, and I will try to photograph conversion a nose under the correct corner, but I am afraid in general it will change little! A conversion nose thinner than at the present Swift F.4..... or Swift F.4 had a nose different from Swift F.2. I don't understand why, but among fans Swift F.7 don't remember conversion from Pavla at all: Resources: https://www.aviationmegastore.com/supermarine-swift-f7-conversion-set-airfix-u72174-pavla-pavu72174-aircraft-modelling-conversion/product/?action=prodinfo&art=144224 https://www.aviationmegastore.com/supermarine-swift-f7-fireflash-missiles-2pcs-airfix-u72175-pavla-pavu72175-aircraft-weaponry/product/?action=prodinfo&art=144226 (I had to specify and place the image of these sets of Pavla of the first found reference in Google because they aren't on Pavla website! Probably has forgotten Pavla that they have a website! )The truth it isn't known as there the issue a nose wheel bay is resolved.The truth in spite of the fact that this set has more panel of lines on a nose, the end of a wing and a pole set from Alleycat all the same is more more preferable at the price and that the most important in the Alleycat set is decal! Decal with a RAF roundel correct size! Besides in Alleycat there is the second version a nose Swift F.7 which Pavla doesn't have.Therefore as on me the Alleycat set is more preferable, but if there is no opportunity to buy it, it is possible to consider Pavla as an alternative. B.R. Serge
  12. From Failure to Failure

    Paint by jongwinnett, on Flickr Paint by jongwinnett, on Flickr Love the smokiness of the Night, but also rather taken with the Azure blue, a wonderfully difficult shade to pin down.
  13. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    No confusion Dave. I have seen references to 43 Sqn possibly taking FGR.2s on charge from 1988 but I personally haven't found any evidence of this. That is not to say they didn't of course, and if anyone has any documentation or photographs that show that they did I will try and amend the above chart. However I don't want the chart to get too messy, and for this reason that is why I haven't added the odd FG.1 operated by 228 OCU either.
  14. 75th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge GB @15

    I will have to take part in this as December 16th is mybirthday. AT
  15. Thanks Jon - too kind! Here's what we've been waiting for: Too dark by Ced Bufton, on Flickr Oh dear, too dark. Back to the drawing board Inkscape. The Mr Decal paper is nice though - thin and conformed to the lines with MicroSet straight away. I think I should also leave more paper around the image so I can blend it in. Thoughts?
  16. SAM-2

    the concrete surface is made of plaster, with a direct amount of dispersion adhesive. I poured the mass into the frame, and when the mass dried out, I scratched the shape of the panels. Furthermore, patina-filters and pigments were used.
  17. Latest Walkaround Updates

    Additional F-104G pics added today; http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/78661-lockheed-f-104g-starfighter/ JUlien
  18. Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

    Ex Royal Danish Air Force F-104G at Midland Air Museum, pics mine.
  19. Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

  20. The landing gear design is quite enough for the normal workload but I replaced (an additionally) all of actuators (UP/DOWN LOCK) with metal (rod type) material and several resin`s parts was discarded. Hope its OK. My opinion about the kits quality: - a lot of cavities are general weak point of all the material surface found during the work. Cheers.
  21. You've helped me lots, hope I can help in any way
  22. Airfix 54mm collection

    Wow! Ratch, I didn't realise that Airfix had produced so many of these figures. I have about half dozen of the mounted versions, but never had the courage to attempt them because of painting the faces. Your builds have made me realise I should dig them out and have a go.
  23. IDF M579 Macha"G Fitter

    Thank you.
  24. 1/100 Eiko double bill

    Ooooh, very nice indeed! Nice work Cliff.
  25. 75th Anniversary Battle of the Bulge GB @15

    Yes I am surprised we haven't got more signed up yet. Hopefully more will be along soon.
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