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  2. Hi Beetcleaner, I'd agree with Greenshirt, I think it's better to use a water based acrylic rather than one that's solvent based. Best Wishes, Will.
  3. Yes, it's a nice stress free build & you've done a great job with it. Our ATC Sqn popped in to a V1 site in France on a battlefield tour. I did a talk about them using the kit as an example & some unknown Herbert broke the prop off. It's sat on my screen at work now pointing at the boss's desk. Pete
  4. Soccer or not, good on yer Bob, Never having had kids, I didn't have to share my spare time with anyone but my good lady. However my sister had two boys who were soccer mad and my broses sons eldest has just started play in the under fourteens club league. So I can sympathise... Good luck with the two 72nd builds. Colin
  5. Thanks guys. In answer to your question Maddux71, leave your fibers sticking out some, an inch or so. Build and paint your model. When done, just trim the fibers flush to the hull with side cutters or small scissors. Gimme Shelter, the Zvezda is 23.6 inches long. I can take a picture tonight for you. In the meantime here is shot from the Zvezda office of an employee holding the finished kit.
  6. Building the 1/48 Hasegawa and need guidance/confirmation that I am going to get it right. This is after a lot of investigation I think is correct. These are the weapons I have and below is the configuration. A a number of points. 1.Going for a Tiald rather than the Sniper. From my investigation the Tiald came first superseded by the Sniper. 2nd point. I read from an official RAF piece about Harriers in Afghanistan. " Harriers used ------ and AIM-9L sidewinders, for self-defence". My querie is AIM-9L sidewinders, for self-defence is this correct ? 3rd point. I also have a Terma pod. Does this form part of the weapons in this era. If so where does this go. Any help on this matter is very much appreciated. If I get this wrong I will get, from the Harrier upper echelons, a Sidewinder ---------- Laurie http://
  7. Every other Spit I've built has the u/c leg as a complete unit with a square lug which locates into the wheel well. This gives the correct alignment. Airfix have split it in two with an L shaped join, the short bit near the top. The embuggerance is there's no positive join, hence the 109esque toe out of my Spit. Other than that it goes together very nicely. Pete
  8. Any or both look superb and are very welcome in the GB, Ced Cheers Jaime
  9. Dear Olivier , now I got the Geman article . It will take some time until my translation will be done : There also are some pages written in Italian language. My shool-Latin does not suffice for a translation , so others are requested for that . I´ll read it now and will tell you important discoveries soon ! Hannes
  10. Aleksey Mikheyev's drawings in the Polygon MiG-29 book (Moscow,1998) are highly recommended. He had access to MiG MAPO's bureau archives at the time. Yefim Gordon bought the Polygon imprint a few years later, so there's a chance he recycled Mikheyev's drawings somewhere in an English-language volume. However I don't recall seeing them elsewhere.
  11. Definitely a fiddly one Borez, but excellent progress. I see another fine build coming along here. Simon.
  12. Thanks sinhow, Val and John! This was a work of love for me
  13. I think they will hold the Dr.1 in reserve, it's the other "bailout" kit subject. What I think is likely: 1. Se.5a with Viper engine. The Hisso release clearly has Viper-related parts. 2. Armstrong Whitworth FK.8. Classic WNW important type that gets little notice. 3. Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter. Like the Camel, you can get a lot of subjects out of a set of molds with a few bits added on. 4. Be.2c. Not my personal favorite, but I think it'll sell. 5. DH-5. With the Australian connection of this airplane, it's another no-brainer for WNW. 6. Sopwith Dolphin: Recycle the Hisso engine sprue, add the rest of the airplane. Sell some. 7. Fokker D-VIII. Exotic. Simple. 8. Hanriot HD-1. Another "never heard of it" major aircraft type. Complete with Belgian and Italian markings.
  14. details, details! though in this role it wouldn't need to fly to the US and back again without stopping for a refuel and inflight meals upload, so half the range would be ok I am thinking
  15. I will bring some to Telford. I am drinking what is locally available - names as Kozel, Radegast, Staropramen. But nice are beers from local small breweries. But I am sure it is not possible to buy in UK. When I am going to Iceland shop (called internally Britmodeller in AZ), I am buying strong Danish beers White bear. I reccomend, but drink carefully. I am going to Nuremberg Toy Fair in two weeks and I am looking forward to German (Bavarian exactly) dark beer. And now it looks like I am alcoholic...... :-)
  16. Totally agree. After all, it's supposed to be relaxing.. and free from the constraints of a deadline . Keep up the good work. Excellent job Borez!
  17. A Stunning look you've got there. Nice clean and to the point. Love the dirty wheel splashes. John.
  18. This May probably (via
  19. My offer is serious! Sure you will have a lot of fun at Retromobile!
  20. Haven't been able to work this for a good couple of weeks, due to my sons soccer (we call it soccer over here, when in Rome and all that!) 4 nights a week and a concerted push to get the 72 scale ones done in time I don't think this one will make the cut. I do want to spend a bit more time on it so this one will slip, but fear not if it doesn't make it I shall move it over to the WIP section and continue there in slow time. I'm not going to shelve it, I just don't want to rush it. Cheers now Bob
  21. superb paintwork, looking excellent
  22. Update on ZOUKEI-MURA SUPER WINGS SERIES Like most first imports it take time to establish the Supply chain, but the goods will leave Japn on the 25 Jan 2017 and arrive UK for issue to retailers first week in March 2017. This has now been confirmed by our shipping agents.
  23. howling wide eyed creatures....
  24. Neither my dad nor me knew all the details about the Ju52 versions before. Now that we dove into this subject we found out, that you can´t do a correct bomber with the ProModeler kit. It includes the neccessary covered main wheels and the basket for the gunner on the underside but the kit depicts mostly a "g4e" version or higher. The bomber was a "g3e" version and had partly a different fuselage to say no cargo doors on the roof and the right fuselage side. We saw that the Revell civil version kit had the correct sidewall, so we spent some more money and bought the kit. above is the military kit, below the civil one Regarding the roof, gonna try to fill the cargo door. Another option would be to cut the roof parts apart and use the front part from the civil version but there the mount for the antenna mast is in the wrong position...
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