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  2. What have you purchased 9

    A $300 emergency room visit for my toddler. That's just the up-front costs, though, there's also whatever my insurance won't cover for a CT scan, a prior ER visit, and a pediatrician visit. Woooo! Great to be living here in the most powerful nation on earth (tm). Also: Eduard's 1/72 Nasi se vraceji Spitfire triple combo Eduard 1/72 Spitfire XVI profipack a bunch of 1/32 greeblies for the Tamiya Spitfire IX, including Marketar kabuki paint masks for codes/roundels, an Eduard mask, HGW dry stencils and seatbelts, several Barracudacast sets, and AML camo masks.
  3. I've tried to order from their site before, with no success. I can always do Hannants, but The Yellow God demands much from me.
  4. 1/72 F-101A & RF-101C Voodoo from Valom

    I think you nailed the fact that they won't ... which is unfortunate. Gene K
  5. AMG 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf 109 A

    Painting has commenced. I have decided to go the out-of-the-box route, so the kit canopy was polished up with some Dawn Dishwashing soap. If you haven't tried this on canopies, I would recommend it. There is something to be said for dipping them in Future. But when you run some 5-minute epoxy around the edge to seal the canopy in place and remove the excess with denatured alcohol with a Q-tip, you will have problems. The alcohol will remove the Future as well. Also, this thought has been bouncing around in my head for a while. How clean would the canopies of in-service aircraft have been? Certainly not as clear as a car on the showroom floor. A pilot's ability to see the adversary is crucial, so they would have been kept as clean as possible. But these aircraft lived outside with blowing dirt and grit. Just a thought. The painting has commenced. Here the white wingtips and rudder have been painted and masking of the canopy and wheel wells is completed. I've mentioned the Heller kit would make an appearance when the AMG build caught up with it. So here it is. I'll show more detailed comparisons as things progress, but you can see the difference in the nose depth. Some of this is due to the optics of my camera making the AMG model appear bulkier since it is closer to the lens. And finally, two of the paint mules on which I have conducted unholy experiments. Here, I've tested the various silver mixes and determined that painting the white wingtips before painting the silver eliminated the masking ridge.
  6. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    As everyone has used up all the superlatives I second what everyone above has said. Best build ever. I look forward to seeing this at Telford
  7. Blenheims Mk I variety

    Just found a blog (The Java Gold's Blog) which shows a suppliment to the London Gazette of 1948 indicating that as of 22 November 1941at least 39 servicable Blemheim I aircraft were available in Malaya/Singapore. It lists only 1 squadron flying the Blenheim IV. DennisTheBear
  8. 1/72 F-101A & RF-101C Voodoo from Valom

    I wonder if they will get this one right? The picture shows an 'A' model, yet ALL the released kits so far are for 'C' variants. ALL have the Mk IIIb inlets from the 'B' models, instead of the Mk IIb inlets for the short can J57-P-53. You cannot build an 'A' or a 'G' model from the kits, as they lack the cut back fuselage in front of the burner cans, and the resin burners are too short to make the conversion with. No wing fences, and the 'C' and 'H' models lack the intake near the fin top. I will stick with my Hasegawa 'C' model airframes. They are accurate, apart from the fin top intake, and the drop tanks need to be re-positioned further forward. Like Kitty Hawk, they have got it wrong. In trying to make common components, they have failed to get any of them right.
  9. Fantastic to see this museum piece finished. It really is a masterpiece of scratchbuilding and I am in awe of your dedication. Well done. BTW, It would be great to see your Eagle placed next to something of a recognisable scale, just to show its size. Rearguards, Badder
  10. Gallery

    Airfix Fokker Eindecker EII in 1/72 Scale. Built OOB - Handpainted in acrylic paints, most notably Citadel "Bleached Bone" for the linen with EZ Line for the rigging. Build Here Thanks for looking in, IanJ
  11. 11 Sqn Brisfit Markings Sep-Nov 1918?

    Hi SJ, Yeah, I pondered the purpose in James being posted to the Observers' School of Gunnery. The only rationale I could come up with was to team up pilot/observer crews but, AFAIK, this was a period before the establishment of such regular pairings. It's entirely possible that the (O) SofAG entry was a clerical error. I may try to dig out the Operations Record Books for 109 and 11 Sqns in case they include any info about new pilot arrivals or perhaps flight allocations. Thanks for the suggestion about RAFM. I'll give them a try, too...for both documentation and photos. Kind regards, Mark
  12. Nice pair The Thai scheme looks great did not know they had them in all grey camo rgds
  13. Yesterday
  14. Austin-Putilov White Army

    My first ever car was an Austin Maxi. I think your machine was more advanced, faster, and attractive. Great job. Love the paint scheme and heavy weathering. Rearguards, Badder
  15. Douglas World Cruiser

    Nothing to show for Sunday's work. Just a second coat of paint on the wings. Silver/aluminium painted on the front of the fuselage. Struts onto the floats and the tops painted
  16. Pilot or no pilot?

    My point Steve is what hard work are you obscuring. Having just finished a Harrier the pilot I used did not obscure the rear of the pilot or the instruments in front of him. You can see it all. Taking off who is to tell if he is taking off or not. Just landed. I do not think these reasons are valid for not putting in a pilot. But there is no reason either why you should put in a pilot. However I do find it odd for a pilot to be in an aircraft which does not look as though it is fit for the part. The effects of wear and tear on the aircraft. To me that does not look authentic. Laurie http://
  17. Last of the stencils applied along with a coat of matt varnish. Now in the gallery - Thanks for dropping by. IanJ
  18. Not sure of Vince @ Modelsforsale will be stocking these, I bought a Provost & Sycamore from them, their prices were good for me they being VAT registered (it does make a difference) & their postage is pretty good too, much better than Hannants with no minimum order which makes it all less painful. Steve.
  19. 10th BM Anniversary GB?

    Welcome aboard chaps We now have 26 names - just 4 names to get, and a volunteer leader
  20. Spitfire PR Mk.IV Trop

    Thanks Martin, but maybe more than luck was needed for this one. Even if I could manage pull off the construction, I think by mid week I realized the special paint colour I ordered for this one (royal blue), would not make it in time for the weekend. So here it is as of now, but will still go ahead and complete in the RFI, regards, Jack
  21. Italeri 1:72 Su-34 Fullback

    Great choice, il be following this one
  22. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Absolutely fantastic build. Great work from start to finish. Deserves to be in a museum case!
  23. Blenheims Mk I variety

    Graham, No problem. You read the inquiry I posted as it was written, specifically referring to the AASF and RAF Bomber Command, Michael
  24. Macross: help & advice appreciated

    Most modern Macross kits have 1 or 2 pilot figures in them, so manufacturers describes them in 1/72 or 1/48 is not wrong, IMO. Personally I prefer Hasegawa Valkyrie kits in 1/72 for their variety, robustness, and detail. From online reviews, Bandai 1/72 kits are transformable (which are more toy-like, and make them more prone to breakage), also the parts are less sharp compared to Hasegawas which is more suited to aircraft modelers IMO.
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