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  1. Just been listening to this What a voice.
  2. wekusta

    RIP Peter Green

    Another one gone https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53539989
  3. Tedeschi Trucks Band - Angel From Montgomery/Sugaree - remembering John Prine who died yesterday from Coronavirus
  4. Rob, This may help
  5. Heather/alt-92, Recce units such as Aufklgr. 123 would have had the following as the last letter of the code 1(F)./123 - H Staffel Colour White e.g. 4U+GH 2(F)./123 - K Staffel Colour Red e.g. 4U+GK 3(F)./123 - L Staffel Colour Yellow e.g. 4U+GL However, in some instances the photographic record shows that all characters of the code were black.
  6. Heather, Regarding your comment above, have a look at this link for some photos - https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/aircrafts-2/dornier_do17/
  7. Heather, regarding reference photos have a look for "Dornier 17 in Focus" by Chris Goss published by Red Kite. I also believe that he has another Do17 book that will be published in the near future. With regard to the LuftwaffaData.co.uk family of sites - they are mine.
  8. Heather - Glad you found the LuftwaffeData Wiki, hope that it helps
  9. John, Yes, will have to make the effort and re-organise as I need the space to lay out other models. Will do so once I complete (or file away) the latest set of models. Coincidentally, I have a fair supply of mince pie foil cups that I am using for the same purpose (I think I know where mine are...) Also, due to SWIMBO's desire not to have grey hair I am also custodian of a fair few little containers that came in the dye sets holding latex gloves - these make perfect containers for mixing paint, holding brush cleaners etc as they can be closed securely (the
  10. Gorby, No, not in a loft. We live in an upper maisonette and this is the box room over the staircase. Hence the angled ceiling. The work area is in quite a messy state as I need to reorganise the paints and sort the stash. Usually, you can see the cutting mat, honest. Several items on the go at the moment hence the chaos - Airfix Hurricane Mk1 (1/72) Bust of Johnnie Johnson (Mitches) - re-undercoated and shaded as was not happy with the original painting. Italeri Hs 126 (1/72) - this has been restarted in the last few weeks
  11. Hi Guys, Here is my cave and some of the stash Thanks to Gorby for the pointer to the thread (it would have taken a while for me to find it on my own) Yes - it does look a mess and needs a tidy up - but then I would not be able to find a thing (can't now so whats the difference). All the best
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