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  1. Here are a few for my relatives to consider:- Jerry Garcia Band - Werewolves of London (by Warren Zevon) Grateful Dead - Friend of the Devil, Ripple & Knockin' on Heaven's Door Old & In the Way - Wild Horses That should really cause a stir with them!
  2. wekusta

    What are you reading?

    Just finished this. Had a copy 15 years ago but gave it away about five years ago and found this copy in a second hand book shop ten days ago.
  3. John, Yes, will have to make the effort and re-organise as I need the space to lay out other models. Will do so once I complete (or file away) the latest set of models. Coincidentally, I have a fair supply of mince pie foil cups that I am using for the same purpose (I think I know where mine are...) Also, due to SWIMBO's desire not to have grey hair I am also custodian of a fair few little containers that came in the dye sets holding latex gloves - these make perfect containers for mixing paint, holding brush cleaners etc as they can be closed securely (the paint will not dry out for several days). Seriously, though I do need to tidy up, sort the cache, finish some models etc, etc.....
  4. Gorby, No, not in a loft. We live in an upper maisonette and this is the box room over the staircase. Hence the angled ceiling. The work area is in quite a messy state as I need to reorganise the paints and sort the stash. Usually, you can see the cutting mat, honest. Several items on the go at the moment hence the chaos - Airfix Hurricane Mk1 (1/72) Bust of Johnnie Johnson (Mitches) - re-undercoated and shaded as was not happy with the original painting. Italeri Hs 126 (1/72) - this has been restarted in the last few weeks from a model that has been incomplete for the last 15 years at least! Bullbasket, Yes, there are several missing items lurking in the mess - currently cannot find a role of fine wire used for brake hoses etc., completely MIA. Must be in a safe place. Would be no different if I had a tidy up - probably worse as more things will be in that safe place! All the best
  5. Hi Guys, Here is my cave and some of the stash Thanks to Gorby for the pointer to the thread (it would have taken a while for me to find it on my own) Yes - it does look a mess and needs a tidy up - but then I would not be able to find a thing (can't now so whats the difference). All the best
  6. Hi,


    Here is the "Cave" and part of the stash










    Went on a trip to Orpington today (23/05/18) came out with the Italeri Hawker Hurricane (1/48) from the Hobbycraft sale, Airfix Spitfire Vb (1/48); Airfix Defiant (1/48); Fokker EIII (1/72) and some plastikard all from Kent Garden Railways.

    Will not be visiting there for a time. 

    Note - Hobbycraft had some Italeri Sunderlands, Merlins and Horsas marked down.

    1. Gorby



      Nice cave - looks very busy. There is a thread for this if you are interested or wanted to add your photos with the other BM members. :thumbsup:



    2. wekusta




      Thanks for the comment  and suggestion, will seek it out.


      I agree "%^&!space" does not seem right - should really be cave.


      Unfortunately, as it does not contain unused flower arranging stuff, or idle art material there is a certain view around the house that this is another area that I have expanded into.........with my junk that needs to be cleared out as clearly I never use it! (rant over):suicide:

  7. FalkeEins, Many thanks for the welcome. Unfortunately, living on savings and redundancy money and waiting for the PPF to pull their thumb out...... Best Regards
  8. Tom/Sean, My, that was quick! Thank you for the welcome and a great many thanks for the invite. Was not aware of a club so close. I will seriously consider this but would ask if I can defer until later in the year - baby steps and all that. Again many thanks.
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