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  1. Nearly wrapped up the weathering, achieved with a combo of water colours, pastels, allumium enamel , and a pencil .
  2. Now for the weathering and a few coats of matt varnish
  3. Applied rest of decals even the miniscule ones, quite theraputic.
  4. Few more pics of progress , No compressor at the moment so after some procastinating decided to mask to create the camo pattern , sanded the raised edges with some flexi sanding sheet , it came out ok , is now in future gloss to apply the decals and panel lines and testing some weathering with water colours and pastels.
  5. First aircraft Ive built since childhood , It's an Eduard Japanese Platz rebox with Cartograf decals, Haven,t taken that many snaps of early stages of build , Bought a photoetched mark vIII sheet, and added some of the easier parts to the build , Found that the ailerons on the front wings protruded so fettled them to better fit .
  6. Here's a few snaps of the progress , I masked in the end , then feathered any ridges on edges of camo pattern with some elastic sanding film . Came out ok , Futured at the moment for decals and panel line wash and weathering.
  7. I've trialed a flat brush , do u use It on edge as the squarness flat on seems impossible to keep within the curves even twisting as you progress.
  8. Yes , thanks for the tips . Iv'e already done some practice on sprue spares for doing washes over pledge future, I'm using tamiyas flat acrylics for paint and thinning with their thinners averaging four coat to get desired finish , have done the underside already and masked the wings and upper/ lower demarcation , Iv'e made life difficult for myself by applying the darker colour first, but hopefully the ocean grey will cover ok with a few coats , its quite tricky to handbrush the camo this scale but will take my time , wonder if its worth adding some flat white to the grey as it'll darken slightly being applied over the green , what do you think? Thanks for the reference guide ,will have a good look tomoz .
  9. ok thanks , thought that after I applied the green , oh well . should I future it before applying the pattern overpaint incase of mistakes ? the pencil sounds like a good call , the kit comes with reference images for different patterns .
  10. Any tips on handbrushing camo at 1/72 , ive already painted on the dark green so am painting the pattern with ocean gray over the green base coat , would people use diy masks or free hand ?
  11. Yep, I scooped its dessicated remains out with a spoon and flushed the monstrous mutated abomination down the loo.
  12. Getting there , the paint has arrived so now progressing towards application with some more prep work of body and final priming of the ancillaries .
  13. Thanks yes it's an old corgi one , I have a VW 64 splitty singlecab pick up , its been off the rd for a couple of years .
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