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  1. I use flickr, share using the BBcode at a medium resolution, dont use the insert image URL on here just copy and paste the bb code directly, and remove the end part of the code as not needed , a bit of trial and error regarding the uneeded code.
  2. I tried a bit on the back of the tyre it just peeled off so may try some kind of acrylic laquer/varnish, or just live with the decal sheen.
  3. Ye i'll give it a go on the one ive applied , not heard good things about this particular product plenty of stirring needed apparently
  4. It's just that the decal is shiny in certain light , can i use humbrol matt kote on the tyre?
  5. Now that Iv'e applied the 2nd batch of decals its sorta completed. Put one of the curved Firestone decals on one of the tyre walls but not sure that they're meant to be applied to rubber , maybe one of you more experienced builders can point me in the right direction re using a normal waterslide decal on tyres and what to use laquer wise if it all ? anyways a few shots as it stands.
  6. Thanks laurie , ye It'll be ok when its finished .I'll make a better job of the next one , have another fujimi 911, a 73 rs , hopefully that'll be a less troublesome build.
  7. Got the white as good as its gunna be, sourced some decals from ebay, applied the BP and waiting on the Firestones set , Handpainted frames and window seals. , not to happy with the result but losing interest in it as it's been a pain with the paint going fubar twice , here's a few picks of it as it stands at the mo . apart from being down the front decal as it has become another casualty from a drop of white spirit even though i sealed it with some pledge , oh well .
  8. Thanks , for tip , bloody frustrating you'd think they'd make the product up to the job.
  9. The paper tape i used to infill and for the larger areaswhats that about , youd think the glue they use would be non reactive, not happy , just doing some research now and its happened to others with the tamiya tape ,
  10. Yea , I used the 3m blue tape and some thin plastic tamiya tape around the roof gutters and down the side ot the wing bonnet intersection and filled in with the paper tamiya and thats what has reacted , not good. i'm flatting back with the wet ndry but its textured the underlying paint quit deeply. lucky i put on a few coats , I'll have another go tomoz and whatever happenzul have to suffice, and lay down some heavy mudsplash and road filth to cover up the defects.
  11. I'm wetndrying back with some 2000 , think ill leave it tonight as its done my head in.
  12. It actually looks like its reacted with the humbrol acrylic white and melted it, not good , ive had enuff of this friggin thing.
  13. I've removed the tape but am now left with masking tape residue all over the white paint wherever i had had the tamiya tape . WTF, thre blue 3m faired a lot better, surely the tamiya tape shouldnt do that, not impressed , how do I remove it without damaging the paint?
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