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  1. Have made some extra slats from ally to make them up to 17 as a few missing , also fabricated 6 eyestalk discs from 1mm plasticard as there were only 3 usable and want to make the mk1 version . Primed the main body. Also discovered the previous builder had put the resin domelights inside the old yellowed larger later lights so broke the outer away and am going to utilize them with a few mods . Also made the octagon parts for the early gun from 1mm PETG .
  2. Thanks Galligraphics, yes the last Davros sold went for around £170 . Bit more progress, have scratch built a gun from abs plastic tube for the barrel and collars and some 0.8mm brass rod for the cage, gunna add some petg clear for the 3 hex parts of the early type mark1 gun later .Also fabricated a plunger arm from ally and abs tube .
  3. Id'e use the ones with the tread including the low profile just sand it and scuff it up so it looks well worn ,the mouse wheels maybe not.
  4. Made a new disc for the dome from 2mm abs sheet, also made some new collars from .75mm abs and slat mesh from Isopon mesh with the aid of some templates Aku a fellow Britmodeller kindly sent me links for . Have also prepped the body, had to fettle quite a bit as the previous builder hadnt removed a lot of the risidual material from the initial cut out of parts and then filled with the use of Mr surfacer 500 and 1000 ready to lay some primer down before more prep and filler primer .
  5. Hi Aku , think I may take you up on the offer of the scanned collar templates as the instructions I was kindly given arrived minus the collar and mesh templates .
  6. Made some trefoil neckbin strutts from 1.6mm brass rod to replace the less accurate kit supplied ones which were beyond reuse anyway and trial fitted after elongating holes of the neck ring . Took some time to get them all squared up but worth it.
  7. Thanks for tip , havent reattached the arm boxes as yet, the dimples on the inside of the boxes are meant to create the friction, but like you say some other addition may improve upon the design.
  8. Have been concentrating on repairing and stregthening the shoulders and sorting the appendage orifices by making some inserts and then chamfering them by PVA ing some sandpaper onto one of the balls to get the correct angle after cutting out the centers with the aid of a circle cutter and then realigned and glued the outer plasticard gunbox covers .I/
  9. Have fettled the mitres on the the skirt panels with a flat file , then trial fitted them to check joints, Also gave them a final clean up with some water and 800 wetndry , and reglued the panels to base and top frame in the order suggested by the plans , just have to add some plasticard strips to inside of the joints.
  10. Have used Biostrip 20 with good results
  11. Result of two applications of Biostrip 20 .
  12. Thanks for the offer chap but think another helpfull fellow Sevans builder is sending me a set of plans along with some dome light and a plunger , but many thanks for the offer .
  13. This is the result of 12hrs and a scrub and 24hrs and a scrub after using the MR Muscle , removed the black but hasn't really had a huge amount of success on the metallic gold . Have ordered some Biostrip 20 hopefully that'll do the job.
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