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  1. Glazed areas now fitted. I had heard that this model was a poor fit. A comment in a chat with the modeller of the one and only built Atlantic that I've ever seen at a model show. I refrained from repeating, until I can confirm NO SUCH PROBLEM. Just be very careful, and it goes together fine. The only bit I needed to chop being the instrument coaming - to enable proper fit of that glazed area. And close up, showing internal reinforced areas I was highly suspicious of that windscreen centre seam, and have now confirmed that it is a frame. For my next underside shot, I've closed off the undercarriage doors, and am preparing a stand for this model. Biggest chunk of MDF that I can find, then mounted on aluminium tube, that was formerly an arrow.
  2. I made a very conscious decision to complete models on my Shelf of Doom. Just 2 - but 2 big ones. This Academy Catalina had stalled for nearly 10 years. Loads of excuses, so it was great to get it finished, as something VERY different to the Airfix Black Cat that I'd built previously. Then this Airfix Nimrod, as an early R1, so slight modifications from the kit offering - and I wasn't happy about the glazed cockpit. Resulting in excuses, and about 4 years delay. AND a resolution to not let that happen again!
  3. That detail was commented on during my Bf109 build. As previous posters have said, overlap area of the sliding panels.
  4. Airframe assembled, and it's a BIG aircraft. Feeling a lot more positive about this build now.
  5. Fuselage assembled, with the nose fitted. That retractable radome is painted, masked with paper wrapped around it. Also not fixed as yet. And first wing assembled, readying the next.
  6. A final view of the cockpit bits before I start assembling the forward fuselage. Crew figures are modified WW2 figures, from my spares. Curiously with this kit, the glazing is in tow parts, resulting in a vertical join down the centre of the middle panel. Let's see how that goes.
  7. Celebrated my retirement with a bottle of this. Now for some modelling. Walkaround photos show the cockpit interior as grey, slightly lighter than mine. A noticeable feature that the steering handles are white - so leaving them unpainted. Parts show two levels, upper where the pilots sit, then steps down to a lower level for the front observer.
  8. I've just done some work on the cockpit. Photos later today. I'm thinking this will be a sealed-up, in flight built. Gear retracted, pilots in the cockpit, and disks for props. I retired yesterday, so really have no more excuses to not progress.
  9. Some of these comments, well I wish I could thank-you all more than once. It means a lot - so thank you all again.
  10. This build is still staring at me - every time I sit at my bench. I really must resume progress on it. I've made the decision to switch to a German Bundesmarine aircraft.
  11. Revell 1/72 F-14D Super Tomcat. VF-101 Grim Reapers, 2004.
  12. Declaring completion. VF-101 Grim Reapers.
  13. Armed, dummy AIM-7 Sparrows, dummy AIM-9 Sidewinders, and that TARPS pod. And up onto her pins. Just the finishing-off detail left now. Then daylight photos tomorrow.
  14. Undercarriage, this is the metal non-compressed leg. Doors edged with a red sharpie pen. And tanks fitted, Just the mission ordinance left now.
  15. Completion of decals and detail painting. And a selection of parts for the next stage. A white metal set that I found in my Fujimi kit - but didn't use. Undercarriage is of interest here. Seats to use in a future built. Those painted wheels from this kit, and will be used. The metal wheels will finish up as nose ballast somewhere. A TARPS pod from the Fujimi kit, and I've read that all F-14Ds are compatible - so fitting that. Which restricts the payload to empty Phoenix pallets, and dummy/live Sparrows. However if the Sparrows are used it creates a CofG problem. Those Sparrows are from a previous project. I don't want to repaint them as dummies.
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