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  1. Lockheed U-2 just flew over. Seen this several times now.
  2. Thanks to PeterB and Ol'Scrapiron for their photos - I hope they kept everybody entertained. I'm finally able to join you - having completed my vacuuming. Started by airbrushing the wheels and chassis black.
  3. Rareplane 1/72 North American AJ-2P Savage of US Navy VJ-61.
  4. Undercarriage door fitted. That nosedoor is lead - guess who forgot the nose ballast. The model is now completed, but I'll do photos later today - when the light is less harsh.
  5. Undercarriage. Removeable, plugged into locating tubes. Matted finish, camera ports, tailhook. and up onto her pins. This is a very finely balanced model. Nav lights on fronts of the tip-tanks. I forgot to ballast the nose, so my undercarriage nose-door could well be made of lead.
  6. For LorenSharp's information, there was a VacForm GB in 2009. I was there building this Meteor F8, my first ever Vac. Of all the starters, only 6 completions - so a very high attrition rate. I'm in the current Anything but Injection GB with my second Vac - North American AJ-2P Savage.
  7. Just spotted your airbrush issues. Got to say no issues airbrushing Humbrol. My last 2 models I've thinned it with celulose thinners, prior to that I used cheap lighter fluid. Does neat thinner go through your airbrush? XH903 has a grey underside, but that is a preservation thing, metal colour in service. And if you do build as XH903 - it never had a refuelling probe.
  8. Here is one of the seats from XH903, one of my Javelin's at Jet Age.
  9. Props fitted but removeable. Those very long spindles go through the engines I fitted earlier. And you can see my undercarriage preparation. Last night I masked and painted on the camera windows.
  10. More decals fitted showing walkways over the fueltanks. Then canopy frames, and black trimmed areas.
  11. Thanks, going quickly because this is my only active build at the moment - but I can't wait to get back to injections. The decals are on the fragile side. Tear with any stress, so I let them soak a few minutes, then remove from the water so they don't float away. Them make sure they're mobile before sliding into position. My surface is already high-gloss, so very gently removal of any excess water - then leave well alone. All the detail decals are still left to apply - it's a slow process.
  12. Yes, 92203 was owned by David Shepherd, his namebadge on the front. Operated by East Somerset from 1973-1998, then GWR from 2004-2011. Owned and operated by North Norfolk Railway since 2015.
  13. Canopy fitted, the DECALS - the moment it comes to life. and those white metal props are so heavy, with the spinners, this model should sit correctly.
  14. Yeay, non essential retail reopened - and I bought a tin of Humbrol 15 dark blue. Mixed with about 10% black to make it even darker - applied by airbrush.
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