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  1. Aaarghh - a huge hole has just been identified in the contents of my stash! Nothing that I can associate as in service in 1952. But - a model show tomorrow.
  2. Either this or this, or something else. Count me in please. Edited: I got Germany for my flag, I might build one of these:
  3. Earlier this afternoon, an A400M Atlas, Very soon afterwards an Osprey.
  4. I had the aforementioned Phantom kit, and didn't know what the pods were - but have 4 available. Yours for cost of postage from UK, PM if interested.
  5. Saw it flying overhead earlier this afternoon.
  6. Earlier this afternoon, a Boeing E-3 AWACS (didn't get a photo though). Then this C-17 Globemaster
  7. Xtrakit 1/72 Gloster Meteor F8, built as the prototype Reaper ground-attack aircraft.
  8. Rockets and bombs fitted, ground attack Meteor. Pylons and fittings are speculative, but the effect is very effective. Ground targets watch out!
  9. Undercarriage. An inventory of my spares has revealed more than enough AP rockets - they will have to do.
  10. Which looks like this Grob 120TP Prefect T1, seen as I cycled to Staverton this afternoon 5 bladed prop, I bet that goes! And this oldie but goodie. Then saw a Herc twice this morning. This afternoon, a low jet, sounding unlike the usual Voyagers, C-17s, Atlas and other transports that frequent my area of sky. A U-2 descended out of the overcast, proceeding towards Fairford.
  11. And decals. Or make your own characters from bits of red decals. And Revell enamel is not as durable as Humbrol.
  12. Airbrushed, in this case Revell 90 silver enamel, and canopy demasked. Pleased with that.
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