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  1. Same kit, different GB - it's actually 207 Squadron. Welcome aboard.
  2. The Salty Sea Dog GB, this time Tiger Hobby 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire V floatplane.
  3. And a few finishing details, brings this build to completion. Which probably ends my time on this GB. Two Fw190s, then a Mirage next week. I've not looked properly at the GB schedule, but if I am able to return later - it will be with a ship.
  4. Decals, then matted down. Then prop and exhausts fitted. Just some weathering left now.
  5. Very sad, - the rest of the ambulance crew have an ice cold beer waiting for her.
  6. Fuselage and wings, assembled as an airframe. The plastic is really hard and crisp, the fit is superb.
  7. Cockpit components. Fuselage around it, and wings about to be fitted. and the airframe assembled. The plastic is softer and less crisp than Hasegawa.
  8. My only other Mirage F1, Airfix - built about 1978ish. I was still at school then.
  9. Thanks for the welcome Sam. Here are the parts, typical Heller - raised detail First page of construction. Second page of construction deals with the differing forward fuselages. Then common bits of the markings, and more specific unit detail. But no two seaters shown - hence research.
  10. I'll be joining with this kit, to build as a two-seat F1B. This is the first release of the kit by Heller, in 1978. The kit isn't very specific about two seaters, so I'll have to do some research.
  11. Only just spotted this thread, so weighing in with some completion evidence. The thread is about FRS1s, so those the only kits commented on - and I've built other FA2s. My fave would always be Esci - this one sat on a Fujimi boxtop Then Fujimi, but a comment in here about gaps. Used Maintrack conversion on my Hasegawa kit, for an FA2 I've not built Airfix FRS1 - so can't comment on that one, but nobody has mentioned Matchbox. Never going to be the best, but a fun build nonetheless. 700A trails unit. 800NAS, pre-Falklands. 800NAS, with all the post-Falklands mods. 801NAS, around the end of FRS1 service.
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