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  1. Well so far from the book: Pegasus Left-hand tractor prop 12'6"diameter Hercules Left-hand tractor prop 12'6"diameter Merlin Right-hand tractor prop 12'9"diameter Twin Wasp Right-hand tractor Curtiss electric 12'3"diameter
  2. This kit has been built in InterceptorsGB, with nothing else appropriate remaing in my stash.
  3. Looking at the spruemap for the Revell Merlin Wellington, It's got 6 unused props (4 different engines?), and some unused engine parts and cowlings. And spare stabiliser. I'll have to open the kit, and consult the book, to see just what's for which versions.
  4. Here are the two pilots in their cockpit. Looking like pair of 8 year olds when the fuselage assembles around them! With Ray's warning, I've added a lot of reinforcement inside the seams, here my assembled wing and fuselage. Dryfitted cockpit.
  5. Getting started. Google of NZ Strikemaster shows a grey cockpit interior. This kit has two coamings, and three instrument panels, with instructions for two of them. Google shows NZ SMs with two gunsights, which is one set of the options. Way to go.
  6. As promised, some comparison shots. Firstly, with a Revell. I don't remember much about the Revell build - but it produces a better model. Then a group shot of all my radial FWs, with the old Airfix model flying over. Just for Col
  7. As promised, family shots with my recent Fw190D9s. And one of the whole herd together.
  8. My avatar is a picture of me with my bow, full draw - but NO arrow. Did I ever say that I was a First Class Archer and Level 1 coach until 2016. Got to say, my son didn't like being in front of the bow to take that photo.
  9. Completed. Tomorrow, I'll take some comparison photos with those Academy Fw190D9s.
  10. Undercarriage, and cannons fitted. And completed. Tomorrow, I'll take some photos with the Revell Fw190A.
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