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  1. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Fiat G-91R

    This is a very simple, early Airfix kit. No internal detail, Hence here's the pilot again, with a plane around him now. Wings fitted properly.
  2. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Fiat G-91R

    Off and running Here's the pilot attached to go seat.
  3. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Fiat G-91R

    Joining you with this kit, Airfix Fiat G91 light-fighter. This option 103 Gruppo, Treviso San Angelo, 1959. Parts. I think this is the correct sequence - speak up if it's wrong. This kit and an Airfix Avenger joined my stash in 2011, swapped for an Italeri B-25 Mitchell with Dermo245. Transaction was a result of a BM wanted posting, and the swap took place at Telford. RoyM brought the kit over, as Dermot wasn't attending that year. Outside - and shortly after this GB, this model will be converted to a US Army trials aircraft.
  4. theplasticsurgeon


    Tailplanes are where I nearly binned my last Tornado. Peruse the build thread from post 23 to see just go narrow the escape, and the solution suggested by a fellow BMer.
  5. theplasticsurgeon

    Panzer IV STGB Gallery

    Tim's Matchbox Jagdpanzer IV .
  6. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Jagdpanzer- COMPLETED

    I think this one was more like polythene than polystyrene - hence difficult to paint. Well - that's my excuse. The barrel support part was lost, and I fabricated another from card yesterday. Just found the original, and refitted it, requiring some repainting of the front, and that brown camo. And one weathering. declaring completion. My first for 2019 - Happy New Year.
  7. theplasticsurgeon

    Revell (Frog) Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    Liking this thread. And I've got that kit in my stash.
  8. theplasticsurgeon

    Boeing B-17 Gallery

    Tim's Revell B-17F build as Shamrock Special of 91BG.
  9. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Shamrock Special B17F - COMPETED

    Photos refreshed, this is Tim signing off.
  10. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Shamrock Special B17F - COMPETED

    Declaring completion.
  11. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Shamrock Special B17F - COMPETED

    So this is my interpretation of one side of the top turret. A tube with a collar, and the glass sitting atop. And a narrow tube section moulded into the fuelage, for the turret in. turret And Tim's idea to lower it all, by removing the red bits. Now to design tools to enable me to perform the modifications.
  12. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Shamrock Special B17F - COMPETED

    Here's that nose gun. A bit of stretched sprue for bracing.
  13. theplasticsurgeon

    Tim's Shamrock Special B17F - COMPETED

    Looking at this, Shamrock had a .50 for head-on attack defence. Kit has the parts so that's what I'm upto - some internal bracing for that gimble. Mine now has exhausts, ball and top turret. Just some minor details tonight for completion. I'm convinced that the top turret stands too proud. I'm unable to do much about that at the moment - but I'll do some drawing of how I think it could be lowered. And I'm thinking of tools required to do just that.
  14. theplasticsurgeon

    B-24D 98th bomb group 1943 markings

    Not an explanation, but that's how they were. https://postimg.cc/image/amxg3vqm3/