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  1. An equitable solution, if thery're both the same overall grey: Black Lions on on side, and Bounty Hunters on the other. As I've just done with this Airfix Hawk, 74 Squadron Tiger on port side and 100 Squadron Skull&Crossbones on stbd Just to save you from Sophie's Choice!
  2. This box for the 1/48 Airfix Hawk Fitted with Model Alliance MA-48105 decals. I depicted two black aircraft: 74 Squadron Tiger on the Port side, and 100 Squadron Skull&Crossbones on Stbd. Airbrushed Humbrol 21 gloss black, this model has a Neomega cockpit interior and seats - unaltered from a salvaged kit.
  3. Not sure what type it was, but this occurred earlier this afternoon. Very entertaining.
  4. Whilst we're waiting, here are my previous Corsairs - in order of build. First this Airfix model, flown by ace Ira Kepford, built about 1989. Next a Matchbox f4u-4, built 1997. Then an Academy, built 2003 - after I'd hunted down decals for an FAA camo aircraft. Squared-off wingtips - the Tim way, steel ruler and scalpel. Finally another Airfix from 2010, this built took 4 days from purchase to completion. But my Academy kit was re-decalled with leftover decals from the Airfix kit. Operation Goodwood.
  5. Joining with this Revell 1/72 Corsair, bought in Penzance in 2018 for £7. Those decals are for this aircraft - I want a less usual RN FAA 3-tone aircraft. Here are the parts. and instructions Perusal of parts and instructions make me think that this kit is a beaut!
  6. I believe A Bit o Lace was attacked in April 1945, suffering damage requiring the port outer wing to be replaced. I think this attack is depicted in the classis Roy Cross boxart. Prior to that BMF all over. There was an article in 72nd scale modeller mag, which I used for this model. Stbd outer engine doesn't have sqdn colours - so was a previous replacement.
  7. Got Rick's U2. What's the proper designation for this plane now?
  8. Top stuff - watching with interest. The amount of flash matches my build of an Javelin in the Frog GB last year. I can't remember adding nose weight to my model, but did lengthen it slightly. I can't check as it's locked in at Jet Age for the duration. Wishing you the best for a successful Blitzbuild.
  9. saw this Leonardo AW169 G-SASX at Staverton, whilst out on yesterday's bike ride.
  10. And 5 minutes later - another Atlas directly overhead.
  11. A TR-1 just to the south of mine. Edited 24 May - when I captured a great shot of it.
  12. Not forgotten, just on ice until I start a Corsair next weekend. They'll both be in the same scheme.
  13. Yesterday, several Hercs, a C-17 and several Voyagers. Voyager - twice earlier today. An Atlas about 6 times this afternoon.
  14. Well that didn't take as long as I thought! Should have built this in a Blitzbuild GB - finished the same day.
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