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  1. Twisted News Epilogue: What became of the Angels. Well they are all of retirement age now. Destiny - married the base Weapons Officer, had 2 children, became a schoool teacher. Harmony - continued her flying career with executive helicopters, marrying a fellow pilot. One son, she is now a proud gran. Melody - string of affairs eventually resulted in a child and a short but disastrous marriage. Emegrated with her daughter to USA where she had a highly successflatinul career as a marketting manager. Rhapsody - Married and divorced 3 times, never really settling into any job. Was the madame at several dubious establishments. Retained her interest in flying, she has dissapeared - thought to be running drugs in Latin America. Symphony - Married a university lecturer, then moved into the hotel industry. Two grown-up children, Symphony is now retired , living by the sea, with a cat and a dog.
  2. Stand added and I took these photos earlier today. I'll take more photos when it's less breezy.
  3. Construction about to commence. Here are the parts, with some interior decoration in alignment with my SBD and F4F projects. Plan is for all 3 projects to be airbrushed together.
  4. All excellent as always Fred. Very well done.
  5. Cockpit with pilots strapped in. fuselage assembled around them.
  6. My current PB is 26, achieved for 2018, and 2014. With 2 currently on the production line, a Mustang about to be started this weekend - and a lot of time-off over Christmas, It's just possible that I'll raise the bar!
  7. All of these are 1/72 or 1/76 - no 1/48 or 1/144 this year, most will have a GB link. 1. Matchbox JagdPanzer IV. 2. Airfix Jet Provost T4. 3. Airfix Fiat G91. 4. Novo Javelin FAW9. 5. Airfix Spitfire 22. 6. Airfix Jet Provost T3. 7. Novo Black Widow. 8. Hasegawa T33 Ghost Grey. 9. Sword SeaStar. 10. MPM Trent Meteor. 11. Airfix SdKfz7 and 88mm. 12. Airfix Tiger Tank. 13. Fujimi Spitfire PR19. 14. Hasegawa T33 Hi-Viz. 15. Italeri RF-4E Phantom. 16. Revell Sea Vixen. 17. Revell Lightning F6. 18. Airfix P-40B Pearl Harbour. 19. Matchbox Lightning T66. 20. Airfix Angel Interceptor RAF. 21. Hasegawa Grumman F-29 FSW. 22. Airfix Fallus fighter from Hot Shots. 23. Airfix Nimrod R1. 24. Airfix Spitfire PR19. Models are still on the production line.
  8. Never noticed that before, but what a great way of putting it.
  9. While we're awaiting the green flare, here are my previous Mustangs. From the 2018SKGB, my Debden Pony From the 2017STGB my Korean War F-51D. And from 2014STGB my RAF Mustang4 with the firewall scheme Making this thread my 4th build of the new Airfix kit. And now for other 1/72 P-51 Mustangs. Italeri P-51A with Allison engine. And the razorback Bs Airfix. Academy Hasegawa and two by Revell Followed by the bubbtop Ds Ancient Airfix Hasegawa And an older Hasegawa kit Matchbox
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