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  1. Looking at the instructions, 2 set of legs. Compressed oleos for on the ground, and extended for in the air. But if your kit is mis-moulded - return it to vendor for exchange.
  2. I've just had a call from Chelt Model Centre, that mine has arrived. And is now in my hands.
  3. The residue comes off, by rolling a small ball of WhiteTak over that area, which lifts it. Back to my build, and decals today. Joining 27 Squadron RAF in the Far East.
  4. This is the experiment I started last night I put some of my OfficeProducts WhiteTak that I used and didn't recommend onto the tail. Bostik BluTak onto the port wing, and Uhu WhiteTak onto Stdb. And results this morning. Bostik BluTak and Uhu WhiteTak came off cleanly. OfficeProducts WhiteTak left a residue - and won't be used again.
  5. Today I used WhiteTak - which doesn't really come off cleanly, so not recommended. I aim for a slight standoff for that soft edge you mention, and try to avoid shooting my airbrush into that gap. I do have alternates, wich I'll apply tonight, to see how they detatch tomorrow.
  6. Top build Pat, very well done! I've got an unbuilt bomb-train from a Stirling that I built in 1995 - so double congratulations for finishing that as well. That's why I goaded you a bit at the start.
  7. Masked, using my method of scaling-copying the colour diagrams. Then airbrushed Humbrol 163 Green.
  8. Masked, using my method of scaling-copying the colour diagrams. Then airbrushed Humbrol 163 Green.
  9. There is this Academy, that's Vietnam era, and I'd bet basis for loads of conversion variants.
  10. Nose glazing installed. Got to say that I had to remove and refit the instrument panel, to make it all fit.
  11. Not forgotten, and I will be joining you with this kit. My bench has been over capacity lately, so I want the current Bristol GB entries to be through the paintshop before starting this big beast. Holding the Etendard back - it's vouched for a Dassault Bunfight bid. But - with a Model Show in the near future, and right on the doorstep - more eligable entries might well be bought.
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