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  1. Abso-bloody-lutely! Leo McKern was, and is, Rumpole. No-one will take his place. As a lawyer I had, and in retirement still have, great difficulty watching most law court dramas because of the multitude of basic things they keep getting wrong (like leading questions in evidence-in-chief ...), but Rumpole was one that I would always line up to watch.
  2. Paspalum is straightforward but hard work - just keep digging it out until it's all gone. It doesn't spread by runners (I think the technical term for it is "rosette-shaped" or "tussocky"), so eventually it will go, as long as you make sure you don't leave any behind - it will bounce back from even the smallest scrap. This I know from painful experience - SWMBO had all the answers, but muggins was the one who broke his back ... Kikuyu is bloody near impossible. It's stoloniferous and rhizomatous, i.e. it spreads runners both above and below ground, so it's doubly hard to knock. It can be eradicated by CAREFUL hand-painting with herbicide (glyphosate, the landscaper's friend - it's safe enough as long as you don't spray it) or, once again, just keep digging ...
  3. Mongrel stuff! Even my late wife, who was a landscape architect by profession and a dab hand with herbicides (her specialty being bushland regeneration), couldn't eliminate it entirely from the lawn in our Sydney place. The problem was that the most effective killers of bindii are also most effective against just about everything else. She wasn't inclined to kill off the Sir Walter buffalo that we'd paid so much for just to get rid of the bindii.
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