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  1. "Moi? Walk on wet paint?! That such wickedness should be ..."
  2. until something gives up (Rob, I take it you meant "guarantees" ...)
  3. Happy to take your word for that. I can remember that there was a problem with the fin, and that the sizing of the chequers was adjusted laterally and vertically to take it into account so as to give the right number of them on the model.
  4. IIRC the Model decal sheet was designed to fit the Hasegawa kit, which has an odd-shaped fin/rudder. It's worth having just the same, as long as you can work around the odd-sized fin decal.
  5. My .5 of a cent's worth ... I retired earlier than I had intended because my wife was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. After that reached its inevitable end point in early 2008, I stayed in the Big Smoke (Sydney, where we'd been living for over thirty years) because I had a nice house in a nice area and was close to relatives, friends and facilities. However, the area started to loose its niceness when the developers moved in with serious intent and, having been born in the country and grown up there for most of my pre-teen years, and becoming increasingly peeved by what was going on in the area, I decided that I wanted a change and started to look around towards the end of 2014. My brother and his tribe, who had been living in Orange for quite a while, had been at me ever since Chris died to move up there, and that prompted me to start looking around the Central West. I soon found a place that I liked for the right money, and the move was on. I had little trouble selling the house in Sydney, and eventually made the move up here on the Australia Day weekend (26-7 January) of 2015. I haven't regretted making the move. Although I'm about 20 km south of Orange, I'm still reasonably close to facilities, there's no shortage of medical and other similar services, and Sydney is only a bit over three hours' drive away if I need to go there (which I have to do occasionally, because no-one up here has the technology to service my car). I'm now approaching 76 years of age, and am still quite able to look after myself. However, should the time ever arise when I can't get around - in particular, if ever I become unable to drive - I know I'll have to move into town. That's a bridge I'll cross when and if I have to. At the moment I'm in no hurry to move anywhere.
  6. The old frog sheet that Dogsbody is offering includes a RAAF aircraft - the A59 serial number is a bit of a give-away. You could also try this: https://www.redroomodels.com/product/ventura-conversion-459-sqn-raaf-1-72/
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