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  1. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    skipping the buffalo contributions
  2. Admiral Puff


    They're supposed to, but just lately it doesn't seem to be working. We've had a mouse plague in this part of the world, to the point where I was looking at getting a diamond python ("carpet snake") and installing it in the ceiling to keep the little buggers under control.The local population (copperheads, browns and the occasional red-bellied black) didn't seem to be having any effect. The python is a constrictor, and so non-venomous, and lives quite happily in the midst of humans. However, the plague seems to have moved on, so that the need for such drastic measures disappeared too.
  3. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    or the karzi because
  4. Admiral Puff


    These days the funnelweb doesn't trouble me - Attrax robustus prefers the coast, where the humidity is much higher. The low humidity is one of the things that makes summer here quite tolerable. Never seen a redback here, either, in the four years I've been up here. The huntsman, or wolf spider, is here in droves, but he's big, hairy and harmless. He'll give you a nip if he's cornered, but although it will sting a bit it won't do much more. Leave him alone and he'll return the compliment, and keep your small bugs down as well. Joe Blakes, on the other hand ...
  5. Admiral Puff

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Monarch of all I survey - and you'd better believe it! I do imperious very well, don't I?
  6. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    down to the Palais
  7. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    but quite easily avoided
  8. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    and other unmentionable parts
  9. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    sealed, countersigned and notarised
  10. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    to those with appropriate
  11. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    right hand thread farnarkles
  12. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    on odd numbered Fridays
  13. You're right! I had to get my 111C out of the Warehouse of Doom to check - always causes traumas ...
  14. Admiral Puff

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    around the lace holes
  15. Well, ICM has done the early ones in 1:72 ... just not all that well. Hopefully they'll (a) up the scale to 1:48 and (b) make sure everything fits together properly! A Lufthansa 'C would be brilliant!