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  1. burnt toast on toast (Never heard of the Goon Show? Oh, the younger generation ... Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and (especially!) Spike Milligan. The show that begat Not The Nine O'Clock News, Monty Python and a thousand others. "My name is Ned Seagoon" "Better name for a twit I've yet to hear!")
  2. Nice, but I have to say that I prefer the Gordon Murray escort ...
  3. You tell me! I only did the one post - must be some sort of glitch in the site.
  4. ^Wot 'e said about The Aviation Historian. If you've got the slightest interest in things with wings, particularly the more esoteric corners of the game, and you're not getting it, you should. (Usual disclaimer - no interest other than as a subscriber.)
  5. That's it! A conversion begging to be done! I actually had the idea of sticking a Rover donk into my old 1972 142DL, but keeping it street-legal. It would have been the ultimate Q car ... The problem was that by the time I could afford it, life had got well and truly in the way.
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