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Admiral Puff

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  1. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    heavy duty beading tool
  2. Admiral Puff

    Domestic plumbing noises

    No more curried eggs for you ...!
  3. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    and waiting for bread
  4. Admiral Puff

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    A Cosworth Escort on Bells Line of Road, just west of Mt Tomah, the other day. Flared guards, extra lights, seemed to be set up for rallying. Looked quite the business!
  5. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    for want of somewhere
  6. Admiral Puff

    Possible 'phishing' attempt from spurious PayPal

    The clickable link is the clue - if the email has one, it's a phisher and should be deleted immediately. PayPal makes a point of not giving links in their emails, rather asking you to go to your account and sign in. Whatever you do DON'T click on the link - it will only lead to grief.
  7. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    of a politician's brain
  8. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    inevitably to be let
  9. I believe that an Australian decal maker will be releasing at least one sheet with VH markings on it shortly - just don't know exactly when.
  10. Admiral Puff

    Blackburn Beverley

    Thanks - that thought will give me nightmares for at least a week!
  11. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    forced to watch tiddlywinks
  12. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    but cyclones attract premiums
  13. Admiral Puff

    Football World Cup

    Nor are they - one's a football team, the other's a bunch of actors ...
  14. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    or other points west
  15. Admiral Puff

    Blackburn Beverley

    Let me be the first (in this thread, anyway): if only someone would do it in 1:72 ...