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  1. Ow do Steve @MisterE If i recall correctly the Airfix Scorpion is 1/76 scale. Its a very old kit and this would probably be noticable detail wise if dosplayed with/next to the much newer Takom 432. You might be better off with the Ace Scorpion which is 1/72nd scale Regards, Steve
  2. Don't tell Blofeld cos he'll want one! Great work on the Tilly and it's nice to see one a bit different Regards, Steve
  3. Aye up Darryl, Just had a read back through the entire thread and excellent work all round mate! Regards, Steve
  4. Ey up Steve @MisterE Good to have another tyke round these parts, especially one that builds armour Aye but Robin Hood was still a Yorkshireman! Regards, Steve
  5. Poor packaging! Just had postie deliver a kit i got off ebay last week. The box was wrapped in nothing more than a single layer of bubblewrap and what looks like black shrinkwarp over that. Suffice to say the box was squashed and Tasca kit boxes are not that substantial at the best of times! Fortunately the contents are undamaged as if they were it would have gone back post haste. Suffice to say I won't be buying off that particular seller again! Boils my wee it does! Regards, Steve
  6. Lovely build and finish. Yet to lay my hands on one of those kits Regards, Steve
  7. Easy.... buy four more kits and then do all five! Regards, Steve
  8. Morning Vince, Got mine off Amazon Regards, Steve
  9. How do chaps, Thanks for the comments - most encouraging Managed to get a smidge more done this evening. Scratch built a jerry can rack for the rear hull as it seems most if not all Kiwi Sherman's had these in Italy at some point. I also added a spare turret bin to the rear plate along with a couple more boxes as per reference pics I have. Also added the applique armour panels and some strip to represent where the sand shields would have been bolted on. I used the Dragon brass part as a guide for the bolt holes. The front mud guards were also
  10. Bit of light reading material. Been after The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier for a while now and then saw a 2015 reprint of the 1986 edition for a decant price. Will make a nice companion to Duncan Campbell's War Plan UK that I have. As regards the Invasion 1984 - nothing but pure nostalgia as I vaguely remembered it from Battle Comic when I was a nipper! Regards, Steve
  11. Thanks John, Funnily enough after I'd finished the base i began to wonder when road lines etc were introduced! Regards, Steve
  12. Thanks Col, Thats the main reason I went for it. Mind you that Somali M47 is a bit unusual too and i've got the Revell rebox of the Italeri kit in the stash Regards, Steve
  13. How do chaps, This is what I'm hoping to build. With the markings for a Ugandan tank Regards, Steve
  14. How do chaps, This is my intended contribution. It's the Academy M4A3 76 in the Airfix Box with some snazzy French markings! Regards, Steve
  15. How do chaps, This is what I'll be adding to the shenanigans! Looks really nice on the sprues and as I'm yet to build a Takom kit I'm really looking forward to getting started on it. Regards, Steve
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