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  1. Down the mines or up the chimneys? Regards Steve
  2. Saw that. First time seeing one and was surprised at just how quiet it was for such a big beastie. Came over fairly low too! Regards Steve
  3. Watched episode 1 and quite impressed with it so far. The bravery of some of those involved was incredible. Regards Steve
  4. Took a trip to Ripon today and came home with.... From Veteranus Models an ICM 1914 Model T Fire Truck. Not my usual fayre but why not I thought. From the Works I got the Haynes Manual Challenger 2 and WW2 German Infantryman for 7 quid each. Been wanting them for a while so was rather chuffed when they were spotted. Regards Steve
  5. Apparently Alex the cat who resides at Veteranus Models in Ripon likes to go after foxes! His human told me when I was asking after him earlier today. Regards Steve
  6. Was in the Lakes last weekend and saw a few Series 2A Landys, a Willys Jeep and this sad little chap in Ambleside..... A Mk I Fiesta XR2 on a Y plate (1983?) Hasn't moved for absolutely years by the looks of it. Sunk into the gravel with split tyres and slowly rotting in the lovely spring sunshine Regards, Steve
  7. A pair of walking shoes. Bought today as a matter of urgency in Bowness on Windermere. For some reason the Sketchers i was wearing at the time developed a very loud 'quack' everytime i put my left heel down. To the point where i sounded like a duck in significant distress! Regards Steve
  8. Saw a red mk2 Fiesta yesterday. Regards Steve
  9. Took a trip to Going Loco in Lofthouse and came away with some evergreen h beams and a Tamiya M60A3 which should hopefully make it into the Patton GB. Added bonus was bumping into MrT there and having a good natter Regards Steve
  10. First job was bottling up in my parents pub when i was a nipper. No payment as such unless you count a half pint of Trophy bitter and a bag of Quavers! First 'proper' job at 16 was a junior sales assistant in a menswear shop. 40 quid a week plus commission. Not bad when all my mates were on a YTS at 23 quid a week. Regards Steve
  11. Not bought by me as such..... New back bumper, reversing sensors and rear plate lights. All due to getting rear ended recently because someone tried to park in my boot at a roundy bout. Other driver was very apologetic and fessed up so all got sorted by insurance pretty quickly. Main thing was nobody was injured and car got fixed. Only down side was the Renault Clio i got whilst my motor was being fixed! Regards, Steve
  12. fatfingers

    Sad Day Today

    Martin, My sincerest of condolences to you, Alison and your family. Steve
  13. Could it have been an Austin Princess or possibly an Ambassador? Regards Steve
  14. You and me both.... Now, you do know that Scrooge was a Yorkshireman don't you? We may even be related! Regards, Steve
  15. Opticians...... grrrrrrrrrr 21st Feb ordered and paid for new pair of goggles from a well known 'vision' shop Was told will take 3 weeks to make. I have quite a complex prescription - varifocals, prisms and that so 3 weeks is quite reasonable. This was the general wait time with previous optical shop named after an item of footwear. Appointment booked for collection and 'fitting' on 16th March. Just had a call to say they now won't be ready until the 26th!!!! Asked why and the lady on the phone said she did not know why but was calling to let me know of the delay. Politely but firmly suggested that she find out why and call me back with an explanation. She said she will, but if not I'll be paying a visit to said express vision shop to have a word Regards Steve
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