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  1. Electric scooters. Pulling into my street a little while ago and some stupid idiot kid about 10yrs old comes flying round the corner on my side of road and cuts across my front. Was only doing about 8mph so stopped easily but still enough speed to damage the car if i'd have hit him! His eyes were like saucers when he saw me and I would go as far to say his bottom dropped out. The things are a total menace in the hands of young kids (and adults) not to mention illegal. Had i hit him, his parents would no doubt have blamed me as their little angel could do no wrong and i would have been left wit
  2. A very mint and very yellow MkI Escort. Had 4 spots on the front bumper and a stripe down the side. Don't know if it was a Mexico or RS. BUT i do know know it gave me goosebumps as it went passed me and accelerated away. Almost sounded as good as a RR Merlin! Mrs fatfingers was totally non plussed and couldn't appreciate the sheer beauty of it - philisine! I'll try to get a shot of it from the dash cam. Regards, Steve
  3. What a brilliant little model and diorama. Never knew Sweden used the Stalwart. Regards, Steve
  4. Wow, just wow! That is incredible work. Regards, Steve
  5. How do @sardaukar If its for the Normandy campaign i can recommend British Tanks In Normandy by Ludovic Fortin. Great ref pics and general information for marking placements etc. Currently available on Amazon for 25 quid. Has helped me out on many an occasion. Regards, Steve
  6. How do chaps, Time for a small update as I've finally managed to get the decals on! These went on with no issues and once on they were given a going over with a gloss coat as I often find that Start Decals can silver a fair bit on occasions. There's no mention of the white V marking on the hull front but I added it anyway. The red/green on the hull rear had a bit break off on the edge but i should be able to cover this with some weathering. The markings certainly make for an unusual looking Sherman. Need to sort the t
  7. fatfingers

    The Weather,

    Bright sunshine and blue skys up my way. Had a bit of sleet early on this morning. Flippin' cold though with quite a strong NE wind blowing through. Regards, Steve
  8. Aye up John, Enjoyed following the WIP and the end result is great. Looks grand with the others Regards, Steve
  9. A Mini 1275GT yesterday. Looked a bit tatty but sounded well. Had to pull in to let it pass and gave the lad driving it a thumbs up as he went by which he seemed rather pleased with Regards, Steve
  10. Much like yourself i avoid using it. If i do use it then its only the larger bits that can be managed with my fat fingers, such as engine grills etc. Any that needs bending or sticking together is a big no no! I really do envy the chaps on here that can wrestle it into shape and make it look great - its witchcraft i tell ya! Regards, Steve
  11. Down loaded 1st episode and very much enjoyed it even though vintage racing cars are not really my thing. The chain gears on the Frazer Nash were insane! Regards, Steve
  12. Ey up Wyatt, Great job on the model and display base. Got one of the FAT's in the stash and intend to pair it to the Dragon 25pdr and limber. Regards, Steve
  13. And there's me thinking it has something to do with Harry Potter! Excellent work Cerberus. Scale engineering at its best Regards, Steve
  14. fatfingers

    Covid Jab

    Took mrs fatfingers to Elland Rd Stadium for her first dose of AZ this morning. She was in and out in 20 mins and said it was a little bit overwhelming but all very well organised. No side effects for her yet other than the jab site feeling a bit sore. She even got a sticker but it got blown off her coat when she came out... most dissapointed she was . Nurse who jabbed her advised she wait in car for 15 mins before leaving in case she had a reaction or felt unwell, and if she did to tell one of the many stewards who were about. Regards, Steve
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