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  1. fatfingers

    British Sherman

    Dragon do a Sherman III (6313) that would be suitable. Not too sure of its availability but i recently got one from ebay for a decent price. The turret stowage box in the lit is the wrong type for NW Europe though but it shouldn't be a problem as the marking option on your decal sheet show this as not fitted. They also do the VC Firefly (6182) which should be fairly easy to source. Asuka also do both versions but they can be expensive and Ryefield models have also recently released a VC Firefly. Hope this helps. Regards, Steve
  2. Morning John, Unfortunately my temper got the better of me and its a 'bit' broken! Was my own fault and having a heavy week with work probably didn't really help much. Least now i can concentrate on the M3A1 Scout and hopefully not cock that up too! Regards, Steve
  3. How do chaps, Well, I started the weathering on this and it just looked totally wrong. Decided to muddle on with it regardless. Came to fitting the tracks and they didn't fit the sprocket teeth and one of the tracks fell apart as i tried fitting it. Suffice to say the model is now scrapped and is in the bin. Its the first time in many years that i've got so hacked off with a kit that i've broken it up and binned it. All the cock ups and problems were off my own creation as it was a nice kit. Problems with the tracks falling apart was due to me bending the tabs the wrong way first time. Bending them back the right way no doubt weakened them hence why they fell apart. May get another set at some point as i did quite like them. Any how........ a few deep breaths later and calmness returns. Who said this hobby was supposed to be fun and relaxing? Regards, Steve
  4. Shame about the rot but at least you've been given permission for a new and bigger shed... every cloud as they say! Regards, Steve
  5. Aye up John, I'm good thanks and hope you are too. It's a smashing kit and has gone together without and trouble so far. Aye up Steve, Sorry to her about the loss of modelling mojo as its a real pig when that happens. I reckon this kit would be a perfect mojo booster! Thanks Rob, I do believe that the moulds for the Italeri kit were originally released by Max back in the 70's and that the kit was also released by Airfix at some point too. Had a very pleasant few hours in the shed last night building the upper gubbins. Parts just fell together with out any difficulties. Gear stick and such added to the hull floor. Engine bulkhead in place with pedals and steering column attached. And attached to the front of the floor. Lockers fitted over the rear arches. Side plates fitted. These literally clicked into place. Lids added the the lockers and rear plate on. Front wings added. Sat nice and square at this point. Sat on the chassis to see how it looked. Front plate added to the bonnet. Decided to go for the armoured flaps open. Bonnet fitted along with the armoured panels for the doors. Fitted these in their open position. Some small pin marks needed shifting but these sanded off without any drama. Radiator and armoured cover fitted. Decided to have these closed to make the painting simpler. The mounting points for the MG's were a bit of a faff to put together. Three built in total. Skate rail and MG mounts fitted. The rail took a little bit of fettling to sit right but looks good when in. And sat on the chassis again to see how things looked. Still need to fit the un-ditching roller at the front and head lights etc. And this is where I left off for the night. All the parts ready for painting. Headlights are fitted but I've left off the guards to i can paint inside the lights and then add the clear lenses after the painting is done. Managed to lose one of the tiny little side lights So, its now ready for paint. Might do this and then go back to the Stug to get that finished. The T34 GB is due to start in a few weeks time so I hope to have at least this or the Stug finished before I start on the kit for the GB. Thanks for dropping by. regards, Steve
  6. Aye up Nick, I've got an 11 x 7 apex shed that i use as my workshop. The sides are 15mm tongue and grove with a 22mm floor and roof. Its insulated with 25mm celotex with 12mm planking over the top of this. Floor is battened and insulated with 15mm ply on top and elecric is run in. It has 4 windows on one side with additional 5mm perspex added on the inside. The base is made up from six 8ft concrete fence posts that were laid level, evenly spaced to cover the 11ft shed length and then in filled with small gravel for drainage etc. The shed floor runners are sat on these. As for heating i use an oil filled radiator that does the job well, especially now i've put brush type draught excluders around the door frame. Cost all depends on your budget and what your willing/able to spend. I probably spent about 2k in total but did this knowing it would be permanent so didn't want to skimp and 'spoil the ship for ha'porth of tar' as it were. Size wise, i went for the size i did for two reasons, it was the largest i could fit on the space available and because its also still has to store all the 'usual shed stuff' Had it 4 years now an it serves me really well and its good to have my own dedicated space to model. It also means i can spray stinky stuff without concern as i have a spray booth thats vented out of the wall. Hope this helps. Regards, Steve
  7. Morning Mr T. Hope your all keeping well. If he does 'move in' a trip to the vets will certainly be in the offing for a check up and his bits sorting. Many years ago i was 'employed' by a stray Tom and once he was settled we had him to the vets to be done. He turned out to be a very loyal and affectionate cat who was rather fond of bringing us the occasional long tailed gift! Regards, Steve
  8. Gekko A10 here for £28.00 posted. Bought mine from this seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GECKO-35GM0005-1-35-Kreuzer-Panzerkampfwagen-Mk-II-742-e-A-10/293474690562?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D05e2911812344e9f8da1987617870d2f%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dlo%26sd%3D223951974143%26itm%3D293474690562%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A3f4e0f04-9c6d-11ea-bca2-74dbd18080ec|parentrq%3A3e22b5271720a9c4c0c5048cff978c53|iid%3A1 Regards, Steve
  9. Thanks Darryl, I'm even surprising myself at just how tidy i'm keeping the bench! Jadlam currently have the kit on sale at £24.95.... You can always blame me if you get one! Regards, Steve
  10. Aye up Wayne. Fantastic model! Finish and the weathering are great. Really liking the SCC2 and SCC1A camo scheme that was carried by early British armour. I've got the Gekko Models A9 & A10 Cruisers that will be finished in the G3 and G4 scheme - when I get round to building them that is! Keep being tempted by the MRP British Armour Colours. Are they any good? Very well done sir! Regards, Steve
  11. How do chaps, The local cat Mafia has recruited some new 'muscle' Say hello to Mr Tabby Cat. And here he is acting all coy whilst casing the joint. He's under the supervision of the Mafia ring leader Ivan (The Terrible) First got sight of him a couple of months ago and he was an infrequent visitor that would 'pass through' the garden and take a wazz up the shed! He now visits daily. Not too sure if he's a stray or not as he's very friendly but can be rather skittish. He is 'intact' however so that's what makes me think he's not employed a full time human yet. I do however get the feeling that I've been earmarked for that job! Regards, Steve
  12. How do chaps, I'd told myself that under no circumstances was I going to start another kit until the Stug was finished. Then on Monday this was dropped at the door! ' After I'd given the Stug a final gloss coat after the decals had gone on I opened this just to have a 'look' at the sprues. These are the main sprues and there's also another two smaller sprues with very nice .50 and .30 cal machine guns and various ammo boxes. A smaller clear sprue for the windscreen and light lenses. A sprue of 5 Soviet figures is also included of the driver and the four figures on the box art. These are very well sculpted. Won't be getting used on this one though. I may use some of the figures on the T34 i'm planning for that particular GB. Kit has 3 marking options. 2 Soviet in plain OD and 1 US from North Africa in OD and Sand camo with huge white stars on the sides and bonnet (or hood for our American cousins) Plan to finish this as a British vehicle however. Made a start on the build with the chassis. This is moulded in 1 piece that various bits of steering and suspension are added. And one with the wheels fitted. Thankfully all four sit level. These have poly caps so will be removed for a bit of a clean up and the painting. All told it took me about an hour and half to get to this stage in the build. I really like how the kit is broken down. The body is built separate from the chassis and then the last stage of the build is to bring them together. This should really help when it comes to the painting stage. More to follow soon. Regards, Steve
  13. How do chaps, Many thanks for all the comments - much appreciated Small amount of progress on the Stug. Got a gloss coat on ready for the decals. Only 6 were applied. These being 3 crosses and 3 unit numbers. The unit number were supposed to be put on the barrel casing but I didn't really like to look of them there so they were applied to the upper hull. One of the decals needed a bit of touch up with black paint. Not too perfect but then again it's not too obvious either. Just noticed that the rear 55 has a chunk out of it too. Might just leave that and weather over it. Tools and other bits and bobs were also painted and added. A further gloss coat was put on the seal the decals and hopefully reduce any carrier film shine. Next up will be some weathering etc. My plan is to get this one finished before the T34 GB starts next month. More soon. Regards, Steve
  14. Another visit from a C17 this afternoon. Manged to get some reasonable snaps of it as it flew around. It then came low right over my back garden when I was out but I didn't have the camera at the time! Regards, Steve
  15. C17 went over on Tuesday a couple of times. Really love the howl of its engines! Regards Steve
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