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  1. Chances are he won't have one in the first place. My grump for today... Idiot parent(s) who just stand there and watch their brattish off spring proceed to dismantle the flower heads in my front garden! Not even so much as an apology when i went out and politely but very firmly pointed out i do not plant flowers for her kids or anyone elses for that matter to pick at their whim Mrs fatfingers had already nicely asked the mother not to let her child do this at the back end of last week! Boils my wee it does! Regards, Steve
  2. That advert cracks me up every time i see it! Regards, Steve
  3. This made me smile... https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/20/meet-paddy-the-cat-who-leads-a-secret-life-comforting-people-who-are-grieving-14959619/ Regards, Steve
  4. You and me both. Except mine's with Shermans! Regards, Steve
  5. Currently doing one of these in the French Fancy GB. Is a lovely kit and i know what you mean about the colour schemes. Been trying to work.out the best way to do it! Regards, Steve
  6. One of the local hooligans in the garden demandin attention. This is Ted... He only likes to have a fuss when the sun is shining. Rest of the time he usually looks at me with total disgust! Regards, Steve
  7. How do chaps Motoring through this! More done on the running gear. With the running gear about done i started on the upper hull. This attaches via a couple of poly caps at the rear and a clip at the front. Really nice fit. Various side hatches and panels to be fitted along with the engine grills. Still a bit more on the hull to do then its the turn of the turret. This is building up very nicely and also very quickly. At this rate it will be ready for paint by tomorrow! Thanks for looking in and more to follow soon. Regards, Steve
  8. Thanks @planecrazee and please get yourself comfy! Started on the lower hull and running gear. Typical Tamiya as its falling together with no issues thus far. And some holes poked in the rear plate as per the instructions Regards, Steve
  9. How do chaps. Was originally going to do a Sherman in French markings but thought i would do something that is actually French! Voila! I've just signed up for Hobby Photo Host so i can upload from my phone. That means i don't have to faff about getting out the camera and laptop etc. I can also do 'live updates' as i go along Some sprue shots. Be making a start on this later today so stay tuned for updates. Apologies if the pics are a bit dodgy as i'm still getting used to the phone camera settings - despite having the phone for years! Regards, Steve
  10. Spotted this the other week parked up in a field belonging to a local farm shop i go to. Looks like a Dennis. Regards, Steve
  11. Croppers is a real shadow of its former self. When i was last in a few weeks back i couldn't help but get the feeling it was being wound down? Not a great deal to be had on the shelves. The shop used to be in the main town years back and was a real Aladdin's cave of kits and bits that were stacked ceiling high! Regards, Steve
  12. Same here. Over the past few days of hot weather here in dear old Blighty, i've had to make extra sure none of the local cat mafia are ligged out under the car in the shade. Yesterday i was on my way out to get boss from work and had a squint under the car. Lo and behold there were 3 of em using it as a sun shade! These being Charlie and Ted who are a neighbours and a stray we feed called patch - due to having a black patch of fur over one eye. Patch legged it as soon as he saw me. The other two however steadfastly refused to shift. Ended up starting car and giving the gas pedal a couple of taps which soon got them moving Regards, Steve
  13. A Mk I VW Scirocco. Looked a bit tatty but seemed to be running well. Regards, Steve
  14. Not sure if The Mighty Lancer in Bridlington has been mentioned? Mainly war gaming and Games Workshop stuff but has a varied and decent selection of 'mainsteam' kits. It also has the biggest selection of paint types i've ever seen in a shop! Regards, Steve
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