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  1. Yesterday a pale metallic green Nissan Laurel estate went cruising by. Wasn't able to catch the reg but it looked like it was from the mid to late 80's. Regards, Steve
  2. Cheers Pete. Not really sure what it is myself but i.like it! Mower attachment below. That'll sort ya weeds out! Regards, Steve
  3. How do chaps, Every so often I get the urge to do something totally out of the ordinary for me and Games Workshop always deliver! I really enjoyed building and painting this kit. It was brush painted with Games Workshop paints and washes over an airbrushed basecoat of Tamiya XF81 RAF Dark Green 2. To get an idea as to how to paint the kit i watched a few vids on youtube and I also used the box art for guidance. As I was so pleased with the finish I really didn't want to plonk it on the round base that came with the kit. I've had the base it's on for a good few years now and decided to use this to display it. The base is a piece of gnarly wood that was undercoated black and then dry brushed to make it look like a rock face. I added some GW Agrellan Earth which shrinks back as it dries to replicate a cracked earth surface. The 'rocks' are stones from my garden and the tufts are also Games Workshop. I was a bit apprehensive in doing the blue smoke effect but I'm really chuffed with the way it turned out. I enjoyed doing this so much that I've bought a second one to make up as the 'flesh mower' version and there are three versions that can be built from the one kit. Lots of pics below.... I've identified a few areas to improve on when I build the flesh mower version but other than that I really am pleased with the end result. Comments, criticisms and suggestions welcome as always. Regards, Steve
  4. How do chaps. First posting in this particular sub forum! I generally don't have a lot of success painting figures and I generally only do them as dressing for my armour builds. Recently though I seem to be getting the hang of them so I thought I would do a 'stand alone' The figure is from the ICM Anzacs set that I've had for a little while. The base is one that I've had for a long time but was never to sure what to do with it. It's a piece of gnarly wood that I sprayed black and then dry brushed to make it look like a rocky outcrop somewhere Gallipoli way. He looks to me that he's just fixed his bayonet and is looking off into the distance and thinking of home. He was painted with games Workshop paints and washes. One thing I did forget to add was the rifle strap! Apologies for the dodgy pics! Whilst he's no where near as good as many of the figures posted here, I'm rather pleased with how he turned out and will be having another go with other figures that I have. Comments and criticisms welcome. Regards, Steve
  5. A static grass applicator. Gone for a cheapy off ebay to see if i get on with it as i've been wanting to expand my diorama potential for a while now. Will see how it goes.... Regards, Steve
  6. That reminds me of a mate who went to Bulgaria on holiday and hired a white Lada. Parked up in an empty car park and when he came back it was full of... yep white Lada's! Said it took him over an hour to find his! Regards, Steve
  7. Aye up John, Excellent job on the rigging from the Bren to the main gun! Regards, Steve
  8. This is turning out to be a great build. Them there brassy fender boxes are superb. I also particularly like the finish on the track Can i ask how you did them? Currently making the Cent version with the mahoosive gun and turret on and off and the front plate on that kit was also a bit tricky to get sitting right. Keep it coming. Regards, Steve
  9. Aye up Bertie, This is a real stunner of a build with a great attention to detail Really enjoying watching this come together. Regards, Steve
  10. How do chaps, I got some cheap plastic dropper bottles off Amazon to decant some Games Workshop paints into. I decided to use one to hold some Self Leveling Thinner in so i wasn't fighting with the big bottle when thinning Tamiya. Been over a year now and no problems despite regular top ups. After reading this thread i'm now thinking of putting some pre-thinned Tamiya in one or two as well Regards, Steve
  11. Mrs fatfingers likes Brokenwood and from the one or two i've seen i thought it both amusing and entertaining. Mrs f says it's a Kiwi Midsomer Murders! Regards, Steve
  12. Same room? You actually get to sit in the same room as them? What is this trickery you speak of? Round may way the other week people were offering to swap a tank of petrol for a GP appointment! Regards, Steve
  13. How do chaps, In no particular order here's a small selection of some of my favourites Edge of Darkness - got this on dvd and generally watch it every year. Day Of The Triffids - classic 1980's BBC Sci-fi complete with dodgy monsters! Band Of Brothers. Walking Dead - watched it from start but now missing final series as i refuse to shell out another 8 quid a month for Disney + The Mad Death - anyone else remember this? Can be found on youtube Survivors - original series - also on the tube. World At War. Spearhead. Strange that most are from the 70's! Regards, Steve
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