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  1. Aye up Dick, What a smashing little dio. Really like that Regards, Steve
  2. Lovely job on the faded winter whitewash Regards, Steve
  3. Very nicely done and nothing wrong with them figures either I still use the good old dry brush method as i just can't be bothered with all them 'modern' weathering techniques Regards, Steve
  4. Jadlam are now listing the kit for £47.95 and with an October release! Regards, Steve
  5. A pair of Red Kites. Always an impressive sight to see and we're now exporting them to Spain! Regards, Steve
  6. Saw a Chrysler Crossfire today in a silver/grey colour. Not seen one for years and a quick google said there are just over 2700 in UK. Odd looking thing! Regards, Steve
  7. Don't need any more kits but that probably won't stop me getting one.... or two! Regards, Steve
  8. Tabby and Patch doing a pretty good job of ignoring eachother! Regards, Steve
  9. Got a petrol version and i rather like it. If ever i ditch the dino juice and go all leccy the Kona EV would be the one i'd go for. Possibly going for a PHEV for my next motor to ease myself into this electric car malarky. Either way it's an auto next for me as im starting to have problems with my left knee and being on and off the clutch doesn't help! Is it the 39 or 64kw battery? Regards, Steve
  10. Ta John and tha's doin reet well wi t'old Yorkshire for an Essex lad! Al si thee, Steve
  11. A Tiger Moth pootled over a little while back. Did a couple of circuits and off it went so no chance to get a pic. Sounded like it was powered by a 2 stroke petrol mower engine! Regards, Steve
  12. Was very impressive to see and much better than recent ones Regards, Steve
  13. From Boyes in Bridlington today. The drills were a quid a pack so nothing lost if they turn out to be naff, and the files were just under 4 quid for the set. Regards, Steve
  14. How do chaps, Birthday money has precured me a new Samsung S6 Lite Tablet, a case with keyboard for it, and a new fleece and waterproof jacket... which will come in very handy today! Regards, Steve
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