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  1. Aye up Steve Your most welcome squire. As regards the packs and webbing... you'd be ok going with a 'beigy' colour followed by a slightly darker wash i should think. I've also seen them with a bit of a green hue which i think was due to which colour 'blanco' was used to clean them up. The bed rolls would have been a similar colour but i usually paint them a different shade for a bit of contrast Regards. Steve
  2. Aye up Steve. Been watching this from the sidelines. Fantastic job all round! As for the rifles.... They would be Lee Enfield No4. Loads of images on google. Colour of fhe woodwork varied from almost yellow to a nice rich brown colour often with a hint of red! It all depended where they were made i believe (UK, Canada, US etc) In 72nd scale i reackon a nice mid brown shade would do it Regards. Steve
  3. fatfingers

    Misheard Lyrics.

    Kenny Rogers.... You picked a fine time to leave me Lucile.... 400 children and a car with no wheels Regards. Steve
  4. fatfingers

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Tornado flying over Leeds this afternoon. Looked like it was heading to LeedsBradford Airport. Regards. Steve
  5. fatfingers

    Grump Britain replacement

    What really boils my p@*s (amongst many) are people who walk ahead of you into a shop or any other public building and then just stop in the doorway. MOVE FOR GAWDS SAKE! Pushchairs the size of a Land Rover Discovery.... why? Pull along suitcases. I REALLY hate them. They get pulled along without a care in the world or an awareness that they can actually trip people up. Annnnd relax...... Regards Steve
  6. fatfingers

    Grump Britain replacement

    Shops that are desperate for your email so they can send you an electronic reciept and spam your in box. I often get a funny look when i tell them i dont have email or a computer! Regards. Steve
  7. fatfingers

    Has the heat...

    How do chaps. My shed is in the top corner of the garden and is shaded by a couple of large trees. Due to it being shaded and insulated the hottest its been is around a comfortable 66 degrees. Shame ive only been in there to get the gardening tatt out though! Regards Steve
  8. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On the ring road in Leeds yesterday... A plate Red Ford Capri Laser went flying past me (i was doing 40). Was doing a fair bit of fish tailing too as he changed lanes. He either didn't know how to drive it or needed a paving slab in the boot! At Tong Garden Centre... a truly lovely Rover SD1 Vitesse in a deep red glinting in the sunshine. I wanted to walk back over the carpark for a look but minister for war and finance was having none of it! Regards Steve
  9. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On the A171 over Fylingdale Moor..... a lovely Triumph Dolomite in dark maroon with what looked like a black vinyl roof. Regards Steve
  10. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On the A61 in Rothwell today... A Foden 6 x 6 wrecker. Was a bit tatty and was belching huge clouds of black smoke but very impressive none the less! Regards Steve
  11. fatfingers

    What have you purchased / been given

    What do small open cages like to be fed? Regards Steve
  12. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    In Leeds yesterday for armed forces day..... Jeep (don't know if it was a Willy's or not though) WC54 Ambulance GMC CCKW Deuce and a half truck Army MAN 4x4 truck Army spec Quad bike And......... an M270 MLRS! Regards, Steve
  13. fatfingers

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    A bloody good curry! Regsrds Steve
  14. fatfingers

    HO/OO Village Church

    Aye up Steve. Fantastic job. Anyone would think you've made a model before! Regards Steve
  15. fatfingers

    Tyrannosaurus Rex & Triceratops - Pegasus Hobbies

    Aye up John. That Rex is fantastic and the tongue really gives it extra character. Regards, Steve