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  1. fatfingers

    Great Model Railway Challenge (Channel 5)

    Yep and quite enjoyed it. The best layout won in my view. It was simple, effective and not overly complicated. Regards, Steve
  2. fatfingers

    Vote Grump!

    Maybe it's cos we're thankful we got shot of em? Regards Steve (No offence intended to our cousins across the pond )
  3. fatfingers

    Ole seven leg, Spider wars.

    I was woken up at around 5am this morning by a couple of loud bangs and a bit of screeching from downstairs. So being the hero i am.... i eventually got out of bed to come down to find mrs fatfingers in a state of near hysterics clutching one of my size 11's. Whats wrong i asked? SPIDER she squeals. And sat there on the carpet was a big ugly bugger of a spider. I swear it had stubble, tattoo's and was wearing boots! Suffice to say it got a whack from me shoe and i went back to bed for another hour whilst her ladyship cleared up the remains Regards. Steve
  4. fatfingers

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    How do chaps. Off t'interweb - Armor Photo History A9/A10 Cruiser Tanks as reference for the A9 and A10 kits in't stash. From WH Smiths - Catastrophe by Max Hastings. Great lump of a tome and a real bargain for 6 quid. Have a Kindle but still like to read a 'real' book from time to time. Regards. Steve
  5. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    A very well presented Morris Minor Traveller in Almond Green. Regards, Steve
  6. fatfingers

    Laws you never knew existed

    1 - All householders must place their wheelie bin in a predetermined place. Failure to do so will result in the wheelie bin NOT being emptied. 2 - Bin men however are contractually obliged to leave said bin a MINIMUM of 6 houses down the street and in the middle of the pavement. Failure to do say may result in dismissal. Regards, Steve
  7. fatfingers

    BBC Drama headline (didn't believe it!)

    Really looking forward to seeing this. Hope they do it justice Regards. Steve
  8. fatfingers

    And today’s scariest movie is...

    The government put pressure on the BBC not to show the War Game under the pretence they would be 'mass suicides' if it was broadcast! It was first shown on the beeb in 1985. The film did have a cinema release however and won an oscar for best documentary. Regards Steve
  9. fatfingers

    And today’s scariest movie is...

    How do chaps, Before Threads the BBC did a documentary call A Guide To Armageddon. Three couples build and live in the shelters that are in the Protect And Survive pamphlet. It's on the 'Tube' and is well worth a watch. Mick Jackson directed them both. I remember watching Threads when it was first broadcast in 1984. Scared the bejasus out of me and wanted to take all the doors of and make my own 'inner refuge' During the 80's my dad was a pub landlord. One of the pubs he managed had a warning receiver on the landing that was linked to Fylingdales BMEWS. It used to beep at a steady pace all the time. If the beep changed to a fast pace and a voice said 'attack warning red' he was expected to run down the cellar and pull out the old crank siren that was down there to warn the locals that the end was nigh. Me and my brothers decided to give the siren a 'crank' one day. Suffice to say it didn't end too well for the three of us! Regards Steve
  10. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Saw a stunning Jag XJ6 2 door coupe in black today. Was a thing of real beauty. Regards, Steve
  11. fatfingers

    AJAX (well, Apollo) in the Antipodes

    Wouldn't look out of place painted in Mephiston Red and full of space marines! Looks good in Aussie camo colours. Regards, Steve
  12. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On A65 today... A very tidy 4 door Cortina Mk3 with vinyl roof in that bronzy brown Ford used to do. Regards, Steve
  13. fatfingers

    East Riding of Yorkshire Model Show, 2nd September 2018

    Aye up Steve. It's a smasing little event and the battered whale and sack o spuds ended the afternoon very nicely. Best of all i've been inspired to finally do some modelling! Regards. Steve
  14. fatfingers

    East Riding of Yorkshire Model Show, 2nd September 2018

    How do chaps. First time at the show. Was suprised at how small it was but really enjoyed it. Some great models on display. The rc P&O ferry was amazing with the moving trucks and lifeboats. Came home with a couple of impulse buys. Even had a mosey over to Filey for fish n chips afterwards. Hope to get across again next year. Thanks to the organisers, traders and all those who displayed. Regards. Steve
  15. fatfingers

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On the way back from the Driffield show today.... a 57 Chevy Belle Air towing a caravan! Regards Steve