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  1. On Kindle....Forgotten Victory by Mark Zuehlke. Its about the 1st Canadian Army and the battle for the Scheldt in winter 1944. Very good read so far. Starts off with a detailed account of the role played by the Canadian Engineers in the evacuation of the Para's etc from Arnhem. Recently finished Hill 112 by Tim Saunders. Another great read and gives a good account of the 43rd Wessex Div during the battle.... which was a real meat grinder! Have also taken a real liking to History Of War magazine too! Regards, Steve
  2. Weather presenters who say that the temperature will be in the 'early 20's' Eh? Are we talking abouts its age here or a decade... it should be 'low' not 'early' Regards Steve
  3. Aye up Steve, Theres me thinking you had a thing for Old Speckled Hen! Regards, Steve
  4. Aye up Roger, Just been having a google and majority of KV I period pics show the hatch hinged to the rear with one or two hinged to the right. It may depend on the actual version of the KV I or as you say its on a swivel. As regards the colour... I would assume it was the same as the tank exterior like it was on Allied Armour. Hope this helps, Regards. Steve
  5. Aye up Roger, Nice, and the paint work looks really good. Regards, Steve
  6. Whilst waiting up at Leeds Uni about half 5 today to collect the minister for war from work, a Chinook went clattering over. Heard it long before i saw it! Regards, Steve
  7. Impressive model of an impressive vehicle. Regards, Steve
  8. Grand. Its the only show that i always attend each year and quite like the new venue.... See ya there, Steve
  9. Aye up Roger I'm taking a front seat for this one Regards Steve
  10. Nicely done. I do like the Centurion and its good to see a Mk1. Regards, Steve
  11. Nicely done. I currently have one of these stalled at the weathering stage. As you say its a nice and well detailed kit. Look forward too seeing the figures and base. Regards, Steve
  12. Aye up Roger, Great end result and i enjoyed watching this come together Regards, Steve
  13. Recent trip to Halifax provided a Bronco WWII British Field Accessories Set and a Bronco British/Commonwealth AFV Crew Set. And today i bought 4 new shirts for work as i'm back there on Monday! Regards, Steve
  14. Other day in Halifax parked outside a garage was a Morris Minor Police car! Looked grand in its pale blue and white paint work. Regards, Steve
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