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  1. How do chaps, Well it was bound to happen... Patch fully made his way into the house today. He made himself at home and lasted about an hour before he shot his bolt by deciding to try and scrag the sofa! Suffice to say he was banished back to the conservatory until he learns the sofa is not a scratching post! Regards, Steve
  2. I've been having a go with the GW Contrasts. Took a bit of getting used to but i quite like them. I did find some covered better than others though. This was done with Contrasts other than the metallics and some of the small details etc. Used Wrathbone as the base coat which is a nice warm creamy colour. Loads of vids and tutorials on the tube and i like the ones by a chap called Warhipster Regards, Steve
  3. Just pre-ordered the Cadia Stands army box set for 30 quid less than GW RRP! 25 figures, 2 artillery pieces and a new design Sentinel plus the Codex and data cards. The Codex and cards will probably be sold on as i don't play the games. DAMN YOU GAMES WORKSHOP! Regards, Steve
  4. Watched the dubbed version last night and was mightly impressed with it. Noticed quit a few wobbly rubber bayonets though! Thought Saint Chamond mock ups were very good too. Regards, Steve
  5. What a charming little diorama Regards, Stece
  6. Another years worth of car and home insurance... the rob dogs! Regards, Steve
  7. Must be all that Israeli armour you keep building! Regards, Steve
  8. A fixed penalty parking fine of 35 quid. Had to take mrs fatfingers to a walk in centre yesterday as her GP had no appointments and she needed to be seen. Parked up on street next to centre and went in to get her booked in. Came out after a couple of minutes to move car and bang... had a ticket! He must have been hiding in the bushes and i'm sure they attend the Army Commando School to learn camo techniques! Can't really complain though as it's my own fault and was worth it as mrs fatfingers got seen and well cared for Regards, Steve
  9. Thats a beauty.. Never realised Hino made cars as I always thought they only made trucks! Regards, Steve
  10. A trip to Mighty Lancer Games in Bridlington today yielded this... The Minister of War & Finance said it has to go to some bloke called Santa! Regards, Steve
  11. Via ebay... 2 more Sherman kits to add to the 'collection' Sherman III Mid Production Sicily Sherman Ic Firefly (Welded Hull) Think the Ic will be done as a standard 75mm gun tank as i've got a few spare turrets in the spares box. Only one i need to complete the 'British' Sherman collection is the Ic Compsite which seems to always go for silly money! Regards, Steve
  12. A selection of Citadel Contrast paints to have a go with. Been watching quite a few painting vids on the tube and finally decided to give them a go. Not cheap, but then a again not much is these days! Regards, Steve
  13. In my case it's the cat! Oh, and sausages, sausages make me happy! Regards, Steve
  14. He certainly bosses me about like an RSM! Regards, Steve
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