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  1. Sad to hear this but totally understand this decision. Really do enjoy the show and it's the only one i always attend every year. Hopefully the show can be re-organised for later in the year. Regards, Steve
  2. There goes my pension investment then. I've got the full set from the first publication and the prices of these 2nd hand are obscene! Good to see they're being re-published. Regards, Steve
  3. Aye up Darryl, I've been pondering one of these for quite a while as i have some Free French markings just screaming to be used, but them tracks scare me! Nice fix with the thicker wire and i just may just fall into temptation and get me sen one Regards, Steve
  4. Thanks Ozzy. I built one of the figures ages ago and it went together no problems. Just hope my figure painting skills are up to the job! Regards, Steve
  5. How do chaps, Was originally going to build a Dragon Sherman III in Kiwi markings for the GB but this caught my eye from the stash. Inside the box was a compliment slip from the vendor with the date of 2013 on it, didn't realise that I've had it this long! Hopefully this will get finished unlike my entry for the T34 GB that is still sat in its box for now! Made a couple of these over the years so no real surprises with the build. Started with he lower hull and such. And the upper hull. Spaced armour was a bit fiddly to put together but no real drama's. Turned my attention to the spinny shooty bit next. The metal barrel is from RB Models via ebay. Spaced armour frame for the mantlet. Turret with spaced armour fitted to the mantlet and sat sat on the hull. This is where I left to build for now and will hopefully make some progress this weekend. More to follow soon, Regards, Steve
  6. Digusting behaviour. No doubt she will blame it on having a bad childhood or some such... but in my view there are no excuses for doing that just for being asked to follow the 'rules' I've seen plenty of people in shops not following the one way system either through sheer arrogance but more likely stupidity. Regards, Steve
  7. fatfingers

    Our new car

    I got rear ended last year at a roundabout. I was stationary at the time and a young lad in a VW Golf ran into the back of me. He admitted full liability at the time and was very apologetic and upset about it. I'm convinced he was on his phone when he hit me. He asked if the repairs to my car could be done off insurance, which i obviously declined. My rear bumper was knocked in and split but car was still drivable. Main thing was no one was hurt and it was sorted by the insurance in no time. Worst thing about it was the Renault Clio i got whilst mine went in for repair!! Regards Steve
  8. Sat on Filey cliff top on Thursday afternoon and heard a racket. Few seconds later an RAF Chinook came thundering along following the shoreline at just about cliff top height. Rear door was open and a chappy was waving to whoever waved at him! It then turned inland and flew off towards Flamborough way. Should have taken my phone out to get a few pics but was too distracted by the sight of it! Regards, Steve
  9. Thats the one! Same colour too. Cheers Keith Regards, Steve
  10. Today out Whitby way a Merc convertable which may have been a 450 or 500SL and a late1970's early 80's two door Opel coupe type thing in gold metallic paint. May have been a Manta but it didn't look sporty enough. Regards, Steve
  11. A new radiator for the hall and the services of a plumber (who happens to be an avid modeller) to fit it. Both at a great price too. Regards, Steve
  12. Today - a rather tatty Ford Capri. Looked like it was part way through restoration as it was patchy with black paint and grey primer. Regards, Steve
  13. Not good. AK may have gone and done a 'Gerald Ratner' with this one! Regards, Steve
  14. How do chaps, A Hyundai Kona! It's a bit quirky and could be classed as ugly by some (bit like me sen really) Was pleasently surprised as Mrs fatfingers liked the look of it as soon as she saw it. Had to decide between one in red or one in blue. I liked both colours so the boss decided on the blue! Should be ready to collect next week. Regards, Steve
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