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  1. A-7A models were first sent to combat in Vietnam in late (December) 1967, I'm guessing the B model would have been shortly after as production started sometime around mid 1966. A-7C models were basically A-7Es with the earlier TF30 engine as the later TF41 used in the E model was experiencing production delays. I believe the TA-7C (twin seater) was used throughout the A-7s entire career as many were upgraded to be a twin seat E model. The first E models began production in 1967 with The first A-7E combat deployment to Vietnam happening in 1970. E models were built until 1983 and finally retired after their final deployment in desert storm. The last of the A-7A squadrons were disestablished and the remaining A-7Bs were transferred to the naval reserve by 1977
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