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  1. @Shaun May be able to help you here.
  2. See here for an explanation:
  3. Thanks @Work In Progress, I’ll have a look at the Lysander thread. We really are spoilt for choice sometimes!
  4. Spitfire Mk.I? If it has moveable/posable rudder and tailplanes that will stop me looking for Tamiya’s kit cheap. I have an Airfix Mk.I but they seem impossible to get now. You can never have too many Pit Mk.Is! And the Lysander!! Is the Gavia kit any good? If so that’s more wallet hammering!
  5. I’m led to believe there was a friendly “take-down” request. The image posted was official info provided to a magazine and it seems leaked early. I’d say that renders it official news and not a rumour, so technically doesn’t belong here anyway. I’d rather the mods remove the content and protect my favourite modelling forum, rather than the potential alternative. I do believe you heard it here first...
  6. Looking good Joss, nice and tidy painting, looks a great kit, must get one.
  7. Very nice, looks great!
  8. STGB is a Single Type Group Build, so in this case you are only allowed to build Spitfires and Seafires. A GB would be themed, so for instance the upcoming Battle of Britain, where you can model any aircraft, vehicle, ship, scene (snapshot of the time) as you like within the BoB timeframe.
  9. Thanks BK, wrong scale for me but handy to see how they did it, helps with the planning.
  10. Dragon are your best bet for an early 34/76 as Corsair said, they have different boxings for different turret types etc. Not so easy to find though plus when you do it will be expensive. ICM do a really nice one, though it is the 1943 model so perhaps too late for you (?) also reboxed by Revell. The tracks are a bit odd (vinyl) but can be found for under £20. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icm-35365-t-34-76--936234 If you want an interior, AFV Club have you covered (I’m a massive fanboy of theirs) but again not so easy to find though I’m sure I read somewhere that they rereleased it this year (again 1943 model though). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/afv-club-af35s51-t-34-76-1942-factory-112--1222533 Tamiya’s 34/76 is a really old moulding I think, from the 70s, quite hard to find... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-89563-t34-85-w-assault-infantry-set--141253 Oddly, for such an iconic vehicle, it’s not so easy to grab one these days...
  11. I don’t think there are any with the wing-folds ready to go. It’s a shame, the Stuka looks great with the wings folded, as do most aircraft in my opinion! This project is something I’ve been thinking about for a few years now, sadly the 109T that would have escorted them wasn’t due to have folded wings, unless anyone can correct me, they’d look good as a pair.
  12. Yes it will need the wing fold(s), arrestor hook and a few other little bits scratchbuilt. The Hasegawa kit doesn’t come with folding wings And you have to chop the wings to shorten them out of the box but it does come with The wing caps and resin hook and a few other bits. See https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/10107281 for the instructions.
  13. Yes please, I’m hoping to do this with the Airfix 1/48 B-1 as the start (as per real life). I have quite a few photos but you can never have too many!
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