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  1. I like that a lot. The camp I think looks really good.
  2. Goodness me, 32 pieces?! Fantastic work!
  3. Brilliant modelling. The pose of the Maultier is very natural an lifelike. Great scratch building on the trailer too. The whole thing is excellent.
  4. Superb, they’re both great. Thank you also for the text and links.
  5. SimonT

    Asuka Shermans

    Just up the M2/A2… https://hobb-e-mail.com/asuka-35021-m4a3e2-sherman-jumbo-38853-p.asp
  6. That looks great. Really nice weathering. Looks the part.
  7. Goodness me, that is superb, from the kit to the photography. Very well done.
  8. Sorry to hear this too. Still, live and learn
  9. Hey mate, sorry, not been around much with very little free time, blooming COVID causes havoc in my job world. I’ll carry this on separately, it’s sitting to my side as I type, looking at me... Hope you are well @Longbow!
  10. Oh wow, I certainly do like it. Fab work. Will check out the full build to.
  11. Hiding kits in your car now... just put it in one of those hoover boxes and sneak it in that way.
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