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  1. Hi. This has been discussed many times, a quick Google search will get you discussions on various armour modelling sites. I would say there’s nothing conclusive. I do however have a link to some schurzen from a Stug, showing both sides. Perhaps it can help you make a choice. https://relicsww2.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1648
  2. That is very nice indeed. Well worth the time and effort.
  3. Superb! The effort you’ve put in is clear to be seen. Top work!
  4. Indeed, I don’t understand the point of withholding such things, they should be in the public domain. Hey ho. Thanks for letting us know the conversation has started up again. It is a very interesting subject.
  5. Thanks @Milos Gazdic, I followed this all those years ago and it’s nice to read we are getting somewhere with it. May I ask the reason the DVD is not shared publicly?
  6. I like that a lot. The camp I think looks really good.
  7. Goodness me, 32 pieces?! Fantastic work!
  8. Brilliant modelling. The pose of the Maultier is very natural an lifelike. Great scratch building on the trailer too. The whole thing is excellent.
  9. Superb, they’re both great. Thank you also for the text and links.
  10. Just up the M2/A2… https://hobb-e-mail.com/asuka-35021-m4a3e2-sherman-jumbo-38853-p.asp
  11. That looks great. Really nice weathering. Looks the part.
  12. Goodness me, that is superb, from the kit to the photography. Very well done.
  13. Sorry to hear this too. Still, live and learn
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