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  1. Here's a transcript of the accident report- it confirms that Sgt Meyer contacted Langley AFB via HF and they phone patched him through to his wife. It's an amazing story. Paul Meyer C-130 transcript
  2. Troffa

    A-7E Corsair II 148 Hasegawa

    One of my favourite Hasegawa Kits, and you've done a grand job!
  3. I'm not certain that the C130 at the time were equipped with SELCAL, but It had been in use for around a decade in Civilian Airliners and transports, so I am making an assumption, based on the reports. I might have a look at the story in detail, but after recently wading through a frankly shocking amount of Conspiracy Theorist posts on social media recently regarding the Apollo 8 documentary on BBC Radio, I'm wary of another subject that has attracted controversy, I find it a bit tiring. I take your point on the AF447 loss, horrendous.
  4. A truly tragic story- one would hope that his obvious stress disorder type symptoms would be dealt with a little more empathy these days- but on a technical note, his ability to start, taxi, and take off in a multi engine transport aircraft is astounding. As far as a "Telephone call" from the aircraft, the only world wide comms at the time would have been over the HF radio system, and by using "Selective Calling" (SELCAL) it would have been possible to contact the aircraft directly. (The transcripts of the call appear to show his wife trying to ascertain his/ the aircraft location, so I assume that the USAF contacted him, not vice-versa) Poor bloke. may he rest in peace.
  5. Hi Johann, I think Jonathan's post was moved offline or deleted quite sometime ago, and as I don't believe he is a visitor to the site any longer it's unlikely to be re-posted. I think he is active on the net on other forums so you may be able catch up with him somewhere else- in the meantime, this old thread has some good gen regarding the Airfix Banana jet (once you get past the preamble). Buccaneer Thread
  6. Great work- It's a tricky kit, and you've done a fine job!
  7. Troffa

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Decal options?

    I think Tony.t nailed it a few posts back- the dots look pretty regular, so maybe a paint stick or something tamped over one of the fasteners or panel edge. It's a lovely jet. The FAA Museum was pretty enjoyable yesterday, and if you are ever over here Antii I'd be happy to be your guide. It's really worth a visit!
  8. Troffa

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Decal options?

    Hi Antti, I think they are paint.
  9. Troffa

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Decal options?

    Thanks to Jonathan (XV571) for reminding me that I live 10 miles away from XT596, one of the two YF-4K Prototypes. The old bird has several of the QA Inspection Circles remaining - here are a few photographs from this morning. I have enjoyed a good look round this Historic airframe, but look forward to the day when she can be placed in an environment more conducive to viewing- Hopefully before too long a Pre-Production or Mock up F-35B can take her place. The lighting in the Carrier exhibition is woeful for the casual photographer such as me.
  10. Troffa

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome to Britmodeller Gerhard! I look forward to seeing your work here on the Forum.
  11. Troffa

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Decal options?

    Well it's all got a bit thread creep-tastic, but another thoroughly enjoyable Phantom thread for BM and future readers- Thanks to all! I'm going to be at a certain South West aviation museum in the very near future, its only 10 miles away, after all. Cheers, Troffa
  12. Lovely job! The weathering and finish is superb.
  13. Troffa

    1/32 Tornado F3

    Stumbled across this thread- Did the conversion set ever materialise for sale? It looks pretty special.
  14. Very nice work- I haven't seen that variant of 262 before either.
  15. Troffa

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Decal options?

    Hi Antii, I'm not certain of the applicability, but this marking scheme was applied to FGR-2 XT899 (The Blue one), it may also have been valid for FG-1 and other variants. I've got a picture somewhere, but I'm maxed out with family stuff at the moment. I'll try and post later.