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  1. What a great looking model- scheme is fabulous- it looks like a shark to me!
  2. Superb modelling on display- as the late Hans Gruber once said- “That’s beautiful...The exactness, the attention to every conceivable detail. It’s beautiful.” Looking forward to seeing the paint on.
  3. I won't get too far into this, but in short, nothing wrong with the airframes- as a former Fixed-wing Avionics guy it took me a while to discover that in Rotary wing aircraft the transmission and rotors are taking the most of the dynamic loads so these are maintained/ replaced regularly and the Airframe can go on indefinitely- hence all of those Sea Kings and Wessex flying around for decades. I understand the main issue with our Apache going forwards is the increasing difficulty of supporting some of the original D model Avionics- and Boeing, facing their own problems with their Commercial Aviation arm- are presumably more than willing to supply the UK MOD with 50 brand new E Model airframes, with no involvement from Leonardo. Systems like MTADS etc, will be swapped onto the new airframes, as we have already own them. Some old but good overviews: AH64E For UK UK Buys E Model Apache
  4. Outstanding shots- and I can almost smell Guardbridge from here! (If the tide was out and the wind in the wrong direction )
  5. Absolutely fabulous work Fuad, and so well photographed as well! Where do you get your modelling supplies? Are there good model shops in Baku? or is it Mail order only? (You never know, I might end up there again one day- I have stopped in Baku briefly, but didn't get off the plane- on my way to Ashgabat
  6. Top job on the Toom, colours look great- what paints did you use, oh wait. I've read it again
  7. Over the last few weeks I've dragged a couple of kits out of the stash with the intention of starting a couple of stress free builds of a pair of classic British Twin engined Fighter/Bombers. The Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter VI and an Airfix Canberra B(I)8, also in quarter scale. Thinks "I know, I'll just check BM for a build review or two, check for any major issues..." So now I'm cutting the beaufighter fuselage in three, modding the tail planes and chopping the Canberra's tail off! Just remember, It's a relaxing hobby, It's a relaxing hobby... Any similar tales out there?
  8. My Tamiya Beaufighter Mk VI is going to be finished as a Night Fighter, so I won't be needing the transparent ADF Blister so you are welcome to it. Pop me a PM and I'll stick it in the post. I've had several similar helping hands from the BM community, It's nice to pay it back. Happy Modelling, Troffa
  9. Ciao Davide! I think that Italeri kit looks like a great example of the UK Apache, I'd forgotten all about it. (Old age catching up with me) I may have to get one of these for the stash. Thanks for your post!
  10. Great shots, but if you had told me that the only type left in service 20 years later was going to be the Hawk I'd have laughed at you.
  11. Which kit are you building? The recent-ish 2015 Mk1 or the older 1979 effort?
  12. This photo from Mark Hayward , posted by Troy in the mahoosive Hurricane thread shows it as amber. https://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/mark_hayward/hurricane_mk1_l1592/images/hurricane_mk1_l1592_26_of_26.jpg
  13. Troffa

    RAF - "Night Glasses"

    Thanks for the links on the Type Z kit, I'd forgotten all about Village Inn. I'm not going to get too far into these waters again, as it always reminds me of the late Edgar Brooks of these parts. with whom I sparred with over a couple of years on the use of IR by the RAF in WW2, but it is a fascinating subject. Here is a blog post which has these various systems described. Have a scroll down past all the drivers systems for the RAF Use. I think this system was in the Mosquito. search for Type F, Tabby, or RG on the net. https://www.scribd.com/document/454321483/Tabby-01
  14. Troffa

    RAF - "Night Glasses"

    I recall that Mosquito Night Fighters got a fixed IR detector late in the war, Have a search for Type F and Type Z equipment. It's a quite fascinating subject, but one that little official documentation seems to have survived or found its way into the public domain.
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