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  1. Not familiar with the type or kit, but that's a fine looking model. Lovely finish.
  2. I thought "Great looking model, fabulous photography, but hasn't he got large hands?" then I realised. 1/72? Super Job! Note to self, always read the title
  3. Nice work! I've been thinking about these amazing race cars a lot recently as the Matt Damon/ Christian Bale film "Le Mans '66" is out soon- you've done a grand job on a nice kit.
  4. Gloria Finis! Cracking 43 Squadron Phantom, displayed superbly in flight. (One nit-pick, the Base has a typo, it's Leuchars, not Leuchers, but I used to get mail addressed to RAF LUCAS so you aren't that far off!)
  5. Troffa

    Good Day, EH!

    Welcome aboard! My total experience of Canada is a brief stopover on the tarmac at Edmonton and several visits to Timmy Horton's. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  6. Thanks for the steer Dave, I have a good rummage around the F16.net pages- There are no definitive photo's of the FSD Seat, but there is a link to the Ejection seat site from the Forum. I think the Grey seat in the middle of the group of three in the "UPCo" section is the correct one, but can't confirm. Stencel Seat
  7. Putting the final touches to my FSD F-16 and I am looking for any pictures of the Ejection seat as installed on these aircraft. It is widely reported that these Aircraft had a Stencel Seat fitted, but not many sources state type of seat (Some say S-III-S) I have exhausted my References and can only confirm a Red headrest cover- Can any one provide any links/ Photo's of this item? Thanks for reading, Troffa
  8. Takes me back- right back to the 'Warlord' Annual, Christmas 1979! Thanks for sharing Warlord!
  9. I only worked on F3's but the system was the same- and the brakes were left out occasionally, maybe once a month or so, at shut down, to enable routine inspections to be carried out. The hydraulic Reservoir indications on the side of the fuselage would be a couple of litres low due to the fluid in the actuators. In short it wouldn't be unreasonable to have them deployed on the ground.
  10. That's a great looking Weasel, I guess the old Monogram kit can finally be retired.
  11. Great work, I've had a hankering to do an early Tornado line jet (in 1/72) for some time- and thanks for the reminder ref the BOZ Pod drought- I had it in my head that it was the Sky Shadow pods that were late turning up. I have read your post a couple of times and I don't think you mention what paints you have used- any pointers? My only comment- as an ex-fairy the white Marker Antenna is obviously missing from the starboard Engine Door- It's a conformal antenna, rectangular with rounded corners. and quite visible. It's Seen on the F3 as well. It stands out nicely on the UK test scheme here: Tornado Underside In the interests of Nostalgia, here is a cracking video from those heady days: RAF Recruiting Video: IX Sqn Bombing Mission (Note the Two Skyshadow pods )
  12. They were always threatening to close the land warfare hall at Duxford, good see it still thriving.
  13. I suspect that you have been deemed in breach of the Buy and Sell area rules: As Julien states: "Please be aware that posts not meeting the site criteria will be deleted without warning. The buy/sell area is a privilege for members, not a right. Frequent abusers of these rules may find their access to this area revoked" Did you have a read through the pinned post? It may be something as simple as including Postal / Shipping costs and you could try again. Hope that helps! Rules for the Buy and Sell area
  14. Great Job, I remember building the VF-31 Felix the Cat boxing around '78. Brilliant stuff.
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