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  1. Had a couple of F-15C's from Lakenheath buzzing about Somerset yesterday, and the usual Merlin and Wildcat traffic from Yeovilton, but the best fly overs this week have been the International Space Station- saw it 3 times this week, great visibility and almost directly overhead tonight.
  2. A bit late to the thread, but glad to be here and very moved by the introduction and the issues that you raise regarding your friend. Looking forward to seeing this build progress- now, here's my input to the build so far- could those metal bars/ pipes/ tubes installed in front of the radiator intakes be an Anti-Ice system or De-Icer ? They could be simply heated bars, or perhaps be perforated tubes that can dispense de-icer onto the Radiator faces. I seem to recall a similar system in Spitfire radiators. Best of luck with all, Troffa
  3. Welcome to BM, love your workbench- very inspirational. Are there any Model shops that I could "accidently" stumble across during my trip to Manchester this weekend? My Missus will love it
  4. Great to have you on board Pyradus!
  5. Welcome aboard from Somerset, UK!
  6. Thank very much for your replies, I will certainly check out those Wikipedia references, and who needs an excuse to to watch "Star Trek-The Motion Picture"? Its been several decades since I last saw it, but I seem to recall it being a reasonable first attempt. Not quite as good as Wrath of Khan, and my Wife will enjoy neither, but we all have our "Kobiyashi Maru" 's to face. I have got the eduard etched set, but worry about how I'm supposed to secure and twist the boom. I reckon soldering might be my only hope, Obi Wan. In the meantime, I found this excellent documentary on BBC, available for 9 months as of Sept 2021, there is another, longer PBS version available online in the US and at the time of writing there is a version on YouTube. Some great close up shots of the probe during build and test. You will need to register with the BBC and at least appear to be located in the UK, to view. I have no Idea how one might achieve that set of circumstances. The Farthest: Voyagers Interstellar Journey Live long and Prosper!
  7. On the 44th Anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1 from Cape Canaveral, I am dusting off my Hasegawa boxing and thinking about commencing a build of this amazing craft, the most distant human artefact in the universe. Is there anywhere I should be looking for detailed details of the probe, most specifically the configuration of the thermal blankets? I have looked at the NASA sites and haven't found much in the way of detailed close up shots that represent the as flown configuration. Thanks for looking. Troffa, from a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.
  8. You lot are simply amazing! Great help and advice, it is very much appreciated. Thanks, Troffa
  9. I've asked this question elsewhere today, but thought I'd give the ever knowledgeable BM Hive mind a shot- I'm in the planning stages of a Tornado GR1, I want to do a mid/ late 1980's jet, in standard Green/ Grey camouflage from a UK or RAFG Based Squadron- are there any units that would not have been JP233 equipped ? Any Specialist JP233 Delivery squadrons? or can I sling the launchers on any Squadron cab without fear of critique? Cheers for looking. Troffa
  10. Oops-a-daisy, there goes my vow not to buy any more kits this year. Maybe I meant "Aircraft kits" Looks great. A bit of BAOR heavy metal.
  11. I'm not too worried about the composition of their smoke, more concerned that their next Aircraft type won't be built in the UK.
  12. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get weapons that fit the standard Mustang Fuel Tank/ Bomb carrier- I'll have a thumb through my Mustang references and see if I can spot any more of those bombs. Rear fuse on those babies?
  13. Not sure how much info you have, but that's an Indonesian P-51D in the Museum in Jakarta. The Mustangs were ex-Dutch RNLAF and saw Post WW2 service in Indonesia. Best of luck with your quest!
  14. We used pods on Phantoms, but the on the F3 all of the aircrew baggage went in the pass-through ammo tank bay, plenty of room and nothing on the wing!
  15. That's epic! That last picture in particular seems to show a 1 inch strap attached to both sides of the pod with a flattened section for the pod to rest on. Thanks ever so much for hunting these out and sharing them. I suspect my next 1/48 F-16 will be off on his travels
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