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  1. Wonderland Models website showing the Hellcat as available from June 3rd and Hannant's have it available from June 26th Looks like Gunpowder has a Hellcat scoop!
  2. Great film, and a worthy award winner. I watched this one several times a few years ago, of note is the Sperry Type Venturi on the port aft flank of one of the taxying Spits.
  3. Super job, and a great scheme- but there is an error that could be easily repaired if you wish to: The Horizontal Stabilisers are not correct for the First FSD F-16, 50745. The aircraft had the original small Stabilisers (Pre- block 15) and didn't carry the rear RWR head on the base of the fin, especially in the early days when the Iranian flag was still present as a launch customer, as you have depicted. Small / Large Stabs Here's a model with the correct stabs shown 50745 Model Troffa, with a 1/48 scale 50745 on the bench!
  4. Pictured the month before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Happy days!
  5. The AH64E was formerly known as the AH64D Block III, so essentially it's the same as a late D model.
  6. Excellent work and a fascinating thread- thanks! Looking forward to seeing her finished.
  7. Hi Jens, thanks for the reply, I am just back from a job at Karup and hadn't realised that the MASE pod was a role fit on the EH101- I am looking for any scale pods as a starting point. Are there any print references you would recommend regarding the EH101 in RDAF Service that covers the Afghanistan deployments?
  8. Thanks very much! I'll see if I can track one down.
  9. Anyone know of any aftermarket TERMA defensive aids/ chaff sausage type thingy in 1/48 or 1/72? As seen on the wing tips of Dutch Apache and on Danish EH101. I have discovered that Hasegawa included a pair in their RNLAF boxing of the 1/48 AH64D Apache (kit 07336) but havent seen any others in scale. Cheers, Troffa
  10. Beautiful Bulldog, great Photography too. Are those the Kit decals? Remarkably in register for an Airfix kit of that Vintage (I remember the 1/72 P51D and Mosquito NFXIX having Swedish AF decal options - a major market for Airfix at the time)
  11. I don't have either the kit or the Doppler nose, but "a couple of millimetres" gap on a 1/72 seam sounds a bit excessive to me, so I have the following questions: 1. Does the outer dimension of the resin Radome match the Outer dimension of the Airfix forward fuselage? I'm guessing it does, as Freightdog have been at this for a while. If so, and assuming the part is designed specifically for the Airfix kit: 2. Have you trimmed/ cut/ removed any of the pour stub from the blunt end of the resin radome? That would be standard practice for Resin Parts as these are not part of the moulding and can be quite irregularly shaped. I have found a photo of the part online, and it appears that the pour stub might be flared at it's rear, and narrows towards the radome itself, where there is a ring in the casting, just at the circumference of radome boundary that looks almost like a grommet to me. If the pour stub is too large for the internal diameter of the airfix forward fuselage (as I suspect it is) and is fouling the kit parts, you will need to trim/ remove some material from the part and perhaps thin the walls of the airfix parts as well, until you get a good fit with no gap at the upper seam. A good razor saw would do the trick on the radome. Just be careful with the cutting / trimming of any resin parts, the dust can be quite nasty dependent on its constituent parts, and inhalation / ingestion is not recommended. Edit: And You can always contact Freightdog directly and ask how their part is designed to be used, they are the experts in this case! (Contact details in the link below) Good luck! troffa Here is a link to the part for any interested parties: Freightdog Resin Nose
  12. Smart! one of those would look good next to my reaper and predator model! (and hey presto- another kit in the stash )
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