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  1. I (also) recommend this that short Youtube video from C.W. Lemoine, (that NoSG0 posted above ) Mover is a Veteran USAF Reserve and USN Reserve Pilot (F-16/ F-18/ F-5) and on this particular subject, and his channel in general. He talks a lot of sense Troffa out!
  2. Troffa

    Fake news

    58,000 Feet, or around 11 Miles high, is an incredible altitude for an Air to Air engagement. Not much air up there. Astounding work from the USAF.
  3. I think that's a great looking Avenger- I have one in the stash and would be happy if it turns out as well as your effort. I like the weathering around the engine cowl in particular.
  4. Off the top of my head, some of the Modifications introduced for Op Granby and Op Deny Flight became standard fit, with the rear cockpit having some notable changes. The most obvious to my mind being the Radar Homing and Warning Receiver (RHWR) Display being plonked on the top of the left hand TV Tabulator (TV TABS) so that it was in the Nav's eyeline-as opposed to being just above his or her left knee on front panel as originally designed. Also in the back, two grab handles with Chaff and Flare dispensing switches were introduced circa 1993, That's all I can think of, and I wasn't around see any changes after 1999. Very early aircraft ( F2 and F3 pre 1990) had different Control Stick tops and the Nav's hand controller was also changed from a little atari style to a massive thrustmaster type at that time. Some aircraft had the Link 16 JTIDS system fitted, most visible difference is a control panel in front of the Nav's hand controller, otherwise a blank plate was installed in its place. If your planned aircraft is one of the F Mk3(T) it will have a full set of flight controls in the rear cockpit, Throttles, Rudder Pedals and Control column. Resultingly the two TV TABS shifted Starboard to make way for some flight instruments for the instructor Pilot. This also meant that the Nav's hand controller moved from the centre plinth (deleted for the control column) and shifted over to the starboard panel so that the AI-24 Foxhunter Radar could still be operated. Rear Cockpit, Grab Handles, Large Hand Controller, JTIDS Panel in front of Hand Controller In the above shot, the Small Rectangular Blank Panel on left hand side of cockpit, below left grab handle, is where the RHWR Display was before it moved on top of the TV Tabs Rear Cockpit of a Twin Stick F Mk 3 (T) Rear Cockpit, note RHWR display on top of left hand TV Tab, and small early style hand controller, this would not be a standard fit. No JTIDS Panel in front of Hand Controller. Just a Blank. There will be some changes in the Front, but not as prominent as those in the rear. If I think of anything else, I'll post. Gloria Finis! Troffa
  5. That's great Arnaud- do you think you could produce an Optical Relay Tube (ORT) for the front cockpit? The original fit for the British Army AH Mk1 (AH-64D) was the ORT as carried over from the Apache AH64A ORT as installed to Co-Pilot Gunner Cockpit And then later (around 2004? onwards) the TADS Electronic Display And Control unit (TEDAC) was installed as an improved replacement modification for the ORT. These aircraft were cycled through Afghanistan later in the British element of the conflict. TEDAC in Front Cockpit TEDAC is what appears to come with the AH64D and AH64E TAKOM boxings and an ORT would be required for the first part of the AH Mk1 (AH-64D) Army Air Corps Service- The TEDAC is fine for the AH-64E out of the box. Any plans to reproduce one or do I need get one from the Academy 1/35 Apache kits? (Or wait and see what MENG produce?) Thanks to Gary Stedman (Gary1701) for his excellent British Army Apache Resource. Cheers, Troffa
  6. Came across this video of an unboxing of the forthcoming Takom Apache with a former US Army Apache Pilot and modeller providing some insight- I'm disappointed to learn that the D model boxing only includes the later TEDAC display in the front cockpit, precluding an early British Army variant from the box. Any thoughts? Takom Apache Unboxing
  7. Astonishing work! Inspirational modelling. Awards richly deserved.
  8. That's an absolute belter! Are those lead balance weights on the wheel rims? As Herr Gruber once said- "The exactness, the attention to every conceivable detail- It's beautiful"
  9. Welcome to BM Mark, and well done on the Spitfire, it's an excellent example! I look forward to seeing your work on the forum. Cheers, Mark
  10. Careful now! please watch your step with the Takom 1/35 AH-64E. The AH-64E Apache Guardian (Grauniad?) boxing represents a US Army machine which sports the upturned engine exhaust ducts. The British Army AH-64E Model aircraft does not appear have this option installed, retaining the 'D' style engine exhausts The AH-64E 'E of the World' boxing has the old 'D' model style exhausts which are suitable for the AAC latest steeds. I have no idea if both types of exhausts are contained in each boxing, but I'm guessing not. AAC AH-64E Apache AH-64E Apache Guardian E of the world Have fun, Troffa
  11. C'est magnifique! The P-51D, sometimes known as the "Cadillac of the Skies" and you've done a wonderful job on your example. Inspiring.
  12. Spent a while at Newquay Airport/ RAF St Mawgan / Mos Eisley Spaceport a few years ago with a certain West country Helicopter manufacturer- I see that the Old Air Traffic Control tower may have gone to make way for the new Orbit Hangar facility, just across the pan from our old rattling Shackleton Hangar. Looking forward to seeing this take off and launch (and I'm with Bootneck- surely this has got to mean some new 747 releases- "Cosmic Girl" looks fabulous.)
  13. Spaceport Cornwall?- You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious Good luck to Virgin Orbit!
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