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  1. Well this is going to be an epic build thread, count me in! The technical term for the ring section of the F3 between the fuselage (Zone 19?) and the Radome is the "Maxi-Skirt" - Open the radome and it locks 90 degrees Starboard, Open the maxi-skirt and it locks 90 Degrees starboard, and the radome is now pointing aft down the starboard side of the Jet. Happy days! Cheers, Troffa
  2. As a modeller of advancing years, obviously I can't just build the blinking things "Out of the box" and so it has come to pass with this Draken. The Austrian Air Force were apparently not allowed Air-to Air Missiles on their J-35O until fairly late on in their service, but when they did get them they didn't appear to use the standard SAAB/ Swedish weapons pylons. To whit: So in order to better represent the pylons as seen in various in service Photo's I decided to do some modding of the kit parts. I took my Olfa P cutter and sliced the Launcher Rail from th
  3. Some progress on the Draken, With the main fuselage assembly completed. Fit is superb, and a close-up plan view of the Draken outline reveals the distinct arrow-head shape of this classic cold war fighter. Once the canopy has had it's undercoat of black, a coat of Tamiya Fine Surface Primer applied from a rattle can gives an excellent base for the final colour scheme, and give a chance to find any areas of the model that need attention, in terms of re-scribing or sanding. I'm pretty pleased with the results so far, and the panel line precision from T
  4. I suspect that these Aircraft have made their last flights! If I turn out something I'm particularly pleased with I might try and get one back, but this effort is merely for the enjoyment of the hobby, not filling my cabinet. I just love modelling Cheers, Troffa
  5. Almost a decade ago I posted several threads on this forum in which I built a few models whilst travelling in Algeria with my job- well it's time for some more modelling "on the road" as I find myself in Portugal for the next few months. It's like that Sequel to 'Coming to America' - years go by with no word of a return, and all of a sudden it's back. (I hope my efforts are a little better!) I broke out my trusty Sparmax DAC25 portable compressor and my Badger 200 airbrush and threw sprues from 3 kits out of the stash into an oversized Airfix 1/48 Hawker Fury Biplane box.
  6. There is a good thread over on Hyperscale that seems to cover the bases. Exhaust Petals were my only thought... F-15A to C Lowdown
  7. Welcome to Britmodeller Dr. K! I look forward to seeing your work.
  8. Nice Spit! Can't beat some Royal Air Force action Well done with the recovery.
  9. Wonderful model, the NM State flag inspired badge is sublime- I bet those crews had a ball! "Rutland or New Mexico? er..."
  10. Really awesome work Alan, and certainly looking like the jets I worked on for a decade-as far as I can remember these days anyway, and if your hard work scratchbuilding this beauty results in a new product from Italeri or similar than all the better! Getting the colour coded connectors on the back of the TV TABS did it for me. Closely following your excellent build.
  11. Great looking Phantom! Very well done on the decals, I'd always (accidently?) lose a few, or end up with them silvering.
  12. Troffa

    IDF 'Droids'

    I suspect Chris refers to DIRCM https://www.northropgrumman.com/what-we-do/air/an-aaq-24v-dircm-directional-infrared-countermeasure/
  13. Epic Typhoon- the finish is superb! Inspirational modelling- thanks for sharing!
  14. That's some lovely work there- great looking MiG and base, and a nice slice of history to boot.
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