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  1. Another vote for the Revell Rafale family kits- lovely detail and usually quite reasonably priced- The Revell re-box of the 1/48 Hasegawa Harrier GR7 is a great kit as well. Harrier GR7 Revell Rafale
  2. Detail and Scale Volume 8, "The F-105 Thunderchief " identifies the Circular antenna on the upper nose of the F-105D as an AN/APX-37 IFF/SIF Antenna (Page 45) Troffa
  3. Caveat emptor and all that, dozens of Variants and operators- but most of the ones I have seen and are on Airliners.net are a dark grey/ black tint. Like a nice pair of sunglasses. Now, a Mk 4 in 1978 might be a different kettle of fish. Let's see if these links from Airliners.net work... Lynx AH Mk7 Lynx HAS Mk2 Lynx Mk25 (1984) And one from the Inside Lynx AH Mk7 Cabin
  4. Here's a nice shot of a French Air Force example- I think it's a Mirage III! Mirage III GPU
  5. Greetings Bettymoo, I'm afraid you are going to have to be a bit more specific in your quest- The Mirage III, in service for 40 years or more with a multitude of Operators world-wide would have seen many different types of GPU plugged in by it's dedicated Liney's. The Mirage III, along with most other Military (and Civilian) aircraft would not have had a specific GPU, customer's would just receive a specification that needed to be met- i.e. 115/200 VAC, 25kVA, 28 VDC etc. and looked to their current inventory or local suppliers to supply. A few searches with "Houchin" "AGE" and "GPU" along with the Air Force of your choice may help. I found one pic with an RAAF GPU in it, but it's obscured by several dozen "full Moons" so I won't be linking it here, but you'll know it when you find it.
  6. Thanks very much for the reply Jack, much appreciated!
  7. Before I make a rather unsurprising impulse buy of the WingLeader publication "Photo Archive No3- Hawker Hurricane Mk1 in RAF Service 1935 to the Battle of Britain" I am wondering if there are any Photo's or profiles of 43 Sqn aircraft- Code letters NQ- until Sept 1939 or FT- thereafter, contained within. Are there any BM'ers that can confirm or deny? Thanks muchly and Gloria finis!
  8. Great shots, and nice Druck! RAF Finningly? (Doncaster Sheffield Airport?) edit- Just saw your location- Farnborough?
  9. Hi There! The Squadron Medium Sea Grey code letters are from Xtradecal sheet 48002 (Available from Hannants amongst others) Black Aircraft Registration letters were from another Xtradecal sheet, 48044, but these aren't available from Hannants at the moment: Medium Sea Grey Code Letters Black Aircraft Registration Characters
  10. Great shots Gary! Have our E-Models got Towel rail HF antennas on the Starboard Tail boom?
  11. The external Fuel tanks used in combat by the UK Apache were developed by US Company Robertson. They took the large Apache Torpedo like "Ferry Tanks", which had no crash protection or resistance to punctures, and turned them into items that could be used in Combat (bit of a "Cut and Shut") "RCEFS". The Original 230 US Gallon Ferry tanks may be the same as those used on the Blackhawk, but I'm not sure. The RCEFS integrated seamlessly onto the UK Aircraft, fuelled from the single point coupling, and gave a few surprises to various people who thought they knew the endurance of an AH Mk1. Reduced Size Crashworthy External Fuel System: RCEFS
  12. Great presentation and modelling skills on display there- excellent work Sir!
  13. Just a quick post to say thanks again to all who responded, and to confirm that I have just found a "Voyager 1986 Presskit" published by the NASA Historical Reference Collection on Amazon. Thanks!
  14. Really nice Gustav- excellent work on this icon of WW2. Great finishing skills on display.
  15. Great to see you back Mr P, you can't beat a Mustang- didn't the British invent it anyway? Good luck with your build and life in general. Regards, Troffa
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