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  1. Fantastic stuff! Many thanks for sharing such great photos and all the accompanying information as well.
  2. Thanks for sharing such fantastic footage. Loved the sound of the Javelin. Wonderful!
  3. I picked up the Lepin copy of the Lego UCS Millennium Falcon in China last year. Yes, yes I know, very bad buying knock-off copies.... but I managed to get it for around £68 thanks to our local sales manager there doing some serious bartering on my behalf. At around a tenth of the price of the official version I couldn't say no. No missing parts and the fit of the pieces was very good. Apparently it has around a thousand more parts than the official Lego version (no, I didn't bother to try and count!) It looks fantastic and even the other half admits it looks good. S
  4. Yes the article appears to have been amended after initially being published. Poor work from the Telegraph initially but at least they got it right in the end, eh?
  5. Interesting article here that the remains have been found and are to be displayed in the UK. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2019/01/21/britains-satellite-launching-rocket-go-display-48-years-desert/ Not exactly well researched though.... "Britain’s only rocket to successfully launch a satellite into orbit is to finally go on display 48 years after it crashed into the Australian desert. The Black Arrow was launched in 1971 from the Isle of Wight, delivering the Prospero satellite, but the programme was shut down soon after, with the money diverted to build Concor
  6. Hi, I'm afraid I do not have any dimensions but I do know that the East German electric loco class DR250 (Now classified as BR155 under DB ownership) have an asymmetric Co-Co bogie arrangement. There are models in HO by Roco and Gutzold. Hope this might help.
  7. Wonderful footage, many thanks for sharing
  8. That is absolutely gorgeous. Lovely Tomcat.
  9. Great pictures, many thanks for sharing these.
  10. Great stuff. You saw around 70 F-100s!?! More than a little jealous!
  11. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos. As others have said, the dusk shots with the reheat and blue camo look fantastic
  12. Wonderful footage. Many thanks for sharing
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