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  1. Any chance of a 1/72 La-5 / La-5f / La-5fn joy pack from Kp? I have a bunch of decals that I would love to use. Currently building their La-5 Valery Chkalov, not a bad build overall, will need a scrape of filler in the usual places but nothing major.
  2. Like Jackman, I felt the panel lines were fine. I built the Revell release a few years back and happily picked up another a couple of months ago (though it's a h-6 from memory).
  3. I have a kit with this set in it in work at the moment. Bought the conversion off Evilbay a year of so ago. A seller in Russia if I recall correctly. They pop up veeeeery rarely. This manufacturer has so many heli conversion kits that i would love to get my hands on. However they seem not to sell much abroad from their website and didnt reply to my emails.
  4. Are there any known plans for Zvezda to release a Mi-24P based on the existing kit? I know there is a conversion for the P variant.
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