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  1. johnny akes

    Me-109 G2 trop 1/32 Revell

    Beautiful work, love the attention to detail around the canopy screen and wheel wells!
  2. Brilliant work, and wonderful photography as well!
  3. johnny akes

    CA kicker

    I've just bought a 400ml tin of Bond-It Super Glue Activator Spray off Amazon at £5.90. It's an aerosol, but I've decanted some of it and it is colourless, virtually odourless and works very well.
  4. They look great Dan, they really set off the models well. I'd love to do more bases myself but I'm always in too much of a rush to get on with the next kit! Regards J A.
  5. johnny akes

    Tiger I "Winter Camo" - AFV 1/48

    Looks good to me Crowbar, doesn't look overdone at all! Regards J A.
  6. johnny akes

    Churchill VII Crocodile

    The trailer is the fuel bowser for the flamethrower - not sure spraying hot tea at the opposition would have had quite the same effect!! I wondered if anyone would spot that! I only put it there because it was the only place the rolled up camo material would lie realistically flat. Thanks both for the kind comments.
  7. johnny akes

    Redcoat revival

    Lovely model, brings back happy memories of my childhood under the Elmdon flightpath full of whispering giants, DC3s and Comets...
  8. johnny akes

    Tiny Teutonic SEA STALLION

    Congratulations Thorfinn, that is superb even without taking the tiny scale into consideration! That could easily pass for a much bigger scale.
  9. johnny akes

    1/35 Takom - 128mm Flak 40 Zwilling

    Very nice work Mark, an interesting departure from the usual AFVs and planes which must look good on the shelf. I've looked at this kit a couple of times but was put off a bit by the thought of building most of it in duplicate... How big is the finished model?
  10. johnny akes

    Polikarpov I-16 type 28, Interior color 1941

    I've recently built the ICM kit Johan and it was pretty straightforward, the only minor issue I had was the alignment of the exhaust stubs. The contact 'plugs' at the end of the stubs are semi-circular but fit quite loosely into the 'sockets' at the engine end, so they can end up not matching their apertures in the cowling unless you're careful. Apart from that it was a nice quick build which you can find in the RFI section if you are interested. Regards J A.
  11. Great work Russ, love the back story to the national markings!
  12. johnny akes

    Polikarpov I-16 "Rata"

    It's in the sub heading exdraken, 1/32. Yes it's the ICM kit Arturo, but it actually went together very well and the surface texture is very good, especially on the fabric control surfaces. Thanks all for your interest and kind comments.
  13. This is the recent Revell boxing. Nice straightforward build, only slight issue being the exhaust stack contact points which could be a bit more positive. Markings are all homemade stencils. Regards J A.
  14. Great work Pat, a real blast from the past - I remember the original versions of this kit were cast in bright yellow plastic, is this one of those?
  15. johnny akes

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    Literally just got back from there - £25m??? As well as looking half finished in a lot of places the biggest differences are more seating areas and cafes (£3 for a Belgian bun anyone?) And kids' play areas. The BoB display has been reduced to the corner of one hangar with the P51-D, Ju87 and He111 moved into the Bomber hall along with the Fw190 that used to be at Cosford. About the only change I was happy with is that the Tempest V is down from the ceiling. Pretty underwhelmed over all to be honest, I'll be interested to see what's turned up at Cosford next time I go... By the way, does anyone know when the Hawker Typhoon is coming home?