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  1. Nice collection Wally... Look at the panel lines on those Typhoons!
  2. Beautiful paintwork and attention to detail, the tonal variation between the different surfaces is perfect!
  3. Hi folks There's been a couple of these posted recently I think, but as this is only my third completed build this year I've decided to put it out there anyway. Regards J.A.
  4. Brilliant, I love the weathering on the blade!
  5. tremendous work there Chris - I'm almost at the painting stage myself with one of these, although without the Flightpath add-ons as I wouldn't have anywhere wide enough to display it!
  6. I don’t want to impose or propose any kind of censorship Plasto, as clearly some members evidently enjoy his posts; others might share my views, others won’t but if the mods are happy with the situation it isn’t my place to challenge it. l can’t believe the poster concerned isn’t aware of it though: anyone who responsible for 36 out of the last 100 topics as of yesterday can only be doing it deliberately. I’d just like to be able to avoid them if possible.
  7. Thanks Stew, I see what you mean now. More's the pity that it doesn't block the actual topics - it really winds me up how one person can hijack the board to the point where everyone else's work is forced off the front few pages so quickly that they don't get the attention and exposure their work deserves.
  8. I’ve tried to use this function to avoid having to constantly scroll past a certain member’s one-man board invasions but it isn’t having any effect. Does it take time to activate or is it just not working? Thanks J.A.
  9. Aaargh!!! I've bought this kit for...you've guessed it, the panzer IV group build! Great work though Glynn, if I can get anywhere near yours I'll be more than happy, the faded and distressed paintwork is outstanding! I'll definitely be using this as inspiration as the Morser Karl I built a while ago is in the same panzer grey finish. The kit looks pretty complete OOB, have you had to add anything? Regards J A.
  10. Hi Folks My first of the year! This is a classic Trumpeter kit, i.e. 3/4 good, 1/4 poor/bizarre: the front end and wheel spats are wrong in shape and size, a detailed engine is provided which is too small and can't be seen anyway, a 1000kg bomb is included which is 4 times bigger than the Stuka ever carried, the wing mounted guns and gun blisters are included but absent from the instructions etc. etc... I've used the Brian Fawcett resin AM set to correct the front end forward of the engine firewall and undercarriage and I've robbed a 250kg bomb from my Revell Ju88. The 'Jericho Trumpet' is scratch built. Regards J A.
  11. A good year in terms output at least, averaging 1 per month... Regards J A.
  12. A quick, no fuss, OOB build just to keep the mojo up after a couple of more complex builds. Regards J A.
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