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  1. johnny akes

    Fahrgestell munitionsshlepper

    Aaargh!!! I've bought this kit for...you've guessed it, the panzer IV group build! Great work though Glynn, if I can get anywhere near yours I'll be more than happy, the faded and distressed paintwork is outstanding! I'll definitely be using this as inspiration as the Morser Karl I built a while ago is in the same panzer grey finish. The kit looks pretty complete OOB, have you had to add anything? Regards J A.
  2. johnny akes

    Hs 123 / GasPatch / 1:48

    Beautiful work, simply stunning.
  3. johnny akes

    Junkers Ju 87B

    Hi Folks My first of the year! This is a classic Trumpeter kit, i.e. 3/4 good, 1/4 poor/bizarre: the front end and wheel spats are wrong in shape and size, a detailed engine is provided which is too small and can't be seen anyway, a 1000kg bomb is included which is 4 times bigger than the Stuka ever carried, the wing mounted guns and gun blisters are included but absent from the instructions etc. etc... I've used the Brian Fawcett resin AM set to correct the front end forward of the engine firewall and undercarriage and I've robbed a 250kg bomb from my Revell Ju88. The 'Jericho Trumpet' is scratch built. Regards J A.
  4. johnny akes

    My 2018

    A good year in terms output at least, averaging 1 per month... Regards J A.
  5. A quick, no fuss, OOB build just to keep the mojo up after a couple of more complex builds. Regards J A.
  6. johnny akes

    Panzer IV STGB Chat

    Ok, for my first go at a GB I’ve decided to go for Trumpeter’s Pz.KpfW IV Ausf F Fahrgestell. I built their Morser Karl a few years ago now and always wanted to pair them up but never got around to it, so this is the push I’ve needed. I’ll decide whether to throw any AM at it once it turns up! Regards JA.
  7. johnny akes

    MiG-29 SMT Great Wall Hobby 1:48

    Wonderful paint job!
  8. johnny akes

    Su-25M1 " PIXEL" Trumpeter 1:32

    Brilliant work, the finish would be perfect for a spray job let alone a hand painted one!
  9. johnny akes

    A-10A 81 TFW RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge

    That's come our really well John, the camouflage is striking.
  10. johnny akes

    Convair F-106A Delta Dart, 1/48 Trumpeter

    Wow, that's a beauty!
  11. johnny akes

    Pzkw IV Ausf H

    Hi Kev, this is Dragon's Ausf H Smart Kit, no.6300.
  12. Amazing work, I'm completely in awe of anyone capable of scratchbuilding especially to the level of detail you've achieved.
  13. Hi Grunticus looking forward to seeing how this comes out, it’s a kit I’ve been tempted by but haven’t taken the plunge yet... interesting photo though, a lot of people might think the preshading had been over done if the model looked like that! By the way, I think I might know the model shop you are talking about (I work for DAF and visit Eindhoven regularly) - when I visited it a few weeks ago I was going to blow a load of cash on the 1/16 Tamiya Tiger 1 with all the r/c bits, only to find they don’t accept Visa! Keep the WIP photos coming, Regards JA.
  14. johnny akes

    Gloster VI

    An Art Deco masterpiece!
  15. johnny akes

    Hawker Tempest Mk II 1/32

    That's excellent work Salmo, very realistic weathering and as you say the finished model has great presence on the shelf. Having built the Mk V my one criticism of the kit is the very noticeable anhedral affecting the inner wing section from the root to the undercarriage, possibly due to the upper wing parts being slightly too long? It has the knock-on effect of flattening the outer wings to the point where they are almost horizontal. I've looked closely at the Mk V at Hendon now that it is back on the ground and this definitely doesn't exist on the actual aircraft. Apologies Salmo, this isn't meant to reflect badly on your work at all - just a warning for anyone else tackling this kit in case they find the same issue. Regards J A.