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  1. That's very nice, love the paint job. I'm not a fan of 1/72 generally because panel lines can't be anything but trench-like, but your Stuka gets away with it!
  2. johnny akes


    Thank you, although it's a few years old now (I remember buying this in the Modelzone closing-down sale!) it was praised at the time for its clever engineering and parts fit. Needless to say it went together flawlessly and was a joy to build. I just made sure the Future coat protecting the paintwork was perfectly dry, then added lines of AK Interactive engine dirt & grime which I went over with a cotton bud. A few more lines were added on top in the same way, which didn't affect the earlier stuff. Thanks all for the positive comments.
  3. johnny akes


    Hi folks Tamiya's Il-2, the ultimate mojo restorer. Regards J A
  4. johnny akes


    Can't claim to have used the liquids you refer to, but his metallic burnishing powders and woodgrain decals all work very well. Used as directed I'm sure his other products will do exactly as it says on the tin.
  5. Excellent outcome there, well done. I built the same kit myself recently and said much the same thing about the build quality, and it's always confused me why one of the bigger manufacturers hasn't released one (in this scale) given its widespread use.
  6. I've loved the look of the Rheintochter ever since seeing the one at Cosford forty-odd (fifty?!!) years ago - it looks even better mounted on an AFV chassis like that. Great work, a real inspiration.
  7. johnny akes

    PzKw III

    Yeah, probably - thanks Bill! Although actually it won't be too much of a pain to change them as the little pins can still be pulled out to undo them. I'll make sure I do that before I add the 'snow' and 'mud'.
  8. johnny akes

    PzKw III

    Hi folks This comes with PW grilles and a metal barrel. Miniart tracks added, snow is white PVA glue sprinkled with sodium bicarbonate. It's had a double helping of hairspray and scrubbing. The tracks need dirtying up a bit still and a suitably clothed figure will hide the incorrect interior colour (when I get around to painting one). Regards J A
  9. johnny akes

    Another Walrus...

    Thanks to all for the kind comments, greatly appreciated as ever. Good point Joachim and one that hadn't occurred to me. I'll need to change that. Regards J A.
  10. johnny akes

    Academy 1/72 Super Etendard

    Very impressive result, particularly in 1/72 - could easily pass for a larger scale. The videos are a great idea too - a first for a Britmodeller RFI post? Really liked the final reveal.
  11. johnny akes


    Thanks for the explanation Greg. Regards J A.
  12. Spectacular paint scheme!
  13. johnny akes


    Hi My recent new subject in Ready for Inspection is showing 0 views even though it has had numerous comments and reaction notifications. Have I inadvertantly changed a setting or something? Regards J A.
  14. My first Airfix kit for a long while, really impressed by the improvements in surface texture and no more trench-like panel lines! Regards J A
  15. johnny akes

    Chieftain Mk 11

    Thanks Lloyd I'm taking a real shine to Takom kits and while I rarely build two of the same subject, I'm tempted to do a Mk. 10 just to have a go at that Berlin Garrison camo scheme! Thanks to all for your kind feedback. Regards J A