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  1. Bit of an update. The new gearbox has arrived. It is an exact replica of the standard plastic box. I just had to swap the wires over, as they didn't have the same connectors as my control unit. Forge Bear had already advised me of this. The motors look to be identical, but weirdly drove the opposite way! Not a problem, just swapped the wires round. The box did come with a little oil on the gears, but I cleaned them and added a smidge of SuperLube. The box runs quietly and smoothly. Good upgrade. Good supplier too! Right, saving up for a few more bits. Rick.
  2. Gone with XF-61 for coverage and topping off with MRP. Looks ok go far. Rick.
  3. Yep, looks like a MKII! Watching with interest... Rick.
  4. This yarn shouldn't pill! Oops, set me off again! Rick.
  5. ZZ336 MADRS703 from Brize Norton https://fr24.com/MADRS703/24d6fe19 Rick.
  6. Woot you say? Ok, ok, we'll stop! Wife just left room, shaking head... Rick.
  7. You can get a little bit warped! Rick.
  8. I do the same as dromia. Although I tend to use other gloss coats instead of the W&N. The W&N Satin is a good compromise. I have noted some modellers thin W&N with IPA. Maybe that has an affect on the sheen? Not tried it myself as I find IPA dries acrylics too fast. Rick.
  9. I haven't Andy. I keep putting them in my cart then taking them out again! Rick.
  10. Yup. Not too difficult a task, as there's very few and they're straight lines and a few circles. Rick.
  11. Built a couple now, good straight forward kits. Decals not great though, bit thin. Either under paint them or look at HiroBoy for alternatives. Rick. Rick.
  12. FlowImprover link. Once again, confirmed the model number. Rick.
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