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  1. Good old BM! I was just pondering this very issue and have now found an answer. Thanks Ray! As a matter of interest, has anyone tried the "Revell Weathering Pigment set" ? I ask as this set is readily available locally. Rick.
  2. Yes, and it helps that I get a little discount too...! Rick.
  3. .... Also, it say's it's enamel. Anyone had any issues with other types of paint going over it? Rick.
  4. Rick Brown

    Wilko Primer.

    Hi. Has anyone had any recent experience with these Wilko primers? Are they any good? BTW, this is a POST ref just Wilko primers, not "Well I use..." thread! Rick.
  5. A couple of thoughts Sprue. Has the tape been left on the model for any length of time and/or allowed to get warm? I've had the same with Tamiya tape, in the past, when left in those conditions. Their X-20A acrylic (NOT lacquer!) thinners removes the residue quite well, but could also damage the Klear... Rick.
  6. How bad must someone's driving be to able to double their MPG with their ideas?! Diminishing returns.... Rick.
  7. E10 nasty unleaded is near £1:70 in Upton now. Diesel obviously higher. I need a full tank, which was about £65 two weeks ago (having Covid has saved me a fill-up, result!). I'm guessing at about £75 next week. On a plus note, spoke to our supplier today, Ecotricity (not a bad bunch really..). We have Gas and Electric with them. With a bit of juggling we've reduced it by about £150/month! I guess they'll get the own back later... They're increasing prices next month, but only by a few pence a unit. They increased late last year so don't have to increase much this time. Hmmm...... Rick.
  8. That looks fantastic! Roll on a 1/48th boxing.. Rick.
  9. Unfortunately, not an option due to my type of work and pattern..
  10. This time last year, my car was costing £44/week to fill up. At the beginning of last week it was £66. I need to fill up today, but not sure I can afford it! At this rate I'll soon be better off not working. Rick.
  11. I feel your pain. Mine's now £500+ a month! I shower at work, the tumble dryer hasn't been used since last October and everyone in the house now has strip wash's. It's absolutely painful now. Still, there are people far worse of than us out there... Rick.
  12. The Human Error: https://www.facebook.com/thehumanerrorband Played Drummonds in Worcester last night. Excellent stuff! Rick.
  13. I can't find them on Hannants, do you have a link by any chance? They may, of course, be OOP. Rick.
  14. I'll check next time I'm in there Rick.
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