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  1. Jeez, woken up an old post! About to upgrade from the WLtoys 911's to something flybarless. I know, it takes me years to get round to doing anything! Currently playing with the Heng Long Tiger. Had it few about 18 months and still not getting bored with it! Rick.
  2. U2 pottering along at about 10,000' Over Gloucester/Hereford/Worcester boarder. Making very odd manoeuvres! Rare beast around here (that we see....). Not on any of the radar sites I feed. Rick.
  3. Rick Brown

    The Weather,

    Lit the fire two nights ago and the central heating cut in. I think that's the earliest I've know it happen. Mind you, we've only had central heating for about 4 years. We had it installed when the Mother-in-Law moved in. Not sure it was a fair exchange. Rick.
  4. The third picture down is a little disturbing. If they're quite small I'd say cowlings etc, but if about 6-9" long I think I'd off load them a bit quick.... Rick.
  5. I've just noticed this too. Will you be updating this thread to announce what you'll do in future for donations? If so, I'll subscribe to this thread to be notified of the new system. I don't tend to get on BM much these days, so may miss what's happening. Keep up the good work! Rick.
  6. Strike master heading South. GSOAF from Chester https://fr24.com/GSOAF/20fe3bd4
  7. It's very hard to get a perfect amount of shine, I see way too many models that are far too shiny and appear toy like. My old mini was actually quite flat rather than gloss! Modern cars are quite different though. Good effort. Rick.
  8. That's better! Nice to see you're quite willing to "Have a go" when it comes to rectifying a problem. As for Vallejo MA black it's about the best black you can get in my opinion. Sprays beautifully and hand paints a treat. Try Hiroboy if you need anything for the Ducati. I can recommend their Ducati red. Not sure if they have any decals for the 916 though. Rick.
  9. Just had this chap go over at 6500': ZH103 Royal Air Force Boeing Sentry AEW.1 Heading towards BZN Not common round here. Rick.
  10. Sharpies work well as window surround. Rick.
  11. You can sometimes recover it by spraying a wet Tamiya gloss coat over the troubled area. 110% with the W&N for matt and satin coats for me, every time.
  12. Lol! You have to be there to "get it"! Rick.
  13. Been in exactly the same position looking UP at road signs!
  14. Nah, they were definitely Brit Pumas. Not American. Rick.
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