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  1. Rick Brown

    Hi All

    Nice to meet you Trevor! Rick. Have you mastered yours yet Mike?!
  2. Keep up the good work Frank! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-55634508 Rick.
  3. Heng Long Tiger 1 upgraded metal Chassis from Forgebear Tanks! Torsion bar suspension too! Guess I'll be busy for a few days... Rick.
  4. Having used the TomTom for a few months now I can honestly say it works fine, but.... It's flaky at times and has had to have a couple of factory resets. There was a big update about a month ago and it has now settled down somewhat. Most of the vehicles I drive have the ability to mount my phone and use Google maps too. Most of the time they choose the same route and give similar timings. TomTom does tend to pick up the traffic sooner than Google though. In hindsight, I would have spent the extra £80 and got the TomTom with built in SIM card. Most of the issues stem fr
  5. R3DNO53! https://fr24.com/R3DNO53/2662dc09 Rick YEAH!!!!
  6. Blimey, that's odd! You can get the pods anywhere over here. All the main brands sell their own. Even Tesco's have a good selection. Cheers for all your suggestions chaps. I'll make a decision tomorrow. Rick.
  7. Thanks Chaps. I've not taken the plunge yet, but will soon based on all your suggestions. Nice one, I'll try this if needed. Rick.
  8. Oh Man! These are good! Keep em coming Chaps! Rick.
  9. You've got to post it on here if it's good! That's the deal! Rick.
  10. Just thought I'd upload this one. It's the family "Go to" chilli recipe. It'll do loads for a good size family, or stick what's left in the freezer. Rick’s chilli con carne recipe. Ingredients 1 table spoons of olive oil 2 onions, diced 1 red pepper, diced 500g of beef mince 500g of pork mince 2 teaspoons of hot chilli powder 2 teaspoons of ground cumin 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika 2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce 150g of tomato puree 2 tins of chopped tomatoes 1 tin of kidney beans (
  11. U-2 Reg 68-10337 up at 45000'. Contrails suggest it did a number of barrel rolls! Heading NE. Rick.
  12. Me and the missus do like our coffee (and tea, we are Brits after all..) and were going to treat ourselves to a Nespresso type machine for Christmas. But which one? We're open to suggestions. We like the idea of an "Original" due to the availability of capsules from other sources and a larger range too. Don't get me wrong, I still like to source our own beans and hand grind (stop it..) to make proper coffees, but the convenience of one of these machines is appealing. So, go on then, what's your experience with these things, which one do you use? I'll be popping on
  13. This from my favourite supplier: Cheers to Jadlam! Rick.
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