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  1. I'll check next time I'm in there Rick.
  2. Yep, looks easy enough to do. I have all of the decals needed anyway. Anyway, I'm more interested in the other aircraft that were there over the time frame. Back to the OP, any other sources of decals for the other airframes? Rick.
  3. Thanks for that. I have loads of roundels, so should be ok. Cheers. Rick.
  4. And the decals were in the kit? Rick.
  5. Chaps. Anybody have information on a supplier of decals for any of the A/C working for TFU 1942-1957? I have a list of aircraft, with serial numbers, but am struggling to find decals. I can obviously make them up from various stash decals, but it would be nice if someone had already compiled a selection. The only kit I know of dedicated to Defford is the: S & M Models Code Number: SMK7222 Boeing 247D. This is listed as the "Top Secret Boeing", but the box top doesn't mention the correct DZ203 decals. I'm awaiting the answer from Hannants. Oldmodells did a set for this kit, but they don't seem to list them anymore, again, awaiting a response from them. Any information appreciated. Rick.
  6. Always keep em! Mind you, I always forget what I've kept anyway. HNY! Rick.
  7. I think mine was a generic Chinese thing. I use just a mild detergent for general stuff, and some of the Medea Airbrush Cleaner when I deep cleaned the Iwata CR. I find it's quite good for rejuvenating old tins of enamel paint as well. HTH, Rick.
  8. I've contacted Hannants quite a few times (all for the right reasons..) and have found them very helpful. Just drop them an email, I use: sales@hannants.co.uk I hope we get to the bottom of this as I love some of their colours. Rick.
  9. Vulf Peck. Live at Madison Square garden. Joe Dart on the Joe Dart Music Man. Nice. My lad has the standard Music Man at it sounds gorgeous! Have a look on Yutube. Rick.
  10. Wasn't there different rear panel widths depending on wheel/tyre fit? There's something at the back of my mind about this, but I can't remember where I read it... Rick.
  11. Watching with interest, as me and the Missus are currently sat in the garden trying to design our new garden room/work room etc. Rick.
  12. Hendon it was! Changed quite a bit since my last visit. Well worth the visit. Cheers all. Rick.
  13. Rick Brown

    Camden Town

    I'm down here for "Lost Evenings" till the 20th. Anything model related down here? Anything else worth seeing? Rick.
  14. After contacting Jadlam a new clear sprue arrived safely in the return post. Excellent service, as usual! I also purchased the 3D Kits World cockpit set too. Looking forward to this build! Rick.
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