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  1. Hendon it was! Changed quite a bit since my last visit. Well worth the visit. Cheers all. Rick.
  2. Rick Brown

    Camden Town

    I'm down here for "Lost Evenings" till the 20th. Anything model related down here? Anything else worth seeing? Rick.
  3. After contacting Jadlam a new clear sprue arrived safely in the return post. Excellent service, as usual! I also purchased the 3D Kits World cockpit set too. Looking forward to this build! Rick.
  4. The undercarriage legs on mine seem to be fine. I will contact Jadlam about a replacement clear sprue though, I'm not too happy about the cracked side screen. Rick.
  5. Mine look fine, but there's a small crack on one of the side panels. Hmmm. I may try for a replacement, but it'll probably disappear under some Klear. Rick.
  6. Mine was on the mat when I got home! Thanks Jadlam! Rick.
  7. Brilliant Q! This is the reason I hang out on BM! BTW, no idea, never noticed if there's a difference after about 1.2million miles of driving many different cars. But I will say, I tend to change both at the same time anyway and I don't have much success with cheap ones. Rick.
  8. Vallejo is really nice and smooth if used with W&N Flow Improver. It does need a good key though, or it can rub off until fully sealed. I avoid MRP as it's like gnats pee and doesn't cover well. I know that may raise a few hackles, just my own experience with a 1/35 tank. It's fine if airbrushed over a similar colour Tamiya (that's thinned with lacquer thinner). But then you may as well just use Tamiya.... Rick.
  9. BBMF. Left Gloucester about 40mins ago. Sounded wonderful! Rick.
  10. Pick and mix from the vinyl and CD collection!
  11. Visited one in Malvern and two in Cheltenham yesterday. Thankfully vinyl here is very much alive and kicking and the turntable has never not been used! Rick.
  12. Various, Record Store Day! Too much money spent.... Rick.
  13. Rick Brown


    Interesting reading. I've just checked my purchase history and have seen I hardly ever use Ebay anymore. I guess it's time to move on and cancel my account. PayPal was the only safety net for me (Well, it isn't great, but better than them having my bank details). Thanks for the Heads-up guys, one less thing to worry about. Rick.
  14. Rick Brown

    Hi All

    Nice to meet you Trevor! Rick. Have you mastered yours yet Mike?!
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