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  1. Duly noted.... I'll give Waze another try, I didn't get on with it when I last used it. TomTom Have come back to me with a possible solution to the problem I have, so will give that a go at the weekend. Rick.
  2. Thanks chaps. Unfortunately I do need to take an odd. Call, hands free, so can't do the don't disturb bit. The updates I need are live traffic, so it'll need a permanent connection to a phone. Rick.
  3. Chaps. I've been driving about 33k/yr for many years now (now leaped to 1200/week...) and have managed with Google maps quite happily. But, unfortunately, due to too many Android updates It's no longer fit for use. IE, you have to touch the screen when driving to maximise the screen if a call comes in. So, I bit the bullet and bought a TomTom Go Essential. It arrived today and is going back tomorrow! Failed during update, TomTom locking me out of my account and bluetooth tethering doesn't work as intended, etc, etc... I've had a Garmin for years and that was prett
  4. I must have been there at the same time chap. I saw exactly the same activity. Had breakfast and sat outside in the car. You may have noticed the car. A little black MX5 with a middle age Midlife Crisis sat in it! Pity we didn't meet up, we could have talked archery. Rick.
  5. Set up a free gmail account Chap. Dead easy. Rick.
  6. That'll teach me for not consulting her in the first place. Rick.
  7. What is it with cats? Brand new carpet laid yesterday. It took our Cookie about 30 minutes before she threw up on it! Rick.
  8. Gmail isn't a problem here, I use it for various things. Having two email accounts is a good idea for many reasons. I can confirm it also gets around this notification issue with BM and I can't find anything that has reset in my BM account, apart from my email details. Just my tuppence worth.. Rick.
  9. Yes, I saw that too. If it happens I'd love to see/hear it. Just once more would be great. I miss the old girl. Rick.
  10. No chap. Unfortunately everything is still as it was! I can confirm, gmail works. Rick.
  11. Still the same. Missed a PM yesterday that would could have saved me a few quid. (Cheers Pete!). Swapped to my gmail account.. Rick.
  12. Thanks Will. I'll need to keep an eye open for the Aoshima one. I'd like to make one that looks like this: Rick.
  13. Funnily enough, I've just picked another one of the Tamiya RC30 (most beautiful bike ever made, ever!) kits up, complete with another set of spare decals and body work. I too got to the same point in the build when the kit first came out. I shelved mine until recently, because I believed I too may not have been up to the job of finishing it well without an airbrush.. Which is a stupid thought really, as you're now proving! I've built many kits since then and know I'll be quite capable of doing it justice, especially with the last 14 years experience with an Iwata. Thanks fo
  14. Chaps. There's a number of 2CV kits on the market (maybe all Heller based?), which do you consider the best of them? A good friend of mine had one back in the eighties and I loved it! It was a hoot! Deckchair seats, fold back roof and slightly opening windows that flapped around like a demented sparrow! I'm just looking to build one to wind the family up. I've always promised I'd own a real one at some point in my life. They swear they'll dis-own me if I do. Rick.
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