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  1. I was building actually an Academy/Minicraft B-24D for the 50th anniversary of the Ploesti Raid, but then my first marriage blew up in my face that summer and the project got lost in the chaos. Like you, I've managed to get ahold of a half-dozen or so Hasegawa B-24s over the years, whenever I happened to find one cheap ("cheap" being relative..they were all between 25 and 50 US Dollars.) I found that the Minicraft B-24M nose will graft onto the Hasegawa kit with minimal difficulty, so at least you can do a decent last Ford B-24. Of course, the problem with the Hasegawa D-model i
  2. A quick note about that P-47 at the USAF Museum. The exterior was repainted and polished a few years ago, but it used to be a civilian-owned flying warbird before coming to the museum. I'm sure the cockpit was repainted during a postwar restoration. SN
  3. I've always thought the Italeri B-25s (all variants) looked more like caricatures than actual scale representations (going back to when I first built one around 1980.) Too skinny, glass nose too pointed, engine cowls too tapered, vertical stabs too rounded, and that upper turret...ugh! The molding and surface detail are more refined than the old Airfix H/J, but the shapes are certainly no better. Airfix's new B-25B/C/D however is by far the best Mitchell in 1/72, with the Hasegawa H/J coming in second. I've never owned or built the Matchbox kit so I can't comment. Ironically, until the
  4. Having built a couple of the Academy T-6s I can say this is not the case. The engine is a separate piece. It does benefit from from a bit of extra detailing though. I would say the Heller/Revell and Academy kits are more-or-less equal, except Heller/Revell has raised panel lines and Academy's are engraved. Here are some pics of my Academy T-6s, built as wartime SNJ-5Cs. These are part of a museum display. A master ship modeler scratchbuilt a 1/72 model of the carrier USS Wolverine, a converted side-paddlewheel passenger steamer used to train pilots on Lake Michi
  5. I think the external mass balances on the tops of the ailerons were done away with on the A6M5. The A6M2 definitely had them. I've seen a couple pics of A6M2s with larger external balances on the undersides of the ailerons, but those seem to be fairly rare. SN
  6. A little late to the party, but I just checked my kit an the tail gun parts fit perfectly. I think it's from one of the early production runs..at least one of the first to get over to this side of The Pond. I've also got the later release with the support vehicle set, but I haven't checked that one. The parts are all still sealed in the bags and I don't want to rip them open. SN
  7. Ah, I get it. The ancient Revell B-24D actually had corrugation on the bomb bay doors (molded closed with no interior.) I use my share of aftermarket bits, but I agree it's fun to exercise my scratchbiulding skills. I started building back in the 70s, before there was any such thing as the aftermarket. SN
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by "venetian blind effect." The outer skin of the bomb bay doors is just a flat sheet metal. The inner surface is ribbed, allowing the doors to curve as they open and close. If you don't feel like trying to detail the kit doors, Quickboost makes a set of replacements. Cheers! Steve
  9. I'm pretty sure all the -5s came from the factory in overall Dark Sea Blue. As mentioned above, it's possible a few very early ones might have been in the tri-color scheme, but I've never seen any photos. If the Eduard 1/48 kit is as good as their 1/72 offering, then it's the best of the bunch. I built the Eduard 1/72 F6F-5 some years ago, and it was fantastic. SN
  10. Here are a couple of closeups I took of the wing slots on a Lockheed C-60. Same exact wings as the Hudson. Cheers! Steve
  11. Here's an example of Dull Dark Green as applied to the nose compartment of a Ford-build B-24L. This is one of a group of nose art panels that were saved from scrapped B-24s and B-17s, owned by the Commemorative Air Force and on loan to the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Only a modeler would be as interested in the back sides of the panels as much as the exterior nose art! SN
  12. Here is a photo of some B-24 bits I have in original, unweathered Dull Dark Green. It's a very dark, very matte color. These were among thousands of leftover parts when the Emerson Electric factory in St. Louis, Missouri was shut down at the end of the war. The parts were collected in barrels, and ended up forgotten in a warehouse, where they were discovered decades later. Fortunately they were given to a local aviation museum (I was given these parts years ago for winning a "guess the airplane" contest.) They've never been exposed to weather or sunlight, so the color is about as close as
  13. Here's a photo of her departing Davis-Monthan AFB in 1959, on her way to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. As you can see, she has the ball turret installed. The ball turret currently isn't installed..it was removed shortly after she arrived at the museum and installed in their B-17, which didn't have turrets at the time. The turret opening in the B-24 was covered with a rather crude sheet metal patch. The B-17 with the B-24's turret was eventually transferred to another museum. A few years ago the B-24's ball turret was returned, but hasn't been reinstalled yet. SN
  14. Steve N

    AT-11 Kansan

    Good stuff! My plan has always been to use the fuselage from the PM AT-11, and combine it with the wings, tail, and canopy from Hobbycraft. SN
  15. Steve N

    PB4 Privateer

    I have the White Dog decals, and they're very nice. Unfortunately they've been out of production for many years and the company is ancient history. Although in the era of the internet you might be able to find some on the secondary market. <edit> that Amazon link looks like a real bargain..I would grab them, if you haven't already.
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