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  1. Today I tried to create a dusty surface with pigments.
  2. Hello Mr.Das Abteilung, I'm going to build on the Lanchester "Russian Service" model, could you kindly recommend me which colorI have to use? Whether recommended Moss Green or S.C.C. 2 Brown or Khaki ? I will take your recommendation, because you are a real expert in the subject.
  3. Here I present something from my "artillery" Russian field cannon model 1902 caliber 76.2 mm. The model comes from the UM Military Technics kit. It is a shortrun accompanied by photo etched parts. With this model, I participated in the Tour de Russia in 2018.
  4. I sprayed model with matt varnish. I also used a red filter spray to give the colors a brown tinge.
  5. Oh god, there is mistake. They say, better late than never. As for coloring, I believed that the model producer had this thing discovered. That's why I used green. I see that everything was different in the end. I know from my childhood that British aircraft in the First World War were painted brown, which later acquired a green tinge due to the weather. I completely forgot about that fact. I will finish the model as it is and I will remember it next time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of this topic with me.
  6. Today I applied decals and painted some details of machine guns.
  7. A comfortable building awaits you, I quite enjoyed the construction of this model.
  8. I added some details, then painted them a little. And sprayed model with glossy varnish, as a base under the decals.
  9. You managed to capture the Aberdeen style of painting very nicely.
  10. Well done, nice model you built, it looks like scene from movie A Bridge too far.
  11. I am slowly continuing to paint the exterior of the model. Based on Mr. I sprayed Surfacer 1500, then I sprayed HATAKA dark green No. 4, which I then brightened by adding yellow. I sprayed the centers of large fields with this paint to optically break their uniformity.
  12. Hello colleagues, I would like to present here a few photos of a model that I built sometime around 2012-2013. I built the model simply from the box, painted with a brush.
  13. Today,I progressed a bit, I decently indicated the abrasion of the wooden parts of the internal structure. I glued some parts and prepared other parts for painting.
  14. It is a good kit, the weakest link are the track links. It would be really better to exchange them for others. You made good model from this kit.
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