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  1. Here are some photos from the Army Technical (state)Museum in LeŇ°any. The museum is located near Prague, on the site of a former military base. Tank Day was held here every year, most recently in 2019.
  2. Yes of course, I have to use decal softener, thank you vaoinas.
  3. Today,small progress,applying decals. Name of the vehicle Fregat= Frigate.
  4. I consider the model completed. The final stage, staining the surface with pigments and dry pastels.
  5. Small progress, model is shortly before painting.
  6. Hi, I present here the building of another model made from Copper State Models. I started thebuilding at the same time as the Russo-Balt model.
  7. They all look very nice, you make a model as a piece of jewelry.
  8. Very well done, painting and weathering.
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