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  1. I've made some progress on this model, just a few more tweaks to go and the painting will begin.
  2. In the future, I would like to try to make a diorama of France 1940. A square with Laffly on the pavement with some tanks, e.g. Renault R-35, some civilians, soldiers, food on the table, etc.
  3. Laffly v15T with record player, I added a record player to my model, it's a 3D printed accessory from Firma49. New Czech manufacturer of various accessories in scales 1/35, 1/72.
  4. In the Czech Republic on Saturday 12.11. 2022 was held in the town of Česká Třebová. In the hall of the local apprenticeship school. Jubilee, already the 30th year of the modeling competition. There were many well made plastic and paper models on display. Airplanes, combat vehicles, ships, dioramas, etc. In addition, it was possible to buy models and accessories from various sellers.
  5. Nice collection, your diorama is an excellent.
  6. Yes of course, you are right Graham, the variety is the spice of life. Here you are some photos of progress.
  7. At this time, I become a lover of French armored vehicles.
  8. An interesting modification of the French tank appeared.
  9. A few photos of civilian transport planes. I took the photos in Krakow, Poland, from a hypermarket parking lot. While my wife shopped, I took pictures of the planes.
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