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  1. Lovely build. May I ask what paints you used, the colour tones seem spot on(on my monitor at least)
  2. Only just spotted this thread, many thanks to the op. Getting people reminiscing about their own, and family histories especially within aviation is utterly fascinating to me. My father almost got to fly tail gunner in Lancaster s at the end of ww2 but was returned from training to be sent back down the mines, so Avro's finest ranks high for me. Later in life I too remember air displays that were, shall we say enthusiastic by modern standards. And so the vertical pull ups with the u/c still retracting puts the EE Lightning literally way up there. Still later as a van driver in the
  3. Beautiful build and those backdrops really set it off nicely. Haven't seen the wip yet but looking forward to it.
  4. Home now but we fancy doing the North Coast 500 next year and I suppose the road to Inverness could go through Broughty Ferry thanks for the heads up, I'll have to make a list.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Just got back after a wonderful time in the Highlands and Islands. Found the Dingwall sports and hobbies David during a shopping run to Inverness. Lovely friendly guy there, think he was chatting the Mrs up while I was l making difficult choices. Ended up with the 72nd Eduard spitfire quattro combo and Brisfit. Process were in the ball park and you just have to support people who put the effort in. Highly recommended.
  6. Hi, the Mrs and I are currently in sunny Scotland, yes really it's bloody hot out, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a retail fix here in the Highlands. On Skye at the mo and moving to Gairloch next week. Tried the world's most used search engine but keeps coming up with railway outlets or shops that have been closed for a while now. Some body help me, I can't go back with nothing
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