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  1. Spanish Heinkel painted up as the museum exhibit. Battle of Britian film Einkels. Painted, glossed and with dot oil filters to tone down the camo and give a theatrical feel to them. First one is weathered. Second one still to do. You can see the effect of the filters. Soon have these finished then onto the B25. I have never seen a `Wing Leader` actually in the film I represented one for the "Stripes on the wing, that's a wing leader" scene. "That's three of you who got him. Third of a kill laddy, third"
  2. Been having a bit of `fun` with the paint colours for the two film `Einkels`. First attempts at mixing my own colours to match didn't end well. This is after sanding back. Looks a bit Condor Legion to me? Then I tried mission model RLM 70,71. Colours more suited to the Blitz than the BoB? The tape also reacted with the paint? Oh well, back with the wet n dry again. Mission model paints sort of wash off which is a bit weird? I kind of like the effect though. Now I'm trying Humbrol 116. It's a lot greener in real life. Onward and upwards....
  3. At least 48 hours if not longer. I'm a slow model maker.
  4. Any ideas what's causing this and suggestions on better colours? Two questions. Why is this happening and why are the colours so wrong for a Battle of Britain daylight Heinkel? The kit is Airfix new tool He111P. Paint is Mission Models RLM 70 and 71. First off the colours seem wrong. It's almost a night bomber? Shouldn't RLM 70 be green? Second question why are my Tamiya masks staining the paint? The masks are not lifting the paint or leaving any residue. It's as if the glue on the mask is reacting with the paint and staining it where it touches? What make, colours of paint would you use and should I varnish the base colour to act as a barrier? Thanks.
  5. I also visited Uxbridge to see the Battle of Britain Bunker. My `Einkels` may have been depicted in this `Sep 15th` raid? "Yes I confirm Stanmore, no IFF"
  6. Trying to work out the actual colours for the film `Einkels` is not easy as there seems to be little actual photographic evidence of the upper surfaces. Looking at the film doesn't help much either. The models seem to be in a two tone grey colour while the film is more a olive green, dark green colour? So I decided to make my own colours using film stills which seem good to my eyes. Enamel Humbrol and Revell using a random selection of grey, green and yellow. I like it. Others may not. Unless someone can come up with the actual colour mix I'm happy with it.
  7. Yes they used twin seater Buchons painted as Spitfires for filming and single seaters for filling in. I guess the Buchon looked more like a Hurricane than a Spitfire? You can also see the remnants of Spanish markings on some of the Einkels and one still has it's underslung target winch. I've also seen orange life jackets stowed in the nose of one but not sure if that made it on screen?
  8. That's the one. The blue I am told is incorrect. It should be dull and matt but I like it.
  9. This is my cap fully inserted as far as possible? Worth an email to Iwata? The brush is brand new.
  10. I've been busy in the garden. No bomb craters but someone did give me the bloody shovel! Finally got some paint on the Einkels and I don't think they look too bad considering (my lack of skill). I do like these new Tamiya Lacquers and Mr Color Aqueous Paints (after failing yet again to apply Vallejo Metal) . They lay down rather nicely. Lacquer thinned with levelling thinner and some thinner and retarder (Daler and Rowney) added to the acrylic. I find it prevents clogging to retard a little. I sprayed several coats of Mr Color Gloss and then a coat of Humbrol Gloss (I do like Humbrol gloss). I rather like her in this striking Silver Blue and feel the Merlins look okay to my wonky eyes. Makes a striking comparison to the German Heinkel.
  11. Another quick question. The lid on my eclipse is a poor fit and was poor from new. Is that a fault or are they all like that? It fits but never sits correctly? Always wonky? Thanks for all the replies. 10 years with an airbrush and still learning.
  12. Bingo. Penny two dropping. Never knew you could adjust the spring tension. Always assumed it was screwed fully in always. Thanks.
  13. Bingo. The sound of penny dropping. "The hole in the cover is to allow you to manually pull the needle fully back by tugging on the knurled knob." Never thought to do that but never experienced the problem either. I use a retarder when using acrylics. Useful to know. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I nabbed a copy of the book oh and I'm building in 1/72.
  15. Ahh yes, you are correct. Closer inspection of this model taken today shows the faired intakes and single exhaust.
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