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  1. The hole for the crank is not central situated! It´s on the right side and connected to the frame. These details are important for a realistic model and I hope that my advice will help to improve your otherwise beautiful work.
  2. The button on the upper right spoke of the steering wheel was a switch for turning off the ignition completely.There must have been cables behind that spoke leading to the center of the wheel where the ignition could get adjusted. The background: Some years ago a metal piece was blocking the butterfly valve of the carburettor in an 805 driven by Bordino and caused permanent high revolutions of the engine. If you press the clutch in this situation, the engine will explode in no time, therefore it´s safer to turn off the power.
  3. The brake system is very well explained by Roy on page 204 of the research and scatchbuilds thread. Many greetings! Hannes
  4. My late reaction is not my fault! As it seems it takes some days till your posts are visible here in the Hungarian internet, dear Harvey. Maybe some censorship as it happened very often in the last months? First of all I want to say: Congratulations! You solved the tyre problems very clever And your b/w photos touch me deeply as a nostalgia fan. Plaster is needed for sculptural castings and concrete or resin with glass-fibers are also possible solutions for bigger pieces as a supporting material. But your Lego-system works great for small parts. Lego means "play well" and that
  5. A great start! Do you intend to paint your model?
  6. I just wanted to check out if you became wiser or better informed. All I can say is: It´s possible to ignore reality but it´s never possible to ignore the consequences of the ignored reality. Regards Hannes
  7. Dear Oliver, right now I simply don´t have time for modelling. We bought a house here in Hungary and a lot of renovation works need to be done. But a new place was created for later works: The loft became a big and bright room and it will be an ideal place for my hobby and for sculptural works. The political circumstances forced us to emigrate and I´m happy now to live not far away from Lake Balaton. Since years I was aware regarding the plans of the so called elites and therefore survival measures were more important than my modelling hobby. I hope that the impending breakdown will not
  8. Great work, dear Harvey! Plaster is a good material for supporting the silicone moulds. For separating purposes I recommend liquid soap mixed with oil. I look forward to the results! Hannes
  9. Thank you very much, dear Roy! I also made a photo in the Hungarian sun and think we now have a realistic view at the Codognato painting. Many greetings! Hannes
  10. Wow. I just looked at my own copy of the Codognato painting inside the book " Trent´anni di corse" by Severo Boschi . I compared it with your version and discovered something odd. Your version seems to be repainted at several spots and some outlines were altered by an unprofessional "artist" (maybe someone from the Protar team ) Of course my version is closer to the original painting and it shows a red seat! Not a black-reddish seat! What we see on the pic above is box art for Italy´s most famous falsification company- Protar! Unfortunately it´s not possible for me now t
  11. A real piece of art, dear Harvey! I finally agree with you, the painting shows black rims. Maybe the tradition was altered for this car. However, the most difficult works are done now imho and a lot of detailing works will need your attention. So what´s next? Engine completion , steering system, ignition, gearbox with pedals, brake system followed by the scoop, exhaust system and seat? It´s a great pleasure to attend your wonderful work! Hannes
  12. Dear Olivier, it was a very sad misunderstanding. I first believed something happend to the model. I feel sorry und I beg pardon! Hannes
  13. We feel so so sorry, dear Harvey! We know how it hurts to lose a beloved family member! RIP, dear cat!
  14. The car would also look better if the lateral flaps were still a part of the bodywork and the louvres on the flaps in front of them would stand in a vertical row and not in a slanted one. As a sculptor I know about aesthetics and maybe my own version will become a bit idealized. But Harvey choose the realistic way and we should accept the facts. The Codognato painting was created in cooperation with the designers and it shows red wheels and a dark red seat. Consequence is necessary regarding a reconstruction and it should not be the first priority if we like it or not. During the
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