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  1. Hannes

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    I want to cheer you up a bit , dear Harvey , that´s why I post this photo of my " Willy the walking car " It´s a rare battery-operated Japanese tin toy from the late 50´s and there´s a funny story behind . Some weeks ago I bought a very rusty version of this toy on a flea-market for 15 euros . It was complete and working but with wrong wheelcaps as I had to learn later . I was looking at the internet and found a toy-dealer in New York who was selling this toy for 50 dollars but without driver´s head and a damaged remote control . I ordered it and exchanged the parts and now I have an almost brand-new toy . Willy is 60 years old now but in a very good condition and even the car walks very slow he´s been living on three continents already ( Asia , America and Europe ) Many greetings ! Hannes
  2. Hannes

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    I´m glad to hear that the operation was a success , dear Harvey ! All the best for your health ! And it´s good to see you working again . It´s a plausible construction and the tank will be grateful for getting such a nice support. Heads up and enjoy life ! Many greetings ! Hannes
  3. Thanks , dear Olivier ! In the meantime the first cam fairing is mounted to the bonnets but I won´t show no pics anymore in the next time . If I show pics of unfinished stages of sculptural work it´s like a painter shows an unfinished painting . Many people don´t understand that parts must get altered till everything falls into place and the steps between don´t seem to be very interesting .That´s the reason why I drew this scetch : To show how much work is needed for a simple part . And of course it´s more elaborated now . BTW : I like your "nose" paintjob on your Mustang very much ! Hannes
  4. Dear Dan , the whole car looks like a spaceship ! At that time the first rockets appeared and in 1928 the Opel Rak 2 was a good example for a rocket on wheels . Many greetings ! Hannes
  5. The first of the 2 cam fairings now is ready for getting connected with the bonnets and it´s hollow inside of course . I´ll post a drawing today or tomorrow to show how I made it . Many greetings ! Hannes
  6. Your Mustang becomes a very impressive model , dear Olivier . It´s an aesthetical counterpart for our 806 ! BTW : I heared that prince Harry marries Merkel ! I don´t know if this is the first choice ! Or was it Miss Marple ? What a crazy world ! All the best ! Hannes
  7. After some filler works my radiator case now is coated by a primer . I look forward to the works on the bonnets . Hannes
  8. Your kind words really encourage me ! Many thanks , dear Dan , Nick and Thierry ! In the meantime this part is already coated by filler and primer . Our threads are like little time-machines... Many greetings and have a good time ! Hannes
  9. Thank you , dear Harvey ! It was easier than altering the existing case and the bonnets fit , this was my main concern . Many greetings ! Hannes
  10. After the adaption works some walls of the bonnets and the radiator case became too thick. I replaced some sheets of the bonnets but regarding the radiator case I decided to build a new one out of brass . It was an advantage that a realistic case already existed and I could use it as a pattern. For stability reasons I built the case with two layers of thin brass sheets instead out of one thicker sheet . They are connected by epoxi and secured by 6 dowels . The bonnets support and a thin steel plate under the bottom sheet ( made out of a piece of a metal spatula ) were additional reinforcements . Some small filler works will follow and a primer will protect the surface soon. I´m glad that these works are done now and I´ll be able to focus on my bonnets again. Thank you , my dear Olivier ! Many greetings ! Hannes
  11. Thank you , dear Roy ! It´s a fascinating journey and a lesson for me as well .These overwhelming forms and proportions most likely never would have been achieved with an inserted 451 engine .It´s an interesting thought that the progenitor of modern racing cars was created by chance and unpredictable circumstances . Let´s revive it ! Hannes