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  1. Wonderful work as always , dear Harvey ! I just came back from my trip to Hungary and also found a very nice new home .. I´ll report on our PM in the coming days . Have a good time , brave fighter for the truth ! Hannes
  2. A great , realistic reconstruction ! Bravo ! Maybe my old hawkeyes can help to improve just one not completely correct line : It´s the edge between the two farings on the right side . In my opinion this line of the bodywork should be less arched and more straight in the central part . Look at our photos and maybe at my own elaboration . There should be a relatively sharp turn in the region of the seat fairing into the upward direction imho or else the seat won´t fit .The seat is slightly slanted and you should make a cardboard pattern of it´s backside for adaption works I hope my remarks will help to improve your otherwise perfect and impressive bodywork . ATB , your friend Hannes
  3. 50 years ago I was watching the first men on the moon . It´s a pleasure to see another giant leap in another scale after half of a century . This car is an icon of our common European culture and I hope this culture will prevail even it´s in great jeopardy right now . Very well done , dear Harvey ! Hannes
  4. The Renaissance of this legendary car ! I´m glad to see that our common efforts pay off now .My compliments ! Hannes
  5. My compliments , dear Harvey ! The manufacturing of the two fairings should be the next step imho .This proceeding allows an exact adaption according our photos . Great work ! Hannes
  6. Great precision work , dear Harvey ! I really like the very convincing brake drums . Regarding the central fasteners : In my opinion there´s no step between the central part and the wings . It´s easy to fix because they should become a bit thinner anyway imho . The ends of the axle should not stick out but I think you already know that and you will reduce the lenght later on . Our common search for a new home seems to take some time but I´m optimistic that both of us will reach our goals in the next months . All the best ! Hannes
  7. We are both house-hunters now , dear Harvey ! My first attempt did fail and I hope I will find another one soon .It´s 700 miles away from home... I hope you will reach a new haven as well and I want to wish you all the best ! I keep my fingers crossed ! Hannes
  8. A great start in the lathe universe ! I guess the wheels will be the most pretentious parts of the model and you show us a lot of courage ! Very well done , I´m fascinated , dear Harvey ! All the best , Hannes
  9. As it seems this car was not constructed for 007 James Bond .If the nuts would become bullets they could help to beat back the persecutors ! Very well done ! Hannes
  10. I hope your left frontal wheel won´t start to jump once it is installed ! Your model is very close to the original .Great , realistic work ! Hannes
  11. A very convincing reconstruction ! Massimino´s scetch could possibly help to check the exact dimensions . I´m back from my trip to Hungary and already found a suited house where I will continue with my own construction . Great work , dear Harvey ! Hannes
  12. The first correct shaped 806 frontal axle since 91 years ! And this unusual form caused all the trouble regarding the jumping left front wheel ! A historical moment ,even it´s on a smaller scale . Congrats ! Hannes
  13. Luca di Montezemolo with all his money was not able to recreate this car .But you are on a very good way to do just that . Great modelling art ! I´m going to continue as well in the next time . My recovery continues ( always lost the eyesight on my right eye ) and it will still take some months till I ´m able to leave Germany . All the best , dear Harvey ! Hannes
  14. I was spending the last days in a hospital and now I `m almost recovered fortunately . Therefore my compliments come a bit late but they come from my heart . Great , realistic work ! One small suggestion : The tube shaped valve of the radiator cap needs to get covered by a small brass rivet (Knupfer f.i. ) imho . Very well done , dear Harvey ! Hannes
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