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  1. Thanks for posting the photos Ant. Saves me buying both of these as I see no benefits of the kits over my Tamiya and AA stash. Regards, Neil
  2. Looks awesome, really impressed. Thanks for posting. Neil
  3. junco

    Sherman ARV options

    Hi Martin, sent you a pm. Regards, Neil
  4. Looking great, Simon, annoying that Tier 3 has messed up our chance to see it in the pub soon!!! Neil
  5. At present I am happier with the Amusing Hobby Cents, have both the 4005 and MkIII and although a small parts count have better suspension and individual track links IMO. AFV Club, also failed to put in the narrow tracks for the Polsten armed MkI. Neil
  6. I presume the 'Magic Bus'? Neil
  7. Excellent work, nothing I can add to your accolades! Neil
  8. Bought this as soon as it came out, no fussy colour artwork, just large clear photos covering the development and construction of the vehicle. Thoroughly recommended. Neil
  9. Fortunately we booked with a hotel away from Telford, no cancellation fee and booked for 2021. Disappointing that in the circumstances Travelodge might not be flexible. Neil
  10. Would love to have the decals made for Scillonian Airways G-AHAG or British European Airways G-AHLL Regards, Neil
  11. Yes, Resicast, have produced a M4A1 with both US and British markings. The one I have is a 2 day old combat version with the screen long gone but with the front board and fittings still attached. The M4A4 is a fine kit. Neil
  12. junco

    British Sherman

    So the Dragon Tarawa 6062 may be better as has the pressed wheels but tracks would need changing. PM sent. Neil
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