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  1. Would love to have the decals made for Scillonian Airways G-AHAG or British European Airways G-AHLL Regards, Neil
  2. Yes, Resicast, have produced a M4A1 with both US and British markings. The one I have is a 2 day old combat version with the screen long gone but with the front board and fittings still attached. The M4A4 is a fine kit. Neil
  3. junco

    British Sherman

    So the Dragon Tarawa 6062 may be better as has the pressed wheels but tracks would need changing. PM sent. Neil
  4. junco

    British Sherman

    Dragon also do a mid production Sicily (6231) which may be more appropriate as there are drivers hood differences. I will look at my stash to compare. Regards, Neil
  5. Looks great, excellent winter weathering. Congratulations, Neil
  6. The website is very good, for a book I would recommend Son of Sherman by David Doyle, Ampersand Books. Can be very expensive as out of print currently, available as both hardback and softback, you can find used copies on ebay occasionally but it's the luck of the draw if you can get one at a reasonable price? I believe the hardback originally was at least 40 odd quid. It's a detailed study of all the versions and manufacturers variants. Review on Missing Lynx. Perhaps a touch overkill unless you have at least 30 plus Sherman kits in the stash!!! Concord publications did a British Sherman photo book by Dennis Oliver, which can be picked up for about 20 quid but again luck of the draw on ebay and abebooks. Regards, Neil
  7. Hi Paul, the Dragon Normndy Sherman seems to be only available at a ridiculously high price from China at the moment. Why not look at TMD Tiger Model Designs website tigermeodeldesigns.com as he sells M4 hull tops, I have some in the stash and they are the best you can get, only snag is there are multiple manufacturers to choose from. If you want a M4 composite, go to plastmodels.pl and get an Asuka China Clipper. All the best, Neil
  8. Another gap filled in plastic and avoids expensive add on sets. Neil
  9. Great news, haven't got the Gulf version. So will we get a bridgelayer at some point? Neil
  10. Unfortunately another cancellation, will Tankfest go as well? Roll on the autumn. Neil
  11. Outstanding work, many thanks for your efforts in posting the build. Regards Neil
  12. Great shame as this will hit the pockets of those traders that sell at shows only, as how many more shows will cancel and maybe fold for good (both shows and traders). Be OK for bricks and morter based sellers but not good for the likes of modellers as you save a lot at shows especially on post... Just my thoughts. Neil
  13. At last a real Cold War beast! And it still survives. Neil
  14. I have all the Allied ones including both the previous Firefly editions. It's a very good single source book, thoroughly recommended. Neil
  15. Mine arrived a few days ago, definitely crisper in detail. Hull is better than Asuka, not keen on the turret join though, the muzzle brakes are split which is surprising considering the quality of the rest of the kit. Not checked for dimensional accuracy though but looks like a Firefly. So I can see this being the standard if the availability is good. Neil
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