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  1. Seen this for real today, excellent finish, hopefully Simon will bring along when our Mafva club attends some shows this year? Neil
  2. They were at Telford, but nothing new as far as I could see. There were a couple of ebay sellers that stocked them, but not sure if restocked? Neil
  3. Fantastic finish, the figures really set this off. All the best, Neil
  4. With the rrp of the RC Sheridan at £1100 and £500 for the static I would expect similar for the Cent. Neil
  5. Just seen a new release note on Scalemates, if it comes out going to be pretty expensive I reckon? Neil
  6. Those are excellent Nenad, fantastic weathering and finish. Thanks for showing. Neil
  7. Outstanding finish, nice and subtle not too heavily weathered considering the conditions these operated in. Neil
  8. AFV Club Mk V will do for the base kit or a Shot Kal, whichever is the cheapest. I have just bought the conversion by coincidence! Neil
  9. If the quality of the Lancaster is as good as Borders Tiger 1 and Crusader kits you will be more than happy! But it seems there are those that want to moan about something.... Hopefully the rest of WNW range resurface under Borders label? Neil
  10. As a now non aviation modeller, the A26K in 1/48 was the holy grail to get conversions for. I had both Paragon and Cutting Edge and neither got all the specifics of the cockpit right, so disappointing that ICM have missed this as there is plenty of references out there. Hopefully a nice cockpit set and a set of props will follow soon from AM producers. Neil
  11. Excellent book, picked up a first edition quite a while ago. Neil
  12. junco

    Mel Bromley RIP

    Shocked to hear this, known Mel since the 80's, especially when I attended many shows and clubs in London. A very nice man who wasn't like alot of the dealers who are only interested in talking to you unless you were buying. RIP, Mel Regards, Neil
  13. Thanks for posting the photos Ant. Saves me buying both of these as I see no benefits of the kits over my Tamiya and AA stash. Regards, Neil
  14. Looks awesome, really impressed. Thanks for posting. Neil
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