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  1. No, I don't buy brochures, I just browse the listings and save anything useful. These might help (click the thumbnails to enlarge): https://public.fotki.com/six97s/reference/trucks/leyland/ Notice the springs are anchored to the chassis only at the centre and pivot on the trunnion bearings underneath.
  2. Nice 3D work. I'm still getting to grips with it but drawing anything beyond basic shapes tends to end badly. If you want to get it a bit more accurate, with a single spring bogie like that, the centre of the spring is mounted to the chassis on a trunnion and the ends are attached to the axles, then there would be radius rods from the trunnion crossmember to the axles/diff housings. I usually look for factory brochures for dimensions and detail photos, for example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362364613453 Similarly with the drive axles, that type has a diff unit that drops in from the top. The prop shafts run into the diffs, not into the axle housings. The above brochure has some detail of that too. Also see the photo at the bottom of this page - they're upside down in the photo, but it shows the diff units and the inter-axle prop shaft: http://www.leylandsociety.co.uk/blog/blog0028.htm
  3. The vent windows look a lot better. I did that on my AMT '67 as well - there was more frame and "rubber" than window area.
  4. Still no more progress to show. Since my holiday, I've been snowed under with work... hope I can at least get the '67 done by the deadline.
  5. I think the tyres are nice. The rest...
  6. There's a black MkI (mentioned previously) and a yellow Mk2 both local to me. Someone up the road had a grey Mk3 roadster but now you've made me think about it, I don't think I've seen it recently.
  7. Yes, canteen truck is definitely an American '36 Ford. The LCC ambulance might be a Morris 10? This one certainly is: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/car-converted-into-london-county-council-ambulance-news-photo/541889579 I think the truck in front of the crane and the one next to it are Bedford W-series (notice the driver's side windsceeen appears smaller): https://ccmv.aecsouthall.co.uk/p940014599/h4cd28284#h34209d2f The light truck on the right appears to be a 1937 Fordson model 79.
  8. Past half way! I haven't touched these for weeks due to holidays and work commitments.... hope I can get back to them in the coming days. Might target the '67 for completion first, as that's the easy one.
  9. Six97s

    'Codger' R I P

    I'm very sad to read this. I shall miss his knowledge and sense of humour. RIP Codger.
  10. Last one from the holiday, which I hadn't got around to uploading. And one from a recent walk. I think this is what the Americans call "yard art"?
  11. Is there any other source for this information, or just that thread? Is it actually "Deluxe Orange", or is it "Dulux Orange" - Dulux being the tradename used for Dupont automotive enamel. My usual starting point for paint chips and colour codes is https://paintref.com but there's no mention of 83-2588, nor any Dupont codes beginning 83- (Dulux were 93- AFAIK). However, 93-2588 is Chevrolet Airedale Brown, so that can't be it.
  12. If you're talking about the reboxes of the Fujimi kits, then no, they don't have engines.
  13. They (Meng) have done a rather poor job on that engine - the dimples for the valve cover bolts are way oversize, yet have no bolt detail, then there's the mess that is the timing cover, water pump, alternator and drive belt all moulded as one piece. You've certainly made the best of it.
  14. Quite a few on the A148 and A47 today. A black E-reg MG Metro, a maroon MGB GT, a Riley RMA "Police" car, then much later a Standard Vanguard Phase I closely followed by (I think) a Wolseley 6/90. Also, a Polestar 2 electric thing... not that interesting to look at, but the first I've seen on the road.
  15. Saw what I could only identify as a "1930s sports car" on the A148 today, but after much image searching, I think it might have been a 1935 Lagonda... something like that anyway.
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