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  1. Spotted this morning: a red B-reg Rover SD1 and a BMW (R75 I think) motorbike in WW2 getup.
  2. Back to the '69. I took the Boss 429 from an old Johan Torino and stripped it. The toploader came from the spare 428 engine in the Boss 302 kit. The single plane intake will be replaced with a dual plane manifold, which I'll have to make. The Boss 302 hood is longer than the old Mach 1 part, but it's the same length as the one in the old AMT annual, so it's the one I'll use. I marked out the underside for the hole (20mm diameter), using the Monogram Boss 429 for reference. More work needed, because the engine sits too far forward. I already removed the over-thick cover plate from the bellhousing and thinned the mounting face of the gearbox, but it's still a couple of mm out. Looking at reference photos of the real thing, the bellhousing mounting face is almost flush with the left cylinder bank, so removing this extraneous material should get it closer. I'll know better when I've made the new intake and have the carb position sorted. I also removed the fuel tank and trimmed the rear of the chassis, so it all fits together now. The bodywork is far from done. I still have to finish the wheelarches and replace the flare on the front.
  3. Looks like you have interference between the sump and the crossmember, which is preventing the engine from sitting level? I would chop up/reposition the sump so it drops between the anti roll bar and the crossmember. In the real world, you'd use something like this: https://www.cantonracingproducts.com/products/15-738-for-ford-5-0-coyote-road-race-front-t-sump-pan.html Again, in the real world, the thing doesn't fit between the shock towers. Here's a thread addressing that: https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/keeping-shock-towers-in-a-coyote-swap.688297/ Regarding the bad fit of the front and rear parts of the body, I'm building the GT and they don't fit on that either, so it might not be entirely the fault of the original builder. The rear especially is too wide, but both ends will need some blending in and I'll probably have to rescribe the panel lines on the rear fender caps.
  4. Clean work there! Presume you're talking about Fireball - I'm putting together an order if you want to split the postage?
  5. The Fosse Way usually turns up a few interesting vehicles, but nothing today until we reached Offchurch outside Leamington. Then in short succession a '76/'77 R-reg Daimler Sovereign, two Caterham 7s, a Jag Mk V (I think) and at least 10 MGFs - lost count, but I presume there must have been something on at Gaydon. Must get a dashcam...
  6. The Comet exhaust manifolds are should be the same as used on the Mustang, but for some reason the outlets were pointing in the wrong directions... The Comet kit also has nice 'Power by Ford' valve covers. Might treat those to Molotow chrome. I gave them a tweak, but forgot the 'after' photo. Mocked up, the small block exhaust isn't far off, so only small extensions required. It's a tight fit.
  7. I'm building a Cobra for the Less Than a Tenner GB. The engine in that one has a small conical protuberance for an oil filter, so I replaced it with some sprue. That was the least of the problems with that engine - at least this one is the right size. Moving on, I'm not using the kit's rear axle, because it's too small and seems to be an approximation of an 8". I'm using the 9" from the Revell Boss 302 - only downside is it's an open one-piece moulding... I might fill the open space before I fit it. Test fit after removing the engine mounts, which were in the wrong positions anyway.
  8. Need a break from filling and sanding, so on to the '67. Mostly OOB, but I'm dropping in a big block, donated by an AMT '67 Mercury Cyclone. I toyed with making it a GTA, but that would mean reworking the console and making/modifying the stripes, so to keep it simple, I used the toploader four speed. Here's the new engine with the small block from the kit. The kit engine seems to patterned off a 1964/65 small black - it has the fuel filter on the bottom of fuel pump and a T10 four speed instead of a top loader, neither of which is correct for 1967. That still doesn't explain why they omitted the oil filter...
  9. Interesting machines. I hadn't heard of Brooks, but I like it. Now, how about that 1969 Corvette?
  10. Did Monogram tool up new valve covers for the '66 Hertz kit or use the same ones that were in the '65 GT350? If they're the '65 type (I suspect they are), you can just paint them as bare aluminium, as they were still used for early '66 production. You could probably get away with that anyway, I doubt most people would know the difference. Edit - see link below. If you scroll down a bit, it shows the early type with outline letters, and the later type with solid letters and more defined ribbing. https://www.diyford.com/shelby-mustang-history-1966-gt350-softening-edges/
  11. How strange. I thought this was supposed to be one of the better 1/25 SBFs, but engine mounts where the oil filter should be? That fan is poor, but I could live with the carb - I rarely bother about them if they're going to be hidden anyway.
  12. Maybe the moulds are a bit tired? My old one didn't have any glue holding the interior or chassis in place. Bear in mind that the bones of this kit date back to the 1967 and 68 annual kits, then it was reworked into the Shelby circa 1974 and has been out at least half a dozen times since. Here are the instructions for an earlier reissue, if they're any help, as well as the original 1968 GT annual for comparison. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/amt-instructions/automotive-cars--pi/ford/1961-1970/amt-1968-shelby-gt-500/#media https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/amt-instructions/automotive-cars--pi/ford/1961-1970/amt-68-mustang-gt-500-/
  13. That's a nice workspace. I wish I were so organised.
  14. Today's unusual spots on the school run (sorry, no pics ) - a Y-reg Reliant Rialto, a rubber bumper MGB in a lovely BL brown, and a stretched Hummer in white .
  15. Fair enough, the humour was missed, I'm still interested to hear what people have seen, with or without photos... I'll probably get a dash cam sooner or later anyway - sometimes I feel like I must be driving an invisible car.
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