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  1. Two candidates: RFM Firefly and an Asuka M4A1 with hedgerow cutter. I might feel like starting one or both sooner, but plenty of time to acquire more...
  2. Id try stripping it and then clean it with isopropyl alcohol at least once. I'd also give it a coat of automotive primer after that, since it's cheap and will show up any problems before you get to the finish coats. Spraying anything over silicone won't seal it, the silicone will prevent it from adhering. Re the chassis, lots of people pick out the chassis rails in black, but they are integral with the body structure. The K member and the trans mount were separate parts and those were painted black from the factory. Movie or restored car (or model!) - anything goes, but you'd
  3. Looks like a Bedford O series cab and grille. The wings will come to me in a minute... Not my cup of tea.
  4. This Dutch guy has a lot of old brochures: https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truck_brochures/bedford/bedford-s/ There's a view of an S type chassis and the back page has metric dimensions.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I am enjoying it really! Maybe my tone is a bit dry,.. Fitting those vent ribs was a trial though. On the upside, no multipiece photoetch rings on the idlers and no Zimmerit to worry about, so I have it comparatively easy.
  6. I'm not sure why the edges of the hatches look furry, they don't IRL. Assembled the hull MG too, although most of it will be hidden. As above, it looks better in person than in this brutal close up.
  7. Spent a few enjoyable hours attempting to glue PE vent ribs edge-on into the openings. Some small slots on the underside in which to locate these would have made all the difference, Miniart... God knows what they'll look like when I get some paint on it. Also assembled the wheels, bar the bearing caps (assume that's what they are?). Did the first one (leftmost in the image), but they're fiddly and there's no positive location to centre them on the wheels, so I'll come back to those when I'm fresh.
  8. Interesting project. You'd think by now someone would have made a Holmes setup in 1/25... looking forward to seeing how you tackle that. The MPC kit was just a repop of the old annual version, so they reused the simplified wrecker bed from that.
  9. I'm enjoying dabbling with t*nks. Still haven't finished one mind, but the contrast with car kits is mind bending.
  10. Our Hermes lady is pretty good, but like the Royal Mail, she delivers to the address, not the person named. I had one go to a house five doors away because the vendor got the first digit wrong. I have to say, if you want useless, it's hard to beat UPS - phantom "attempted" deliveries, creeping up to the house and sneaking a "we missed you" slip through the letterbox instead of ringing the doorbell, multiple missed pickups, rescheduled deliveries - they make Hermes look like the gold standard.
  11. I'm not familiar with those particular Heller kits, but the simplest check would be to find the dimensions of the full size vehicles and divide by 24. Some of the older Heller racing car kits had accurately proportioned bodies, but the engines and undersides were subject to a lot of artistic licence. Regarding the difference between 1/24 and 1/25, assuming the subjects are properly scaled, the it's definitely noticeable when you mix them. Since you mention 1/25. I assume you're referring to American kits? Those can be a mixed bag, but most will be dimensioned correctly, even if
  12. My filing system is better than I thought. No interior photos, but the ladder bars are shown. I doubt you want to pull it apart now, but it had a beefier '57 Pontiac rear end and he used a slant pan Hydro to begin with, then a TH400.
  13. Nice job. I think I have a copy of HRM with a feature on this car, with some of the mod parts laid out. I'll have a look.
  14. Exactly - no floor that revolves with the turret, unless someone knows different?
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