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  1. Cool. The original Satellite issue of this kit had that steering wheel, but you'd still have had to find a flat hood.
  2. Beautiful work. I've made a few electrics from scratch, but my craftsmanship is nowhere near yours.
  3. "Some" Omega Speedmasters! I have a '66 105.012, bought 20 years ago. I don't think I could justify it at today's asking prices...
  4. Three in the space of a ten minute journey this morning: 1. A pre-'63 Morris Minor 2. A Sunbeam Talbot 90 in cream over burgundy 3. A Talbot Sunbeam in light metallic blue with silver stripes (Lotus version?) A Sunbeam Talbot and then a Talbot Sunbeam half a mile apart- what are the odds?
  5. Paint, to give the illusion of progress. I had spent another hour losing tiny pieces and attaching those I could still find to the hull and the inside of the turret. I think the remaining fender latching rods will have to remain wherever they landed. It's only mocked up here, still have to paint the inside of the turret before final assembly. Now to finish the tracks.
  6. Yes, the lack of the oil gallery bulge is odd. There is indeed a crank though, and I the three cross bolt bosses are visible in some of the photos. Not sure if these links will work with Twitter: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EzNrY_PVEAMYQr6?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EzNu6ldVIAAopjW?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 He machined the valley and lifter bores, the crank webs, crankshaft etc. so it's curious that he didn't go the whole hog and make a camshaft and valve train. Perhaps there was a deadline, or he just didn't see those a
  7. Nice. Sainsbury's in Leamington? Is there a prize?
  8. Helps if you're a talented machinist... Edit - I cannot get this to embed as an image. I give up. Full thread: https://twitter.com/woodbrothers21/status/1383557552634355720
  9. I like those Mercs. Wouldn't know the RRs if I fell over one, I think the most recent I'd recognise is a Silver Shadow.
  10. Sunday, a dark blue Stag, this morning an apparently well looked after (could have been a 50 footer though) MkIII Humber Sceptre.
  11. Thanks for adding me. My bargains are all car kits, so I'll be back in my comfort zone. The venerable AMT 260 Cobra looks favourite.
  12. Large decals give me the fear, so that looks outstanding from here. I've never paid much attention to these late FED kits, for me the '65-'66 era was the pinnacle for FEDs, appearance wise... would be nice to have kits of The Hawaiian, the Magicar or the Surfers' rail.
  13. It's more of an off road quarry/mining dump body... seems a bit at odds with a Freightliner chassis on air bags. Here are a couple of similar ones.
  14. I use paper from an A2 pad, but it's seen better days... I should get some different colours.
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