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  1. So many iconic images, and so skilfully done that you almost forget how groundbreaking the shots were. The shot of the Harrier GR.3 firing the SNEB rockets, I can imagine the conversation. “I’ve got an idea for a Harrier rocket firing shot I’d like to do” ”Sounds fine, so long as you’re well off to the side as the rockets go a bit wild if they misfire” ”Oh, I want to take it from in front of the aircraft whilst it’s firing”
  2. I’m watching this as I have a T8M in the stash. The best looking Hunter, and that’s a challenge.
  3. Following the Spencer Flack Spitfire G-FIRE, there must be scope for G-HUNT and G-FURY releases as well.
  4. I saw them at the other end, at Southport. A great display.
  5. Absolutely amazing work! My hat is off to you, here’s hoping Antonov get to mirror you and manage to build a second Mriya.
  6. I think the word “just” is doing a lot of heavy lifting in that sentence A superb piece of craftsmanship and a fitting tribute to the pilot and the restorers.
  7. Happy memories of dodging trucks on the A1 on the approach at RAF Catterick. Nice job.
  8. I remember the head of a selective school being interviewed once about how he spotted potential in a 10/11 year old, especially as more privileged kids had lots of tutoring for the entrance exam, and he said the sure indicator at that age, regardless of exam results, was a mastery of ironic humour.
  9. Just about to ask the same question!
  10. Unfortunately not, the only survivor was the rear gunner. I was named after him.
  11. Following this build as March 11th next year will be the 80th anniversary of my great uncle being shot down in a 214Sqn Stirling. Getting the bits together for an anniversary build.
  12. I remember seeing the jet on the box art when I was on an air cadet camp at Leuchars in the 80s
  13. I think a good price comparison is football tickets, and this sits somewhere between Liverpool and Spurs ticket price for a lot more entertainment, if just in terms of time. I’ve got four of the old mould kits but I’ll be buying the RAF version when its out. There will be two kits in the box right?
  14. There’s a couple of shots in the static display in that collection as well.
  15. Found the PPrune thread here. some really good insights.
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