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  1. Got my box full of Sea Fury and Phantom bit a couple of weeks ago. Lovely details, I’m looking forward to using them.
  2. Riksbar

    FAAbulous Sea Fury

    The aircraft looks great, but I expected to see an empty bottle as well. You’ve inspired me to build (and drink) mine!
  3. Riksbar

    Anger? Nope. FURY!

    It’s looking great so far @Bigdave22014, I love the initial research materials, but tor the absolutely authentic touch you need to get up close and personal . You’ve inspired me to start mine next, looking forwards to the exterior paint!
  4. I found and scanned the picture. In 1985 the Royal Canadian Air Force crews returned to former RAF Middleton St. George to unveil a memorial. My Air Cadet squadron formed an honour guard, and I built and presented a model Lancaster to the Canadian Air Attache. I used the Ian Allan Lancaster at War by Mike Garbutt and Brian Goulding as a reference. I took the book along and many of the veterans signed it, with a lot of them looking for pictures of themselves or their aircraft to sign. It was an amazing day, I even got inside the RAF's Lancaster. This is the picture of Phantom Phantom of the Ruhr by riksbar, on Flickr And this is one of Ropey Middleton St George Canadians 2 by riksbar, on Flickr Hijack over, loving the build PC.
  5. Riksbar

    RAF Tornado Farewell Tour

    19-2-19 Tornados Over Salmesbury by riksbar, on Flickr Caught them over BAE SYSTEMS Salmesbury. I worked at Warton but that was a bit more of a trek. Shame the Grey/Green bird wasn't up.
  6. Watching this with great interest, I think I may have one of its pilots autograph. I'll try and get a scan and the story together.
  7. I take it you've read Phantom Over Vietnam by John Trotti? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Phantom-Over-Vietnam-Fighter-Pilot/dp/0891415998 It's about VMFA-314 at Da Nang and has some interesting stories in it, the maintenance test flight is a doozy!
  8. Riksbar

    Airfix Chipmunk back out again

    It has WZ878 on it! fortunately not in it's 11AEF guise or I would now be £18 poorer!
  9. Riksbar

    Subjects not covered in decal form.

    This here as well. Love to see a Saints Bucc.