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  1. Was it by chance anywhere near the What-if crew?
  2. Spent a day at Lakenheath watching the jets this summer while on holiday. Watching this with interest .
  3. where Mrs P "helpfully" moves things I've left seemingly haphazardly about the house (but which are actually carefully placed so that I encounter them at the precise moment I need them). Upstairs, it's like going insane, since nothing stays where I put it, Ahh, the dreaded “hidey-tidy”. I feel your pain!
  4. An interesting insight into the work going on to support the bomber offensive from Freeman Dyson. Bomber Command operational research
  5. Looking at the pictures of the rear cockpit deck, I was struck by the almost white colour of the guns in the forward turret.
  6. Got my box full of Sea Fury and Phantom bit a couple of weeks ago. Lovely details, I’m looking forward to using them.
  7. The aircraft looks great, but I expected to see an empty bottle as well. You’ve inspired me to build (and drink) mine!
  8. It’s looking great so far @Bigdave22014, I love the initial research materials, but tor the absolutely authentic touch you need to get up close and personal . You’ve inspired me to start mine next, looking forwards to the exterior paint!
  9. I found and scanned the picture. In 1985 the Royal Canadian Air Force crews returned to former RAF Middleton St. George to unveil a memorial. My Air Cadet squadron formed an honour guard, and I built and presented a model Lancaster to the Canadian Air Attache. I used the Ian Allan Lancaster at War by Mike Garbutt and Brian Goulding as a reference. I took the book along and many of the veterans signed it, with a lot of them looking for pictures of themselves or their aircraft to sign. It was an amazing day, I even got inside the RAF's Lancaster. This is the picture of Phantom Phantom of the Ruhr by riksbar, on Flickr And this is one of Ropey Middleton St George Canadians 2 by riksbar, on Flickr Hijack over, loving the build PC.
  10. 19-2-19 Tornados Over Salmesbury by riksbar, on Flickr Caught them over BAE SYSTEMS Salmesbury. I worked at Warton but that was a bit more of a trek. Shame the Grey/Green bird wasn't up.
  11. Watching this with great interest, I think I may have one of its pilots autograph. I'll try and get a scan and the story together.
  12. I take it you've read Phantom Over Vietnam by John Trotti? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Phantom-Over-Vietnam-Fighter-Pilot/dp/0891415998 It's about VMFA-314 at Da Nang and has some interesting stories in it, the maintenance test flight is a doozy!
  13. It has WZ878 on it! fortunately not in it's 11AEF guise or I would now be £18 poorer!
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