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  1. Nice, was the C-5 still on the pan? It came in earlier.
  2. I want going to say but… They made a hell of a mess of the pivot mounts as well, and tried to get some local plating company to re-plate them.
  3. I thought this was a company other than the original manufacturer drilling the wrong holes after it was decided that the original manufacturer’s bid for the work was too high. Said original manufacturer received a much bigger contract to rectify the aircraft using the aforementioned F.2 frames.
  4. Is the Falcon Models not a better option? Set #31 has a vacform canopy for the Hobbycraft kit which should fit the airfix one? And it’s from the correct hemisphere for you. Link here
  5. Exactly the right age, possibly the wrong place. At 51 you’re right in the cohort in the U.K. to have flown Aeros in these. WZ878, 11AEF in the plans now!
  6. What a fascinating site Reg, good luck with the build, I hope you’ll be posting it on here.
  7. Lovely, they bring back memories of indulgence flights from Tees-side airport as a kid when my mother was an air trafficker there.
  8. Welcome back PC! Well, with all you’ve gone through recently, time for a new job? https://joblift.co.uk/details/e846125b-2112-4473-bd8e-660370a3dccd?utm_source=linkedin_uk&utm_medium=external_feed&utm_campaign=579
  9. Always loved the Spang’ F-4 SAM hunter/killer teams. Great job, nice weathering.
  10. I may be wrong but at the time period covered, unless you had a medical exemption a beard on a RAF station would have resulted in a short, loud meeting with the station warrant officer followed by a rapid trip to the barbershop.
  11. It’s amazing to see how things have come on. I’ve got the Pegasus EAP somewhere in the stash, this may give me the push to give it a go! Loving the price tag!
  12. Looking forwards to it. Hopefully it has a 91st TFS Blue Streaks option. It’s been a favourite since I got a badge from a pilot my mother talked down to an emergency diversion into Tees-side airport where she was a controller. The pilot was on his first orientation sortie in the U.K. when he had a bird strike (being an A-10 this could have been from behind).
  13. When I was at Binbrook as a 16 yr old Space Cadet the lineys had me pumping the Avpin for the starter I was obviously expendable!
  14. You are correct, the cable ducts on the F.1A, F2/2A, T4 are the shorter than on the F.3, T.5, F.6. I can’t remember the exact amount that needs removing from the front end though.
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