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  1. Spooky56

    1/48 Hampden 99% finished

    Wow! , great job Norm, had one in the stash but too much of a fraidy cat to give it a bash...perhaps when Airfix add one to their range I'll add the type to the heap once more Rick
  2. Spooky56

    FAA Phantom 1/72

    Looks great Paul and well done persevering with the stencilling, nothing quite like a Phantom for that
  3. Spooky56

    FB-111A Aardvark 1:72 Hasegawa

    Lovely looking 'vark, thanks for showing
  4. Have got one of these lurking in the stash, if I can get anywhere near the standard of your finish I will be a very happy chap, great job
  5. Spooky56

    Sea King HU 5

    Looks great Dan, I especially like the base Rick And just checked the WIP thread, great work, am 'borrowing' some of that for the 1/48 Hase kit
  6. Spooky56

    Red Flag 81-2 Jaguars

    A very nice selection of photos there, many thanks for sharing Sven
  7. Spooky56

    1:48 Su-7BMK SyAAF Ramadan War

    Well done, great work.
  8. Spooky56

    50 FW190 Found in Turkey

  9. Very nice touch with the swept windscreens and well executed
  10. Spooky56

    Hasegawa F-4F ICE 1/48

    Great work Gary Rick
  11. Spooky56

    Eduard's Reboxed Hasegawa F-86F sabre

    That is a great scheme, and a great finish
  12. Spooky56

    Marineflieger F-104G

    And how about Check Whiskey and The Slivers?
  13. Spooky56

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    A rare,but very welcome, sight over this tiny part of Suffolk, a low level Pave Hawk right above my roof...luckily I haven't cleared the guttering yet
  14. Great build and finish Mathy