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  1. Mark, Take a look here, it'll answer those questions https://www.scalemates.com/kits/special-hobby-sh48148-saab-aj-37-viggen--317206 HTH, Rick
  2. Looking great Massimo. I hope things at home continue to improve and your wife makes a full recovery, best wishes, Rick
  3. Yes. MJR have it up for pre-order but with min. 50% deposit (I think, might be higher)
  4. That is beautiful - great result Pete Rick
  5. I don’t know the answer but I do know that John is very quick at replying, drop him a line at aimsmodels1@gmail.com I hope that helps Rick
  6. The initial tranche of F-4E destined for Iran were Block 46 and commenced with s/n 69-7711, given the IIAF serial 3-692. Blocks 47 (69-7727 (IIAF 3-708)), 51 (71-1094 (IIAF 3-723)), 52 (71-1102 (IIAF 3-731)), 53 (71-1116 (3-745)), 54 (71-1130 (3-759)),55 (71-1143 (3-772)), 56 (71-1153 (3-782)), 57 (73-1519 (3-796)), 58 (73-1535 (3-812)), 59 (73-1550 (3-827)) and 63 (75-0222) followed - additionally Iran received some Block 42 airframes on loan from Sept 1972, some returning to the US the following year, the remainder in 1974. All surviving F-4E airframes from the early
  7. That cockpit is really starting to pop, lovely work on the IPs and coamings Watching with interest as I have one of these on my to-do list Rick
  8. Oops, didn't look away I'm still sticking to my previous answer The Kai designation just means the airframe has received an upgrade - just like the KWS (I think) or ICE upgrades the Luftwaffe F-4F received for example. The Japanese refer to them as F-4EJ and following upgrade F-4EJ Kai, RF-4E and following upgrade RF-4E Kai, the F-4EJ converted to recce role became RF-4EJ and following upgrade RF-4EJ Kai...if that's how the Japanese designate them then that's fine by me. Hasegawa also use those designations or at least the distinct F-4EJ, RF-4
  9. Iain, The JASDF RF-4EJ variant is distinct from the RF-4E. The original RF-4E acquired by Japan around 1974 were indeed build by McAir and are the camera nosed reconnaissance version. The RF-4EJ evolved from the F-4EJ built by Mitsubishi - after the introduction of the F-15J into JASDF service 15 now surplus F-4EJ and F-4EJ Kai were converted for the reconnaissance role to supplement the original camera-nosed US built and supplied RF-4E. The RF-4EJ and RF-4EJ Kai retain the original gun nose of the fighter they had originally been built as, their reconnaissance ca
  10. Superb build, paintwork and weathering Antoine
  11. Wow! , great job Norm, had one in the stash but too much of a fraidy cat to give it a bash...perhaps when Airfix add one to their range I'll add the type to the heap once more Rick
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