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  1. Is there a way to have to the VAT removed to ship outside EU? Even when I put in my NZ address it bills at the VAT inclusive price. Thanks
  2. The F-35 has been in combat in Afghanistan with the US Marines. The US Airforce has taken their F-35A into combat in Iraq and Syria. Israel of course was using it back in 18. Twin internal GBU and twin internal AIM-120 are normal load https://www.stripes.com/news/us/pentagon-purchases-hundreds-more-f-35s-as-military-misses-its-combat-readiness-goal-for-the-jets-1.605093 There are photos of beast mode load for a combat mission. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/f-35s-flex-in-beast-mode-on-middle-east-mission-2019-5?r=US&IR=T A high impact stand off l
  3. Please do not troll. Meng sells licensed F-35 and P-51 Mustang kits. Also the Jagdpanther was done through Bovington and the boxes all acknowledge this. PJ is not a shyster, if he was to sell or lease rights to a mould to keep the books in order he will do it legally and above board. They are both high end operations, no need to bring in any suppositions. Marcus
  4. I was having just this conversation just the other night with a friend who has similar problems with the salt not coming off completely. The answer was simply to wash it several times in warm water with a little detergent. Every day for a five days and then when repainted the salt did not bleed through. Your doing a great job on a good kit, I continue to enjoy your build log, well done.
  5. Just read through the thread, an excellent build/guide and a well set out thread, fantastic. Thanks
  6. Prototype looks great, I will be in line for the production model!
  7. Depends on just how close you want to be but an aftermarket seat for the US AV-8A or -8B Harrier could be suitable for your needs as they used versions of the Stencel seat. Marcus
  8. I stand to be corrected but my understanding is that there is a precoloured rubberised coating applied to the radome. So it never needs painting /repainting. The rubber picks up dirt and doesn't release as readily when washed so from day 1 it discolours at a different rate to the airframe. Marcus
  9. On The Bench podcast, episode 27, Available on iTunes, Stitcher and their own OTB website. No sectrets come out but it's a good listen.
  10. What a funny thing to say, Especially considering many of us have read the biographies on him ☺
  11. Aires and Brassin, my preference is Brassin. Both make specific nozzles for Hasegawa. The difference lays in the donut piece, the rest of the aftermarket parts are usually the same.
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