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  1. I'm planning on Dark Sea Grey and Dark Green over PRU Blue for mine, if and when I get round to building it. IIRC, the serials were allocated for either 13 or 17 B2s then reallocated to additional B1s when the B2 was cancelled. I'm away from my references so don't have the numbers to hand.
  2. Revell's Buccaneer is the 70s kit, with no cockpit interior, no underwing weapons and much simplified detail. The new tool Airfix Buccaneer, in both Navy and RAF versions, is vastly superior. It's only real flaws are a simplified undercarriage, slipper tanks that are somewhat slim, and it was based on an airframe that had had all of the mods applied to the Brick in 30 or so years. The CMK one looks nice in the box, but those who've built it are less enamoured of it. One friend said he reckoned it was based on the 1989 Heller tooled Airfix kit. And even the latter is better than the Matchbox kit.
  3. You'll also need the larger tropical intakes for the engines - the B.VIIs were intended for Tiger Force.
  4. I'm using the usual Halfords primer for the aircraft I have on the go.
  5. I've always read it was in 02. Most prototypes were.
  6. Firstly, IGNORE any and all profiles. They're usually bobbins.Find a photo of the aircraft you want to do. Up to and including the B.IX and PR equivalents, the bomber nose aircraft had teardrop side blisters. From the XVI onwards, the bomber nose aircraft were pressurised, which included a revision of the canopy framing, making it chunkier. At this point, they got blown or bulged side panels. Some PR.XVIs sported astrodomes in the roof escape hatch but again, check photos of the aircraft you're building. The few PR32s may not have had the astrodome, there are few photos of the type to say definitively. All the PR34s did have it. The B35s largely didn't, having the flat escape hatch, but many of the B35s rebuilt as TT.35s had the astrodome so the operator could see the drogues. There are too few photos of the TT.39 to say definitively. The Canadian production bombers were all B.IV equivalents, albeit the wings and wheels were tweaked from the B.XX onwards, but they all had the canopies with blisters.
  7. Thanks. One to avoid as I try not to line the pockets of convicted criminals.
  8. Aviation News did a set of Spiteful drawings in the mid 80s by Keith Woodcock. As to their accuracy...
  9. The Revell GR1 kit is regarded as the best Tornado, although it's not my field - too modern.
  10. Every Hornet kit in ANY scale seems to have accuracy issues!
  11. I had one some years back. You'll certainly need a new set of engines as the ones supplied are... well, not great. Blackbird do a set of Merlin 85s as a Lancaster B.VI conversion, complete with props, that's a vast improvement over the kit ones.
  12. All the IRMA kits are ridiculously overpriced and I've yet to hear a convincing reason why.
  13. Airkit released a set of 100 gal tanks back in the 90s. Long OOP now.
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