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  1. Only snag is the Shattipuss has Griffon rather than the Merlin 85 of the Lincoln.
  2. I've a few Mach Poo kits tucked away - Ar 232, Ju 352, DH Comet 4 - but whilst I've wrestled the Valiant together, I've yet to spray it, albeit in a 70s tanker scheme. TBH, whilst it was a pain, it was a lot less painful than the Matchbox Victor. But yes, the best advice is simply "Run away! Run away!"
  3. Hopefully, Xtradecal will rerelease the sheet they did around 2005? Can't find any and I need them for whiffing!
  4. The flash on those photos looks shocking, especially when they're charging an arm and a leg, plus eyes and socketed. Free chisel? I'd want hot and cold running lapdancers for that price!
  5. At over thirty notes too. They can had away and s**** at that price! Some chancers in the UK have them for an eye watering £42.67 on eBay. Free postage though!
  6. Has anyone clocked that the new IBG D-15 has the wrong tailfin? All my references claim that the D-15 has a Ta 152 fin, along with very late production D-9s.
  7. May be worth keeping an eye out for the Formaplane Hastings - they did a vac one in 72nd that ended up with Aircraft in Miniature, getting decals, etch, resin and white metal bits, as well as being formed from plastic thicker than the tissue paper used earlier.
  8. Very happy to see the Basset back, although the three I already have mean I may not get one. Hopefully the decal sheet is all new design, even if it's the same aircraft.
  9. Is there any word on price, as they're on eBay now - in the Ukraine - and the chancers are asking 30 notes! That's before the twenty notes for postage... Sex and travel spring to mind. Suddenly the several Aeroclub ones I have salted away look vastly more appealing...
  10. Giorgio, you may as well just build the Aeroclub kit as a clothes horse for decals. It's a typical late 80s limited run kit so needs a bit of clean up but fairly easy to assemble, nothing I'm sure you couldn't handle. The lack of cockpit interior isn't much of an issue being black. I'd a few tucked away plus one to finish.
  11. I'd choose with the SH F1 kit, as it gives the parts for quite a few versions. Did that have corrected intakes? Got some Quick boost intakes tucked away too.
  12. I thought it clunky on the CAD and said so then. It certainly is compared with the Tamiya Mosquito. The props are vile too, thick and with little aerofoil section. I'm using spare Tamiya ones.
  13. Fixed wing catapult launched? I'd like a Scimitar, Attacker or Sea Hawk in 72nd please. Preferably the Scimitar. Really left field - it's a Manchester, as there were proposals to catapult it into the air. I'd best get me coat...
  14. There was an Esoteric resin fuselage conversion for the Fw 190 V-1, which came in two different versions, with and without ducted spinner. Not sure which kit they were intended for, it probably the Italeri one as it was intended as the base kit for the other Fw 190 conversions Esoteric released.
  15. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If the latter, a reddish brown colour.
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