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  1. Good question. I've yet to see any photos of what was behind the seats in the trainer versions.
  2. Warning to the wise. The aircraft on the recent Xtradecal Mosquito sheet purporting to be a B.XXV is actually an NF.XIX. I found a photo of it and whilst the caption says it's a B.XXV, the serial is in a production block of night fighters and closer examination of the photo clearly showed the larger radar nose. Finally, it should have the larger tropical intakes.
  3. You could go for one of the post war ones that had the machine guns removed, although you'd probably need the larger intakes under the engines and a leading edge landing light.
  4. Starting this as I didn't know if there was one!
  5. Not got the 48th - not my scale - but if it's anything like the 72nd, there'll be a load of standard sprues and one specific to the IV or XIII. No FB.VI bits in the the kit unless they are on the standard sprue, hence the 72 B.IV coming with rockets.
  6. I see what you mean. The tailplanes look to be two piece also.
  7. I'm - as Wez predicted - overjoyed with this one. Even more so knowing that the designer was the one to do the Spitfire Vc, so it should be bang on the money. Even if the bomb bay isn't separate, a wing/engine transplant with the Tamiya kits should open up the variant possibilities with little or no waste, although Cookie armed B.IVs would need the larger elevators. I think Freightdog do the relevant conversion bits, although not necessarily in stock atm. How many do I need? Debatable but half a dozen would be a good start.
  8. XV definitely had two stage merlins as it was rebuilt from a B.IX or possibly one of the early B.XVIs. Edit: the prototype DZ385 was a rebuilt B.IV, initially by grafting on a fighter gun nose. The pressurised cabin development fed into the B/PR.XVI and PR.32. I'm away from my references. TBH, I'd prefer SH to do the navalised Mosquitoes instead. With a proper wingfold and the revised U/C. They'd get at least two boxings out of it.
  9. I bought a pair a Spitfire 16s that had a crack in a natural weak point on the fuselage and the front broke off. Complete new sprue in both kits. Given the amount of spares in their Spitfires, this amounted to nearly a second kit each.
  10. I'm doing the new tool Brick as a WE177 armed one as part of a small Cold War Hot scenario in the mid 80s. I have my squadron chosen (16 Sqn, at Laarbruken in 1984), it's all together and ready for paint, but what colour should the weapon bay be in the WE177 armed onfiguration? I'm leaning towards white but as the other bays seem to be some sort of grey is it likely that the weapon bay was this colour too? Secondly, does anyone do a set of tanks for the new tool kit? The ones supplied seem a tad slim.
  11. "The letter, yeah. With pleasure." Two photos from tonight's club meet featuring my latest two: Avro Lancaster B.VI "Special" and an Avro Shackleton AEW.3. The latter has yet to get it's aerials and the prop blade tip decals, but in my defence I've had zero energy when I've got in from work. Lancaster B.VI I've a feeling the major components (wings and fuselage) for this were from someone on the forum, either Herald Coupe or Wez, as they reckoned that they were unusable. The rest from my spares box and some illicit home cast resin. Shackleton AEW.3
  12. Not quite finished - needs a few aerials, the wheels need touching up and the canopy needs the side blister panels - but here's a photo of the Lancastrian C.6 as she stands.
  13. Finally, after being in my mind since 2009 and in build since mid 2013, The Hybrid is *finally* done. I'll try to get some better photos taken soon. Photo by Rob Sullivan IPMS Tyneside. Thread named after a track by Welsh Nu skool Breaks band Hybrid. Finished Symphony was released in 1999 after several years in development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuWAO9QSG2Y
  14. Does anyone have info on the squadron or squadrons used for dropping the SAS units as part of Operation Loyton in late '44? Read a book on it some time back and I've been wanting to do one of the drop aircraft ever since. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Loyton Any help gratefully received Thanks!
  15. Was in me mate's model shop this morning and he said he'd heard whisper on a few t'interweb forums (Facebook) of a new Vulcan from Airfix next year. Anyone else heard anything?
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