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  1. Erm, hate to mention it given all the hard work, but the seat pan for the pilot wouldn't have a cushion as the pilot sat on his parachute, the navigator stowing his elsewhere. IF you can retrieve it, you can salvage it for reuse as the cushion on the floor forward of the entry hatch.
  2. Nice work so far. Way off yet in the build but the wheel are spoked on the port side only and the rear of the nacellles should be concave, whereas they are convex on the kit.
  3. Much as I'd like to be wrong, I very much doubt we'll see it this year. We've yet to see sprue shots, let alone test builds. We're still awaiting the Vulcan, for example, and only just got the prototype Concorde. Airfix release dates have always seemed more of a wish list and their relationship with reality decidedly elastic. And an advert in a magazine sadly proves nothing.
  4. I did a T5 with a Matchbox T55 and the Maintrack bellytank conversion. Still have the wreck somewhere.
  5. Just use the spare DH prop left over in the UK IIa kits?
  6. I wouldn't go for Halfords Nissan Silver. I found some years back that it was too grainy, certainly for 72nd. I changed to their generic Aluminium which is better.
  7. No, although I'd forgotten about it despite having built one back in 1988. Probably getting confused with a Bilek one, as I know that's a relatively recent kit.
  8. TBH, I although that the cockpit of the normal Vc looked clunky and thick on the CAD and was really pleased with the almost Eduard finnesse of the kit. In fact I'll stick my neck out and say it's the best 72nd Spitfire Airfix have yet done. And given that the same designer has done the forthcoming Mosquito, I'm very confident it'll be superb.
  9. Further to the discussion, I'm trying to find some more info and preferably a photo of DZ534 in the bulged configuration with 627 sqn. The Kits at War sheet has the placement diagram with it having two stage Merlins. I'm minded to right it off as an error but the sheet seems to be reasonably well researched, so I want a photo before I go any further.
  10. The MiG 19 was one of their older short run kits, the S199s are the newer HQT kits. I'd say the Tempests will be more of the latter.
  11. The artwork is wrong, and their research is often lousy. The Mosquito sheet they have out, X72332(?), is full of errors. The B.XXV is actually an NF.XIX, whilst there's no mention that the two T.IIIs and the 618 FB.VI need tropical filters (available from Freightdog), and the 305 sqn one has red codes, not black. There's also too many options on that sheet that have been done on other sheets, the 618 one being a case in point. My guess is whoever has done the research has used the Richards Franks books (full of errors, assumptions and downright falsehoods) and looked no further. He
  12. No, I think we'll likely see it March next year, but I'd like to be wrong. We haven't had sprue shots yet. Covid and Brexit issues aside, Airfix release dates are best considered as wish lists. We've only just got the Beaufort, and still waiting on the simple Spit Vc and the Vulcan. I'm very doubtful of the Mosquito before next year. I've got my order in with the LGS for a dozen. Should do to start with...
  13. Looks decent enough on the CAD, the proof will be getting it. The interior doesn't look too bad, ideal for a beginner. Also ideal if you want several as clothes horses for decals, with a normal one as the standout. For my money, the normal Airfix Vc looks and builds as one of the best Spitfire kits I've had, and I think I've had virtually all of the 72nd kits go through my hands at some point. I'd say it's almost Eduard quality.
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