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  1. Any news on the potential WE177 trollies?
  2. I think it's one of the development aircraft for the Ta 152B.
  3. I've had issues trying to get their Aluminium, so it's more likely supply issues. These are their standard bread and butter sellers so they're unlikely to delete them.
  4. Use their white primer with their gloss varnish? More expensive though. There could be supply issues - where is their paint made?
  5. Woo hoo! Spares! If you've a KP/AZ Spitfire Vc, you've a spare b wing, so you could get another kit out of the left over bits with some extras from elsewhere.
  6. The paint instructions appear to have the same TT35 bomb doors and cut outs as the kit, rather than standard B16.
  7. If you're doing a wartime XVIe , remember to remove the heart shaped blisters from the wings as they're a post war mod. In addition, replace the kit wheels with resin 4 spoke ones as the kit ones are an odd mix of wartime size with postwar 3 spoke hubs. A few other things that'll improve the build: Replace the canopy as the windscreen is odd. The cowling under the engine is a bit too deep, so sanding it to a more shallow angle helps. The radiators are too deep, being closer to Griffon ones. Saw them off an re-attach - the saw cut removes enough plastic to fix them. Tailwheel is way too thick, so a replacement would help. Finally, the tail is too tall. Cut off and replace the rudder with a resin one then trim the fin to suit. TLDR: Basically, a new canopy and wheels. The rest is a matter of choice. The shape is largely fine and it's been regarded as one of the best Spitfire kits since it came out in the mid 70s, although the decals have always been awful. Best getting one of the black box Heller ones or the photo top Humbrol release as more recent ones in black plastic have had warpage issues.
  8. PM me with your address and I'll send off some resin copies of the exhausts. I knew I needed them for Mosquitoes so moulded them.
  9. Surely a Tamiya NFXIII/XVII with a set of Brengun two stage Merlins could scratch that itch?
  10. Having read the Airfix magazine article, I'm decidedly underwhelmed with the build. He fixes the bomb doors yet doesn't do anything about the cutouts. He mentions the bomb door error but omits the tailwheel snafu. The weathering is totally overdone, with metal showing through chipped paint on the leading edges - on a wooden airframe covered with fabric? Hmmmn. This is compounded by a photo of a similar machine with the same unit a few pages later with very little weathering. And yes, his canopy painting is decidedly odd and it just looks wrong. Overall, the kit looks good with some caveats but it will need some resin fixes, which bumps up the cost unless you do your own. Thankfully, I can.
  11. That's the one on the Eagle Strike decal sheet.
  12. Yes and no. It's one of the few aircraft modified for use by the Film Unit. They accompanied raids and took footage for propaganda purposes. DZ383 was one, I can't remember the serials for the others. One is on an Eagle Strike sheet in 72nd.
  13. The XVI had heavier framing to deal with the pressurisation. I'm certainly concerned about the tailwheel, whilst the wire frame guards on the U/C legs look a tad heavy.
  14. I'm doing it as an aerodynamic prototype, rather than the full I am, largely as I couldn't work out how to do the revised engine nacelles. So it's basically a Brigand fuselage with Beaufighter wings and tailplanes and a scratchbodged new fin. As it is, I think I should have shortened the fuselage as it's a bit longer than the drawing. Still, it's a whiff, so who is to tell me it's wrong? Edit: Found the wheel mould, so I'll get a few sets run off today. Annoyingly, can't find the Hallamvac nacelles but I have a spare Magna engine so could mould that instead. I've some rubber to use up that's a bit "meh" that's ideal for it.
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