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  1. Bullbasket

    Austin Tilly.

    Many thanks. John.
  2. Bullbasket

    Austin Tilly.

    Thanks Rob. As I said earlier, when I compared the finish to the one where I'd used Mike Starmer's mix, I was pleased with the result. One reason why I didn't use the Tamiya mix this time was that I knew that I would have to do some touching up of the paint work, and I don't like brushing Tamiya paint, especially when it's a mixture. John. PS. Thank for the PM and the link.
  3. Bullbasket


    I think that you are being a little bit unfair there Mark. It's a bit more scientific than that. He does more than just look out of the window. He puts his hand out. If it gets wet, then it's raining, if it doesn't, then it's fine. If he can't see the bottom of his garden, then it's foggy. When they do get it wrong, then I think that it's down to the wrong kind of seaweed. John.
  4. Bullbasket

    Fahrgestell munitionsshlepper

    Lovely model. The finish on it is superb. Nice one. John.
  5. Bullbasket


    Ah, I remember them well from the little shop on St. Enoch station in the 50's. Apparently, you can get them from Iceland (the shop, not the country). John.
  6. Bullbasket


    Long time grump which has risen it's stupid head once again. Watching the news this morning on the Beeb and the interviewer was speaking to a couple of journalists, and I was having great difficulty concentrating on what was being said because there was the resident idiot standing behind them, waving a couple of banners. Everytime that the camera moved, so did the idiot. When will the BBC do something such as have a screen behind the interview that shuts out these muppets. I'm not interested in his views. If he wants to save the whale, save the red squirrel or just save the world, fine. Just do it somewhere else. John.
  7. Bullbasket

    Austin Tilly.

    I appreciate the comments. Many thanks. I usually use Mike Starmer's Tamiya mix for the SCC2, but I compared the two finishes together and there doesn't appear to be any difference, so I'm happy with the Mig paint. John.
  8. Bullbasket

    Austin Tilly.

    All parts were primed with Halfords acrylic grey primer car spray from a rattle can. The version that I had chosen to do was the one from the 51st (Highland) Infantry Division and this would be SCC2 Brown and SCC14 Black for the Mickey Mouse camouflage. I had MIG's Smart Set for the British ETO colours, 1939-45 which contained the SCC2. Two thin coats were airbrushed on and then it was put aside to dry. Before assembling all of the parts and before applying the black cammo, there was some detail painting that needed doing. I painted the engine block with Tamiya XF5 Flat Green and then picked out the wiring, fan belt and other small parts with black. The seats were painted with a dark tan colour and when it was all dry everything was given a brown wash. Before fixing the seats in place, I dry brushed them with a lighter tan. Last job was to add the two instrument decals. .........and starting to come together. Next up will be the tilt and the tie down ropes. Thanks for looking. John.
  9. Bullbasket

    Our best friends

    Really sorry for your loss Stu. Trouble is, you've stared me off now. It's nearly 4 years since we lost our retriever Harvey and I still miss him like mad. When he went, the blow was softened slightly as we still had our chocolate brown lab Jasper, but he died two years ago. The house seems somehow very empty without them. John.
  10. Bullbasket


    Sorry to hear that Mick. What, exactly, does that entail? John.
  11. Bullbasket


    Yes, I knew who the murderer was (the piece of trash is now doing life), but it would have been nice to see the end of the program. I can't get the catch up channel because when I try to access it, a box comes up and tells me that it's not available where I live. Rats! John.
  12. Bullbasket

    Show us your modelling space / stash

    Good grief!! How can you work in such a tidy space? I'd never be able to find anything! John.
  13. Bullbasket


    Well, here's a grump that last night brought forth a string of expletives (and that was just from my wife). To watch and record UK TV programs, we have a Humax box. 99% of the time it works brilliantly, but the 1% visited us last night. I had recorded the three part crime drama on ITV, "Manhunt". We both found it riveting. After three hours viewing, the program arrives at the climax, only to find that it hadn't recorded the last five minutes. The blue air was fully justifiable. I thought that these damned contraptions were smart enough to sense when a program started and ended. Seems I was wrong. John.
  14. Bullbasket

    M4 Sherman Tamiya 1/35

    For a first AFV build that is stunning. Paint job and weathering are first class. Any mistakes are not yours, they are Tamiya's!! But it's still a reasonably good kit. John.
  15. Bullbasket

    First Kit

    If it's your first AFV model and you want to do something allied, I would recommend any one of Tamiya's Sherman kits. They do several including the M4, M4A3 and M4A3 (105mm) from their older catalogue, and then the IDF M51 and M1 Super Sherman as well as one of their latest, the M4A3E8. They are all good kits and go together well without any vices. John.