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  1. Another day, same old grump.....the BBC!! I thought that it was bad enough with their coverage of Wimbledon, but the Olympics is really taking the pi mickey. It's almost wall to wall coverage. When I looked at the TV schedules this morning, the BBC has got Olympic coverage for 21 and a half out of 24 hours today. Really? Do they not comprehend that there just might be a few million viewers who have absolutely zero interest in what's going on in Japan right now. Even the Breakfast News has disappeared. I ended up watching Euro24 and discovered that there are actually things going on in the rest of the world that never usually see the light of day. Roll on three weeks time. John.
  2. Welcome aboard David. John.
  3. Bullbasket

    Covid Jab

    Finally!!! Got the call yesterday to say that we are booked in for our second jabs on Tuesday. I just hope that it's the AZ vaccine as swmbo has said that she won't mix and match. John.
  4. It doesn't matter when you can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. That's a very good looking Priest. Excellent painting and weathering, with great add ons. And the stowage is tied down! Bonus! John.
  5. Hans, word for word, that's exactly what happened to me three weeks ago. I'd gone to visit an insurance agency, and was walking across the car park when I felt this "popping" sensation in my left calf muscle. And then it felt as though I'd been stabbed. No explanation as to why it happened (apart from being an old fart). Three weeks later, it's a lot easier, but still not back to normal. Put it this way. I won't be running any marathons in the near future! John.
  6. That's an absolute cracker Fabrice. It's very atmospheric, so much so that I can hear "Paint it Black" playing". John.
  7. Great work Ben. Have Black Dog moulded the turret hatches in the closed position? Shame if they have. Looking at that Tiran conversion, I wonder if they can be persuaded to do the same for the Tamiya kit in 1/48th. John.
  8. Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....I was looking forward to the day when I reached the 10k mark and was officially recognised as a Blabbermouth. John.
  9. It doesn't matter how much you grovel, you won't get any extra Jammy Dodgers!! John.
  10. Eeyuk!! ptoo! ptoo! You'll be asking for Jaffa Cakes next.
  11. So that's what you wear under the kilt. John.
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