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  1. Another little miniature masterpiece Roman. Great work. John.
  2. The Works - Queen. Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen. John.
  3. No,I disagree with you. I think that you've got it just about right. I especially like the effect that you've achieved with the exhaust. But watch out for those spongs. They can be deadly. John.
  4. If you look in FAQ's, I've put an "Idiot's Guide" to using Village Photos. John.
  5. Excellent job Werner, and really well photographed. Nice one. John.
  6. Beautiful! All that it needs is a figure of Insp. Maigret stood beside it. John.
  7. Unusual subject Roger, and one that I'll watch.. Funnily enough, there was a completed model of this on another site, but I'm damned if I can find it now. John.
  8. If you hadn't pointed out the "3", I would never have seen it. Nice work with the decals. I actually like the dry rub type, and wish that there were more of them. John.
  9. Yes, I did too. Fair do's to Aunty Beeb. I think that on this occasion, they got it just about spot on. Nice to see Harry and Will walking and talking together after the service. John.
  10. Nice work Phil, and glad to see that you've tied the stowage down. John.
  11. Have a look here; http://www.idf-modelling.com/forum/ John.
  12. Hi, and welcome aboard. If you need help with photo hosting sites, look in FAQ's, as there are many threads there, covering this subject. I use Village Photos. Not to everyone's liking, but I find it easy to use. John.
  13. Hi and welcome aboard. The best place for you to get help is not here, but in the AFV section, under "Armour Discussion by Era", "WW2". Someone will pick it up. John.
  14. Bullbasket


    Hi Chis, and welcome aboard. I'm an AFV modeller myself, but if you have any questions to ask about your modelling theme, ask them in the appropriate section and someone will probably help you out. John.
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