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  1. Bullbasket

    Is anyone else concerned about the new "war on plastic"?

    I haven't bought an Airfix kit in about 15 years for one simple reason....they don't do 1/35th armour!
  2. Bullbasket

    Is anyone else concerned about the new "war on plastic"?

    I don't believe that there is anyone on here who would actually say that they don't care about the environment. But all you have to do is turn on the TV every morning to see somebody banging a new drum. These people are full of the usual "we need to do something. Doing nothing isn't an option". Well instead of trotting out the same old tired cliches, come up with something useful and positive to show what CAN actually be done. I've been away from the UK for a long time now, but each time I return, I see recycling programs around the country that range from the poor to the draconian. I admit that our household gets through loads of bottled water, mainly because what comes out of the tap is of dubious quality. But the recycling over here is first class. There are bins all around the village and a truck comes and empties them once a week. It is extremely rare to see rubbish discarded willy nilly. The green brigade and those lot in SW1 would like to do away with anything that burns hydrocarbons. Yes, OK, fine, but don't do it until you have a viable alternative in place. John.
  3. Bullbasket

    El Alamein Sherman.

    Thanks to you both for the comments. John.
  4. Bullbasket


    Awww shhhesh! I'm going to miss tuning into your saga Badder. It was like Mrs Dale's Diary....."I've been worried about Jim lately". Anyone under the age of 70 is going to wonder wtf I'm babbling on about. John.
  5. Bullbasket

    Vote Grump!

    You sadist!
  6. Bullbasket

    El Alamein Sherman.

    Thanks Jim. BTW. Got any more pythons going spare? The bl**dy rodents are back again. Spent a pleasant couple of hours listening to one rearranging his bedroom behind the plaster boards. Either that, or it was in it's death throws from eating the poison. Hopefully, the latter. John.
  7. Bullbasket

    Just When I Thought Things Were Going Well !!!!

    B..... H... Simon! You really must have p.....d somebody off in a previous life. Sorry to hear this latest one. Hope that it all goes well for both of you. John.
  8. Bullbasket

    Vote Grump!

    Mine doesn't. It makes and takes calls, and if I can be bothered, text. For £1.99, what more can I ask for. When I'm out, I don't want to be constantly checking my phone to see if anyone has "liked" me. Giving a rodents bottom comes to mind again. I have never once had a situation where I've thought to myself "I wish I had the internet so that I could look up so and so". I'll wait until I get back home. Wouldn't it be fun if every single network around the world was switched off for 20 minutes. Just imagine the number of suicides and complete meltdowns there would be. John.
  9. Bullbasket

    Is anyone else concerned about the new "war on plastic"?

    Don't worry. There are several "culls" going on around the planet even now, and if the idiots people with their finger on the button don't grow up, there'll be even more. And that's not a political rant, so let's leave it there. I tend to take exception to the use of the "we" in a lot of these topics. We must do this, or we need to change that. This "we" has been fairly responsible for many years now, with regards to waste and recycling. It doesn't mater one jot what "we" do, if counties in Asia have rivers completely choked with all sorts of rubbish, not just plastic. Personally, I'm with Dogsbody in so far as giving a rodents bottom about what the tree huggers think. I will go on as long as I am able building plastic toys models. After all, the box of plastic that I buy, is unlikely to end up in the landfill for a very long time. Why would I part with a load of money, just to bin it the following week? John.
  10. Bullbasket

    El Alamein Sherman.

    That's very nice of you to say so. Thanks a lot. John.
  11. Bullbasket

    El Alamein Sherman.

    Many thanks for the comments. It's difficult to interpret b&w photos. I'm still not sure whether it should be black or green. Give Hornet Heads a go. You won't be disappointed. John.
  12. Bullbasket

    Br52 steam loco

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Nice work with those steps. They look excellent. John.
  13. Bullbasket

    T-55 GALAAD 1/72

    Very impressive. It was bad enough doing those fuel pipes in 1/35th on my Tiran, but 1/72nd!! Nice one. John.
  14. Bullbasket


    So did I, and I've been model building for 65 years.....and I'm still learning. Welcome aboard. John.
  15. Bullbasket

    El Alamein Sherman.

    Thanks Pete. Chris Meddings does a couple of sheets covering several different British armoured regiments. John.