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  1. The bit about insulation, is very sound advice. When we were first looking at properties in France, there were some lovely ones with beautiful exposed stone work. Then somebody said to me, don't touch them. In winter, it costs a fortune to heat, so that's why our house has no exposed stone, just loads of insulated, plaster board walls. (And it's still cold). John.
  2. Another little cracker Roman. Great work. John.
  3. Superb! The weathering that you have achieved really makes it look as though it has been in the wars......literally! John.
  4. And that's paper?? Absolutely brilliant. Great job. John.
  5. Nicely done. It's a great kit and no doubt, I'll build another. John.
  6. Nononono!! There are loads of them on here already. I'm sure that they're breeding. Anyway, welcome aboard, and it's good to have another AFV modeller join up. John.
  7. As of 0700 CET, it looks as though it's fixed, and all of my missing photos have reappeared in the thread. John.
  8. Just like the Yanks did with prohibition, us Brits will find a way around it. Now, pass me another bacon butty. John.
  9. Yes, the same thing has happened to all of my photos. This happened with VP about a year ago, and once they sorted out the certificate, it all went back to normal. I hope that they sort it soon as VP has been very easy for me to use so far. John.
  10. WOT! Croissants?? Ye Gods. Where's the fun in that?
  11. http://www.militarymodelcraft.co.uk/ When the page opens, look at the picture that comes up immediately. It will then scroll from right to left, showing various models, and then you should see a picture of the Berlin Brigade Chieftain. John.
  12. I must have got my wires crossed. I thought that this was going to be in a magazine (and it should be), and when I looked at Mil.Modelcraft homepage, there is a dead ringer for your build on there. John.
  13. Not something that we see very often. Nice paint job Ernst. John.
  14. Excellent job, and convincing weathering. Can I ask, where do you get your nameplates from? John.
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