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  1. My grump today is about a large portion of the human race, who once they get behind the wheel of a car, turn into something deeply unpleasant. When I was over in the UK recently, I was driving down the A127 towards Southend in the outside lane. I'd left a big space between me and the car in front. I suddenly saw the hazard lights of the car two places in front come on, but sadly the car behind him didn't, with the result that he slammed into the braking car. I was able to stop in time, but I was then trapped behind the two damaged cars in the outside lane. Every vehicle coming up from behind were moving into the inside lane to pass the two cars. I'm sitting there with my left indicator going, but would anyone slow up to let me out....would they bol heck! What is wrong with people? I had my wife in the front seat, terrified that we were going to be hit, and my Grandson in the back. It took the best part of a minute before one driver slowed enough for me to pull out. Heaven forbid that a car should get in front of them. John
  2. As has already been said, it looks good. If you want to lighten it a little now, get hold of some of Migs "Allied Green, Fading". When applied with a brush, it will lighten up those areas that it's applied to. It also gives it a streaked, worn appearance. John.
  3. Excellent weathering, and a very poignant setting. John.
  4. Hi Stix. Glad to have been of help. The stripe looks good as does the whole paint job. Nice one. John.
  5. I think that you've got the message about the eyes so I won't add to it. What I will say though is that you can improve the aerial by changing it for one from Accurate Armour. They do some very nice ones in carbon firbre. That said, nice job. John.
  6. Well that came out of the blue. Sorry to hear this Dan, and I hope that you make a swift recovery. Certa Cito. John.
  7. If it wasn't for the photo of it sitting in your hand, it could easily be taken for a 1/35th scale model. Nice one Roman. John.
  8. That's a cracking looking A/C, and a very nice paint job. John.
  9. If this is the bloke in Southend, he's excellent. Him and I got into trouble with E-bay because I went to his address to pick up a kit. They wanted him to mail it to me (so that they can get a percentage of the postage), when he lived less than half a mile away. Numbnuts! Anyway, I picked up a Miniart kit that normally retails for more than £40, for £30. His place is a mini Aladdin's cave. John.
  10. Excellent work with the metal, especially in this scale. John.
  11. I would move back to Blighty tomorrow if we found a buyer, but given the present political situation, I'm more likely to become the next Pope. As for water softeners. What we have is along those lines. There are two transparent tubes that the water passes through, one containing a type of string filter to remove impurities such as mud and one that contains crystals which are supposed to soften the water. Might work in some areas, but not much cop here. To give you an example of what the water's like. If you've ever been to Mother Shipton's Cave in Yorkshire where people have hung up items of clothing and they've turned to stone, that's it.
  12. And the good news just keeps on coming. We live in an extremely hard water area. Example. We have an inline filter system, and we also pass the water through two Britta filters, but we still have to descale the kettle about once a month. So, as the system hadn't been used for 22 days, the first time that the tap in the bathroom was turned on, it wouldn't turn off fully as the limescale managed to bung up the works. Therefore, new tap installed, BUT!! Unbeknown to me, the supply from the hot water tank was ever so slowly seeping out of the open pipe work while I stopped for lunch, causing it to run underneath the laminate flooring and to drip through the kitchen ceiling. Not a massive disaster, just a damned nuisance and necessitating a long clear up. Just sitting here now, waiting to see what my own personal gremlin is going to through at us next.
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