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  1. Good to know Lee. I've got some IPA (no, not the beer), so I'll mix some with distilled water and give it a go, and dump the milky stuff. Thanks for the info. John.
  2. That's brilliant news Andy. I'm really pleased for you and your family. Stay safe. John.
  3. This is one that I will follow, as it's based on the 38t. It looks a good kit so far. John.
  4. Sadly, the milky one is the only one that I have, and I haven't been impressed with it. Did you find that the tip clogged? John.
  5. This one seems to be very hit and miss. I've only ever ordered from them once, via eBay, and it was a 1/35th Tamiya kit, and arrived, here in France in about a week. No probs. John.
  6. Very nice Roger. Have a safe trip, and make sure that the radar is on so that you can see clearly now. John.
  7. Good luck with the build. It is a fairly straight forward (if slightly inaccurate) kit, but your opening titles are incorrect. It's an M4. The A1 is the cast hull. John.
  8. For a first AFV, you've done an excellent job Andy. Obviously your abilities from your car builds have transferred over to this side. I hope that you'll be building more AFVs in the future (Sherman??). John.
  9. You've mastered VPs OK and produced an excellent first AFV. Nice one. John.
  10. Great looking model, excellent figure, and all displayed very well. John.
  11. Many thanks Terry. Yes, the turret ring worked out easier than I thought that it would. I'll keep an eye out in RFI for your two braille scale models. John.
  12. Hi Chris. Nice to have you back again. That etched brass must have kept you occupied for quite a while, but the end result was worth it. John.
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