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  1. Thanks both of you for the comments. Yes, I thought that it would make a nice change from the usual sandy finish. John.
  2. After looking at some photos online of Gal Batash's, I'm going to stay with no tactical signs. In the photos, some had others didn't. Another reason is that they would need to be positioned on the side skirts which have some raised detail and after my experience with Academy's decals, there's no way that they would settle down over the detail. John.
  3. Thanks all, for the encouraging words. John.
  4. Hi Glynn. A bit of a mine field, isn't it. I think that Academy just supplied decals for a generic tank, as there is no mention in the instructions as to what unit it belonged to. They do supply the tactical signs (arrow heads), but they don't feature on the instructions. Another little anomaly from Academy. Another is the fact that they have left it until the decal placing instructions, to tell you where to position the two spare track links and the shovel!! Thanks for that link. Very useful. John.
  5. Really nice build and the painting and weathering (and the figure) are great. It's one of Bronco's better kits. John.
  6. Thanks for the comments Andy. Much appreciated. John.
  7. Excellent model and the weathering is first class, especially the dozer blade. Nice one. John.
  8. Mine doesn't do that, but when I back click, it will like as not, take me back two pages instead of one, so therefore, I quite often end up back at Google.
  9. That's the last time that I go into their corner house for tea.
  10. I haven’t finished anything since the Tilly, so I dug out some of my early builds. This one is from about 10 years ago and is the Italeri Crusader Mk.lll. I did a bit of detailing on it such as replacing the slats at the rear with thinner card, adding the fuel line from the auxiliary tank and used the etched set from Eduard. I also replaced the main gun with one from RB models. It’s painted in a plain G3 green (I think) using Tamiya paints, and is based on a tank of the 17th/21st Lancers in Tunisia in 1943. Thanks for looking. John.
  11. A great group (yes GROUP. I grew up in a time when that's what they were called, not bands. Joe Loss had a band). I especially liked Dreamer. If you like Hodgson, listen to his album "Eye of the Storm". John.
  12. Let's be honest. This is basically a one man rant, and the OP hasn't responded since a lot of people found his posts to be a little OTT. Unless there are obligatory boxes to fill in when you start a new thread, it's inevitable that some info will be missed off. I do it, and so, probably, do the ones who think that they never make a mistake. Next time I start a new post, I will endeavour to include ALL of the relevant info, but if I don't, it won't be because I'm being lazy, rude or any of the aforementioned reasons given by others. It will be because I have a lousy memory and always have had. John.
  13. Thanks Stix. It was the "gimels" that caused the biggest problem, one of them splitting into three separate pieces, and I didn't have any spares. Started applying the washes last night. Had a few complaints from the household authority with regards to the stink of thinners upstairs. John.
  14. This will bring back memories for any Grunts viewing it. Nice wok Dennis. John.
  15. Thanks Glynn. You could well be right. Seeing as one of the stripes split when I applied it, it could end up being covered up by a bit of crew kit hung over it. John.
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