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  1. You had me worried for a minute there!! John.
  2. But not for long....
  3. Sorry,we're just gonna have to agree to disagree. I will never like the stuff. To me, it's not music. Music is something that you can whistle or hum the tune. When was the last time that you heard somebody whistling a rap piece? Fifty years or more since the Beatles were around, and even youngsters can recognise some of their songs. I can't see that happening with rap. John. (Dyed in the wool MUSIC) fan.
  4. Nice work. Scratching something like that in this scale can't be easy. John.
  5. That was probably when he had the hump with some of the youngsters in the Brazlian team. You're right about music tastes being formed in the teen years, although I think that mine were formed a little earlier, due to the fact that I had a brother who is nine years older than me. I was brought up on 78rpm records of Bill Haley, Little Richard, Elvis and the Everley's, to name but four. My Dad was about 50 years old when R&R first came out, and Jimmy Shand was more his type of music (he being a Scot), but I remember in the 60's, he walked in one day with a 45RPM under his arm. When I asked him what it was he said that he'd bought it because he liked it.....Go Now by the Moody Blues. You never can tell. One more thing. Why do people keep misspelling that rap stuff. There should be a C at the beginning!! John.
  6. Sad to say that that is the case. Modern youth want every thing now! It's probably a generation thing, but I can't think of a single 21st century song that I like (not that crazy on most of the 90's stuff either). For me, intros on a lot of music, is what draws me into it in the first place, and grabs my interest. This one for me, is a classic example.
  7. Can't believe that after five pages, nobody has mentioned this man.
  8. 100% agree, and if you don't mind, I'll post it here.
  9. There are two photo hosting sites that you should avoid. One is Photobucket, because they tried to rip all of their customers off a couple of years ago, and they other is Village Photos, because it hasn't renewed it's security certificate, and is therefore unsafe. I used to use both, but now I use Imgur and am very happy with it. John.
  10. It worked, but it's only a thumbnail. John.
  11. Deleted, double post. John.
  12. This is really starting to look good. Nice work with the etched baskets. John.
  13. It does look like a beast of a vehicle. Nice work with the casting and the weld beads. John.
  14. Isn't it nice, when you go to a show such s Telford, looking for two specific kits, and lo and behold, on the first stand that you come to, there they are, one on top of another. To those who know me, it will come as no surprise to learn that both of these will eventually be built as IDF M50's. And I must have had a brain fart when I bought this, but I did it because many years ago, when I used to build wingy things, I used to like the drones and controllers of the US Navy, so that's what this will end up as, along with the Hellcat that I bought last year. John.
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