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  1. I built this a few years ago using up some left over parts from a Dragon Sherman Vc. I used the upper and lower hull from the kit along with the tracks. The turret is one by Formations which comes with some British fittings, but the hatch cover needed changing so I used the Dragon one. The colour for Fox is a bone of contention, some saying that is was SCC2, others that it was SCC15. One piece of info that I got from somebody in the know was that Fox was originally in SCC2 and held in storage. The thinking was that it would have been unlikely to have brought it out of storage and gone to the trouble of repainting it in SCC15 when the intention was for it to be used only for the initial landings, so that's the way that I went. The decals are from Bison on sheet number 35015, which is no longer available, but it can be found on Star Decals sheet number 35-C1020. As always, thanks for looking. John.
  2. Bullbasket

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    We used to have both. Many years ago, we had a fabulous yellow Labrador named Max, and a beautiful black cat named Sooty, and they used to get on really well together. Max was really laid back and loved to sleep in front of the fire in the winter. Most times Sooty would just join him there and lay down across his paws, but sometimes she would stamp her authority and show who really was the boss. If he was asleep in front of the fire, she would just walk up to him, cuff him across the nose, and he would vacate the prime position in front of the fire, leaving her the place to herself. John.
  3. Bullbasket

    RMASG Centaur.

    While I understand where you're coming from with this, there are a couple of photos around that show them fitted. The one at Pegasus Bridge has them (yes, I know to be wary of museum exhibits). Most models that I've seen, including ones by knowledgeable modellers, also have them. Maybe they were just left in situ, inactive, so that's going to be my thinking behind it. So I'm going to leave them on, but not attach the electrical cables. John.
  4. £20 and free postage? That is a good deal. It would cost you £30 from Hannant's plus postage. John.
  5. Bullbasket

    RMASG Centaur.

    Hi Simon, Far be it for me to play oneupmanship, but at last count, I had seven.. In all honesty, If I was to do a Cromwell with the sand shields in place, I wouldn't bother with etched fenders, as once the paint and weathering go on, it's hard to tell the difference. I only used them on the Centaur as they were a different pattern to those in the kit. The stop removal on the running gear is very easy to do. And finally, you've already giving me the motivation to start it again. Maybe the fact that the kit that I'm building at the moment is becoming a drag may have something to do with it. Good luck with your build. John.
  6. Bullbasket

    Microsoft Edge crashing in the post editor

    Bare in mind that I know more about neurosurgery than I do about computers, but the man who looks after our computers (h is a professional), said that he wouldn't touch Edge with a barge pole. Not my words, his. I'm clueless. One thing that I do know though. I used to access BM via Internet Explorer and Google, then one day I found that if I wanted to quote what someone had said in a thread, I couldn't. The little "Quote Selection" drop down box wouldn't appear. The only way around it for me was to access BM using Chrome. It works fine now. I still use Explorer/Google for other sites, just not BM. John.
  7. That is a masterclass in model building and painting. Well done. John.
  8. Bullbasket

    Pz.kpwf.III ausf.N DAK - Dragon 1/35

    Nicely done Chis. The pioneer tools look good. John.
  9. Bullbasket

    SWS UHU 1/35 + SMDs

    According to Google Translate, uhu is German for eagle owl.
  10. Bullbasket

    FV432 "Bulldog"

    Lovely job. Is the bar armour plastic or etched brass? John.
  11. Bullbasket

    RMASG Centaur.

    To be perfectly honest, if it hadn't have been for the fact that the front fenders/track guards on these Centaurs was of a different design to the later type, I would have stuck with the kits fenders and just scraped the edges to a thin section. That's what I did on my other three Cromwells. John.
  12. Bullbasket

    A30 Challenger.

    If there ever is a next time, I will build it from scratch and a Tamiya Cromwell. I did it in 1/48th and it worked out fine. The problem this time was using the SKP parts. Hardly anything fits right. With regards to the handles. I didn't worry too much about them as I believe the real ones are the type that when not in use, drop down into a recess, so what I should have done was have them just standing slightly proud of the engine deck. But your comment is worth taking on board. Thanks. John.
  13. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain replacement

    So what's it going to be? Rejig the spray booth, or cut a bigger hole in the ceiling?
  14. Bullbasket

    a couple of magach's in 1/72

    Interesting couple of tanks. You've made a good start there. John.
  15. Bullbasket

    Grump Britain replacement

    Sounds like the captain of the USS Codfish!!