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  1. It'll be interesting to see how the population behave today, seeing as it's Bastille Day. John.
  2. It's not always easy to do a single colour scheme well, but you've really brought it to life. Nice one. John.
  3. Many thanks for the comments Stuart. I've got three awaiting the airbrush. Just got to pull my finger out and get on with it. John.
  4. Nice work with the tracks. IMO, a jig is the best way to assemble these tracks. I made one up for assembling the tracks in the Bronco A13 kits and the same again for the Sherman tracks from Panda Plastics. It makes life so much easier. John.
  5. Bullbasket

    Book Stash.

    I've accumulated dozens of books on aircraft which are no longer of interest to me, as I don't build wingy things anymore, and haven't for about 15 years, so they are just taking up valuable space. But on the other hand, my AFV book collection is building up nicely and they are very useful to me. John.
  6. You've done just enough to that Jeep to make it look as though it's seen some service, but hasn't just come off of the production line. Nice work. John.
  7. That does look rather good Nick. I can't help wondering what would happen if Brinks Mat used these for deliveries to banks. It would certainly spoil the bank robbers day! John.
  8. Now there's a version of the M60 that you don't see very often. Great work and nice weathering. John.
  9. Nice work on the turret bin. I didn't realise that they had changed the configuration of it. John.
  10. Excellent build, and great work on the weathering. John.
  11. Good work on your first AFV. Hopefully it will encourage you to build more. John.
  12. Thanks a lot. Much appreciated. Yes, I do have a vehicle in mind. Fortunately, if I don't receive my custom made decals, the markings on this particular tank should be fairly easy to replicate (he said hopefully). John.
  13. You look as if you have the same problem that I have ie; you can grow hair easier on your face than you can on your head John.
  14. There were a few jobs that I had to return to at the front of the model. First was to add the bow MG which arrived in the post last week from RB Models. While I was adding some casting numbers to the turret, I added the foundry mark for General Steel Castings Corporation on the glacis plate, between the base for the gun crutch. I removed the kit supplied brush guard for the horn, and replaced it with one from the Hauler set, as it had a better appearance. And finally, I had an attempt to replicate the later type of gun crutch that @M3talpigpointed out to me. To say that I’m not happy with the result is a bit of an understatement, but it was the best that I could do. It’s parts like this that are making me think about a 3d printer…..maybe! And the completed model, minus the running gear. It'll join a queue for the paintshop, and then have to wait for the decals to arrive. I only ordered them back in May!! John.
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