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  1. Just make sure that it's had a good 2 minute shake, that the can isn't stone cold, and then two or three light passes. Covers everything and sticks like s sticks very well. John.
  2. I still swear by Halfords grey acrylic auto primer. Never had a problem with it. That aside, the details are bringing this to life. Nice work Andrew. John.
  3. If you ended up not wanting to use the AA conversion, and do it yourself, have a look at this one which I did a few years ago. It might be of help. John.
  4. I'm probably being very thick here, but I still don't know what you mean. If you can, put photo of what it is you're talking about. John.
  5. Nice work Milan. It looks as though it has spent many months being battered by the sirocco. John.
  6. I can't remember off hand, but when I built my 1/35th RMASG Sherman V, something which I read said that the colour should be SCC2 (It may have been the blurb with the decal set which I think was Bison). To even things up, when I built the same tank in 1/48th scale, I did it in SCC15. John.0
  7. Don't forget that this is in the AFV Discussion forum. You need to move over to WIP now. Good luck with the build, and post a photo of the AA deck when you get it, to see if they have corrected the error. John.
  8. Thanks for putting me right. I knew that it was something like that. I'm like you, 21 in '67, so memory isn't what it used to be. John.
  9. Again, I've done exactly the same thing. These kits are a little bit like a Mozart composition.......why use one note, when 10 would suffice.? John.
  10. I shall watch with great interest Wayne, as this might kick start my 1/48th scale version. John.
  11. Nice build, well painted with just the right amount of weathering. Great work. John.
  12. Well, you sneaked this one in under the radar. I know what you mean about this kit. I also have an abandoned one on the shelf, which might get some attention one day. But that said, well done for persevering with it as it was worth it in the end. Nice work. John.
  13. I think that what Jack says is correct. An example is the RMASG Centaurs. Some of them were still in SCC2 brown when they went ashore. There's also controversy as to whether the Sherman V's used by that unit, were also still in SCC2. John.
  14. I appreciate you all taking the time to comment. Thanks. I've built a few of the Tamiya kits, and so for this build, I wanted to find out what the Airfix kit is like, and so far, I'm reasonably impressed. Do I think that it's an improvement? Well given the 20 plus years between them, I'd have expected more from them, and for them not to have made school boy errors. But it is what it is, and I would gladly buy another. John.
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