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  1. That'll definitely stir a few memories. Nice work. John.
  2. Sorry about that Vince. I didn't know that you would have to have Fleet for an MRI scan. In fact (and I have no medical knowledge here), I've never heard of it before for an MRI. You have to have it for a colonoscopy because the camera needs a clear view, so any unmentionables would foul up the lens. If the insides weren't cleared out properly, instead of having a nice sharp photo of the intestines, there would be endless photos of Richard lll, etc!! John.
  3. Many moons ago, when Pontius was a pilot, I used to build aircraft and I too used to brush paint quite a lot and was usually happy with the result. The difference being that then, I used enamels, and I think that they are a lot more forgiving than some acrylics when applied with a brush. John.
  4. Hello Mike, and welcome aboard. I used to build wingey things, but now it's strictly AFVs only. I had a look at your 47 and 51 and both are very nice. John.
  5. Thanks John. I've had the stuff myself so I know that it is truly disgusting. But oh boy! does it clear you out. It takes about an hour to work, but once it does, don't let anyone get between you and the toilet. And that goes on for about the next three hours. And just to make sure, you have to repeat it again the next morning. Oh deep joy! John.
  6. I've probably related this before, but here it is again. Paypal, in it's infinite wisdom, decided out of the blue, that my billing address no longer agreed with my postal address. I won't go into the long and tedious correspondents that I had with them except to say that I got so fed up with them that I shut the account. I'll try opening up again at some point, but they may not let me in if I use the same email address. We'll see. John.
  7. After experiencing an absolute year, it was really good to get the news that we got yesterday. Following my wife's colonoscopy, she was given the all clear and the hospital doesn't want to see her for another three years. Just as well as the procedure that she had to endure the day before is not pleasant. Anyone who has had the "pleasure" of taking Fleet will know what I'm talking about. John.
  8. Excellent job. Paint and weathering are great and the figure looks good also. Nice one. John.
  9. Absolutely superb Simon. Your work on it has brought it to life. Nice one. John.
  10. Hopefully to illustrate better what I said above, here is a photo of a Tiran 5 that I built some time ago. It has Fruilmodel metal tracks (with slightly too many links).
  11. I think that it's not so much whether or not it's touching the 2nd/3rd/4th road wheels. That's fine. It's the angle that the track comes off of the drive sprocket and the idler. It should be horizontal or dipping down. Because of the nature of the material that the tracks are made out of, namely vinyl, they are stiff and therefore are still slightly on the upwards instead of dropping down. I hope that makes sense. John.
  12. To me, that is a perfect lesson in how to make an uninteresting tank (IMHO), interesting. I've always thought the M1 a boring tank, but what you have done to it Andy, is to create a superb model. The painting and weathering is first class. Nice one. John.
  13. With regards to Village Photos, I've used the site ever since the Photoracket debacle. I know that a lot of people are wary of using the site because of the "not secure" message that comes up. This seems to apply when you are using Chrome to try and access the site, but I use Explorer for this purpose with no problems. With regards to their T&C's, I'm not unduly worried by them as the only photos that I put on there are my model photos, and they are different from ones that I take for magazine articles. Also, they don't have any of my financial details. Also, just as an aside, the Canadian, Paul Owen, who runs the Track Link site, has recently started hosting members photos, so that you can upload them direct to the site from your computer. I don't know his setup, but he appears to be a one man band. Probably, TL is a smaller concern than BM as it is more niche, catering for AFV's only, with no Chat etc. pages, so maybe it is more viable because of that. John.
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