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  1. Welcome aboard Balazs.What kind of models do you build? John.
  2. I suspect that the last sentence says more about what you really want. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened. So if you think that you are going to get a rant from me over what you posted, you're sadly mistaken.
  3. The very thought brought tears to my eyes!!
  4. As is often said on your side of the pond, "ain't that the truth". Many thanks Lloyd. SWMBO will be watching a mindless soap opera tonight, so I'll get some time in my room. John.
  5. Every one else does, except me. I've got to the age where I've forgotten what it's for.
  6. Bullbasket

    The Weather,

    Yes, just the same up the road here John. I'm glad to say that the wind has died down now, because everything was being covered in dust as the farmers whipped up a dust storm with their tractors and equipment. My next door neighbours are due here tomorrow for a week, and the forecast is showing the next seven days with rain. Wind some, lose some. John.
  7. Well said Paul, couldn't have put it better or more succinctly. To take one of your points, basically, what you're saying is that all of our problems today with global warming can be put down to too much rumpy pumpy! John.
  8. If I'd have said something obnoxious, then you'd be correct. But all I did was to point out that he would get a better response if he posted the message in the aircraft section. Please, feel free to explain to me how that was unwelcoming. Plus, unless I've got it completely wrong, it was originally posted in the wrong area and it has since been moved by one of the mods.
  9. Just a wild shot in the dark here Vince, but do you like Herb Albert?
  10. Regret as much as you like, but I am still of the same opinion. Maybe you deliberately misunderstood what I was saying, I don't know. But I am all in favour of the WHOLE world doing something about climate change. But every day there is someone in the world who is sticking two fingers up at the rest of us. You don't have to look any further than what's coming out of S.America at the moment. And as for scoffing. Is that what people like me are doing when our opinions don't coincide with yours? There is a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to demonstrators. How did they arrive at said demo? How will they get home afterwards? And I stand by what I said about the daily feed of different "experts" telling us poor mortals how we should live our lives. We shouldn't be eating so much red meat because of the burping cows adding to the global warming. Did they ever stop to think that there are people in this world who cannot eat vegetables and that meat is their staple diet? Sorry Mods if this has gone OTT, it was never my intention, so if you are going to pull it, please, just pull the topic and not the whole thread. John.
  11. They were at it again this morning, although it was more like a report this time, instead of a lecture. This morning's topic? Global warming. Apparently, there are going to be demonstrations all over the world against global warming. Really?? Does that mean that thousands of people are going to take to the streets in China and India to protest against the building a many new coal fired power stations. I doubt it. Don't get me wrong. I am not somebody who poo poo's the idea, but until we get the likes of the aforementioned countries to tow the same line, we're wasting our time. And as for the school children who are refusing to attend school today so that they can go on a demo. Are the parents going to be fined the same way that they would be if they had taken them out of class in school time so that they can go on holiday? And if anyone replies to this post, don't bring politics into it as it has sweet fanny adams to do with it. It's all about the usual bunch lecturing us on how to live our lives without having thought it through first. John.
  12. Bullbasket


    Looks as though he's up and running again as he posted a load of new kits, accessories and books yesterday. John.
  13. Thanks Richard, Yes, it's on the to do list. I've got some Archer decals so will be doing that when I have some time. Not touched it for a couple of days as I've been charging round fixing up medical appointments for my wife and myself. I should have some "me" time later today. John.
  14. Same from me (I've put a msg in the Birthday thread). John.
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