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  1. FZ6 thank you very much for taking the time to post the pics - what a great diorama! Top man! TT
  2. Sadly I couldnt make Southwell but a mate sent me some pics of John Adams 1930s aerodrome diorama - did anyone take any shots or can he be persuaded to put some up? Many thanks TT
  3. Latest rumour I’ve heard is a twintub Spit...
  4. Apologies I meant low back- I need to take more water with it- but I’m grateful for your explanation on wing types - seems unlikely! And please don’t take the Lincoln thing as gospel...it was a rumour and this is the rumourmonger after all!
  5. Have you started modelling scenery out of mashed potato yet though?
  6. I think this whole series is fascinating! Where will the hobby be in ten years! I wonder how easy it is to sand the plastic though - some of the parts seem to be ABS which I'm familiar with and the rest is some form of biodegradable plastic called PLA which I had to google. Amazing stuff though! TT
  7. Well this might nix the Vulcan rumour - I'm sure when I looked the other week the Airfix website had the Vulcan as 'out of stock' now its in 'pre-order' Winter 2019-2020 - I thought maybe they'd left it there as a double bluff when out of stock but it seems highly unlikely they'd be taking pre-orders for the old tool with a new tool coming.... https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/avro-vulcan-b-mk2-xh558-vulcan-to-the-sky-gift-set-1-72.html So expected 'revised tools/new boxings' 1/48 Hunter FGA9 1/72 Buccaneer RAF 1/48 Spit XIV second boxing (Postwar?) or low-back? 1/24 Hellcat - second boxing? Drones? Uruguay? Lots announced in 2019 still to be released/re-released - variants of Wimpey, Phantom FG1, & Hunter F4 for example and the Classic Range - maybe more on that line but as the release of the first tranche has been delayed, maybe not? Pre Telford- my final guesses are.... 1/72 JU-88 (would complete the 'set' but did the HE111 and DO 17 sell?) 1/72 'German Supply Set;' (like RAF and USAAF sets previously issued could be sold separately and in combination with an aircraft kit) 1/72 Battle - competition limited to MPM and their own ancient (incorrect) kit 1/72 Lysander (they have a close relationship with warbird operators - ARCO's new machine aloft this year - army boxing - SOE boxing- Shuttleworth) 1/72 Tempest II lots of V's not many II's in competition.. 1/72 Anson C.21 - no competition lots of Museums have one.... 1/48 Vampire/Venom I'm still of the opinion that a 1/48 Airfix Lanc would be a good shout - Spitfires sell, Lancasters sell, fits all Airfix's criteria... more wieldy than 1/32! BUT.... I still recall at the back of my foggy mind a report that the Avro Lincoln at Cosford was scanned by Airfix some time ago...they wouldnt, would they.....RAF option then Overseas option - Argentina, Australia.... but then people said they'd never see a Shack..... Next Superkit.... 1/24 Gladiator or Sea Fury... TT
  8. Andover? Probably not 'heavy' though... TT
  9. Combat Aircraft of WW2 also by Bill Gunston got me into it - those Salamander books were the staple of many a lad's bookshelf in the 80s and terrific they are too!
  10. The Hobbycraft C-45 was in 1/72 and better than the PM one though PM do the only 1/72 AT-11 I’m aware of TT
  11. Perhaps the 'new's of the HB 1/48 Lanc has put the kibosh on my suggestion that Airfix might do one.... still faves are a 1/72 Battle (not a Lizzie now as Dora have done one??) and maybe a 1/72 Hampden. A 48th Chippie would follow the Tiger logically or even a new tool 1/72 version (would be cheap to tool) but I still predict 2020 will be the year of the Vulcan....! TT
  12. Unfortunately their Expeditor isnt much cop either. £41.99 for an Italeri F-35, which retails at £25 - erm, OK then! PM had a bash at some unusual stuff back in the day ....
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