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  1. Why's it impossible? They downscaled the B-17 and there hasnt been any competition to the Tamiya Lanc for 40 + years! Good on em if they do it! TT
  2. Nah he's going to arrange them like the wedges in a Trivial Pursuit holder
  3. Well IIRC we know they at least have the Bassett and Beaver as I think they were part of the ill-fated Kitfunder project. I think the Vintage Classics reissue has done very well - perhaps better than they thought - certainly accordingly to my LHS- it took three restocks before I could grab a Jetstream! The packaging is well done, brand spanking new (better) decals and I think the price point is right at £11.99 for the Heron, Dominie and 'Stream - that's good value in my book TT
  4. Lovely work - great and rarely seen scheme beautifully executed ! TT
  5. That is absolutely beautiful - well done! I've had to buy one! TT
  6. Superb job and bloody hell that was quick! TT
  7. Hi All Another bit of silliness from me! After the mega T2 hangar dio I needed a bit of a break to get my modelling mojo back - we all get that from time to time right? And as I built the Wellingtons without wings it seems I may now have a problem fully completing aeroplanes! I noticed though that one of the unused Wimpey engine firewalls might come in handy... So Airfix's little Vamp T.11 has now been converted into our Vamp T.11 pod - XD599 - on display at Sywell Aviation Museum. I modified an old Airfix Stirling bomb trolley from the spares box by shortening it and adding some bracing - it was missing some wheels but some old Airfix Islander mains saved the day, sawed the cockpit off aft of the pod (where ours has been) and grafted on the Wimpey firewall which was almost a perfect fit! Scratchbuilt some FOD covers. Sprayed with Rustoleum plastic primer, hit it with Humbrol 64 for the grey by brush, masked and painted the anti-glare panel in Matt 33. The A's are from old Royal NAVY spare decals as they were all I had that were close enough and the dayglow bits were cut out of some trim from an old Hobbycraft C-45 decal sheet! A couple of licks of Klear, then gave it a wash of Flory models dark dirt - in the photos I forgot to wipe the excess off - I have now - as she is pretty grubby and the canopy fairing at the back is pretty cracked. I must clean her some day! Hope it makes you smile on a Monday morning! ATB TT vamp1 by Ben Brown, on Flickr vamp2 by Ben Brown, on Flickr vamp3 by Ben Brown, on Flickr '599 as she is now vamp4 by Ben Brown, on Flickr
  8. Ah thanks! That’s a bit odd- if there was a printed IP to put on it I could understand but...?! TT
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