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  1. Any news on this! I also remember the relaunched Eagle which my Dad got me to get me into Dan and his chums! I remember the Firefly vividly! TT
  2. What are peoples thoughts on the Meteor in the back of this Airfix Facebook post... https://m.facebook.com/officialairfix/photos/a.80699376270/10159412171631271/?type=3&source=48
  3. When you think about iconic British aircraft - Spit, Lanc, Hurricane, Harrier, Vulcan etc- or rather the public's list who are perhaps unfamiliar with the Fairey Fruitbat - one is missing from a new tool perspective....would they consider a new tool Concorde...- a replacement for the old 1/72 one which by repute is a pig of a kit? TT
  4. A JP isnt a bad shout but just cos they like to be contrary from 1/72 - I bet it would be a JP5 so they can do a Strikey as well! TT
  5. Normally by this time of year there are at least half a dozen threads running on this topic- I couldn't find one so I thought I'd start it! Revised tools/new markings 1/72 Douglas AC-47 'Spooky' (?) 1/72 Blackburn Buccaneer - Gulf War issue? 1/72 Beaufort & Mossie second boxings 1/72 Vulcan XH558/Black Buck 1/48 - Tiger Moth 'Civilian' or 'Wartime' or 'Foreign Users' or floatplane? 1/48 Hunter FGA.9 or FR10 1/48 Sabre new version /second boxing Will the cancelled Sea Vixen re-release happen this year? Now 'last year' was Postwar heavy and mainly jets so perhaps a return to WW2? New Tools... 1/72 Spitfire TR.9 - I mentioned this rumour the other year... 1/72 Fairey Battle/Firefly 1/72 P-51B/C ... 1/72 Hampden (is there enough of it at Cosford to work from?) 1/72 Anson - (how about a C.21/ XIX) or even in 1/48... 1/72 Luftwaffe Ground set (as they have done the RAF and US already) which could then be combined with the Dornier 17 or HE111 aircraft kits in a combo box (like the Lanc and B17) OR 1/72 V Bomber Support Set... But they need a biggie as well so: 1/72 Lincoln - again there was the rumour going around it had been measured up...? In 1/48 Perhaps the Battle instead of 1/72 or maybe a Lysander - they have worked with ARCO before.... Vintage Classics: 1/72 Beaver 1/72 Islander Maybe a reissue of the Capri or Escort following the recent Beach Buggy and expected Jag? What do you think? TT
  6. Do we think this is a pun on Woldemar Voigt who was project leader on the ME163.... (and 264 and 328 and also randomly the Vought Cutlass) so maybe a Komet is on its way.. TT
  7. As possibly spotted on tonight’s Hornby programme on Yesterday! TT
  8. What a shame. Both titles I think it's fair to say were pretty well respected in what is, after all, quite a small hobby world. I too had the missing issues, broken promises etc and got fed up and let my subscription lapse for both. I will certainly not subscribe to either again and I doubt I'll buy any. Most people I think are fair minded and would be inclined to cut the publisher some slack for COVID etc notwithstanding that other magazines were produced and delivered without issue. In any event the supply problems predated COVID by some months. Any commercial organisation knows that goodwill is one of the most important assets of any business. The mismanagement of information to its customer base never mind the failure to deliver what was bought and paid for has clearly damaged that goodwill. I wonder about the advertisers who have paid for space in magazines their potential customers will never have seen, nevermind those contributors whose work has also gone unpublished (and by the sounds of it, often unpaid). Its difficult to know whether it is incompetence or arrogance which has caused this but overall its a shame albeit an apparent result of their own making. TT
  9. For those who commented on the box art it’s by Mark Poselthwaite- a print can be yours for £50 https://www.posart.com/shop/veterans TT
  10. Super job - I still think the Calibra is a great looking motor (especially as a Cavalier in drag)! TT
  11. That's superb- if you'll forgive me - it shows how good the Airfix kit can come out for a 'cheap' kit - that is in no way to denegrate the work you've done on it which is amazing! TT
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