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  1. I have the same problem with Jaffa Cakes...:)
  2. Apologies I didnt see the other thread
  3. Just clicked on for a dekko - looks like they have finally refreshed and updated it! https://uk.airfix.com/ TT
  4. All interesting stuff and I agree Bunghays book is well worth a read so is (at the risk of thread drift!) Invasion 1940 by Derek Robinson of Piece of Cake fame TT
  5. This is a very fair point - especially with the cannon equipped opposition! However there is never put the counter argument that the idea of having 8 guns was to put a shotgun type spread of lead downrange rather than the 'rifle' bullet of a slower firing - and at the time unreliable - cannon. Frankly the AM didnt have much faith in their pilots being able to hit a barn door. That being said and again no-one ever mentions this - an 8 gun fighter was quite something in the mid-late 30s and also if you've ever seen the damage a .303 MG can do at medium-short range then 8 of them converging on t
  6. Superb job - once you've applied sufficient filler it builds into a lovely model and lets face it no-one else is likely to do a Heyford! I love that this was from the Matchbox mental period - 'hmmm what do the kids want? I know a Heyford and a Stranraer!' 'Bingo!' TT
  7. Lovely job I need to find an EV-97 so I can build the aircraft I learn in (G-CEND)! I too picked up one of those Arii/Eidai/Minicraft Cessies recently - it looks very nice but I'm amazed that the only way you can build a 1/72 172 is with a 50 year old kit! Will watch your WIP with interest ! Well done! TT
  8. I think he means the aircraft matey
  9. Me too - but given that their 1/72 was only released for a very short time and is now unobtanium I wonder if they'll press on with it. I desperately need some beige and turd brown 'Ranger decals to match all those birds we saw in the 80s in the A Team and Knightrider - I'll have a bash meself but its very fiddly in 1/72! TT
  10. Hello folks, I wonder if you can help! I'd like to build an Auster J/1 but clearly there are no available kits of that sub variant so I wonder if I can kitbash one. Not being an Auster Aufficianado I wouldnt know how to begin this - can I use an AZ MKV and add the cowlings and engines from a III or is there a better way? Thanks in anticipation! TT
  11. Good work fella I always enjoy trying to spot where the bits have come from to create your builds! TT
  12. That is absolutely brilliant- great story Id never heard of either - well done! TT
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