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  1. Thanks all glad it made you smile! Pete trust you to have a bonkers twist on it- we all know you were nuts before the jabs! ATB TT
  2. Hi All Another small bit of fun, and I do mean small, caused in part by 'Jab 1' no doubt. Having built Sywell Aviation Museum's Vampire cockpit XD599 the other month ( see behind) and Canberra TT18 Cockpit WH887 a few years ago (see below) I thought I'd do our Chipmunk cockpit - or 'Chippax' - WG419. When a complete aeroplane she was based here at Sywell in the 50s with 4BFTS and 6RFTS. Unfortunately any 'in service' photos have evaded us! So its the venerable Airfix Chippie I had spare (would I have chopped it up had I realised they are going for £20 on eb
  3. Deffo an Audax coming too I spy the message hooks looks great hope it’s affordable! TT
  4. Absolutely brilliant - not seen a dio like this before! Well done and thanks for sharing TT
  5. I read this the other day it looks lovely my only reservation is the cowlings and surround which are way too thick if you leave the bonnet open - I'd also hoped they would have the yellow training bands as decals like they did with their super Tiger Moth (they just fell on perfectly) but looks like I need to get the masking tape out. Hasn't stopped me ordering one though and a few minutes with some sandpaper will sort the cowlings out TT
  6. Thanks both and especially Pete bit of fun really but trying to improve my limited skills with a bit of scratching! Now we have a Jetstream (G-RAVL -arrived as our second airframe the other week. https://www.sywellaviationmuseum.org.uk/exhibits/external-displays/handley-page-jetstream-g-ravl/ ) I see an Airfix Stream in my immediate future but strictly OOB! ATB TT
  7. Hi all The latest in the 'Sywell Series' for the Sywell Aviation Museum. I am only doing some small gap filling projects at the mo as am hoping to move house and I don't really want to be half way through a big job! Ex RAF DH Tiger Moth N6986 was purchased by David Lloyd as G-AIXD on 25-11-1946. He was to own her for some 39 years (until 1985) during which time she was mainly based at Sywell. She was extensively flown in air displays including with The Barnstormers Flying Circus and for various TV shows such as ‘The Late Late Breakfast Show’ and ‘Game for a Laugh’ when
  8. Ref the Revell Classics I agree there were a lot of remaindered boxes floating about but perhaps that was due to some of the rather odd choices.. box scale Seamaster for example..? of the links above the interesting snippet I thought was that 70% of Revells sales were from bricks and mortar outlets.. TT
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