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  1. I agree, I've taped mine together and there is a slight gap which some PPP will sort out without too much hassle. The video reviewer says he can't understand why this is a separate part - I imagine its so the fuel filler and front windscreen dont have a seam down the middle which people would grumble about a-la Eduards IX (which cunningly compels you to get a Brassin replacement). Shouldn't have to do it? Well maybe, but I guess I'm in the minority nowadays raised on Frog & Matchbox stuff, or short run kits where parts have a nodding relationship to each other and the filler needs to be deployed by blunderbuss. That's modelling innit. As gratifying it is to build a lovely Tamiya model where everything fits beautifully, that's at a premium. I guess if you just want to get through the assembly with as little hassle as possible then they're the ones to buy but be prepared to pay for it. Horses for courses... personally I relish the challenge of taming any hiccups and my modelling improves as a result (not by much, granted, most of my models look like they have been assembled by a person without any thumbs) - gives a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. A few years ago the Classic British Kit SIG produced a wonderful little tube map handout of kits to build before you die - and I've managed a fair number. When you see a Williams Brothers C-46 or Matchbox Heyford on a stand and you've built one, there's an unspoken nod of respect to the builder. Its funny, there are those that worship Airfix or Eduard and those that will bash the former given half a chance. The Eduard Tempest's spinner is all wrong but I haven't heard choruses of disgust about it. You crack on don't you. I love what Airfix stand for, and we all expect perfection - but its 12 people cracking out 'product' and compromises etc will happen. Perhaps we're just in that golden age people speak of where there is so much modelling choice now that anything 100% won't do. It seems like the Spit has been a good seller so Airfix will perhaps continue for another year. I don't know what percentage will actually be made (my Dad who collects old toys, says vintage boxed kits are 'failed toys' as no-one built them when they were new) and what percentage will be stashed. I'll plough me own furrow and try and not get fingerprints on the canopy and deal with any probs in me own cackhanded way. But enjoy the process and not get stressed about it. Its always a shame though when a new release you wait for gets rubbished, it sort of takes the wind out of your sales with an 'oh right' before the box hits your doorstep. I found the thread on One Man Models 3D printed HP42 and SARO Princess fascinating...the poor chap has spent ages designing and producing something no mainstream company would consider then his work is taken apart. It must be pretty soul-destroying. I wonder if it was the same back in the 80's when Aeroclub and Contrail were kicking out esoteric stuff? I dont remember the magazines (for that's all there was then) tearing into stuff, more often suggesting improvements - modellers being hugely grateful to have the Scroggs Wunderplane they were after. Perhaps, like society, there's more entitlement nowadays or maybe just more information or ways to express one's views. Perhaps the solution to worry-worts is to build a short run kit, then a mainstream, problems wont seem so huge then I guess. But then I do still use a brush (which I appreciate is the same as coming out as a serial killer on BM) so proper modellists are probably best off ignoring the above! Happy modelling! TT
  2. Got mine today, I’m impressed, cleanly moulded nice lines, looks like a straight forward build - and canopy included- phew- am sure future variants will follow too. well done Airfix- happy modeller here and well worth the wait! TT
  3. Gawd bless em! How obscure can you get and yet no Percival Prentice or Comper Swift
  4. Nope if you look at the sprue shots the upper wing has the tips on it, presumably you cut off the upper part if you want a clipped Spit....much better than having a clipped wing you have to attach a complete wingtip to - also the clipped tips are in clear which is a nice touch for the nav lights
  5. Great review- the Kit Kat cracked me up! Did the reviewer put it in there!
  6. Tis true they do seem to have mucked about with the formulae for producing the paints. An 'old' tin frequently gives better results than a new one and the 'new' RLM paints they produced are so watery they're untrue. I chucked mine. That said where would we be without good old Humbrol Matt 33, never let me down, never had a duff tin. Plus if I throw numbers at you you'll know what colours they are instantly... 30,29,24, 78, etc...
  7. Having recently built the Williams Brothers one and faired in the Falcon Vac canopy, six months of therapy now means that one is now long overdue TT
  8. 1/72 prentice anyone (as a I saw the skybirds 86 kit go for £120!!!! the other week..) but more likely a Mossie or Lysander (though now Dora are doing one...?) they do have a relationship with ARCO.... or a Battle maybe...
  9. IMHO the Meng one was superb - got the 'fix one in the stash but not built it yet- the Eduard one will have to be going some to beat the Meng! TT
  10. Of course back in the 1970s when matchbox were imbibing recreational substances and went 'Hey you guys, lets do a Stranraer' they were less potent. Avis must be buying from Danny - Bristol Racer and now this - well done chaps - keep the bonkers releases coming
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