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  1. Truly astounding stuff! Well done ps have revised thought on a paper on the chair how about a couple of manuals- I think it’s almost certain they’d be lying about as they’d need to refer to them during that depth of maintenance rather than doing it from memory- just a thought!
  2. Blimey yes I thought they’d be closer to the cost of their lovely Fox Moth which was less than £20 IIRC TT
  3. I’m waiting for sprue shots and a review before pushing go on this one! TT
  4. It can join my Tu-28 in my stash IN the roof
  5. Blimey what a difference- thanks for the tip- I have some x20a acrylic thinner I’d have never thought of using that as a decal setter I have to say the modern Airfix decals are flawless- the ones in the Dak sank in with DACO Red even the walkways over the lumps and bumps - and those in their recent Tiger Moth in 1/48 were the same - indeed the yellow fuselage bands were the best I’ve ever used they just flopped on like a wet towel fitted perfectly and were completely opaque!
  6. Thanks chaps. I fear she’s a bit of a Monet- good from a few feet away but close up.... still as a cabinet filler she’s better than the one she replaces.. just! Normally DACO reaches parts Microsol can’t reach- not heard about using Tamiya extra thin (though a mate at model club swears by using a cotton bud with cellulose thinners - he is a nutter though) - please tell me more Avgas! I remember the column in an old Aviation monthly ‘I learned about flying from that’ perhaps we should have the equivalent thread for modelling! thanks again! TT
  7. Hi all, Well after my last few builds went ok, I guess I was overdue a cock up. As it turned out a fur-lined, surround sound, ocean going cock up. All of my own making. So the Airfix new tool Dak, a lovely model which I've built once before. It does need a bit of fettling and some PPP is your friend but the detail is good and it is every inch a C-47. I wanted to build a 315th Troop Carrier Group machine - the unit was based at Spanhoe, Northants and the Sywell Aviation Museum has a display cabinet on them. In that is a Horsa, Hotspur, Hadrian and lately a C-46 which I've all built, some dating back 30 years! Anyway, the Dak in the display is the old tool Airfix Dak and was probably 40 years old (it was donated) and is the then advised box scheme of brown and grey. So having had the urge to scratch the itch to replace it with a newer, better model in the correct colours with D-Day stripes I began looking for decals for the 315th. Trouble is there aren't any. No-one does aftermarket for them! BUT the Airfix decals in the original 1962 Dak tooling included (along with Silver City Airways) the M6 code for the 315th! those, a couple of serials, a very bad Indian chief's head for each side and a code letter were your lot in them days... So, kit went together well - sprayed with Humbrol Acrylic rattle cans with blu tack masks - now you can say what you like about Humbrol, or rattle cans but their cans give a beautifully smooth coat of paint with a satin sheen. I was really impressed - in fact the decals I used from the box went down over paint with just Mr Setter and some DACO red with no silvering at all and no need for a gloss coat. The white was Rustoleum plastic primer and I masked and brush painted the stripes and de-icing boots. Anyway, all was well til I tried to apply the big M6 decals- they had been taped to a window sill to kill the yellowing for a few weeks anyway. Well they went on but were obviously not very good at all, not helped by the fact that on the port side there is a socking great venturi sticking up. I don't know what I was expecting but anyway... So I tried some setting solution -that didn't help just wrinkled them more - so muggins thought....I know! A hairdryer....that will help them confirm. And in the process melted the top of the fuse and several side windows distorted. This required a lot of swearing and some refilling of seams and round the windows again with PPP (God Bless Deluxe Models) then respraying with a rattle can. Not easy which is why I need to start airbrushing again. Luckily a coat of Tamiya flat clear helped level everything out but the top of the fuse is a bit wobbly and the M6 decals look pretty crap. Bother, quoth I. By this stage, I wanted it off my bench - (its a cabinet filler I 'had' to do rather than having a burning (pun) desire to complete)....so I finished it off. I hate binning models- I've only done it twice - an Academy Storch and the Aeropoxy Fox Moth - in 37 years... It was going to be a smart factory fresh build with some panel line washes but I've fallen out of love with it. So lessons learned 1) Dont expect 50 year old decals to behave ( I could have masked and sprayed them) 2) Dont use a hairdryer without being very careful. 3) BE PATIENT! If I hadn't panicked about the decals I wouldn't have rushed and spoiled the model On to the next one - the modelling Gods have had their fun! TT C5BED400-6D5D-4661-B293-B17C1E977821 by Ben Brown, on Flickr E17D9788-58EC-4A09-9FED-A16693F4D217 by Ben Brown, on Flickr 2131D153-98DA-4C92-9B8C-2CF29B4DFFDD by Ben Brown, on Flickr
  8. I think we now need a 1/72 Shadow microlight to recreate Slipstream if you get that reference you are a very old geek like me... TT
  9. Lovely bit of nostalgia I built both of these in the 80s! If I remember correctly someone told me the F19 is the best ever selling model kit! Enjoying the thread TT
  10. Enjoying this thread a lot lovely work am waiting for it to be released in the Uk! TT
  11. I completely forgot about the lower dihedral and whilst it’s mentioned in the AZ /Amodel instructions the wings are a butt fit and the struts won’t fit properly... whereas the Airfix Demon has a single piece lower wing with the angles sorted for you. forgive the link as this isn’t my thread... here you’ll see my efforts. The Upper wings on both are like surfboards but at least the AModel is in three pieces and nicely defined wing handholds etc. I think the AZ fuse has better detail and doesn’t have the annoying section to fair in (it doesn’t well). Note lack of dihedral on both but better on the Hind, the cabanas on both OOB are wrong. But I think I made a passable Hart Trainer (no wing sweep though) simply by making a soup of plastic and liquid poly and building it up to make the second pit. The Aeroclub Scarff rings, Lewis and props are essential. The rams horn exhausts are cut down Audax Aeroclub ones. Sincere apols for the thread hi jack I lived and breathed them last summer Your Demons are vastly superior to mine and I don’t rig in 72 either but it’s cos I’m not mental and/or I’m too lazy/ life’s too short/ it doesnt look scale* TT *please select my excuse!
  12. You made a brilliant job of them well done! I had a bash at the Amodel Hart and AZ Hind I converted the former to a Hart trainer as I couldn’t justify the price of the Kora fuselage. Both are curates eggs the AZ top wing was too thick and neither had the pronounced dihedral on the lowers (I noticed AFTER I’d finished!) the old Airfix kit is still pretty good To be honest- razor sharp wings and correct dihedral. For me the perfect mix is the AZ Fuselage, AModel top wing and Airfix lower! But then I don’t have your skills cos you’ve made a super job of those! TT
  13. Wonderful build! How about a magazine or paper on the plastic chair? Also am pretty sure they’d have some fire extinguishers somewhere which might add a splash or colour? Great work!
  14. WOW! Dan Dare or Buck Rogers tastic! TT
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