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  1. Cheers Mike! No-one's spotted the spy yet - his cover remains intact!
  2. Thanks mate - I mixed a bit of lilac into the PVA (it works!)
  3. The cheapest MV Mig I can find is £24 inc postage and the cheapest Airfix Mig is £15 inc postage on eBay so £9 difference are we comparing apples with apples?
  4. Yeah the missus thinks I’m trying to escape like the Colditz glider!
  5. Thanks Steve - me too! Was lucky enough to have a flight in G-EROE a couple of years ago - 504s are close to my heart too which is why my office chair is a 504 seat and there's a prop, aeroscreen, stick, rudder pedals, strut and rudder in the house too! TT
  6. As a tip mate - you'll pay full RRP with Oxford - try eBay - there is plenty of competition - and for our purposes - ie using them on a dio not putting them in a case and going ooh - its well worth sniffing out the odd local toy fair or train show - I dont know about anyone else but finding plastic (not those godawful vinyl sets Airfix does) figures for airfields or even civilian figures is pretty difficult - also the modelscene sets are IMHO jolly expensive and varyingly not that well moulded - you can pick up the old Airfix railway sets for a couple of quid at a train show - viz passengers, civilians, railway workers etc - and they are very nice indeed and moulded in plastic! Also the Airfix control tower, refuelling, emergency and recovery sets come with some figures, some are quite nice but get the early boxings if you can, the later issues are suffering a bit! Revell did some excellent 1/72 RAF figures if a little stingy at only one sprue in the box - but they are impossible to find now - I dont think they sold that well as The Works remaindered them for 99p each - I wish I'd stocked up - I desperately need some now! TT
  7. Some examples - 1/72 with 1/76 vehicles 81288398_10156855024235976_6320532627946209280_o by Ben Brown, on Flickr 25586836_10155119858355976_2137417151022351214_o by Ben Brown, on Flickr 11147023_10153045183085976_8375089697319075520_o by Ben Brown, on Flickr 10991555_10152628938370976_2982966484854794969_o by Ben Brown, on Flickr 75594299_10156664347900976_8061474565995364352_o by Ben Brown, on Flickr 41872913_10155760371795976_2319689429725216768_o by Ben Brown, on Flickr 1/48 with 1/43 vehicle (note this was to denote it was the BOB Movie!) 12747974_10153326251925976_89420073086534765_o by Ben Brown, on Flickr ATB TT
  8. Hi Johnny, Yes I use the 1/76 (HO) vehicles - they're close enough for me - and for anyone who has built an Airfix-based dio over the past 50 years after all their vehicle stuff was all 1/76! They're close enough IMHO - 1/72 is 105% of 1/76 and conversely 1/76 is approx 95% of 1/72 if that helps - or to put it another way 76" real inches in 1/76 is 1" and 72" in 1/72 is 1" or 4" inch difference at full size... I think its pretty negligible - people use railway stuff (HO) on 1/72 dios all the time. Basically if there's an alternative as a kit in the correct scale I'll use it but as mentioned above there isnt much affordable GSE so Oxford is fine by me. Equally its more of a push but I have used 1/43 vehicles with 1/48 aircraft and 1/35 figures with 1/32 aircraft but its entirely up to you old chap. ATB TT
  9. Loving this thread - thank you! I agree with y'all that there are too few 'support set's GSE etc that are not extortionately expensive! A few years ago I needed a Thompson Refueller for a specific dio and ended up shelling out nearly £20 for a WM one. Then Oxford release a series for £5 each! I do a fair amount of civvy/interwar builds in 1/72 and 1/48 and the Oxford range is a Godsend. snipping off the mounting nubs, a wash or two and if required a blitz of matt varnish does wonders for them! I wonder what will be announced in their 2020 range - maybe thats something for The Rumourmonger! TT
  10. This is a great build thanks for sharing! I am about 2/3 way through mine but foolishly glued the U/C in place....then there are the doors which are in one piece and of course need to be cut in half or trimmed now cos the gear is down. What did you do with yours? As I understand it the gear doors are closed on the ground and only open on the retraction cycle? Also if I could ask - what paint did you use to match the decals for the leading edge of the fin? I've built WM's 31 and it went together beautifully - the 41 is no exception - expensive but very good quality. Also their resin (which sands very well) seems to have some form of metallic powder in it (for strength?) which I've never seen before! Thanks in advance! ATB TT
  11. Many thanks for this - RFM just seems to be that bit crisper - mind you it shows how far ahead of its time the Asuka one was! TT
  12. I don’t think so mate the G45 wouldn’t be fitted externally - I think it’s something to do with Torp release gear. My first thought was to do with height release as the alt wouldn’t be much cop below a few hundred feet
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