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  1. Ah gotcha however I can think off the top of my head of one fabric winged aircraft that had walkways the vickers Wellesley- including funky foot prints I remember the decals in the matchbox kit!
  2. Completely wrong sorry there is texture painted plywood panel on each wing bordered by 1/2” strips as walkways on a Tiger
  3. You have to hand it to Takom, some of their stuff is really thinking out of the box - Flak Towers, Gun Turrets, airships - the 1/35 V1 Launcher, Ekranoplans - not just Spits and 109s! TT
  4. How about Defiant Models? Best of luck with the project TT
  5. In fairness Pavla spotted this and you got two types of vacform canopy one of which had the oval! TT
  6. The original kit needed a bit of care- this looks like it will be easier (and I thank a fellow formuite for this expression!) for those who are ‘hard of modelling’ - especially the canopy
  7. Good luck with the build- I found the falcon canopy a godsend and replaced the props with a pair from the Airfix marauder. Mind you maybe there is more aftermarket now the Valom one is out
  8. Popped in to my LHS today as I thought I'd grab a couple of regular use tinlets before they vanish. No dice - the whole lot had gone. He was fuming as he is only expecting a refund from Jan 22 and cannot sell the 'old stock'. His supplier he says is owned a £40k refund from Humbrol. He mentioned that Revell reformulated their enamels last year and there have been no issues. So peed off is he that he is selling off all his Humbrol, Hornby etc stock and refuses to stock them any longer! He was also fed up with customers returning short shot kits having been told by Airfix they have no spares available. A headache he doesnt need ! This does smack of rather poor management (again! ) by HH as they knew it was coming and I'm also told by him that they have made all their sales reps redundant. Still, popped round the corner to the local DIY store and picked up a few tins without any hassle. Oh Hornby why do you keep doing this to us! TT
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