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  1. He said they were test shots assembled for the photos and they have solved the problem for production kits mind you test shots or no as a modeller I’m still perplexed the guy who glued em together or who photographed em didn’t spot the banana wings! anyhoo the stuff in the box should be fine which is what counts! TT
  2. Well in the video Jonathan Mock has a test shot and basically shows that there is nowt wrong with the wings try the YouTube’s 52 mins in https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zOQ57uXOzzA TT
  3. Great conversion - these JB kits are very nice and the TK goes for a bomb on the 'bay nowadays. When I did mine I fretted about the window rubbers but actually running a fineline marker round the windows solved the problem for me! TT
  4. BTW the drooping wings have been addressed here: around 53mins in https://www.facebook.com/117347633187317/videos/1037149026689189 TT
  5. Had sporadic magazine problems from late last year - then several turned up at once, then no issues for over 3/4 months, initially I saw some for sale in WHS but no longer. Variously blamed on COVID, the post office, printers etc - I'm afraid all businesses rely on goodwill and as a subscriber to SAMI and MAM I won't be renewing my subscriptions again and have basically written them off which is a shame as SAMI in particular I thought was excellent. TT
  6. Enjoy the build - I built the Tiger Club version and its a lovely little kit - the only thing to be careful of is the cowling which needs careful handling, otherwise it goes together like a dream! TT
  7. That is a very splendid thing, Mr Animal, well done!
  8. My LHS had similar problems sourcing Humbrol Metalcote spray - apparently National shortage of that too! TT
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