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  1. Tamiya seem to be tooling up all the main fighters from WW2 in 1:48 at the moment, so I wonder if we might see an A6M2 or Hurricane next in 1:48
  2. The decal option i would have been interested off the sheet (No.3) for example has the following problems: The Vixen emblem for the tail seems too large and a bit crude, the serials are in the wrong font and thickness, but the worst part is that the aircraft they claim to represent. For starters with decal option 3 the sheet claims to be for Sea Vixen FAW.2, but the markings/squadron/year for the XN650 option is completely wrong, XN650 left 893 squadron being updated to FAW.2 spec and transferred to 892 squadron so would have been repainted and the vixen emblem remove
  3. I'd echo the comments above, and suggest getting the Airfix kit, for one that is (roughly) the right shape and should go together easier than the Dynavector Vac kit. You didn't mention which mark you were after, but everyone has probably rightly assumed that you want a FAW.2, but if you need a different version then Alleycat do/did a range of resin conversions including the FAW.1 version.
  4. I can't tell if they've missed the What-if section off that sheet of decals by accident...
  5. Thanks for all your help. It was LSA I was thinking of, and it makes sense why I couldn't find any trace of it online. Shame to see another shop has shut.
  6. My fat fingers pressed post before I added the second paragraph. Hopefully the second paragraph narrows it down a bit..
  7. I've been stuck all morning trying to remember the name of model shop in the south of England, and it would be great if someone could remind me of its name. I remember that there used to be a model shop on the south coast I think, who had a three letter name beginning with L. They also used to advertise in MAI, and I can remember them stocking Eduard kits, but I cannot remember the name. Can anyone help ?
  8. Yes i was really dissapointed with the set tbh, I only used the serials and the H for the tail, the squadron markings and stencils were from the revell FGA.9 sheet and the insignia from Fantasy Printshop. Here's a picture of my build (finished during lockdown)
  9. Fair comment, was just thinking about Meng releasing the Dr.1, i know there was an 0/400 in the works but I dont see them releasing that !
  10. I have used the decals and was less than pleased. I found them resistant to most setting solutions, and the colours weren't quite right on my sheet and the serials were out of register. The bits i ended up using were the aircraft serials after some careful trimming. IMO I'd see if someone has the squadron crest for the nose spare from the revell FGA.9 sheet and go from there. Actually I've just realised you'd need to source the H for the tail too for XF442.
  11. I wonder if they've bought the rights to the Wingnut Wings Lancaster ?
  12. Great thank you. Do you use the tamiya panel liner wash ? As i can see them lurking in the background
  13. This is a lovely looking Vc. One question Do you seal the decals in with a clearcoat before you apply the wash/ lighter fluid or white spirit ?
  14. Agreed, the panel lines and rivets are some of the most crisp I've seen on any kit even including the new Eduard kits How they went from the spit 22/24 kits to the Buccaneer in a few short years is incredible !
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