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  1. Why does the dutch football team get called Holland in that case ? As I've even seem the football term referred to as Holland whilst i was in the Netherlands.
  2. I've just sprayed out a couple of colours, left to right we have: Humbrol 74, Tamiya XF-4. Tamiya XF-60 and Tamiya XF-88. What do you guys think ?
  3. The reason that i asked about a colour match is that i have bought some of the new Humbrol enamel 74, and both tins are a very bright yellow, almost the exact same colour as Yellow Chromate primer. I thought Hawker yellow was a more Buff/Sky colour ? I have gone through my stash of paints and Tamiya XF88 seems to be the closest match to the pictures that Steve has posted up. If i get round to it I'll spray some Humbrol 74 and XF88 for comparison.
  4. Has anyone got a paint match/recipe for Hawker (Yellow) Primer, i've seen it discussed but never a paint match or mixing ratios published.
  5. They might have needed "Fairy Dust", but at least it wouldn't involve some platform edges getting a close encounter with an angle grinder so that Olton hall would fit..
  6. There was talk a couple of pages ago about other locos for Hogwarts caste, I'm surprised that Taw Valley hasn't been brought up. She was repainted for the Harry Potter films but the director thought that it looked to modern, and Olton hall was used instead !
  7. Lovely Hunter ! I've got one myself on the go at the moment, can you remember what colour you used on the "Humps" that go on top of the upper wing roundel ?
  8. Lovely looking build and backstory to match ! What are the quirks with this kit besides the cowling ? I've got one at the top of the pile in stash and any tips for avoiding pitfalls would be greatly appreciated !
  9. gareth

    RAF Phantom FG1

    The bits im using to backdate the Revel/Hasegawa kit is: Tailplanes from Hypersonic FG.1 Undercarrige from SAC FG.1 Wheels from Armory FG.1 Cockpit from Aires (Yes i know it's the wrong one for an FG.1 but it's the best i could find) I don't think i've missed anything else that's not in the box ?
  10. I'd managed to hold out until today, but I've finally caved in and ordered a Pixnor tweezer set.
  11. Could you make a mould using the first blade and cast 3 new ones in resin ? It seems a shame to have to have to leave the rotor blades off after all your work on this build.
  12. I visited about 5 years ago. Feels half way between a scrap yard and a museum. Also in the Chateau is a collection of well over 1000 built kits !
  13. Thanks for all your posts guys. After spending a couple of days digging I've found this picture of XF442 in 1969. https://www.na3t.org/air/photo/MIL22761 To me, as the plane has the upper surfaces camo wrapped around the wing leading edge which suggests LAG, unless someone things differently.
  14. With the F.4 kit, is it possible to make a F.1 version or do i need to do some other major changes to backdate the kit?
  15. Hi guys, I'm trying to decide what co our to paint the underside of my model of XF442. Most builds seem to be painted in HSS, but is there anything to rule out that XF442 might have gone over to LAG undersides ? Gareth
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