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  1. pizzapaolo

    1/72 Eduard Spitfire Mk XVI

    Fantastic, nice job!
  2. Are you talking about the stand? It did come with one I just elected not to use it! I have plans for the stand....
  3. Finished these a week or so ago. Enjoyable builds both. The Fw190 I had attempted previously when I just started getting back into modelling and hurled it against the wall in frustration (probably my own lack of skill) so it was good to revisit it and get right on second attempt. I tried varying the Beaufighter greys somewhat which I thought worked fairly well but its not come through in the photos. All painted with Vallejo Model Air colours.
  4. pizzapaolo

    What weights do people use for tail sitters?

    Some good ideas there many thanks everyone!
  5. Just started on a Hasegawa B-24 coastal command Mk III - the instructions call for 90g of weight under the cockpit to keep it from tail sitting. What do people generally use for weight? In the past I've used a mix of bluetack with old screws etc but I am thinking there must be a better alternative that is more...weighty. I would much appreciate any tips folks have?
  6. I was wondering if it's lack of availability/cost that puts people off or is it that folks in Europe & US are just not that interested in some of the more obscure Japanese subjects? Hasegawa's Ki67 is a great kit and it was one of my favourite builds of all time. Would happily build another but I don't know that I'll find one for less than £40. I can't get enough of them but finding them for reasonable cost is tricky.
  7. pizzapaolo

    Airfix Whitley VII coastal command

    Outstanding, can't wait to build one of these.
  8. I am a big fan of Japanese twin engine bombers and the Nell in particular I think is a great looking aircraft. Build was usual Hasegawa - perfect fit and no dramas to speak of. Paints used were Vallejo Japanese set for top and Mr Color for underside. In the cabinet: With his IJN friends....
  9. Rescued this one from the bottom of the stash as I felt sorry for it. Decals were useless but luckily I had a spare set from a later 'Nose Art' boxing. Actually not a bad kit for its age, its wheels look a bit crude by modern standards and cockpit was a bit bare but otherwise it looks like a P-47 to me. Pilot is was a spare from a 'crashed' aircraft. I had to spend a lot of time polishing out the scratched canopy but I think it was worth the effort. As per norm, Vallejo model air paints.
  10. A real pleasure to see one of these, not one you see often and such an exceptional finish. Thanks for sharing
  11. Lovely, they look very salty, great job on the weathering
  12. pizzapaolo

    Foke-Wuif Fw 200C-8

    That’s the sort of model that gives you nightmares if you try to move it so many bits sticking out of it. Great job though....
  13. pizzapaolo

    Hasegawa 1/72 B-24J, 15th Air Force

    Rare to see a Hasegawa B-24 complete, rarer still to see one as good as this, thanks for sharing
  14. I'm calling this one done. Construction was fine, good detail and value for money and enjoyed the build immensely, especially the painting. Painted with Vallejo Model Air. This is actually the Limited Edition Aces 7516 kit but I just could not get inspired by the decal options so I got some Kits World decals for Salem Representative instead. Obviously the decals with the kit will get used at some point on another P-51B . Flown by Lt Ralph 'Kidd' Hofer who I was not familiar with until I saw the scheme, really interesting character who sadly did not survive the war. You can read about him here (some great photos too): http://www.americanairmuseum.com/person/175786
  15. pizzapaolo

    1/72 Hasegawa Mavis

    You don’t see these everyday, fantastic looking aircraft, hope Hasegawa re-tool it like they did with the Emily recently. Would love to see more pictures if you have them.