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  1. Thanks! No issues with the wing at all - fit was fine. I painted it with wing separate to aid painting but Matchbox kits I think are usually fairly forgiving in this regard
  2. I love Matchbox kits, they always go together really well despite lack of detail compared to modern kits. I picked this up from auction site a few years ago and it was a bit battered. Decals were ruined so utilised some from the Italeri kit - these were nearly as bad but were ok in the end so all good. Built OOB with addition of a few missing panel lines on top wing and some seatbelts.
  3. Something about the look of 177 that is really unique and yours is a cracking result, really nice job on the splinter camo too. I made one about 4 years ago and agree on the clear parts not being great. Will definitely make another!
  4. I'm really pleased with this one. Nice kit, bit tricky in places as no locating pins on most parts but goes together fine and good detail. Part of Sword's Reggiane 1/72 boxing and first one I had attempted so looking forward to the others now. Only one marking option per kit included in the 6 kit boxing, this is Reggiane 2001 of Tenente Agostino Celentano, 150a Squadriglia, 2 Gruppo Autonomo. San Pietro di Caltagirone, May 1942
  5. Not posted anything for awhile but been steadily completing a few builds so thought I would post them. As per norm for me, mostly all out of box except for Dauntless, all 1/72. All enjoyable, trouble free builds. Think he only issue I had was a bit of silvering on the 262 decals and instructions and web references on the colour scheme were a bit fuzzy, so no idea if historically accurate. Let's just pretend it is This was my second Tamiya IL-2 - might be my favourite kit of all time to build as it goes together so well. Hasegawa Dauntless SBD-3 (did my first ever major bit of
  6. Welcome back to the hobby, I was exactly in the same position as you about 6 years ago. I'm about 70+ models in now and still learning each time and trying new things. Looking back the top 3 things I wish I knew then 1. Canopy masks are your friend 2. Use primer 3. Make each model like it's the last one and take your time, and enjoy every step.
  7. Bit of both - I used a lot of Tamiya panel line wash, maybe went overboard but I like it, Could also be the light, they look less pronounced in the cabinet. I don't think the panel lines are too bad from the kit point of view, personally I prefer them a little bit overdone although not too Matchbox levels. Love Matchbox but some them are crazy
  8. I have no idea on accuracy, never bothers me that stuff. Usually just make OOB and am happy. I think someone said the same about Academy PBY cowlings not being right...life is too short, they look fine to me But yes Starfighter decals on PBY set 72-139
  9. This is the second of my Guadalcanal phase following my PBY-5A completion a few months ago. This is Airfix's kit - easily one of their best recent kits. Undercarriage a bit tricky but not hard if you take time. Vallejo model air paints, kit decals Next up Hasegawa SBD-3...
  10. What about a medical personnel group build? Could be anything as long as its related hospitals/medical/emergency care profession e.g hospital ships, evac choppers, Ju-52 with hospital decals, etc
  11. 1st completion of my current Guadalcanal phase, next up is Airfix F4F-4 Wildcat but in the meantime here is my Academy PBY-5A, was the Black Cat boxing but was not inspired by a black catalina so got some Guadalcanal Starfighter decals 72-139 which had references for this PBY as the first to land on Guadalcanal. Really nice trouble free build overall, totally out of box. First time tried to vary the colours with some pre-shading, came out quite nicely but not sure photos show it too well. And of course for the 4th time in a row, not enough weight in the nose so some white tack need on front wh
  12. Thanks all, great suggestion on the Starfighter decals for Guadalcanal - I'll go with those as i have all the right kits for the other options in the stash!
  13. Anyone know of any 1/72 decal sets for Midway based pby-5a catalinas? The usual searches have drawn a blank. Working on Academy kit 12487 "Black Cat" and I find the idea of overall black Catalina really uninspiring so was hoping for some 1942/1943 era decal options
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