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  1. Amazing work, especially the painting with a brush!
  2. I'm in as long as a Ju-188 is ok? Have the Hasegawa 1/72 in the stash
  3. Count me in please, I'll be up for this with Matchbox Dornier Do G-1 PK-409
  4. Looks great and I really like the panel lines as they are. I have built a few of these and it depends on the variant - I built the G-6AS (AZ7509) and had a lot of challenges with fuselage fit. But I have also built G-2 (AZ7466) and had no issues at all
  5. No mistakes I can see, looks great! I got one of these in the stash, seeing this one makes me want to build it...
  6. Just completed this great model. Challenging kit with a lot of very small and delicate parts. But fit is overall very good. Plus you get a full crew who you now cannot see but they are in there trust me
  7. I had the same thought trying to find an Minicraft Martin PBM-5 Mariner - seems like if you can find one, they are crazy expensive. But maybe its fair enough, is not exactly a mainstream choice compared to B-24. Maybe Hobby 2000 will rebox a B-24 as they seem to rebox a lot of Hasegawa? Still unlikely to be cheap but may increase supply and drive down prices a bit
  8. Not posted some of these completed builds that I have done over last few months so thought I would post as a group. Enjoyable trouble free builds all round, with exception of the Gladiator rigging - total nightmare and will not be in a rush to do another biplane but happy with end result but it took hours Revell Halifax B Mk.III Airfix Gladiator Mk1 Starter Set Tamiya Corsair F4U-1A Hasegawa Fw190D
  9. Thanks! No issues with the wing at all - fit was fine. I painted it with wing separate to aid painting but Matchbox kits I think are usually fairly forgiving in this regard
  10. I love Matchbox kits, they always go together really well despite lack of detail compared to modern kits. I picked this up from auction site a few years ago and it was a bit battered. Decals were ruined so utilised some from the Italeri kit - these were nearly as bad but were ok in the end so all good. Built OOB with addition of a few missing panel lines on top wing and some seatbelts.
  11. Something about the look of 177 that is really unique and yours is a cracking result, really nice job on the splinter camo too. I made one about 4 years ago and agree on the clear parts not being great. Will definitely make another!
  12. I'm really pleased with this one. Nice kit, bit tricky in places as no locating pins on most parts but goes together fine and good detail. Part of Sword's Reggiane 1/72 boxing and first one I had attempted so looking forward to the others now. Only one marking option per kit included in the 6 kit boxing, this is Reggiane 2001 of Tenente Agostino Celentano, 150a Squadriglia, 2 Gruppo Autonomo. San Pietro di Caltagirone, May 1942
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