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  1. Thanks Matt - do you reckon Eduard would do 1/72? They seem to have given up on that scale. Would love a royal class x4 combo 1/72 109 boxing if you're reading Eduard, thanks
  2. Thanks! I think the red undercarriage colour indicates to the ground crew that the AS had different fuel (higher octane I think, not sure on details)
  3. Finally this is off the shelf of doom. This was a nightmare kit - I really love the AZ Model 109s and I really enjoyed the G2 (can be seen alongside in the photos) I made previously but this G-6AS kit has serious fit issues. They can be semi-resolved by following this thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010494-az-model-109-g-6as-fit-problems/ The fit issues had knock on effects joining the fuselage and wings together. Then the canopy wouldn't fit without some surgery and a lot of putty. Then I lost the cowling machine guns as they are tiny so had to buy metal replacements Painting was laborious due to me choosing the complex box art scheme My mistake - the red stripe is too dark due to not using white as a primer which makes the "2" seem a bit bright now. So close to ditching this one! But at least its done and I didn't hurl it in the bin....so this an aircraft flown by Friedrich-Karl Muller August 1944 of 1./NJGr.10 according to the box:
  4. Sometimes you have yourself a kit that is pretty much faultless, the build goes through without issues and it restores your faith in life. This for me is one of those - great package, great book that comes with it, huge colour profile book (32 to choose from!), perfect fit of parts. Probably only couple of things to say is maybe too many parts/bit over engineered for 1/72 (cockpit took me ages and now can barely see it!). Really wish Eduard would do more of these special boxings in 1/72 but they seem to focus on 1/48 recently. Vallejo model air paints, I chose the following markings: #1 S/L Tom Trimble No. 457 squadron, Sattler Airstrip late 1944 #2 F/O Norm Turnbull No 79 squadron, Morotai, April 1945
  5. Just started a AZ Model G6/AS AZ7509 and a quick search revealed this thread, I thought I was going mad when dry fitting the fuselage when it wouldn't fit as I already made a AZ Model G2 and had no issues. Many thanks for the advice. Time for surgery!!
  6. Is there a P-47 group build going on or something? Loads of excellent Thunderbolts in RFI last day or so and yours is spot on, nice job!
  7. Sorry for the delay - I used Halfords white rattle can primer, Vallejo gloss varnish over the top through the airbrush, then decals, then another layer of Vallejo varnish, then Tamiya brown panel line accent to break up the white a bit, then Vallejo matt varnish (through a brush!).
  8. This took nearly a year but mostly because it was stuck on the shelf of doom. It went together without issue, the kit is great I just found painting it a bit dull, especially the white. Also regretting putting in Eduard photoetch cockpit bits - totally invisible now I'm not calling it quite done but its done enough - I might go back add some more weathering My favourite box art of any kit in the stash though, love it! On top of a 1970's amplifier
  9. Love the 188, think its my favourite German bomber and yours looks fantastic. I have one of these in the stash i am happy to say, they seem quite hard to find....
  10. Great result. Love the look of the Ju188, ever since I first saw the Matchbox box art in the 80s
  11. True on the pilots - I kinda made the wheels up choice after canopy went in. To be honest though - they are not the best figures that come with the kit so I don't miss them For the stand- decided on green just to contrast with the desert colours a bit. Didn't really plan this build at all, just made decisions as I went!
  12. I started this around Christmas and completed a month or so ago, I really needed a mojo-restoration build that was simple. Decided to use the classic stand and do it wheels up The different shades of green on the stand were an accident but I liked it. I had to do a few minor repairs to broken parts as it had a hard life before arriving in my stash. Decals were ruined so had to buy some new ones. I like RAF desert colours so went with The Fiery Queen from Xtradecal X72107 sheet. Before: After:
  13. Love it, don't see many Yak 1's and definitely don't see many Lydia figures in 1/72!! Great to see.
  14. Nice one, it looks amazing, just picked up one of these and really impressed with the whole package. Can't wait to build ..
  15. Absolutely nothing wrong with that as far as I can see, nice job. I've got a few MPM kits in the stash but every time I see someone on here say what a total nightmare they had, I tend to think "maybe next time"....
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