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  1. Thanks all for the nice comments...just found out there is a new BF110 book by Valiant Wings out, might get it as I still have the 110E and 110G-4 in the stash Nice review here:
  2. An enjoyable profipack boxing of Eduard BF110G-2, kit 7085. I went with the option 5./ZG 1, Wells, Austria, Winter, 1943-44. Kit was almost perfect to build, aside from the underwing tanks and werfer-granate rockets - really difficult and fiddly attachment, nearly gave up but eventually I was happy enough with them in the end.
  3. Go on then....I have about 5 in the stash I think but will go Airfix this time as not built one
  4. Really appreciate the insights from folks - I dug out my grandfather's service records that the RAF sent me a few years back. It could be 103 MTU at Aboukir or 135 MTU both of which are mentioned that he was attached to - he was an electrician. Of course I have no way of knowing if he took the photo or someone else passed it to him... Evidence looks strongly in favour of a maintenance unit given the assortment and as Irish 251 highlighted, being parked in a line like that they clearly were not worried about air attack.
  5. Wondering could it be a maintenance unit with mix of types from different squadrons? I can't make it out but if you look to left of the guy closest, there is an aircraft in background that I reckon looks like has wings folded? Or indeed has no wings...? Or maybe a P-40? Difficult to tell...
  6. Thanks all so in my photo it sounds like we are looking at BP188 as a IID with the cannons removed and probably 6 squadron and not 46 squadron. What about the fact that BP188 is coded "B" in the photo and not "Z" as per other photos - was common to swap letter codes?
  7. So I was going through some old family photos and came across this picture of some Hurricanes. Probably North Africa and possibly of RAF 46 Squadron - this is written on the back of the photo and was the squadron my grandfather was attached to but interestingly it's labelled as "46? Squadron" so might not be. If I google BP188 - the Hurricane 2nd closest, I get the famous mark IV Hurricane IID with 40mm cannons coded JV Z of which there is tons of photos/models of. But BP188 does not have 40mm cannons in this photo. Were mark IV's converted or new builds? Anyone know? Can anyone confirm if this is indeed RAF 46 squadron?
  8. I've only ever made 1/72 kits so this was unfamiliar territory for me - 1/32 seems absolutely massive I've made this as a surprise gift for a friend who I've known about 30 years. The kit itself was found already started on an auction site for a more than reasonable £18 - only a few cockpit components had been glued and some parts removed from sprues. I added a new cowling from Quickboost, the interior had a sprinkling of Eduard photo etch parts and I added some brake cables. Other than these its all out of box. Decals in the box were decidedly yellowed so I got Microscale sheet to match my existing Hasegawa 1/72 version (Blue 11, JG6, 1945). A really enjoyable build and nice to be outside the comfort zone of 1/72!
  9. Amazing work, especially the painting with a brush!
  10. I'm in as long as a Ju-188 is ok? Have the Hasegawa 1/72 in the stash
  11. Count me in please, I'll be up for this with Matchbox Dornier Do G-1 PK-409
  12. Looks great and I really like the panel lines as they are. I have built a few of these and it depends on the variant - I built the G-6AS (AZ7509) and had a lot of challenges with fuselage fit. But I have also built G-2 (AZ7466) and had no issues at all
  13. No mistakes I can see, looks great! I got one of these in the stash, seeing this one makes me want to build it...
  14. Just completed this great model. Challenging kit with a lot of very small and delicate parts. But fit is overall very good. Plus you get a full crew who you now cannot see but they are in there trust me
  15. I had the same thought trying to find an Minicraft Martin PBM-5 Mariner - seems like if you can find one, they are crazy expensive. But maybe its fair enough, is not exactly a mainstream choice compared to B-24. Maybe Hobby 2000 will rebox a B-24 as they seem to rebox a lot of Hasegawa? Still unlikely to be cheap but may increase supply and drive down prices a bit
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