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  1. Thank you. The glasses are photoetch provided with the figure from Stalingrad miniatures. One of the fiddliest pieces of PE I have ever used! I have yet to fix the figures down permanently, so will definitely be giving their boots a bit of mud and dirt once the glue dries
  2. Thanks for the great comments . I forgot to mention that I used the Life colour acrylic paint sets for flesh and the British uniforms, and can highly recommend both
  3. Just finished this at last! Sherman Firefly of the Grenadier Guards 'somewhere in south Holland' taking a break during Operation Market Garden, while they watch the infantry round up the stragglers from the ruined 20mm AA gun crew. The gun has slipped into a crater on the canal bank, and a young Dutch boy looks on. Ryefield Sherman tank, figures from Panzer Art, Alpine, Tamiya (with resin heads), Stalingrad and ReedOak. The house and surrounds are scratch built and the canal is resin with a small amount of green paint added. Painted using mostly AK and Tamiya paints and weathering products.
  4. Very nice, and much more detail than the Tamiya kit too . Are the figures from Miniart?
  5. Thanks, I shall have to get some micro drills methinks. My Black & Decker might be a bit extreme
  6. Excellent work . I would love to see more of this diorama too
  7. Just finished this great little Tamiya 1/35 Universal carrier. It is an older kit but still pretty good apart maybe from the crew figures faces, but that is easily resolved with a quick decapitation . Buily OOB except for the slightly modified figure. Paint is Life Color acrylics and AK weathering pencils. The figures head is a resin item from the spares box (sorry don't know the make). Hopefully this will be alongside the Sherman Firefly in a future Market Garden diorama with more figures.
  8. I must admit that the tracks and bogeys are extremely over-engineered on this, especially as it is essentially a static model. I too prefer the Tamiya style rubber band tracks that get muddied and weathered anyway. 83 separate track links each side, consisting of 4 parts each link isn't my idea of fun
  9. No real problems just very small parts for big hands. The tracks were a pain to assemble but other than that a great kit with excellent details. Used Life color acrylic for the first time and very impressed with it.
  10. Just finished this Ryefield Sherman Firefly and I must say it is a superb model but very fiddly to build, especially with old fat fingers! paint is Lifecolor with some very small amounts of oil weathering. depicted as grenadier Guard Sherman Holland 1944. It will eventually form part of a larger diorama with a universal (bren) carrier, some crew and infantry hopefully
  11. I love the 'factory'finish some guys are able to get on their models, and the sheer hard work it takes to perfect such a finish. However I just prefer more 'character' if that is the right word, and love the look of rust and hard wear (unless it is my own 'real' car of course!). The more I get into vehicle modelling the more I see myself sliding to the 'dark' and rusty side
  12. Just finished this one to go with my Beetle rustbug Eventually both will occupy a scrap yard diorama... Excellent little kit with brilliant detail and fit, painted in AK Interactive 3rd gen acrylics and AK heavy chipping fluid + AK crusted rust enamels to finish.
  13. Hi, Thanks for that. I usually resize pics before putting them on but completely forgot this time so will gladly take a slap on the wrist.
  14. Just finished this excellent kit and unlike some other car kits this went together like clockwork. Will be part of a scrap yard diorama so was done fully rusted and abandoned, using mostly Mig Ammo rust acrcylics, AK Interactive chipping and crusted rust sets, and blue Pebeo acrylic artists paint.
  15. Thank You Your comments are very much appreciated.
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