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  1. There is some 'liberated' stuff in the Tiger. A painting and some boxes, but they didn't show up in the photos
  2. I have just found out the real story. The sign was digitally altered by Ukravtodor, the official state road authority in Ukraine. It was to encourage people to remove or deface signs in order to confuse the Russian army. I am not sure if anyone actually produced this sign although I believe there were similar ones done for real. Difficult to find the truth in the fog of war.
  3. Ahaa, that's what I get for taking things at face value from the internet. As far as I can tell the photo I used was real sign though?
  4. I copied it from the internet and printed on ink jet transfer paper It is the one that tells the Russians to 'go away'
  5. Added the last 4 figures. These are 3d printed items from FC Modeltrend and detail is quite good, although a bit scant in places particularly facial detail compared to resin figures. Also they are very fragile when removing all the printing 'sprues'. Overall though quite happy with the result. Painted with Hataka, AK, Life Color and Vallejo acrylics.
  6. Pretty much finished this diorama of the modern Ukraine fight back against the Russian invasion, featuring Miniart building (and air con), Masterbox figures and Zveda Tiger AFV. Added some resin flat tyres for the Tiger and a burned out resin car by MiG. I still have 4 more FC Modeltrend 3d printed figures to add at some point but my figure painting skills seem to be getting worse not better, so will add them later.
  7. Thank you . Looking at cars that were burnt then abandoned over time it appears that most of the black 'smokwyness' wears away, just leaving rust and white/grey metal. I think if anything I have maybe done it a little too dark but overall I'm pleased. I might give it a dust over in a lighter rust once it is in place in the diorama just to make sure it settles into the scene.
  8. Here are a couple of mine for consideration. 1/24 Aoshima MGB, 1/35 MIG burnt out saloon and a part of a larger diorama with a German 3 wheeled delivery vehicle. All of which would need more than T-Cut methinks
  9. superb modelling, and brave to tackle in 1/24 too
  10. This is my attempt at the Mig Productions burnt out saloon car, that will form part of an ongoing diorama. I think the car is based on a 60's Datsun Bluebird although could be any generic model of that time really. The kit is all resin and has some very large casting blocks, along with some very fiddly wire for the seat frames that need to be made with the included jig. The seat frames are supposed to be soldered together I think, but my soldering skills are not up to that level of detail, so I twisted and superglued them instead. They seem to have turned out ok when painted and to be honest are hardly visible sadly. Paint is AK acrylics, AK chipping fluid, AK rusted deposits weathering set and some oils.
  11. Very nice. The scratch built building is impressive
  12. Brilliant love the details like the record sleeves.
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