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  1. very nicely done, and the figures add to it just right. Well done!
  2. Absolutely stunning modelling skills. I just can't tell where the model ends and the background begins
  3. Thank you all for the much appreciated comments. You never stop learning on this site that's for sure
  4. very nice; Having struggled with this kit myself I know how hard it is to get it looking even half as decent.
  5. Thanks I originally had the pods on the opposite wings until I saw this photo of ZA462 taken 10/7/98 on ABPic site showing the pods apparently switched over? https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1328334 Not sure why this would be, not being a techie, but thought I would model it as in the picture.
  6. Ahaa that's how you do it.
  7. I would if I could, but my keyboard doesn't have that option I'm afraid. To be honest in my 3 years there it was spelled both ways on various badges and signs. I think it depended on whether they were printed by Brits or Germans. I even saw an official letter addressed to RAF Elmpt once!
  8. Thank you I copied the badge from the interweb thingy then printed it onto clear inkjet decal paper. had to paint in the white section underneath first (hence you can see I missed the edges slightly!).
  9. This is the first finish of 2020, a Revell 1/72 Tornado GR1 finished in 1998 17 Sqn colours from Bruggen. Built OOB except for the ubiquitous PJ Productions resin crew mates. Painted with Hataka modern RAF paints. The decals are the stock ones and didn't want to sit very well even on a very glossy surface and with lashings of microsol/microset. However not too displeased with the finished result Base is made from a beechwood kitchen draw front.
  10. great figures and camo, One last comment on the eyes and advice I got from an award winning figure modeller. Try to paint the eyes so that they are not looking straight ahead, as it gives a slightly unrealistic 'scary staring' appearance. I'd agree with previous comments about the size too. Sometimes on 1/35 scale figures you can actually get away without any eye detail at all.
  11. very impressive indeed. never been a fan of the F16 but this looks great.
  12. Yes I think it must be the old tooling. I picked it up 'used but unstarted' on ebay with another kit for about £5
  13. This is the 1/72 Academy version of the F-14A finished in the colours of VF-51'Screaming Eagles'. Built completely OOB and painted using MIG acrylics. Finished last year but only just photographed. Not entirely happy with the overall finish but as this was a very cheap ebay find I'm not unduly worried and just put it down to experience
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