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  1. Hi thank you for your kind comments. The prop isn't firmly attached as I needed to remove it before shipping the dio to my Canadian customer. I hadn't noticed that it had slipped forward slightly. The crew are pre flight just hoping that the fitters can fix the engine in time for the 'big show' in front of the top brass
  2. Italeri Stuka with ICM figures and Tamiya Kebelwagen. Painted mostly with Hataka acrylics. Built completely OOB with stock decals. Base is a printed Nors item and not bad at all for a 2d item.
  3. Here is my latest diorama, showing a JU-87B at Caen in France during August 1940. The aircraft is from Italeri, Kubelwagen and 2 figures from Tamiya and the rest of the figures are from ICM. Hope you like it, and all comments welcome
  4. Just finished this 1/48 scale diorama for a customer. Tamiya Spitfire Mk1A, Tamiya Tilly and mostly ICM figures. with the addition of a couple of metal DMS figures. Nissen hut is scratch built from plasticard. The corrugated metal was done by using strips of 1mm masking tape, covering with filler then taking the tape off Pretty happy with the result. The wind sock is a Flightpath item.
  5. I had some stuff left over from recent larger dioramas, and nothing left in the stash to start :(. So decided to build a small vignette using the 'leftovers'. This shows a British universal carrier that has somehow got lost in South Netherlands during late 1944. The profusion of German signs adds to the confusion and the small boy isn't much help either. Universal carrier is from Tamiya, as are the figures but with resin heads. Can't remember who supplied the small boy, ebay probably.
  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. I think I struck lucky with the mud as it was the first attempt at deep mud. I peeled the top layer from some 5mm foam board then cut the tyre tracks out. Then spread some Galeria modelling paste over it. Once dry airbrushed with Mig ammo acrylic brown and touched up with the Mig Ammo mud set pigments etc . Probably couldn't do it again if I tried.
  7. Calling this finished now AFV Club 1/35 scale gun truck with some extra armour added from plasticard. Decals are from Star (I know, this does not depict the actual Bounty Hunter truck). Figures are from Paracel and are excellent, ordered direct from them in Vietnam and arrived quickly and safely. Paint is Life Color, Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics and weathered using Mig Ammo mud effects pack and oil washes. Base is just made from a drawer front and foam board. All comments welcome
  8. Ahaa, well apparently you can use Johnson's Future as a floor polish as well as for making models....Who knew
  9. Thank you. Yes the garage walls and floor are Fujimi too. Also has 2 clear perspex sides and top to make it into a display case, but haven't put them on yet
  10. Finished the diorama at last. The MGB was on here months ago but never got around to finishing the scene until now Fujimi garage accessories.
  11. Just finished this one eventually after having it half built on the shelf for months concentrating on the other WW2 diorama, Very happy with the end result though Fujimi garage accessories, and Aoshima 1/24 scale MGB
  12. Thank you. The glasses are photoetch provided with the figure from Stalingrad miniatures. One of the fiddliest pieces of PE I have ever used! I have yet to fix the figures down permanently, so will definitely be giving their boots a bit of mud and dirt once the glue dries
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