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  1. excellent diorama and nice to see something a bit different too
  2. Diorama is now finished More Pictures here:
  3. Well this is finally complete. This has taken some months, from casting individual cobble stones in plaster, laying them, first time making a tree, first time with a resin building, scratch building the interior etc etc etc. Cafe building and street lamps are from Diodump in Holland, interior furniture and cats from firma49 in Czech republic. exterior cafe furniture is Minart. Jeeps are from Bronco and figures are a modified mix of Bronco, Masterbox, Dragon and Hornet. Painted mostly with Life Color, Vallejo and Tamyia Acrylics. Hope you like and any comments welcome There is a WIP thread here for those interested.
  4. Well it is finished at last (just about). I still have to put a name plate on it but other than that I am calling this done. I shall put more picks on as an RFI post. Altogether I am immensely pleased with the result as it is my most challenging and detailed diorama yet.
  5. Part of an ongoing diorama, these 3 paras are Masterbox bodies, 2 with Hornet heads and the officer with a resin head that I'm not sure of the origin. Arms and hands have been swapped around from other kits to get the positions I wanted. painted with Lifecolour Acrylics. And a few Germans from the same diorama. Mixture of Masterbox and Dragon figures with resin heads and arms from various kits.
  6. Well it has taken a while to do any updates due to work ( which really does interfere with serious model making!), and the fact that I wasn't happy with the paint on the British figures so did it again. It tok a while to get the hang of the Denison smock pattern. British figures are Bronco in the jeeps (with resin heads). The foot soldiers are a mix of Masterbox and Dragon figures with lots of arm/hand head swaps. Heads on the standing figures are Hornet. Still got some parts to add but I can almost see the finishing line from here!
  7. Very nice . The figures look great too. The only criticism I have of the Bronco kits is that the decals are for 6th Airborne Div in Normandy rather than 1st Airborne in Holland (These were white rather than blue apparently). I tried to find the correct decals but declined to pay £20 for a full sheet just for two numbers
  8. Both jeeps are now finished and painted, just waiting for a bit of mild weathering and the crews to go in. I am assuming that prior to landing the vehicles would have either been new or certainly well maintained and clean, so minimal weathering needed I think? For small vehicles the parts count on these Bronco kits is enormous, with lots of parts unused and left over. Also lots of very fiddly photoetch, some of which if not visible I just left off to be honest.
  9. A bit more progress made now with both British Jeeps basically complete and primed. They just need jerry cans, weapons and ammo boxes adding (and wheels of course!). The figures are primed and have resin heads instead of the kit items. Not sure the makers are though as they were an Ebay find some time ago, and have been patiently waiting for a transplant ever since.
  10. Not too much to report in the way of progress this week. I have started the first Bronco Jeep kit, which is beautifully engineered and incredibly detailed, but really frustrating with the size of some of the parts, particularly the photoetch (which I hate anyway!). To be honest most of these details won't be seen anyway but you have to try / The rear basket carrier (not shown on this pic) was defiitely challenging to say the least!
  11. The furniture for the inside of the cafe is done, as are the ambushing Germans in position (The head on the running German has been repositioned since the photo was taken!)
  12. Furniture for the cafe interior has arrived from Firma49 and assembled/primed ready for painting. Detail is superb although cutting through all the little 3d 'sprues' is fraught. These are some of the figures that will be used in this dio. A few of the German troops will get modified with different arms and most will have Hornet heads. A lot of the German units at Arnhem were hastily convened battle groups that contained all manner of troops, so I have deliberately mixed the Axis troops to imply that, although they may not be actual units involved in the battle. The Bronco jeeps kit is excellent and extremely detailed, so may take some time...... I have made one before but this kit includes two
  13. I get brushes from Brokentoad which are excellent. Their 3/0 brush is plenty small enough for most details, although I tend to paint 1/35 and 1/48 mostly. The best piece of kit I have for figures though is a magnifying headband thingy! Paint wise you can't go wrong with Lifecolor or Tamiya IMHO.
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