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  1. Matt P

    A Klear alternative?

    Not really. Vallejo laquers are 'milky' in appearance when in liquid form but all dry clear, as do W&N artist varnish and others. I've tried dipping clear plastic in this Astonish stuff and it is definitely clear when dry.
  2. Matt P

    A Klear alternative?

    I didn't even know I could do that! Now I know, thanks
  3. Matt P

    A Klear alternative?

    I had been looking locally for Johnsons Klear (or whatever they choose to call it this month) when I found this in our local B&M store. It appears to be very similar and is an acrylic based polish. I haven't tried airbrushing it but you can see below where it has been roughtly (very!) painted onto the left half of the scrap plastic piece. Has anyone used this before and what was the result? It is MUCH cheaper than Klear from Amazon
  4. Matt P

    1/48 Police Islander

    Which takes me back again to the frustrations with this kit Some of the moulded detail is superb yet there are basic things like attachment points, decent instructions etc missing. It took a lot of faffing about to get the fuselage halves lined up and filled etc and that could have been eliminated by some simple tabs for mounting. Likewise lots of other parts unfortunately. However it is what it is and should still build up to look good hopefully........................
  5. Matt P

    1/48 Police Islander

    Not too much progress recently due to work distractions etc....:( However, I have managed to build something that looks a bit like a FLIR camera pod to mount to the side of the fuselage, and to eventually paint the gloss white on the fuselage and wings. That was a saga in itself as I just couldn't get my airbrushes (Plural!) to handle white paint and eventually used a Humbrol rattle can. Decided to keep the wing and body separate at the moment as the cheat lines are very thin and easier to get at like this. I must say I am continually unimpressed with some of the moulding issues, especially the lack of mounting points etc. The small pins on the back of the props don't reach the sockets for them insode the engines for instance, so will have to be pinned, as were the undecarriage legs. Ho hum...
  6. Matt P

    Avro Vulcan B.2

    Excellent build Enough to give me nightmares of the countless cold wet hours spent standing underneath them at Scampton!
  7. Matt P

    1/48 Police Islander

    Ok, I've cut the extra windows and put the perspex windows in (which was a pain!) ready to start assembly and paint. The fit is pretty good but very annoying as there are no attachment lips or pins on anything, so lining everything up gets tedious. Also the parts are numbered wrongly on the instruction sheet so need to be physically checked at every move. The windows are exactly the same size as the openings, with no lip around the inner edge as you would normally have, so again quite difficult to them lined up without getting glue on the faces (My excuse is boing spoiled by Tamiya kits for years!). Other than that it is going swimmingly so far Next job is to get the interior fitted and the fuselage halves joined.......
  8. Matt P

    1/48 Police Islander

    I remember that. A horrible fish bowl with wings. If I remember correctly when it crashed it was being flown by a Police Sergeant who had a PPL rather than a pro pilot (Not that it was a cause of the crash).
  9. Matt P

    1/48 Police Islander

    That's correct. Hampshire, Cheshire, GMP and North East all had Islanders at one time or another. We had bot the Islander and an EC135 helicopter and in my humble opinion the Islander was as good or better at most jobs, particularly lengthy surveillance, area searches and jobs where the conditions were marginal for helicopter flying. The only real downside was the incredible noise when flying at low level, which was most of the time
  10. Matt P

    1/48 Police Islander

    thanks for that. Proved easier than I had imagined thankfully. Drew the shape onto masking tape freehand then drilled and filed to shape
  11. Matt P

    1/48 Police Islander

    OK, Interior is pretty much done except for a bit of tidying up paintwork. I realise that most of it won't be really visible once the fuselage is together but just wanted to give the impression of a busy (and usually untidy!) space inside. Next up is working up courage to cut holes in the fuselage sides for the extra rear windows. Anyone got any tips?
  12. Well....just taken delivery of this... intending to convert to this... What could be easier ......new floor and interior, two new photographic windows in the rear door and port panel, make a FLIR setup and get some decals.Simples......(what have I let myself in for this time?) Having flown in this aircraft for 3 years waking most of Teesside and the North East I definitely have a huge soft spot for it, so couldn't resist
  13. Matt P

    Liberation of Eindhoven

    whoops, Churchill not Centaur It has been a while since I did this one in Feb last year and I have the memory of a demented goldfish these days! ho hum, now where am I?
  14. Did this one last year based very loosely on a black and white photo I found. It shows members of the Guards Armoured Division meeting up with the American 101st Airborne in Eindhoven during Operation Market Garden. I used a Tamiya Cromwell tank (I know the photo shows a Centaur!) along with figures from Tamiya, Masterbox, Paracel and various resin heads. Cobbled street base from Great North Roads.
  15. Thanks for your great comments guys I always thought that Spitfire props were all metal (particularly late model 4 bladers) so will remedy the 'chipping' straight away.