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  1. Good luck Warhawk. Glad I could help. Would love to see a copy of your work when you've finished this project!
  2. Another to add to the 'DONE' list is the Miles Messenger as Pavla produced a half decent kit (now OOP but likely available on ebay and other second hand sellers) , and one decal choice is for Monty's own aircraft. I have one of these built and sitting happily in a display cabinet next to my Pavla Miles Martinet and Miles Master.
  3. Those old Airfix magazines contain some absolute gems, and this article was one. I can't vouch for it's accuracy and it is 45 years old, BUT the author Richard Shearer appears to know what he is talking about. Hope these scanned pages help Warhawk.There is a 7th page which I did not post as it dealt with the 1/72 Spitfire kits available at that time and conversions so is not really relevant anymore in my opinion.
  4. 2015-16 Trumpeter catalogue listings for HMS Belfast? Hmmm, maybe Flyhawk, Aoshima, or IBG might sneak in and release Town and Crown Colony classes if Trumpeter are too busy with Russian armour now?! Flyhawk have started the ball rolling with several classes of RN light cruisers already, and we now have the Aoshima Kent class.
  5. Here is the third scanned page from Airfix mag article Aug 1974.
  6. I seem to recall the August 1974 issue of Airfix Magazine containing the following article and table - "Spitfire/Seafire variants – tabulations of variant features and various other data + 1:72 scale sketches of variant difference". Not sure how accurate this info is now though as maybe it is now outdated with more modern research since that article was written?
  7. Come on Trumpeter, when are the two 1/700 WL HMS Belfast kits (advertised in catalogues) coming? 2020 maybe? Does anyone know what is happening there - have these 'proposed' kits been 'canned'?
  8. Nice. 1/700 WL HMAS Canberra, Australia or Shropshire release would be welcome but can't see this happening. Guess it isn't too hard to modify Kent kit?
  9. Ok, how about injection moulded full kits of 1/72 Avro Lincoln, Avro York, and Avro Manchester (the twin engined ancestor of the Lanc, NOT the biplane) for 2020? I can sell off my resin conversion kits then! And mainstream kits of the Blackburn Beverley and HS 748/Andover in 1/72 would be welcome to many no doubt. Good old Mach 2 brought out 1/72 Bristol Britannia and AW Argosy kits, so come on Airfix or Valom................
  10. Without referring back to the book, I don't recall anything being mentioned about Battles being used over Ethiopia. Greg Baughen attempts to add a bit of lustre or shine to the Battles terrible reputation in it's use over france in 1940 in the book, and argues that with a few basic modifications it could have been almost as successful as the Il-2 Sturmovik. I was only aware of it's poor performance and thought it mediocre. The argument is made that Wellingtons and Blenheims were just as vulnerable when they were sent out unescorted. Speaking of Ethiopia, I have a copy of "Dust Clouds in the Middle East" by Christopher Shores, which I have not read, but I assume this book would mention Battle ops over Ethiopia? Two other good reads are "Bloody Shambles" and "Buffaloes over Singapore" if this area is of interest to you.
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