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  1. Great work Mario. That is spectacular. I just wish my kit had turned out half as good as yours!
  2. Nice work JJ. Had the pleasure of working for 92WG during ex Kakadu V off Darwin in 2000, when the Waller and Dechaneux were very new boats. I recall them spending a fair amount of the ex in port sorting out teething problems and technical issues! Also had a few drinks and a most interesting discussion in the mess with a female LtCdr off one of the subs. I must pick up one of those Collins kits one day. I notice one online seller has multiples of them still for sale.
  3. Wow, great work on the P-8 Ray. Outstanding! Your P-3 looks impressive too. Reminds me of my time with 92WG DET DAR back in the early 2000's. Sad to see our old 'bombers' heading into retirement.
  4. Hi Matt, welcome to the best modelling forum around. I'm from the far northern part of Qld so its slightly warmer up here in the tropics. I can envisage a raaf auster, otter, and Dakota that would have all visited your neck of the woods. And I guess c-130s would be frequent visitors too? Jason
  5. Looks good to me. Great work. Not every tank or armoured car needs to be heavily weathered...which seems to be the current trend. Most of mine live in a display cabinet and are not set in dioramas, and are not weathered at all! I consider them to be 'factory fresh'.
  6. Great info on your replies guys. Most informative...and amusing!
  7. Welcome aboard Alun. I am ex RAAF and had the chance to work with some Kiwi personnel, aircraft and ships during Kakadu V in Darwin. A kiwi P-3 pilot was the liaison officer in our Optec bunker and he was also a modeller from memory. I also had the chance to watch a 3 ship RNZAF A-4 formation do a beat up of tower at RAAF Williamtown but never had a video camera handy that day. Would have been 2000 or 2001.....have to check a diary for exact date. Looking forward to your RAN Wessex project.
  8. Wow, that Glad is superb Tony! Great work. I'm inspired to have a go at a heller 1/72 glad in my stash now!
  9. Welcome Gretar. Strangely enough, I have recently completed the special hobby 1/72 Northrop N-3PB which fits in to your category of aircraft with a connection to Iceland. It looks great in raf markings too! Merry Xmas and happy modelling.
  10. No ...definitely not. Sounds like my post wasn't phrased too well if you got this impression!
  11. But seriously what i would like to see airfix release in 1/72 are the Avro Lincoln, Avro Manchester, Avro York to replace my mach 2 kit, HS748 or Andover, DAP Beaufort for a RAAF version, late model Avro Anson, Avon Sabre, and a Fairey Flycatcher. And in 1/35 how about an FV433 Abbot SPG, and a 1/350 Queen Liz or P.O.W. carrier? Not too much to ask for surely?
  12. I'm guessing the chances of seeing airfix release the Blackburn Blackburn on floats in any scale is more than a little remote then!? An injection moulded Blackburn botha in 1/72 would probably not be a big seller to the masses either...........
  13. Two books by Steve R. Dunn that I have read and enjoyed recently are *The Coward.? The rise and fall of the silver king non fiction book about Royal Navy Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge who commanded the 1st cruiser squadron and allowed the German battlecruiser Goeben to avoid battle and probable damage in 1914. And *The scapegoat - the life and tragedy of a fighting Admiral and Churchill's role in his death* . This book covers the life of Royal Navy Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock who commanded British forces at the Battle of Coronel in November 1914.
  14. Most interesting discussion. I have both italeri and afv club lvt-4 and a bison decal sheet to make a british vehicle from 1944 and 1945 period too.
  15. Don't give up on this one Sam. Too much great work has already been done!
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