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  1. Oh yes, Blackburn Botha, Vickers Warwick, Avro Manchester, and an Avro Lincoln thanks Valom!
  2. Yep, one of these will look great in display cabinet alongside my valom DH 91 Albatross!
  3. I have just completed building and painting my 1/72 Sword AEW Skyraider and intend to finish it as the Suez Campaign RN FAA 849 SQN aircraft. I am holding off decalling it until I can ascertain whether the kit instructions and box art are correct in having the roundel in front of the aircraft number 415 on both sides of the fuselage. I have seen a few examples of this kit finished with the roundel being placed aft of the 415 on rear fuselage, and a google search shows that both variations (roundel either in front of ...or behind aircraft number) appear to exist on FAA AEW Skyraiders. Any ideas which variation is actually correct on this airframe? Do the Sword instructions have it right? Have done more searching online and it appears the kit instructions are right. No need to reply to my post.
  4. You're a braver man than me Rob! I'm breaking into a cold sweat just thinking about making those alterations.... lol Looking forward to see how this one progresses mate!
  5. Interesting project Rob. Looks like a fair amount of surgery will be required though..........
  6. Hi Ash, If you enjoy model making and painting, ask yourself the following questions..... Do you NEED to weather the kits you build? This is the current trend it appears , but when I first started building in the 70's weathering models was definitely not as prominent as it is today. Are you building to enter them in a comp or to post pics on a modelling forum - or would you be happy to display a 'factory finished' model in your display cabinet? Do you build dioramas? If so then weathering is probably a good idea in most cases. If you are happy to build and finish a kit to your standards then don't feel any pressure to have to weather anything. I can appreciate those modellers who are always seeking to improve their techniques and skills and I understand this fully, but if this approach causes your grief and stress and makes you contemplate giving up the hobby, maybe just build 'factory finish' unweathered kits and be satisfied with your efforts. We all build kits for different reasons. The best reason is to feel a sense of accomplishment and to destress. I am sure there are many modellers out there who buck the trend and don't weather their models at all. Build for enjoyment. It is your hobby! I hope these comments help. Jason
  7. Hugh, I am contemplating building the Academy 1/72 PBY-5A AND 1/72 Airfix PBY-5A and wanted to finish one as an RAAF 'Black Cat' and the other as one of the 18 RAF Catalina IIIs (or maybe a Canadian Canso in Coastal Command scheme). I have been searching the internet and britmodeller and other forums over the last few days and have found much interesting info on the amphibian variant of the Catalina as used by Commonwealth AFs during WW2. I notice your thread concerns mostly 131 OTU, so I guess a 330 Sqn RAF/Norwegian Cat was not your main choice? Did you end up completing this kit, and if so, which scheme did you choose? Jason
  8. Ha ha....Orion sounds great, Jamie! Interestingly when I worked with 92WG, we never used the word "Orion" but referred to the aircraft as "bombers", P-3s, individual aircraft number such as 754 (A9-754), or TAPS. Sad to see the old birds making way for technology in the form of the new Poseidons. So if I understand you correctly, if a particular float was located on an area of island or other superstructure or hull which was bisected by 2 camo colours, the float would have correctly been painted in both colours to match - as seen in most completed Flyhawk and Aoshima Hermes models online. This was normal RN practice I assume during WW2 then? There would no doubt have been exceptions though? So if a photo was available that would be proof enough? That Illustrious Class pic above shows the real flight deck colours very well thank you. What a great build/finish. Awesome! Many thanks for your advice Jamie. I must order some RN paints via Sovereign Hobbies one day soon.
  9. I'm currently building the Aoshima (yes, I know the Flyhawk kit is far superior!) 1/700 HMS Hermes, and am unsure what colour the carley floats/liferafts would have been painted on her last Indian Ocean sortie. I have consulted all of my references and checked several modelling forums for a definitive answer and am now slightly confused about whether they should have been one single solid colour to match the ship camouflage pattern OR some floats would be in 2 colours if the camouflage colour on superstructure behind dictated. I have searched for built models and found BOTH variations so maybe there is no correct answer. I note that Jamie from Sovereign Hobbies states that no known port side photographs exist of Hermes in her camo scheme from April 1942. Have also noticed several different views of the flight deck colour, with some references stating a local green/grey mix was applied and others stating that 507a was used. Could anyone offer any views or ideas please?
  10. Great work Pete. You have inspired me to build a few of my old Supermodel kids!
  11. Welcome to a fellow Aussie , Derek...from the opposite end of the continent though! Good to see another modeller returning to the hobby. You would notice the quantum leap in quality and range of kits in this day and age now, compared to tho old revell, matchbox, and airfix kits of our youth. Speaking of Wirraways, I built the special hobby 1/72 kit in the zero killer scheme. It looks great sitting next to my boomerang in a cabinet. Happy modelling, and I'm sure you will enjoy britmodeller! Jason ......in tropical Far North Qld
  12. Great work Mario. That is spectacular. I just wish my kit had turned out half as good as yours!
  13. Nice work JJ. Had the pleasure of working for 92WG during ex Kakadu V off Darwin in 2000, when the Waller and Dechaneux were very new boats. I recall them spending a fair amount of the ex in port sorting out teething problems and technical issues! Also had a few drinks and a most interesting discussion in the mess with a female LtCdr off one of the subs. I must pick up one of those Collins kits one day. I notice one online seller has multiples of them still for sale.
  14. Wow, great work on the P-8 Ray. Outstanding! Your P-3 looks impressive too. Reminds me of my time with 92WG DET DAR back in the early 2000's. Sad to see our old 'bombers' heading into retirement.
  15. Hi Matt, welcome to the best modelling forum around. I'm from the far northern part of Qld so its slightly warmer up here in the tropics. I can envisage a raaf auster, otter, and Dakota that would have all visited your neck of the woods. And I guess c-130s would be frequent visitors too? Jason
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