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  1. Hi all, Quick update for you... I unpacked the clear parts this morning (C1 & C2 Sprues) and found some damage to the parts; I have emailed Border Models directly and will let you know what happens... All the broken bits were the most prominent parts on the sprue and these clear parts were mid way down the box The only plus point is I have enough un-damaged glass to continue with the turrets. Some plus points however for you; You get THREE types of Bomb Aimers Glazing Blister (helps with the Dambuster version) You also get the a full H2S Radar setup; Thanks for looking!
  2. Many thanks all! I have just posted on BM using Hobby Photos Host, perfect for Britmodeller! Cheers Steve
  3. Hello all, Having been in the Modelling Wilderness for some time now, I have decided to come out of the shadows with a flaming pitchfork and a backpack full of goodies. I really have been incredibly lucky; I deal a lot with China with my business and through my Chinese supplier, I have in my possession, 3 Off 1/32 Border Model Lancasters. Masochism aside, Project of all Projects, I am going to build all three to make a 617 Squadron Diorama! I need to say as well that Nigel’s Modelling Bench has been invaluable in the researching of this project The Avro Heritage Museum has been worth a few visits too! Here are the three I am going to build; Lancaster B.I - PA474-KC-A (-T/-V) PA474 'Thumper' MkIII Flt Lt Bob Knight 617 Sqn Woodhall Spa, England. 1944 This one will be in maintenance to show off the Engines with ground crew all around her. Lancaster B.III (Special) - AJ-G Operation Chastise Squadron Wing Commander Guy Gibson Armed and ready with the crew walking towards her. Lancaster B.I (Special) – Grand Slam - PD119/YZ-J, 617 Squadron, Woodhall Spa, England April 1945 Armed and with Crew ready to Taxi Extras are going to be; 3 Off Magic Scale Modelling Light and Sound Kits Profimodeller Dipols and Pitot Tubes Sets Profimodeller Gun Barrels Barracuda Radios and Wheel Sets Robert Mrozowski Model Design Lancaster Cockpit Sets; these have extra detail over the kit if that were possible Airscale Lancaster Instrument Panel Upgrades IconAir Dambusters Conversion Set IconAir Grand Slam Kit - Bulged Bomb Bays IconAir Bomb Trollies' with Ordinance, tractors etc. Various figures, where I can get them... Various Vehicles. Custom built RAF Control Tower in 1/32 Kits World Decals Whatever else pops up,... I have built a table ready for the Diorama; Here are the three Lancs that will give me so many 'emotions' over the coming months... Here is the Nerve Center or Operations Room Right then, I could write something gushing, loving and hugging about this kit but this has already been done and it's a given that this kit is something a bit special. So, I am going to use an analogy here; In a certain aircraft film released recently (you know the one) there is a subplot about how things are going to be all drones soon and fighter pilots will be redundant but presently, pilots are being pushed as far as they can to prove themselves against drones. We all know that 3D Printing is the future but before we all go down the future route, this kit is pushing the boundaries as far as injection moulding can go and by God does it so that... Enough said So, first production line assemblies are going to be the turrets & instrument panels 2 Front Turrets 1 Top Turret 3 Tail Turrets Hope you enjoy...
  4. Hi, I am trying to start a new topic and whatever I do, I cannot insert a photos into my thread? Tried Village Photos and Dropbox but neither work?
  5. Thanks everybody! I have continued searching this afternoon and have come across this; https://www.aerosociety.com/media/6986/spitfire-tailplane-protection-and-spinning-trials.pdf Might be worth a look! Thanks again Steve
  6. Hi all, Been a while... I am embarking on an early MkI (K9795) below. I think I am pretty much sorted but cannot find information or drawings on the device on the fin?; Last Question; I know the Radio Cable was stainless steel, how was it secured to the mast and the tail? Many thanks Steve
  7. Only had a couple of days off this week! Look how I spent it... Mixture of Hobbyboss and Avionix again with my own additions. Saw some pictures of the Warren McArthur Model 222 with a simple pivot for the locking bar and then with some sort of block attachment so as I am building a late Model A, I am going for what seems to be an upgrade. You will also see that I am sticking with armrests... Wife not impressed by the way, she was after a trip to Milton Keynes... Pilot's Seat & Control Column test fitted...
  8. WOW! Unbelievable work! This one is one to watch...
  9. Hello One and All! Now, I will have to admit that I have been in the modelling 'wilderness' for some time; Starting something, getting bored with that something, something else winking at me and starting that... Difficult cycle to break plus work has been totally full on for over a year... Then, a few weeks ago, something clicked and this was the Hobbyboss 1/32 P-61 Black Widow. If you have to go to the the IMF for a loan to buy this kit, might as well increase the National Debt so, I am throwing everything at this one; Eduard Big Ed Set 2 Off HPH Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp Engines Avionix Cockpit & Radar Sets B-25 Brassin Wheels for the HK Kit Grey Matter Figures Antena Set Profimodeller Barrels & Antena Sets HGW Seatbelts Montex Mask Eduard Brassin 500kg Bombs MK.1 Design 5 inch HVAR Rockets (2 Sets) Bespoke Photo Etch,designed by my good self 3D Printed Oxygen Bottles, drawn up by me.... (Crash Course) Now the subject; I knew very little about the P-61, even after I bought it. Those of you who have researched or read about the kit knows that the model is an A Model. That narrows it down a bit.... After buying the Combat Aircraft 8 P-61 BLack Widow Units of World War 2 (another IMF Loan) I decided on; P-61A-11 42-5610 MiDNiTE Madness 548th Night Fighter Squadron Le Shima Setup for Night Intruder Interdiction I would appreciate it if anyone has an issue with this... I have also invested in the Zotz Decals for this which is on a slowboat from China, been waiting 4 weeks now! So, to the kit! It is a thing of beauty indeed. It is also an excuse for me to increase the size of my display cabinet! The first thing that becomes apparent is how sparse the cockpit is. I tried testfitting the Avionix Set but I have an issue with that too; it's astonishingly and a thing of beauty also detailed but too busy for me. I like to wire up myself and I would spend weeks free painting so I have scratch built the cockpit sides and floor myself using the kit parts and using the Avionix as a donor for bits when required; Sacrilege! Here is the portside ready for painting; Here is the starboard; Here is the floor; Scratchbuilt mast; Here is the Bulkhead (Had to make the aperture) So now onto the finer details which is my next step; The Oxygen Regulator; Hope you like it so far... Cheers Steve
  10. Dana, Wow! I completely bow to your knowledge! Have contacted the AFHRA and will of course post any reply I get. See what you mean with "Pamelia", I will name my Mozzy this anyway in your honour, for the help you have given me! Cheers Steve
  11. Thanks for all the comments everyone! The wording on the port side, reckon it could be this?
  12. Hello all, Could I ask for some help from your libraries please? I am researching for a Project; Mosquito Mk PR XVI, NS739, 25th Bomb Group USAAF; I don't suppose there are any other photos out there are there? Or any other information on the Aircraft? The only other one I have is this; Can anyone shed any light on what the lettering under the wing? Many thanks for looking. Steve
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